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Cebu Nightlife – Cebu Bars, Cebu Clubs, Cebu Bar Guide & Review!


There is a wealth of information here to make your nightly activities far more productive, naughty & fun! Most of the bars here are foreign owned, but the quality and experience of each can be VERY different. You are more than welcome to add your own comments and reviews to any section – just complete the form found at the bottom of each page. Comments (which a few exceptions) are uncensored – so feel free to have your say!

Featured Bar – Stripes

Stripes, a new contender in the Cebu bar Scene has been running for a few months now. Great atmosphere, girls, delicious food and inexpensive – even has it’s own David Hasslehoff (angry version) look-alike!

>>Click here to read the full review of Stripes Bar, Escario

Beauty of the month – Win 500 Pesos!

Think you’re hot and sexy? then submit your picture(s) and information >>here.


345 responses to “Cebu Nightlife – Cebu Bars, Cebu Clubs, Cebu Bar Guide & Review!”

  1. jack says:

    looking for sub girls in cebu, im a young white guy,

  2. big bruce says:

    Hi, has anyone been to mango red lip bar? what are the girls like plus the prices, thanks

  3. GOV Contractor says:

    I will be going to Cebu in Sept. I have been to the Philippines 3 times and visited different islands.

    Is there a certain area to stay in to be close to the nightlife and still be in a rather nice area?

    Also looking for female companion for 2 weeks, 25-30 yrs old, good english.

  4. moanah says:

    ggeezzz..lots of perverts here…..whats going on in the world…….

  5. paul says:

    Hi I am going to cebu next year. I am looking for a web site or bar guide that does not entertain guys looking for ladyboys. or gay men trolling on such a site. they are hard to find these days . if anyone knows of a pure site for men looking for real girls please post here

  6. majeed says:

    can anyone help me where i can stay cebu reasonbal hotel nearby the nightlife where i can find bars and chicks as i am first time going there

  7. Paul says:

    Back to Cebu after 6 months and stopped at the Dollar. No more fat chicks! These birds were unreal. That yank finally sold the place to the guy that owns Lone Star. Cold beer, decent pool table and great dancers. Even the waitress was a stunner. The Dollar is back!! Heading there again tonight.

  8. FRANK says:

    looking for POP SPA AND MASSAGE .think in lapu lapu . contact me

  9. trixie says:

    hi I am Trixie and I will be going to Cebu Mactan on May 24,2011.I will be staying for 3 days so for someone who is interested to meet up then heres my number 09497833937….

  10. epis14 says:

    Will be in Cebu early August, riding a motorcycle up from Davao City. Looking for a nice maganda babay to spend some quality time with me. Would like some time in Cebu and some travelling around.
    I am not Koryput to the right person and fun loving, appreciate good company and will respond accordingly.
    Looking for lady in 30’s.
    Please send photos and avaliablity, phone number to
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  11. CheburatorOn says:

    So krazy

    No matter

  12. bell says:

    Hi all, I flying to Cebu next month and want to have fun lol!!!
    Need some one to give me some tips to find young and beauty girls there, no professional pls
    Send info, price and photo to

    Thks a lot!!!!

  13. Raffy says:

    Hi Peter. Im Raffy.A typical Cebuano. Hope to See you in Cebu soon as you’re here. Feel free to text or call me on this mobile number 09057531947. I will introduce our culture and Philippines talk about many things ahead. Enjoy your visit in Cebu.

  14. Frank says:

    where can you meet a nice ladyboy discreetlyRegrds to all Frank
    I will be staying near Midtown hotel

  15. Frank says:

    where can you meet a nice ladyboy discreetlyRegrds to all Frank

  16. Peter says:


    I am a single 54yr old New Zealand male from Auckland, will be in Cebu from the 8th May (in PH for 1 month) hope to island hop to Boracay.

    To Cebu Expats: Looking to meet up for some beers and advice on and to sample the local culture.

    To Cebu Ladies: Looking for lady 30+ for company and guide, advantage if you have your own motorbike/scooter.

    Send picture of bike (sorry old joke) to


  17. Raffy says:

    Im a Filipino.If someone is looking a companion for tours and travel around cebu, Im always available. This site is CooL. here is my local number 09334184953..

  18. db8 says:

    i fly in Cebu on May 15 I want to meet nice princess no bar no escort I want beautiful smart lady for serious relationship my email is
    please send me info about you, pictures and cell so that we can meet in real.

  19. cosmos says:

    I am 35 from Turkey. i ll be in Cebu in 8 May. i looking a holiday friend. she must be 18+. please send photos to

    ps. No professional escorts or bar girls please.

  20. big bruce says:

    Hi, does anyone have contact numbers for Red Lips bar

  21. franco says:

    i am italian and will be in cebu by mid-may and wish to meet a very feminine, attracive, young and slim shemale…

  22. John says:

    Looking for a fun, cute and sexy Cebuana girl for on/off companionship and guide. No strings attached. I am 39 from Europe and you MUST be 18+.

    Will pay well and I am always a gentleman to treat you well. Email photo to johncebu(at) and I will contact you to meet up for coffees.

    ps. No professional escorts or bar girls please.

  23. Lotlot says:

    My American bf and I want to meet another couple, foreigner and his gf who want to have fun together. If interested send photo
    No guys unless they have a regulat gf or wife, No Pinoy guys

  24. big bruce says:

    Hi, has anyone been to red lips bar in cebu, what is it like?many girls?prices. thanks

  25. Craig says:

    Guys…heed this warning….if you are single wanting girly bars…and have spent time in Barretto, Subic, Angeles or Manila…..Cebu is nothing like there…I was expecting at least one street full of bars like Barretto..and was very very dissapointed. Cebu is a great place for a holiday but if you are going there thinking Cebu is a big city so has to have alot of Girly bars….forget it….even where Vikings etc is there is maybe 8 bars on each side of the road….all equiped with bored girls sat on couches. Take my word for it and stay at Angeles, Manila, Barretto or Subic….at least the girls at those places make an effort and smile also!

  26. Gary Fairhurst says:

    I,m coming to cebu in december 2011 and would like to know the most livliest area of cebu to stay.

  27. steve says:

    this site should ban all the advertising etc, we want comments not rubbish

  28. Mike from U.S. says:

    Went to Stripes again Sunday Night. Great fun! Girls are sweet, didn’t push me to buy ladies drinks, but I did. The food is so good. Only play rock and roll, not loud! Open now in daytime at noon. 50 peso for a beer. Bloody Marys are like they’re supposed to be. All around 4/5 rating. Friendly atmosphere, good music, great food, sweet girls, good prices!

  29. reanna april 11th 2011 says:

    hi i been to cobra bar it was really nice in there check it out?

  30. JAG says:

    My GF from the USA was raised in Cebu is taking me to Cebu in September.

    Can someone recommend a bar she and I can go and bring back a girl to our hotel so we can have a threesome.

    Much help is appreciated.

  31. BobPerryc says:

    Thanks…this looks really interesting. I am looking forward to having my says!

  32. lakeko says:

    very cute girls i like

  33. Andy says:

    To any girl or woman who thinks that Angelo is legit & is telling the truth do one thing. Do a GOOGLE search on Human trafficking & read the results.

    Don’t listen to me, just read what you will see on the Internet. It will explain people like Angelo, the tricks they play & what happens to poor girls who get into the hands of these pimps.

    To Angelo” whats wrong can’t find enough foolish girls in Eastern Europe you now have to trick girls in Asia?? And is “agent” the new name for pimp?

  34. credmaxxx says:

    Andy,.. I am only an agent from a Bar here in Vienna. And it is my job to recruit somebody. It is only my job, we’ve done this already for a long time. And everybody is satisfied of what they are doing. If you aren’t satisfied of what we are doing, then it is your problem not ours.

    Have a nice day…

  35. Andy says:

    Angelo I am from Europe so you can’t B.S. me. You want women & young girls to go to Europe where you will take their passports & make them work in some brothel selling their bodies for 50 Euro’s a pop.

    You will take most if not ALL their money to pay the debt they will have for their air fare. You will then sell these poor women to another pimp who will repeat what you did.

    If they don’t do what you want you will beat them & tell them you will hurt their family. So stop the crap & what you are doing is NOT legal. You are scum & a waste of good air.

  36. credmaxxx says:

    it is not about selling andy, you have to understand. Everything what we are doing in Europe are legal. Maybe you don’t know about Europe? It is not about me…!! just enjoy your day..!!!

  37. Andy says:

    Angelo, you must be ashamed of yourself. You just want to sell & traffic women/girls in Europe.

    Low life people like you should rot in jail. Do you know how much damage you cause, the lives you ruin just so you can make a few Euro’s?? I guess you don’t care.

  38. credmaxxx says:

    I will be in Cebu on May. I am recruiting women who wanna work as bikini ladies in Europe. If you are interested you can email me at this account: . Hope to meet you in Cebu….!!!


  39. Tony says:

    I just arrived at the white sands resort on mactan today and would like to meet a fine cebuana. I will be going through this site to get more info, I have a local cell phone 09172477167, any cute girls or bookers feel free to text info and sms a picture 🙂

    I will be going out to cebu city tomorrow night, so tips would be welcome.

  40. Good Time RJ says:

    HEY GUYS! I am RJ, the owner of Cobra Bar. We just opened up Friday 11 March 2011. My bar is one of the best in town with best prices on beer, cocktails, shooters, etc. We will be offering LIVE MUSIC, DANCING GIRLS, MASSAGE SPA, and KARAOKE. We have “FREE WIFI” with purchase of one drink or more. This place is immaculate!! Totally renovated and comfortable. STOP BY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF….Look for me and mention this Comment and I will give you 20% off your first drink. SEE YOU SOON!!!!

  41. College says:

    I am 35 years handsome and gentle man and planing to visit Cenu in Jun.2011.

    Looking forward to meeting you soon. I need to hire a 20~29 years old girls who are interested in knowing, eating, seeing and playing together day and nights.

    – College girls are prefered…
    – Professional girls are not considered…

    Please submit your photos, daily rates and introductions @

  42. SEXY Lady says:

    I found a nice bar at F. Ramos st, cebu. name of the bar is cobra bar its across or wealth bank… nice environtment, good looking girls.. Come see for yourself…F.Ramos st is behind robinson mall… 🙂

  43. TrenaSanflippod says:

    @OP: hey, thanks. Nice topic, i have been searching these info for ages.

  44. JC says:

    Are there any bars that the have a lot of Lesbian?

  45. yrEbestguy says:

    I will be visiting Cebu for the first time on 3/24 and want to play and have fun with guys who are straight-acting, discreet and can show me the city and places. Email me at:

  46. Kent says:

    hi.. any foreign girls here that wats a male escort?

  47. manimar says:

    amh can you find me a nice place this valentines,

  48. steve says:

    what can you say, they will never visit philippines,wankers

  49. David says:

    Why would you go to Cebu & look for Russian & European girls?? That is nuts.

    There is many nice classy local girls that can show you around.

    Go to Jaguar bar if you want to pay top $$$. Same quality but far cheaper go to Viking Bar.

    If you wants Russians & Europeans go to Thailand

  50. Ron says:

    My gf and I would be visiting Cebu end of this month for 5days. We would like to know the most classy, sexy and expensive bars/nightclubs in Cebu?..And yes are foreign escorts available too e.g Russians, Europeans etc etc …and any interested classy, smart n sexy girls to show us around, mail us at

  51. men says:

    i love sex

  52. mailman says:

    Was visiting the bar called “More” in Lapu-Lapu in December 2010. Very good looking girls. Bar fine 3000P, but if you offer 2500P its ok for them 🙂
    Expensive ladys drink (beer). Cost 400P for 1 bottle…

  53. mailman says:

    Was visiting the bar called “More” in Lapu-Lapu in December 2010. Very good looking girls. Bar fine 3000P, but if you offer 2500P its ok for them 🙂
    Expensive ladys drink (beer). Cost 400P for 1 bottle.

  54. jake blair says:

    I intent to visit cebu and its neighborhood cities and beaches. I am looking for an affordable hotel ,since I will be staying for a few weeks. I am meeting my fiance for the first time. I wondered if there is a “so to speak” swinger lifestyle resort, very discreat, I could concider, since my girl does not know anything about. it will be a surprise, tasting the waters ?

  55. mr.s says:

    you know anyone who has contacts with college girls ready to play? in short bugaw. my friend is going to have his stag party, i wanted to check if it would be possible to hire college girls for this kind of activity.

    you can email it to me at


  56. tom says:

    thanks David what a great place this is lol

  57. David says:

    Go to almost any mall after lunch. Sit & have coffee you will not have long to wait. Just be safe at all times. SM is the best

  58. mherka says:

    try the bars located at the back of CABANAS somewhere near Mango. the place is cool NO prostitutes, only girls and boys who want to have fun

  59. flor says:

    im selling sex toys. im here in cebu. so if you wanna see my products we can meet up. contact me

  60. tom says:

    does the mall pickup thing work and are there serious drawbacks. Anybody suggest best malls and where at the mall.

  61. unscared says:

    anybody know jinky selor hr on viking?shes my friend..juz wanna if she’s still here on viking…tnx….its me “unscared”

  62. tom says:

    ok i see how it works duh. hi i am tom and i am looking for the younger girls that want to hook, up no mamasans need apply. if you are that special little one or no of one or to that would like to party. respond to

  63. dave says:

    All hot single girls in Cebu I am looking to hook up with you for the 1st week of Feb! Email me your photo( telephone number ASAP. Tried all the escort companies but they wont give photos of the girls??????? Dave

  64. tom says:

    Hi i will be makeing my first trip to Cebu the beginnng of March. I will be staying at the Crown Regency for a weekend on Osmena blvd. I am looking for the best place or service to hook up with the hotttest youngest babes available any ideas. and for the best what should i be prepared to spend.

  65. steve says:

    Hi still looking to buy a club in cebu city,but no luck also looking for a manager, web site still deletes any good info , if interseted send contact and will reply thanks,

    • Hi I am an American living in Cebu. I have been here almost 2 years. I live near Toledo City. It would be nice to find a job to keep busy. Hope to hear from you.
      Thanks Art

  66. Cjizzle says:

    Can anyone provide an e-mail address for ‘ol Bill from Frolics in Lapu Lapu?

    Much Thanks!

  67. dave says:

    jorgen can you send pictures to

  68. steve says:

    any one been silver dollar bar lately. any new girls? is carl still there

  69. Micheal Rex Reyes says:

    Wow CEBU

  70. big bruce says:

    hi want to buy club in cebu city, plus a person to manager it, male female some one straight up no bullshit, please leave contact info and will be in touch thanks

  71. dave says:

    jake what does in a private way mean?

  72. john says:

    ur attracting foreign fuckers in my homeland..can u just change the photos of the Overview of Nightlife page!lil respect pls.

  73. jkz says:

    This is a mess.. .. ds s not wat s suppose to.. THIS a WHORE Review.! wTF!

  74. Jake says:

    To Dave,

    Aside from girls of that link are prettier than that. You can see them in a private way.

  75. KIM says:

    Ray Dorman you and your Koala Club are a joke the girls are fat and not that good looking just like your wifes that you buy

  76. swmbo says:

    You should be ashame of yourself!!! all of you!!!

  77. eduardo says:

    is it possible to take a girl out of a bar for 7 days and pay barfine for this period?

  78. greg says:

    two uk men looking to pay for a group of pinoy girls for a orgy in feb please get in touch if you are interested email

  79. dave says:

    thank you jake but many lady boy on that link and the other girl are not very pretty can someone advise another place please?

  80. South Guy says:

    Am in cebu now having a great time Driters Bar in Country mall is great, food is wonderfull doent taste like the jolly bee we fry everything in toliet water. Good massage 2nd floor of country mall. many DIA avalable dont know why most guys have trouble with them i am satisfied with the ones i have met here Montebello very girl friendly have no problem with bringing them here .

  81. kall says:

    I’m visiting Cebu for 2 weeks with 4 friends in jan2011 , I’ll give you a feedback on places we visit

    for now , would like to receive some good mails from goergous laidies … see in cebu

  82. dave says:

    looking to hook up with a hot pinoy girl in Feb looking for no strings attached fun for a few days let me know if anyone can help

  83. dazzer says:

    Two Uk males arriving in Cebu from 1st Feb until 4th looking for a group of very good looking girls with great bodies for fun and games checked out the links above and these are lady boys or ugly girls so any other links would be great

  84. John says:

    I will be arriving in Cebu on the 2nd of February, where is a good beach area near the action of Cebu city?
    Also is there any group action?? I would really liek to take part in an orgy if any the guys are interested??

  85. RJ says:


  86. credmaxxx says:

    girls will be in cebu with my european friends.-.. we love to go to sisters….. hope to see you soon there… ladies….. contact me…

  87. Noynoy says:

    Cebu has it all; picturesque sights, the gorgeous women, the ever-charming night-life, the delectable food and all. If I were to choose the most beautiful and the most unforgettable City in the Philippines, it would have to be Cebu.

    The nightlife is super entertaining. I had been engaged in Cebu’s nightlife and it is just incomparable. I love you Cebu!

  88. Stephen Micheal says:

    I am looking into visiting the Philippines, for the first time sometime in the early April of 2011. I am looking for the best deals(prices)on a room (perferably a suite something with a living room and bedroom if possible), a flight (of course) from LAX to the Philippines(I was reading the comments and if I understand correctly you can fly directly into this city or is Manila the only airport)? I am American if anyone was wondering so just like most people have stated money is not a big issue. I would like to find a girl (or a couple) to spend time with. I’d like to keep my options open and maybe switch girls every 2 days or so. I am planning on staying for about 9-10 days. I ANYONE can help me with this process I would be most appriciated for it. Letting me know prices would be the most help.

    Please if you really can help feel free to email me…

  89. credmaxxx says:

    hey girls.. will be in cebu soon with some of my European friends…. just email me if interested….. especially who are working from sisters…!!! =) !!!!!

    see yah

  90. Fadi says:

    where are the ladyboys bars in Cebu,or just name one of them

  91. Colt says:

    Hey, 18 yr old canadian foreigner here. Looking for gwapa filipina. From age 16-27. txt me @ 09994572398

  92. Sam says:

    i want to purchase good vibrators new unopened…

  93. Mike Raj says:

    Hi there people

    I m planing to come to cebu – in Feb 2011 –

    Is there any other than filipina women out there in CEBU?? i looking for some one who can take me around town – or even to some beach resort.

    contact me @

  94. Sam says:

    i need to purchased new unopened vibrators to show three pinay something they never felt before In ADVANCE OMG thank you

  95. Takis says:

    Be careful of Filipina women wanting to get married as they may be wanting you to pay the huge sums required for visa processing, travel, medical exams, living accommodations abroad, and the like, not to mention the time and expertise required to process all these documents, only to become demanding when she arrives in US, expect you to pay huge sums to support her family, support her younger bf in Phils, make your life miserable to make you want to divorce her, and lose your shirt, if not your peace of mind and your trust in women. Many Filipina women are led by extreme poverty to “reinvent” themselves in order for you to fall in love with them, they understand your loneliness and need for a mate and will squeeze maximum juice out of you until they have green card and no longer need you, or you are willing to become totally hen-pecked. Yes there are some really nice ones, but those are not necessarily those with physical beauty, something which unfortunately is overvalued in the Philippines often at the expense of inner goodness, but simple ladies who have learned to compensate for their lack of physical beauty in a “skin-deep” culture that adores feminine physical beauty with a highly developed intuition for inner beauty… If you plan to have a wife please THINK do you want someone who looks stunningly beautiful but may easily turn into a bitch that tricked you, or one who may or (more likely) may NOT be so pretty but has sincere love and appreciation for you and not your money or other “rewards” which have nothing to do with you directly? Finally, if you are planning to find a wife plan on living in the Philippines to get to know your future wife REALLY WELL for at least 2 years to avoid the enormous prevalence of scams which a foreign man often has difficulty discerning… Do you really think that a lady working as a prostitute whom you really like for her physical beauty has any ethical pangs for being able to survive by selling you a personality which she knows you like so she can get your money is really interested in you??? Please use your cerebral head and not the one below next to the scrotum… Avoid becoming deeply disappointed and broken hearted, if not financially broke, by getting married “on the fly” to the first Filipina who says to you “I love you” knowing full well how imbalanced the relationship will be financially, and how much she stands to gain if even it ends up in divorce after she gets a green card in US where she can work to support her family even without your help… especially beware of falling in love with a prostitute who may be a wonderful person to her known or unknown children (illegitimate or otherwise) or to her family and friends (and probably also bf), but rarely feels the same guilt for being one, and therefore wants desperately for you to save her, that you might have felt if you were young, female and in her shoes… Just a word of caution to have great fun in the Philippines, but please use your head when making life changing decisions…

  96. ArabStud says:

    I found Dumagete City a bit better on the ladies, tight bods and some virgins too

    Cebu is too dull

  97. Mike says:

    Private Escorts call +63929 522 1336

  98. May says:

    For Escort needs, just contact +639293736248 so that we can arrange everything. Thanks.

  99. Steve says:

    Ladies, I am visiting Cebu end of january 2011, wanting to meet a nice lady to escort me around all of Cebu for a couple of weeks, everything will be paid for, hotels food a large bonus to the right person.Someone about 22 to 27 years of age, who enjoys a good time plus a social drinker, does not smoke. Please leave a contact number and I will be in touch. Thanks.

  100. swaussie says:

    hope you will go to ST Moritz hotel ,next door is a bikinibar,,(girlbar)I was there in 2006.had a good time..but there was no customers there.girls where nise mamasan(mercy) was very nice.I also liked staying in the hotel there.
    nice staff.
    will be staying there again in march if there is room for me.
    it is a very nice place and cheap ,could be a great bar if it turned over a bit more money I guess..
    please have a look and tell me what you think.

  101. swaussie says:

    hi to all the people living in cebu and all visitors,,even jenny.
    I am 45 year old swedish aussie fit and healthy,I have been travelling to philippines for about 5 years now,,will be in cebu for a couple of days in march 17-19.looking for all sorts of fun.the more girls the better.thank you all for contibuting your opinions and information.hope to have some to share with you after my visit.

  102. Geoff says:

    You talk about foursomes, girls for my girlfriend, someone for the wife, etc etc yet when I ask about ladyboy bars you dismiss the question. Is this forum not an open topic and are ladyboys aliens.

  103. Greg says:

    extremely hot and gorgeous ladies but not a typical streetgirls at Cebu.
    Call them @ +63929 373 6248 / 518 3890

  104. Geoff says:

    Well I have read all sorts of requirements so here is mine ….I am into Ladyboys so where is the best places for these. in Cebu.

  105. Lorencotub says:

    Is it possible to contact administration?
    Thank you

  106. Jackie says:

    Hey guys wanna share our hubby’s little hangout some where at the back of mango ave. cabana’s acoustic bar very convenient place,good music and very affordable.after a few good drinks and sounds can visit hacienda comedy bar or juliana’s club to feel hot onthe floor…

  107. mick says:

    got a girlfriend and just wanna play golf with someone

  108. peter says:

    have a new bar open in mango area near yellow cab name amigo s bar is new one nice place to hang out have a look

  109. Terrill O'Brien says:

    I have just returned from Cebu and now have an apartment up the road from Blue angel Bar. It is closed but I would like to know if anyone has any contact details for the owner. I would like to try and get this bar up and running again

  110. Cok-O-Nut says:

    hi all, 2 kiwi blokes just got in Cebu. any ideas where we could find girls interested in 3-way fun around Mactan area?

  111. Pablo says:

    hey karen how are u girl? ive been to cebu before this yr!! anyhow ill be back in cebu next march ok sweetie!! hit me up when u can ok!!

  112. paolo says:

    I am looking for pretty fucky young girl…

  113. uffe says:

    hi,,, for all of u here,, i have travel to Thailand,Laos,Cambodia for last 15 years and 1 time phillipines,, and mostly everywhere in asia is the same….. u can get what ever u want as long u pay for it. I was married to a thai for 3 years and now i married to pinay, the best girl ever i meet. so my recoment is to go phillipines,,, but out of the tourist places,,, u will be surprised how much hospitality u will meet, and best of all u dont get ript of. best regards and see u guys and girls in jan. 2011

  114. jack 2 says:

    Hi can someone please tell me which club has the cheapest price for abeer and barfine

  115. peter usa says:

    great site! hey for anybody coming to cebu for the first time,,i have a good tour company for them for all their questions and concerns about enjoying cebu nite life,,the company picks u up at the airport,,assigns a personal tour guide (ptg)to show u around by day,,then another ptg takes u around at nite,showing u the ropes and keeping u out of trouble and tourist problems,,no thinking when ur drinking,,hahah,,air fare,hotel, tour packages all in one,,take care

  116. nate says:

    is the parklane hotel in cebu near looking for a great time while in cebu

  117. jofre says:

    Hello!!!!!!!We are 2 friends from Barcelona travelling arround Philipinnes,tomorrow night we would like to go out at night in Cebu,where we can go???would you like to come with us???our number is 09494275210,kisses

  118. baing says:

    cebu – queen of the south…… vikings and silver dollar are my first choice – since more than 20 years.

    happy landing! 2 month to go….

  119. Andrea Moore says:

    Cell#: +63929-373-6248
    Location:Cebu City and Mactan, Philippines

    Cebu Escorts fancy knowing millions come to Cebu every year to play at the casinos and experience pleasures forbidden anywhere else in the Philippines. Chief among these pleasures is the beautiful women that work as Cebu Escorts. No trip to the City of Sin is complete without experiencing the warmth and companionship that these ladies have to offer. In fact, many men come regularly just to be with our escorts in Cebu and enjoy an escape from the doldrums and stresses of everyday life with massages, erotic role playing, exotic dancing with Strippers from the Cebu Escorts.

    If you’re looking for a Cebu Escort to keep you company, dance for you, or give you a massage, then you have come to the right place. These lovely ladies offer a full range of services and will make your evening or weekend here in town a time that you will remember for a lifetime. What happens here stays here but you can carry the memory with you anywhere you go and repeating those memories with our female or male Cebu escorts will always be just a phone call away!

    In addition to traditional services offered by Cebu Escorts, each of our girls has an in depth knowledge of the city itself. Cebu can be a massive tourist trap for those who don’t know where to go and what to watch out for. Any of our escorts in Cebu can be a guide and pleasant companion in public as well as in private later on. Any of these delectable young ladies can show you a good time around town and then end your evening with exactly the right kind of activity to help you wind down and relax.

  120. Dave says:

    Go to Viking for the dancers or Liza’s for a laid back time

  121. Dave says:

    There is not much on Macatan unless you are Korean or a Jap. You need to take a taxi into Cebu

  122. hi im briana says:

    anyone looking for tourist guide,friendly honest companion,gf to be must get to know each other first,best/special friends,dont hesitate to email me at for more info and details….you will not regret what your looking for
    ill be here waiting and willing to give you my full service assistance. :-))

  123. Tony says:

    Coming to the Imperial Palace in 2 weeks..believe thats out by the Shangri La. Any suggestions that are close? I saw some others ask the same thing. Someone help!!

  124. mutuelles says:

    I’ve been following this website for a few months, and I wanted to thanks the webmasters. Good job, and keep going :).

  125. teeman says:

    looking for a good bar for company and go-go free great expat stop good food and great staff check out willaim pinoy bar near capitol building on the top of osema/escario cant beleive one on has commented on this place a real hidden gem

  126. john says:

    Hi,has anyone seen karen at the silver dollar bar

  127. baseknock3000 says:


    I appreciate this website very much because you guys are direct to the point without trying to scam. I have been many times to AC and Manila. Planning on a trip to Cebu in a few months.

    I want the absolute top class girls. I am generous but absolutely not stupid. I stay in a suite at Shangri La. I would like your honest suggestions on meeting the best girls but NOT the PROFESSIONALS. I’m looking for young beautiful innocent and very sweet with a good heart that will appreciate being taken care of and not be aggressive.

    I would welcome your suggestions please at my email

  128. Kall says:

    Great job guys … thanx for the efforts … lots of info … loved the tips 🙂

    •you add or could add a date for each review( it puts thing in prospective )
    •have a comprehensive list of bars +++ ( with location /area )
    •Recommend to add message /spas
    •Recommend to have a map of reviewed location

    I’m visiting Cebu for 2 weeks with 4 friends in jan2011 , I’ll give you a feedback on places we visit

  129. Alec says:

    I will be in Cebu the week of 25th – maybe a couple days in Manila and then in Cebu. I have been to Manila and Cebu before. More in Manila (few times a year). Looking for a gf from Cebu. First lets see how i get along and the chemistry. Any ideas on where i can find someone.

  130. marc says:

    whats the nearest bar in shangrila, with live band and pretty girls

  131. mack-O says:

    Chesty gals in the PI are rare but do exist. My latest is a bonafide F-Cup and she has the classic filipina arse. We met in Angeles. I’ll be in Cebu with her in tow in a a week or two. She likes group events. Any bars with girls that enjoy 3-4 somes?

  132. paul says:

    what is jools bar liks guys do the girls really grab ya cock out when you walk in the place..

  133. John says:

    You should ask the mamasang u and ur friend wants ur money back.u could not trust any of them they all the same,hahahahahaha

  134. shapon says:

    im planning to visit cebu month of septembet 27,2010 can u manager very beautiful & virgin girl for my tourist guide.
    email address:

  135. Marian says:

    Do you know of bars with hot men and cool music. Just want to unwind.

  136. Shaun says:

    No one has mentioned love city where they take their tops off and every fifth or sixth dancer takes her gear off – 75 pesos a beer

  137. Max says:

    Hi went to Cebu a couple of weeks ago it’s ok. Tried silver dollar but could not find any honies I liked and then tried Viking which seemed ok barfined a nice looker 1500P till the next day afternoon did also tip her about 600 Peso. Next night went back to Viking my friend decided to barfine the girl I had the previous night and I went for another looker same price again and promised us longtime after first session back at the hotel decided to go for a snack, the girls made some excuse that they need to go home and would come back in the morning which we said fine gave the taxi money 50peso she wanted more told her well when I see you in the morning we’ll see about it. Anyhow after they left we decided to go back to viking as the jght was young and just play some billyad and have a drink. (also suspected they had gone back) Guess what while we are there the girls return you should have have seen teh look on theer faces and also mamasong. What a great moment we had such a laugh catching them red handed we won’t bothered we just laughed and did not say anything. So be carefull some girls can play you as you play them but again it not all girls just a very few greedy ones.

  138. Jon says:

    What at the address’s for some of these girlie bars.

    Where is the Koala Bar in Mandaue? Address?

    And Stripes???

  139. Paco says:

    Been to Stripes again. It’s a well run place. Pretty girls, reasonable prices and soon they will open the vacant part downstairs and be open at 11AM with good food. They also have good parking.

  140. ha.... says:

    wew..ths is not weird for hiring girls here…hahahaha thats much so cool,…..

  141. Rod says:

    me and my GF is coming to Cebu this tuesday Aug 17, any bar with “very Hot Shows” ….. my gf want to watch…thanks

  142. peterparker says:


    Any place or bars in cebu with bisexual girls? I’d love my wife to be satisfied by them. Any suggestions?

  143. bianca says:

    hi, my bf and I is visiting cebu by october, is there any place we can find swingers club or something like that?? pls let me know.. thanks

  144. john says:

    Hi, has anyone been to the Silver Dollar bar in the last month, what are the prices and dancers like now?

  145. Brian says:

    hi my friend and i love drinkin and, of course, women is in the picture… anyway, can you suggest a good club/bar with lots of single girls? 🙂

  146. droplets says:

    Hello there John on July 9th

    if you get a normal person to drink for a drink in a bar or clubs is same price as you drink but if you would give LD i mean ladies drink it will be about 190 something like that just for ladies drink but try to go in lonestar bar is really a great food and service very much have fun…..and also it would be my pleasure if you do contact me also….when you get to cebu….

    happy trip

  147. droplets says:

    Hi Jem,

    I know the about night life (disco and clubs) here over Cebu sense ive been living here and i also work before as a cashier in a bar i can suggest you to go lonestar bar……its a very friendly the staff and they serve a good food and i love very much there Pizza is the best… an international bar….which are have a pretty and sexy girl…… or its my pleasure also to take you there if you will contact me…..

    Best wishes and regards

  148. Mustacheo says:

    Well anyway the girls who complain about a short time have been hurt. The Door swings both ways the young Bar Girls who Think mr Right will sweep them off their feet and pay all their Bills and their young Boyfriend’s food are living in Alice’s Wonderland. After a few Months they get Black Hearts so don’t feel too bad about the critisizm of the Peanut Gallery. Philippine Women Rock your World but the old Mares who didn’t catch Mr Right are Bitter. You as a Dating guest feed 100’s of Philippino”s at $5.00+ a day for the average worker you are a God Send but the trick is to Know which one sent us 🙂

  149. Batt says:

    I am a retired broadcaster and during my career have owned three nightclubs. Would entertain club management job offer +639995726614 & +639272114531

  150. sam says:

    Have a great time Jim
    Very few prejudices about handicappers here
    most bars have steps to get up but they will help you if you ask
    Good luck to you

  151. Claudia says:


    There are alot of cool places to see however I only knew places best for chillin’ – for music and drinks. I’m not into girly bar. I would recommend Magellan’s Landing, Joker’s, Badgers, etc. If you’re interested…..

    1. Yes it’s good time to visit. Cebu is a nice place, you will like it here.

    2. It’s safe to travel alone at night. Take cabs straight from bars, clubs to your hotel. Relax, be excited!

    3. Being alone in the places I’ve mentioned above is no big deal. People there are friendly, locals are friendly and accomodating. Want to start a beer with me? Lol, I like to spend some time chilling there too!

  152. Claudia says:


    There are alot of cool places to see however I only knew places best for chillin’ – for music and drinks. I’m not into girly bar. I would recommend Magellan’s Landing, Joker’s, Badgers, etc. If you’re interested…..

  153. Jim says:

    Planning my vacation to Cebu in November….was wondering what the nightful would be like for a disabled vet in a chair. Accessibility in and around the clubs. I usually travel alone very independent. Any info would be greatly appreciated…Planning to have an awesome time.

  154. john says:

    Hi, please give some true imformation,just give true info about girls and drinking, if you want a normal person to drink with jus answer this

  155. Nicklas says:

    Hi everyone

    In short i will be going to Filippines and Cebu for the first time. Where to go for some real great time ? And to get some real massage, Not whit happy ending, just the massage. Which is the best bars and where is the nicest girls ?

    Thx for helping out

  156. Someone says:

    Danny, If you want to have a laugh I can show you around the nightlife. I work the days but can show you the girly bars if thats what you’re after!

  157. kim says:

    does anyone know the disco bar THE BEAT???please let me knoe

  158. jadebirdy says:

    john im from cebu city, anytime of the year you can visit cebu city and it will be always full of fun but january is best because of sinulog festival alot of night life activities going around the city… its safe to go around naughty night clubs in cebu…

  159. Jack says:


    PH is the best kept secret, as long as you keep it to yourself, and respect others, you will be in dreamland. Filipinos are very good people, you will enjoy here like no place on earth.

    Once you come here, i guarantee you will come again and again…its very safe place

  160. Steve from UK says:

    Hi guys, anyone fancy meeting up in the mango area on the 6th-7th dec2010?, just as a drinking chat buddy rather than sitting alone and looking and feeling like some sad old bastard !! Not into paying for sex or paying to chat to some girl/guy, if i cant get it free then i dont really want it, cuz if i pay for it, i wanna keep it hahaha.

  161. John says:

    Hi, i went through the website and you are doing a great job in organizing the stuff. I had a query , i am travelling to Manila and then cebu some where in the 3rd week of July, i had few doubts.

    1) Is it a good time to Visit
    2) Is it safe to travel alone in night.
    3) Is it safe to be alone in any of the Night clubs ( Naughty one ).

    Your reply is highly appreciated.

    thank you

  162. Honey says:

    Cebu’s nightlife is full of color and adventure. City is indeed a city of charm and amusement. If you want to know more about the beautiful city of Cebu, just click here.

  163. john says:

    Pete do you have anymore info about stripes? price and a contact number, plus i have heard silver dollar is for sale,will be back in cebu 14 july and will be looking for a manager to run a club for me, if you know of anyone just put comment and i will supply my contact numbers. thanks

  164. pete says:

    stripes is for sale

  165. karen says:

    hello to all,, i just read all the comments here and i realize that all you guyz are just looking for bargirls,, how about meeting girls that are not working on bars..not sex worker just a decent girls that willing to commit a serious relationship..if someone is interested i have friends who like to marry foriegner,,ive been working in bar before and i quit and start a new life..

    • lou says:

      hello, im looking for a nice bueatiful cebuana girl. i want to try this i hope you can help.


  166. Bob says:

    Jenny…your a dike bitch, man hater!!!!!

  167. Fred says:

    Cebu has the one of the cheapest nightlife in the country. Entrance fees range from 100 pesos to 200 pesos. That’s only 2 to 4 dollars. You have the opportunity to meet a lot of beautiful girls.

  168. Fred says:

    Been in Cebu just recently and had a ball. As this website suggests…put as much cash into your pockets that you are happy to spend that night and go have a ball. Mango street is a very good start when you have limited time. I found the girls super friendly in most places I went. If you ask the local girls in the street where the places are, you might not even reach them 🙂

  169. john says:

    as other people have said no helpful info, men if you go to cebu just go and enjoy yourself, do not listen to alot of the shit people say, they probaly never been there, just go and ask the locals, most are very helpful, and make you welcome, go and enjoy.

  170. john says:

    hi!there could be a girl that always available?will you let me go with you?

  171. Anthony says:

    Do hotels such as the Crown Regency Hotel & Tower allow you to bring in a girl for the night?

  172. mahiboy says:

    chris , ladyboys are everywhere in cebu if that is ur gender of choice u won’t have any problem meeting nice ones. Pump disco has a rgulary flow as well as julianas ,, most of the bargirls have ladyboy friends and they will be happy to set u up hahahaa.

    As far as guest friendly hotels , 95% are all accomadating

  173. john says:

    Mike have you heard about anymore clubs for sale, plus if you know of a person that could manage a club for me, thanks

  174. owner says:

    STRIPES is for sale any serious contenders call in the bar any night except sunday.. and talk to the owner………

  175. Chris says:

    Hi Ive been looking through the blog and all kinds of interesting questions asked and never or very vaguely answered. I would like to know is there a decent ladyboy scene in cebu city and if so where? Another question that has allready been asked is about “guest-friendly” hotels. Which ones are guest friendly? By that of course I mean you can take a girl/guy to your room without problems or any extra or unreasonable cost. Thanx.

  176. P. allan says:

    re the comments from the owner of spooks Cagayan de oro. wow no credibility. spooks is a joke. worse than almost any bar in cebu. Most girls are 1/5. the drinks are overpriced and from 11:30 to 12:30 or longer all the girls disappear except for the one dancing. A total bullshit bar. I liked the girl i was sitting with until she disappeared despite the overpriced ladies drink on the table. Get real. I can meet girls in a mall easier and for much less money. why bother with ridiculous places like spooks?

  177. Bill says:

    Hello looking for a bar that is fun to go to, that also has some bi-sexual girls for my wife. any suggestions?

  178. john says:

    thanks mike for your reply, if you hear about any more please let me know, or if there is anyone wants to go into partnership thanks.

  179. Mike says:

    El Gecko is for sale the bar is too small and rubbish.

  180. john says:

    Any bars or clubs for sale in cebu at present, if so can you name them with the asking price and a contact phone number,or email. thanks.

  181. pete says:

    If you want a great bikini bar with nice girls that are friendly and sexy and prices are not extortionate, then go to STRIPES. I was there the other night, had a fantastic time, definately worth a look.

  182. ApparkDrach says:

    I need a review for the book Warriors-into the wild by Erin Hunter. HELP!

  183. shawn says:

    Hi guys,
    Don’t you have anything to do other than making out with girls here in CEBU?…You might say that you just need a company to be with while you are here but why do you still need to pay them for their services?…What kind of services is that?…

  184. Himself says:

    Dave – The bars are mostly scattered around, a few spots is mango square where u go after 3.30 for disco, and on mango blv. near vikings where theres many bars..
    barfine around 6-700php and 1000-2000 for the girl depending on her and ur look:) dont overtip pls!
    Have fun

  185. Tony says:

    Hi! Last time I was in Cebu was 15 years ago. I’ll be staying at the Kiwi for two days May 15, 16th. Would love to meet up with anyone staying in Cebu during that time.

  186. louise says:

    hey jenny fuck off

  187. Mark says:


    Do you really expect foreign tourists to visit Philippines just for the beaches or the food? If the government closes down the girlie bars the BIR would have to fire more than half its staff due to drop in processing visa extensions. Airlines would be forced to cancel flights. Bargirl families and babies would be denied support. Thousands of prostitutes earning big money would be forced to quit the bars or service pinoy men at much lower rates. Hotel occupancy would drop dramatically and staff across many industries would be fired. Do you really want more unemployment and another economic crisis? What would happen to the police and politican system without the bribe money paid by bar owners? Would San Mig Lite be removed from the market? So many consequences, diba?

  188. Tony says:

    Theres a lot of places to go here in cebu just be careful thou,just don’t go to el gecko lorraine well have what she did to my good friend who split up with his mrs because of her.

  189. Danny says:

    I am coming first time to Cebu next week and would like know where to go if I want best looking girls. I really want meet a goddess. I just got scammed and I have booked my holiday already and cant cancel it. So I need some tips how to have fun in Cebu. Yes, Iam stupid, but what can you do, she had good story, and seemed really super nice and 200 photos and so. Of course I believed her. So now I need to turn this disappointment to joy.

    I really want best Cebu has to offer.

    Also which are most popular “normal” clubs in town?



  190. Jose cuervo says:

    All bar girls are just a fucking gold digger…

  191. onlooker says:

    Hi Nice Bar reviews,

    Im not a westerner, but I usually am just from around Cebu, I mean I work here.. but basically a newbie.. Im looking for Good bars out there and meeting good, fun girls any suggestions? please e-mail me at

  192. woman25 says:

    hello there dave, there are loads of hotel u can lodge in. as what ure looking for like easy to go to where the party at, you should lodge in to a hotel in the city. there are a lot to choose from. more better if u can see and read the blogs online. google cebu hotels and decide it by yourself. i love to party and dance with my friends every weekend so i know where to party, yet about girls, i asked my housemate because her boss once visited cebu and looking for a girl for a night. she told me its 2000 pesos (45 USD).

    hope i did help u with ur question! enjoy cebu!

  193. julie says:

    crown regency hotel..located at the heart of cebu city….cebu’s best bars and clubs are just a short walk from the hotel..check that out!!!..i hope to see u there..

  194. julie says:

    crown regency hotel..located at the heart of cebu city….cebu’s best bars and clubs are just a short walk from the hotel..check that out!!!..i hope to see u there

  195. Dave says:

    Myself and a couple of friends want to come to Cebu to party. Can someone please recomend a good hotel(are they “guest friendly” or do you have to bribe the concererge) within easy distance to the best bars/clubs. Is there a “Walking Street or Bangla Rd” type set up? We are all veterans of Pattaya and Patong but have not been to Cebu. I have been reading the comments by others but dont seem to get definitive information as to exactly how much a girl is per night and what is the bar fine. Any info much welcomed.

  196. glulkyjulse says:

    cute hairy blonde pussy

  197. christine says:

    asa naman to ang akng comment dre..nawala man

  198. christine says:

    I’m working at Club temptation..My number there is 24.
    I would like to invite you to go there to visit me and to see the place… Im sure you will love the place… It is located in jakosalem street mango avenue. Cecu City…
    See you and have fun…

  199. Just stopping by says:

    any girl can get into any hotel with you provided she has proper ID fi they even ask. But even if she doesn’t your persistance with security will usually yeild an entry anyway….I got one into Waterfront with no ID or registration and it is pretty high end and secured.

  200. Jovox says:

    I went to siler dollar last night ,,,, I dont think they are going to close,

  201. john says:

    is the silver dollar bar closing down?

  202. Ilyn says:

    ops if its not vacant at all..

    Im looking an APARTMENT RENT TO OWN in CEBU…
    if some1 can help me to find a good place in cebu pls email me and i do appreciated about it!

    thanks a alot – have a good day all!

  203. Ilyn says:

    I want to go back in CEBU soon as i can to rent own the place where i stay b4 and have party with some friends every night (i really hope still vacant).. Oh i do live cebu very much.

    Im currently leaving in makati in along time and i want to try in CEBU naman!

    so CEBU im coming back there!!

  204. melvin says:


    where i can find korean girls in cebu????

  205. olympus says:


  206. if i want scuba and nightlife.. says:

    is it better to be in the city or on the beach? does it matter?
    thanks !

  207. David says:

    Just checked out the new Pussycats Club. I’ve been to their one in Makati. Great club. Will be back here!

  208. Mr says:

    Hi.. Could anybody tell me if any bars is for sale in Cebu right now? Would anybody please help me out with this… The price range should be at 1m to 2m pesos.

  209. kevin england says:

    good site i am coming next week . in thailand now coming to cebu for rest

  210. Steve says:

    Is it a problem getting the girls into a better hotel? Do they look the other way or is there a trick to be learned? Thanks and COOL wbsite man.

  211. Tony says:

    Hi, I havent been to Cebu for 13 years, thinking of a break again,
    But out of interest, in Mactan Island, does Brown Bear Bar still exist, and Jungle Room I think it is now called at Mactan Bridgeside Hotel.
    Just interested if any changes I should know about.

  212. f says:

    can i find a one night partner here in cebu ASAP?

  213. woman25 says:

    Hello there John who will stay in crown regency. You will not be having any problem if ure goin to bring a girl in your room. The hotel will not ask u about things like that. But if ever the girl just show up downstairs and look for u…u need to go down and meet her in the lobby. About massage…crown regency has one of the best massage spa rooms. U will really be relaxed. Cozy and quite place. U can also try crown regencys’ skywalk. Its so great experience.If u want more info just free to email me

    enjoy and explore Cebu Philippines !!!

  214. Rain says:

    Naughty ka!

    I haven’t been there yet. I heard they have male entertainers.

  215. sid says:

    the waterfront hotel has its own girl bar expensive 8k peso for the night but safe.

  216. Rose says:

    Can anyone please suggest a good lesbian bar in cebu…and not a sleezy one , thanks !!

  217. allanis burgs says:

    hi there! i just wanna ask if you could possibly help me to find the exact location & address of the “GAY BAR” named “NAUGHTY KA” somewhere in banilad i think? please correct with the spelling if it is wrong.

    thanks & more power

  218. rotten ronnie.. says:

    can anyone suggest a bar i can watch the superbowl in next feb7..?

  219. apple says:

    hi, i just wanna ask if all the bar in cebu is a nightclubs where almost all girls are dancing in bikinis?? i never been in cebu but i got a plan to visit cebu with my bf and i would like to go in a place that has a disco or place to go out at night after touring the place in day time… i wanna see cebu with my bf… i also want to ask where i can find a place to stay?

  220. John says:

    Does anyone know any massage provide happy ending in cebu except lingam massage?

  221. john says:

    staying in the crown regency next week for 10 nites. will i have any problems getting a cebu girl to stay in my room? i booked for 2 people alredy. just havent found my girl yet. does crown regency have massage services?
    thanks for any help

  222. Mike says:

    Hi, Jenny not all visitors go to fuck a diffent girl each night, some just like the company of the girls. Are you worried that you will miss out,and how many visitors marry or support these girls.

  223. Craig says:

    What is the latest on Egypt and Bounty? Did they ever re-open?

  224. Joihn william says:

    Will be stopping over in Cebu for one night at the end of Feb. Can anyone reccomend a nice hotel that is ok to take a girl back and is near to the bar and restaurant areas, either in the City or on Mactan

  225. Chuck says:


    i like Jenny’s comment!!


  226. margot says:

    I want to meet a foreigner with a lots of dollars….

  227. Jenny says:

    You people are maniac!! is that what you only enjoy going to Philippines just to fuck a different girl every night? I hope you got stds and die. you are all disgusting old men.

    COz tHY aRe aLL seX addictS!!!

  228. Moalboal visitor says:

    Hi, myself and a few other foreign guys are planning a trip to Moalboal soon. Have had conflicting reports about nightlife. Looks like there are plenty of nice places to eat and have a drink. Are there any places in Moalboal where the bar girls can be tempted to come back to your resort for some night time fun?

  229. Chuck says:

    New to Cebu ..going there soon..
    Anybody knows about a Bar named ” Abusir” or something like that ? I may have not gotten the name correctly. This Abusir..Bar is something like a former Egypt Bar or something similar ??

    Thanks in advance..


  230. Canadian John says:

    OK. Sometimes the girls that are too hot and smokin have too many bf’s and they scare me.
    I’m a BIG Canadian guy from VANCOUVER, and not much scares me. Haha. Iv’e lived in China fo ove six years. I LOVE Asian ladies. I’m not exactly rich, but I’m far from poor. Kimberly,No.48, do you want to meet me on Jan.17/10, at the Cebu Grand Hotel, at about 6pm? Most girls in China think I’m handsome. Hehe.

  231. Canadian John says:

    i been to cebu 1 time and i visit in one place its called hot rod bikini bar,the ladies there are so hot and nice…but i do really like only 1 girl there she is no.48 she is so sexy and smoken hot.her name is kimberly she is the special one there come and try to take a look at her!

    Ok! Ometimes the girls thatb are too popular scrare me. And I’m a BIg

  232. Will says:

    I can’t believe how normal and acceptable it is for you guys to grab a whore. Are there any normal bars in Cebu?: And rock bars? Just beer/music, not fat balding men paying for sex.

  233. Big Dude says:

    I’ve heard a bit about the Blue Angels Bikini Bar.

    Can anyone supply details about the place (food, drinks, girls, prices, atmosphere, etc.)?

    I will be visiting the bar (and others) in the next couple of months and I want to get some feedback on Blue Angels.

  234. CanaDave says:

    Graham wanting to find the Koala bar. . . You will probably be disappointed but .. cross the NEW bridge from Mactan and go straight until you come to a T intersection, (at the North Road). Go right and it will be on the right hand side about 1/2 to 1 km down the road.

  235. HawaiianRacer says:

    leigh. Waterfront Lahug is a nice hotel. I haven’t stayed in the rooms, but I play poker in the casino there. There’s also some really good restaurants in there. It’s a nice hotel. Not sure if they are girl friendly, but I doubt you’ll have a problem.

    It’s located right next to Sunflower and Pump. Getting to the girly bars on Mango is just a short taxi ride away. And taxi’s will only cost you about 60 pesos or so, one way. It’s cheap.

    I prefer the bars on Mango cause they are cheaper than the ones on Mactan island. Hot Rods is a good bar, and cheap. Papillon, across the street, has some nice girls but you’ll pay more.

  236. leigh says:

    I am coming to Cebu very soon for a month, i like the nicer 4/5* hotels can you suggest a good girl freindly place ?

    I read very dirrent things about amounts girls are looking for 600 peso to $2500 bar fines from 600peso to 2000 peso.

    Can anyone shed some upto date info ?

    Great site thanks

    I have never been to the phili’s and i love thailand and bali

    • Lobster says:

      Both Shangri La and Hilton nice, but too far away. I would recommend Crown Regency, walking distance of cebu central. bar fines are about 2000 peso all in usually. Hope you enjoy your visit, try and get out and about as well – lots of places to visit, most girls woudl make a good guide 🙂

  237. Graham of Perth says:

    Where can I find the Koala Bar. As I will be in Cebu in January

  238. SandraRuthurford says:

    hi everybody,
    Looking to have a nice time here. Anyone from Scotland here?

  239. Kent says:

    Carol Spa Escort
    Kalunasan Cebu City, Philippines
    (032) 5806759

    Email ad:

    Open to serve you: 24 hours a day

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  240. Big H says:

    Julianas is the place to go after 2AM. Try Pier 1, for good food and music.To the chap who has done this site…fantastic,informative and spot on with the bars,cheers for a great 3 months.

  241. Ruddy says:

    As a vet of thailand I’m now looking at manila, Angeles and Cebu. Trawling through the net I am very worried about the scam girls pull, mainly the rape thing with a knock on the door a little later.

    Can I have an honest answer on how true this is and is it throughout the phillipines? I’m looking at Cebu as the main destination.

    Thank you in advance.

  242. Rav says:

    I am in Cebu and wanna like to look around, hopp around and wud love to have a company of any european, aussie or american girl…

    I am staying in hotel waterfront at city in Cebu.

    cheers!! Rva

  243. Steve says:

    Why dont Our Place,Down town appear on this site? Does any one have any news on the bar? or reastraunt?

  244. CanaDave says:

    i want also to marry a princess bar girl as i’ raly interested in them.

    Give us a break girls. You can sign a guy’s name but you don’t write like a guy. Be honest. Make comments but use your own name and sex. The guys love to hear from you. If the site owners have no complaints it would be nice if you left links to pics and contact info.

  245. john says:

    can i fine a bargirl to marry as i’m realy interested in them

  246. DudeCat says:

    For mikemike, what makes Spooks so much better than most bars in Cebu? I have enjoyed the bars of Cebu and can only imagine how a bar could be better than what I have experienced. Please fill us in. You may even get me to make the trip.

  247. Bonez says:

    Bulldog ktv in north reclamation area
    Does anyone know if this bar is still open! or have any contact info or have any information at all about this bar

  248. Joe Rafer says:

    Hi, I’m from Manila and I’ll be in Cebu for the Sinulog Parade. Will be there for 3 nights. I also want to know the best clubs there. I mean for the party goers, is there a club over there that you can compare to The Embassy or Prince of Jaipur? Thanks

  249. Floost says:

    Hmm… I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader.

  250. Rhedz says:

    Hi!You got a nice blog in here. Cebu is such a great place to promote! Ato ni, bai!

  251. Gmoney says:

    Hi Yuki

    I lost my phone and your number i came to the bar i think you remember me it is andy

  252. Ray says:

    Hi Canadave
    i have had the Koala Club for a number of years as i try to do my best to improve the appearance but it is a little hard to manage from another country “as for the girls taking there clothes off” i encourage not to as being a filipino bar you can never tell who is watching(NBI CIDG and police) i have never had any problem with the customers

  253. Ray says:

    Hi Jason
    i dont know about the night in question but i can assure you that it is not my policy to rip off the customer
    My question to you is did the girl ask you for a “double or single”, as a “single drink is only 150 pesos” please respond if you can

  254. rob says:

    I went to Blue Angels Bikini Bar many times over 3 weeks. Always had great times, beautiful Ladies, fun times. Management is very friendly.

  255. Fileas Fogg says:

    Where can I find a pretty girl who will act as tour guide and travel companion when I am sightseeing in Cebu? I am not looking for sex — just a nice girl to keep me company while I go sight seeing for 3 days. I will be travelling alone.

  256. mikemike says:

    forget cebu and get over to Cagayan de oro, safe fun and lots to do far smaller city. Spooks is best bar by a long way, better than most in Cebu for sure.

  257. Alan from UK says:

    Hi. I am going to be visiting Cebu in a few weeks, what time do the bars on Mango Ave open? Is it a case of the early bird gets the worm, or do these places take a while to get warmed up?

    Good site, loads of help. Thanks!!

  258. Kurt says:

    I agree with Mike. The site has to many know it all assh—s

  259. Sonny says:

    where can i find the best bar in uptown rightnow???in escario or mango avenue??

  260. jason says:

    i went to the kola club ladys drinks expencive 300p and no credit cards acceptd

  261. Donxz says:

    Cebu Is alright on a Stop Over !
    Lonestar is average !
    All The Bars Wanted 2000
    Stayed at Kiwi Lodge !!
    Cheap and Cheerful !
    Good Food and Point U
    In the Right Direction !!

  262. the judge says:

    try stripes bar its new ownership refurbished and much better… nice chicks and good atmosphere and great lighting on stage too… a nice new venue…..

  263. tina:_) says:

    hi.. uhmmmm….. i’m livin’ in cebu for 19years’!!! well.. obviously.. anyweiz’,, y dont u try bakak.. just beside san carlos.. in p.laez street i guess.. i’m there every friday’,!! your lookin’ for hot girls’?? hot guiz’ with gorgeous faces????? well… you might catch what ur lookin for..:) i’ve also been to kalye80’s once.. it’s its verry relaxing.. i’ve been to mango avenue.. from the beat, autoshop, pump, casanova.. oh well.. i dont really like very crowdy places.. the place is really cool..’! but children selling sampaguita in the streets in sometimes so annoying..’, i also dont like the crowd so much.. hope we can see u at bakak in some time guys. Anyway, just check out my friendster profile.. cheers’! c yah’!

  264. mark mark says:

    i plane to visit cebu this coming vacation after 2 month i hear cebu nice place to visit, where i can find guy 18-23 y.o machio handsome can stay with me 15 days and how much i have to pay for him daily

  265. girlie says:

    Hey Rose!i like your message…yes those fucking old american men…don’t come to phils. just to fuck girls bcuz of your dollar.that’s all you wanted!just live your own fucking home and wait your time to die.

  266. mike says:

    Hi, this site is a complete waste of time, no new comments or updates,it used to be quite helpful but not now,and most of the comments are false and misleading.

  267. danny g says:

    Has anyone been to Koala Club in basak Mandaue?
    Is there a website with pics & details?

  268. crerceNar says:

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    I’m glad to describe here an interesting
    type of making money. Can you imagine that one
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  269. Floost says:

    I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

  270. OG says:

    What is a better place Cubu or Thailand???

  271. stevie says:

    where do you find the best looking ladyboys also is there any ladyboy bars in cebu

  272. Dr. W. Schlongmeister says:

    My first time to Cebu.

    The Dr. has 2 questions:

    1. How much is a “standard” bar fine?
    2. What is a “fair” amount to give the girl for the night?

    Dr. W Schlongmeister

  273. cityboy says:

    try and check out cebu for free girls espesially at “Juliana” there are many chick you can pick out there i asure you 100%

  274. CanaDave says:

    enklopius . . . . I agree that scams and ripoffs happen frequently all over the bar scene but you may have better luck at Lisa’s. My experience was good and any of my friends who go there give it 2 thumbs up.

    Ray . . I have been in your Koala club Jan of 2009 I think) and I would give it a rating of 1/5. Price is great but it seemed dingy, hot, girls did not take off much clothing when dancing and did not dance well, girls were not the best lookers, Crowded with Filipino men who seemed to be keeping a close eye on my wallet when I paid the bill. Perhaps it is best looked at as a ‘take out’ bar or perhaps I was there on a bad night.

  275. blue says:

    hey fellows!!! cebu is a nice placed to stay,,,
    just take extra carefull of yourself and your
    safe in there,i mean if your afraid of a crime hey it’s anywhere in the world a crime commeted am i right,i’ve been in caribbean,europe and asia you can see crime,,,crime is anything that occupy space…hehehe it’s a matter….joke,joke,joke

  276. Ryan says:

    Hi, I am planning to go to Cebu for the first time in a couple of months. I’m 26 years old and I enjoy chasing the girls and the nightlife because I usually go to Pattaya, Thailand. I was wondering is it better to stay on the island or in the city for what I want?

  277. Steve in UK says:

    Hi, just found this site and found it usefull, will be visiting cebu in november and being british and having a beer is pretty normal but alas my gf being pinay only seems to think we visit bars for girls, i tried telling her we visit bars for a beer and the music and ofcourse to look at prety women and wish ahaha, i noticed all the bars are full of half naked women and shows, are there just places there that we can get a beer and just chill? as i dont want the gf thinking i’m a sex tourist. just wanna see the place !!

  278. jebson69 says:

    iyot bihagay. hahahaha

  279. Alan says:

    Anyone give me the telephone number of Magellans Landing Restaurant in Cebu please?

  280. nick says:

    Hey, brain. I like Hot Lod too. Kimberly is the best girl at Hot Lod right? hmm, i’ve been there and I thought No.48 was good but I was no choice there, I will try next time. No.48 Ok.

    And I love Love City in Mango. No.1 girl was so good. But sorry I’ve forgot her name, hehe.
    Girls of Love City are dancing so well.

  281. ace says:

    Guys I recently visited the Silver Dollar Bar on Jones St in downtown Cebu and with the new owners and the upgrades and hiring of new beautiful girls it is my pick for the best bikini bar in all of Cebu.

    Beer is extremely cold, the food is very good and best of all the prices are excellent.

    Best of all the girls are fun and beautiful.

  282. brian says:

    i been to cebu 1 time and i visit in one place its called hot rod bikini bar,the ladies there are so hot and nice…but i do really like only 1 girl there she is no.48 she is so sexy and smoken hot.her name is kimberly she is the special one there come and try to take a look at her!

  283. nooo says:

    better go arena their so hot!hooo!i love it

  284. blue says:

    i miss stripes

  285. barry says:

    can anybody help,i have only been to angeles city ? whats it like in cebu for bars and girls

  286. germanian says:

    i very interesting to see and to jam with othe G.R.O.
    and its my pleasure to see and jam….

  287. yuki says:

    hi sir enklopius,im yuki the sister of trisha,sorry that trisha dont send you a message cause she is so busy.well she said to me that you just come and try to look to our place and look how she move she is number 49 and im number 1 so come and makr some enjoyment tro your selves;

  288. bruce says:

    why are most of the club)bar reviews not updated? same old thing, I know you rely on viewers to provide updates but you do not seem to add much ever.

  289. Troy says:

    Squid – yes this is most certainly true and does happen often. However, it does not happen too often with girls from the bars. You will mostly likely have this type of experience with a girl off the streets. Personally, I’ve never had this happen to me, but heard plenty of stories so I stick to only bargirls.

  290. squid says:

    I read a review from another website stating that the newest scam is for women to return to your hotel room later with a cop friend and say she was raped. Is this true?

  291. yuki love make fun says:

    hi sir yuki!i working also in a show bar and i realy want to meet your asawa,cause i think she is very cool.

  292. enklopius says:

    hi there,
    I enjoy these kind of reviews and questions and concerns. They are all justified. I’m living here now for 18 months and the dominating experience I made here so far is: you can’t trust anyone. Neither your lawyer, nor the BI, nor your fellow citizens.
    If anyone who reads this knows a club with no cheating, no rip-off, no scam, and no fraudulence, I gonna invite him or her to join me visiting that club on my expenses. Just leave a message here with date, time, and location where we can meet.

  293. enklopius says:

    msg to trisha the showgirl:
    Where the heck is the Hot Rod Club you are recommending so warmly? I’d like to get to know you and probably some of your mates (lol). Just drop a message here at this site.
    hugs & something else you will like

  294. dave mclovin says:

    I am headed to Cebu, and where can I find a pretty lady to escort me around and show me a great time!

  295. rose says:

    You people are maniac!! is that what you only enjoy going to Philippines just to fuck a different girl every night? I hope you got stds and die. you are all disgusting old men. in US you should already living in old folk house and waiting to die.

  296. Chris says:

    Hi I have a question concerning excitement for my Asawa,she loves to dance and interact with a lady,are there any clubs where we could find a Bi lady to interact?
    Gee trisha you sound good!

  297. danny says:

    Nice website. I wish that barfine and drink prices were published for every bar listed here. Saying the barfine is “normal” or drink prices are “typical” isn’t specific enough. I’m sure everyone would like clear information, such as “the barfine is P1750 total, with P750 paid directly to the bar and P1000 paid to the girl. The girls expect an extra P2000 tip in addition to their part of the barfine.” Now that’s the type of information that I find useful. thanks!

  298. trisha the show girl says:

    hai.,.,hello,,..want more excitement show…?.yes.,.,im here to give you what you want baby.,just come here in cebu hotrod club and i will show you my wonderfull moves.,.this is trisha the show girl…….muah..

  299. yuki may 26 2009 says:

    hai… everyone! who need good friends and most enjoyable experience in your life..i introduce to you our wonderfull place here in cebu hotrod club….come and enjoy yourself and i asure you that we are pretty good cute….so….what are you waiting for guyz…,come here and lets start the game that you will never forget.,.,love yuki.,.,muah.,,.,..,

  300. Bruce says:


    Hi and definitely stripes is open I just wrote some comments on it under the bar review.

    As of last week no food available.

  301. Bruce says:

    Thanks Jason for the update.

    We met this older Filipino guy a few months back whom said he was working at Koala club and raved about the place. Will be visiting there next week for bit of a peep….Often in Park Mall which must be close by but as yet not seen your sign.

    Until then and cheers.

  302. Lobster says:


    Probably Gecko bar – failing that lone star – but music there would over power the TV.

    Also – try Badgers bar near country mall (just ask the taxi driver)

  303. Mike says:

    Hi. Useful site, thanks.
    But could you include some maps, showing bar locations? Something simple, such as those found at would be good.

    I was trying (and failed) to find a bar to watch Liverpool play last Sunday night. Where would be best for this in the Fuente Osmena region?

    Keep up the good work.

  304. jason says:

    Where is the best place you guys know of in Cebu or Mactan to find the hottest girls I’ll only be in town a few nights and don’t want to have to hunt a lot. Thanks for the tips in advance, don’t have an issues spending decent amount of money if they are truly worth it. Thanks again all.

  305. Ray says:

    Hi bruce
    I am the owner of Koala Club the bar is on the highway going north of Cebu at basak Mandaue next to Shell Select
    in answer to your ? yes there are girls and if you want anything to eat i am sure you only have to ask and the staff will be only to willing to accommodate you

  306. Bruce says:

    Hi there, does anybody know of a Koala club in mandaue, how is it, does have girls and food?

    had a look but don’t see any reviews about it. Just wondering as met somebody on a boat that was talking about it from a year ago.

  307. Lobster says:

    I have an ex GF from Tisa – so very lovely, I royally stuffed if all up though and now she’s happy as larry with her new BF 🙁

    At least I can always rely on my trusty horse not to leave me…

    MY RED HORSE – Come on boy, take me for a wild ride and lets forget it all!

  308. chillout says:

    there is a ktv bar in tisa name “burks”

    in pacana street

    you should try , nice atmosphere , many girls , many many drinks !
    cheap too

    i been der many time and always enjoyed !!

  309. girlish says:

    hi! i’ll be in cebu with my partner on saturday…uhm, is there a lesbian bar running in cebu? we’ll just be spending a night in cebu and i can’t miss out on the nightlife. any suggestions? thanks!

  310. James Riley says:

    Are there any plans to reopen the Cadillac Cafe in Mactan? Best place in Philippines. Best Food, great atomosphere, prettiest girls. What happened? Please tell me they will open again.

  311. Jackie says:

    Hi is there anyone looking for a filipina gf

  312. says:

    does anyone know if stripes is closed for business

  313. KDub says:

    Any places where girls hang out on Mactan?

  314. Tom says:

    Does anyone know the best pub/nightclubs in Cebu to go and find women?

  315. James Blink says:


  316. Louis says:

    This is a great site and the reviews are thorough.. and what you need to know. I will be coming to Cebu… but can anyone recommend the best site for reviewing Makati bars in Manila with the same level of detail? Thanks!

  317. Bill says:

    hi im new to Cebu and i would like to know what isthe average price u payfor a girl for the night. im not a tight ass and i treat girls with Respect. but i dont want to get ripped blind…i notice in Thialand u pay a bar fine which is normally small and then u pay the girl for her services. is it the same their? is $30 USD enough for the night if i take her for the week….

  318. roger says:

    I do not agree about blue angels being much better than stripes as far as I am concerned angels does not come close. stripes has a great design and layout with some class and creative design. I also think it is much more professionally run. When i was in angels I felt very ucomfortable and it was all pinoy with many cops. Can’t even see the drinks they make you doing it under the counter. It is not twice as big as stripes either. The stripes food is the best I have has so far anywhere as american food goes, Just my opinion and who the hell am I anyway!!!!

  319. Mal says:

    Hi can you help me please. I want to take my Pinay g/f to a girl bar. How will we be treated.

  320. krystal dorman says:

    hi there im looking for my dads website he owns koala club on basak mandaue his name is raymond dorman im his daughter

  321. Mark says:

    Nice one Bruce, they sound a little better

  322. Bruce says:

    Mark……..Try fuente pension house Llorente Street (3 minutes from Mango square), often fully booked so go around 12 mid day as even if people checking out same day they will say its fully booked. Also opposite is apple tree pension house P990 a night. New hotel in the small arcade between Llorente and mango said to be good at P950.

    Best of luck

  323. choy says:

    unsa number valley front motel?

  324. mark says:

    Cheers lobster ill check it out

  325. Lobster says:

    You could try Kukoks nest – they have some basic rooms for less than that I think. It’s basic, but Menu is pretty good. Found some links, but they forgot to list the phone number doh! There’s an email address though AND what a splendid website!

  326. Mark says:

    Hi Guys great site.. I was just wondering is there many (any) basic hotels situated near Mango square, costing around 20 US dollars or so a night?

  327. P-hunter Cebu says:

    Hi Guys!
    There is a new bar in Escario Street called Blue Angels Bikini Bar. Its a new bar just in front of Cebu Pensione plaza near Shell petrol station and McDonalds. Last time i was there there were about 20 girls and the mamasan is Tina from Blackhole. Its a lot better than stripes because its twice the size and has a nice billiard table and a big LCD screen TV. Nice girls as well some from Blackhole and a lot
    of new ones as well. Pricing is about the same as per Stripes.

  328. Lobster says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Cheers for that – try this. 1st of all take said bottle of San Mig lite and replace with a Red Horse. After drinking several of these you will always find yourself in a bar as if by magic!

    Solution 1
    Stand outside Golden Peak and drink Red horse – Stripes is the closest bar so the red horse should carry you to it without further bother

    Solution 2
    If for any ridiculous reason the above does not work, go to Golden Peak and go out in the Rd. Face the OPPOSITE direction to Ayala (i.e. face the main junction and traffic lights just 30 meters away). Now walk straight – cross the junction. Stripes is set back about 20m from the main road on the right, behind a Filipino grill. After the junction carry on straight for about 50 – 100 meters and you will see it there on the right,

    Good Luck!

  329. Bruce says:

    Hi I am reasonably familular with Cebu how ever yet to find Stripes…….On Escario, about 1 mins walk from the Golden Peak hotel – short taxi ride from Mango. I tried both ways on Escario …Is it a back entrance please? Maybe 1 San Mig to many….

    Congratulations on Cebus best web site…..keep up the up dates and regards.

  330. Marianne says:

    Well, “might bump into you?” That sounds interesting. How can I contact you when I spend vacation in Cebu next year?

  331. Night Hunting says:

    Yes of course..

    You could try Mermaid in Mactan at the weekends – if you’re in luck you might bump into me there, but of course I’ll have to check my schdule to see if i have a few days to spare…

    Actually, there is a male-dancer gar bar called Tarzan in lapu lapu, here’s the address – Quezon National Highway, Lapu-Lapu City (upstairs from the PREVIOUS Mermaid bar). I know the many of the girls from bars are happy to do deals like that so I guess the guys will be as well. There’s a new male bar opening in Mango soon, next to the other bars.

  332. Marianne says:

    Hi, is there any bar where I can find a good-looking man to be hired as an escort for 3 – 5 days?

  333. Night Hunting says:

    Yes – you can hire a bar girl as a tour guide for a few weeks. As long as you didn’t meet her in the bar where she works, then she is free to go with you without penalty (although many bars, but not all, will give penalties for absence – some of them huge ones).

    She’s going to be happy if you give her 1000 peso a day – you should be well looked after. You could probably give her less, but at that price – is there any need to be tight?

    Yep, of course girls love and enjoy to have a break for a few weeks with a guy that treats then well – you’ll have a good time, it’s a good idea. Best idea is to visit a few bars first and find a girl that you like – try and find a smart one, it will make your tour easier and more interesting. I guess 3 out of 4 girls would be excited to accept your proposition, but you’ll need to keep a bit hush hush about it in the bar – if the others girls find out, they are likely to blab – which will end up in a huge fine for your girl. After deciding on one you like, be discreet and all should be OK.

  334. Tiger says:

    how hard is it to hire a bar girl as tour guide for few week??

    Could she take a “short vacation” and still return to the bar?? Or does anyone care??

    How much to pay the girl per day?? 1,000-1,500 ?? plus all expenses.

    Does bar girls like going with a guy for few weeks??

  335. C Dub says:

    Size 36D is a big ass titty…simmer down buddy boy. These are Filipina’s we’re talking about. I think a C cup will be just fine.

  336. Night Hunting says:

    Cheers, that’s a good idea – we can do that

  337. Tom says:

    You have the best web site I have read yet on reviewing Cebu bars. Keep up the great work, we appreciate it alot.
    Would be nice if you could include a page with a simple map of the locations, because not everyone is familiar with the streets
    Anyway, Thanks alot for your hard work!!!

  338. Lord Cod says:


    1) You can get food now – I will upload the menu this week hopefully

    2) 10 or 15 girls when I was there

    3) Biggest tit I have seen in the bar is me after 10 red horse!

  339. Mike says:

    I have a few questions.
    1. Your review about Stripes. When will they begin serving food?
    2. How many girls were working in Stripes when you were there?
    3. In your reviews of the bars are there any bars with big chested girls? ex. 36D or bigger types.
    Thank you for your help I will be in Cebu in a few weeks. You can send your answers to

  340. Ray Dorman says:

    hi i dont know if you are the same guy who had a review web site before i own a little bar in Basak mandaue called Koala Club as it has been running since December 1999 its a simple but friendly bar next to shell select service station with off street parking its not sleezy i am aussie and i think i have a preety good grips on what guys want

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Cebu clubbing/bar references, Cebu nightlife & Bar Reviews review

Hailed as the country's Queen City of the South and the Mother of all Island Festivals, Cebu is greatly hallowed with generous natural resources. From north to south, a multitude of stifling tourist destinations would greet you. Hence, from east to west, a delightful offering and an extensive display of exhilarating beauty of Mother Nature will awe every tourist (in addition to the number of Cebu massage salons, the Cebu bars, the scores of club Cebu has, the party atmosphere of Cebu nightlife and the gorgeous Cebu girls) and visitors along the way. This tropical province is best famed for its beautiful pristine white beaches, good natured people and of course wild night life & Cebu girls that work on some Cebu bar. White sand beaches, bountiful marine sanctuaries and diving spots, breath-taking heights of waterfalls, age-old structures, and exotic dishes, what else would you wish for? This destination will surely captivate one's heart and imagination. And what is even better is that when you roam around Cebu, there is always a lovely Cebu girl that will take your breath away. A Cebu girl that you see around in the city are indeed good natured and friendly. And that is not all, the girls in Cebu are also accommodating and hospitable. Most of the Cebuanos took a large part of the Visayan community and in the Visayan region at large. The Cebuano culture is a concoction of the various invasions of the region - the Chinese, the Spaniards, the Hindus, the Japanese and Americans. And with these unique fusions creates a beautiful girl in Cebu that is waiting to be discovered. Although, the great and prominent warrior of Mactan - Lapu-Lapu, defeated the Spanish conquistador - Ferdinand Magellan, in a glorious duel depicted in Kadaugan sa Mactan, Cebu has still been influenced largely by the Spanish culture. In fact, majority of the Cebu girls, Cebu bar girls & the general Cebuano population are Catholics, consequently devoted to the miraculous Señor Santo Niño, which later became the patron of the entire province of Cebu - and the chief focus and heart of the grandiose annual Sinulog Festival - the mother of all Cebu night life events! For this reason, Cebu Nightlife was created. Due to the successful venture and development of the night life in Cebu, most especially the various Cebu bars, Cebu discos, the spicy life of Cebu nightlife, the various Cebu massage salons and spas, Cebu clubs & the naughty Cebu sex scene, we thought of creating a tangible Cebu bar review for all party goers out there where you can meet lots of girls in Cebu. It has always been the problem of some party goers who are not that aware of the recent Cebu nightlife. This dilemma is also shared by some party goers who originally come from the neighbouring provinces. During our review, we discovered that Cebu girls and a lot of Cebu naughty girls love to experience what it is like to grind, dance, party and experience the exhilarating nightlife in Cebu in any bar in Cebu, the bad thing is that they are not that familiar with the any of the club Cebu locations, and all the Cebu bars. That is why; Cebu-Nightlife web site with the most comprehensive Cebu bar guide is here to assist you!

Cebu bars & bikini bars Cebu

These colourful highlights of the Cebuano culture clearly attest that the Cebuano people and most Cebu girls are joyous and happy people - and this is evidently manifested in the crowding Cebu bars, Cebu massage salons and Cebu clubs that spell out the cool and lively Cebu night life and Cebu discos. Week nights, most especially Friday nights are never dull for Cebuano people with all the scattered Cebu bar in the metropolitan. Cebuano nightlife has always been an anticipated moment for every young and the not so young Cebuanos. In most places there is always a bar in Cebu and a number club Cebu discos, and they are loaded with Cebu girls, exciting, hot Cebu naughty girls and flirtatious Cebu bar girls, the best thing about it is they are everywhere and are accessible to all party goers whether you have a personal car or not. What is more exciting about Cebuano party specifically these Cebu bars, is that they are far more peaceful compared to the bars and clubs in other cities like Manila and other major cities in the country. The nightlife in Cebu guide you through and about what makes it more thrilling, where to met a lovely Cebu girl, and loaded with bar girls Cebu employs who only thought of nothing but to enjoy and party like there is no tomorrow. When you opt to experience to any Cebu bar, Cebu discos and go to Cebu clubs, the exciting Cebu nightlife, some exciting Cebu massage spa, or any bar in Cebu, you are yet to experience another night of non-stop dancing with gorgeous Cebu girls, drinking and merry making. The review will show you that Cebuanos are optimistic and joyful people. During our Cebu bar review, which we have taken from our Cebu bar guide, we cover the success of the club Cebu has and the continuous booming of the various Cebu massage spas, and the number of the Cebu bars greatly tell of the unstoppable growth of Cebu nightlife.

Cebu club / bar reviews

Cebu discos, and the various Cebu bars and scores of Cebu clubs make up the liveliness and ecstasy of Cebu nightlife, of course with pretty Cebu bar girls. With the existence of some bikini bar, numerous club Cebu establishments and the dozens of alluring of Cebu bar establishments and some striptease bars in the city, one can really profess the unbearable sexiness of the girls in Cebu and naughtiness of those Cebu naughty girls. And there is always a bar in Cebu that you can find where customers can ask to sit with a Cebu girl while diluting some drinks. Some Cebu bar around the city even allow their Cebu bar girls to be taken out - with some bar fine - and what the customer does after leaving is up to the customer and the Cebu girl. These hot Cebu girls are the primary enticement of striptease and bikini bar Cebu, any other Cebu bar and some club Cebu which are mostly visited by foreigners. The inexorable height of success of the nightlife in Cebu is one of the reasons of the inexorable success of the region's tourism Cebu sex industry and the Cebu nightlife business. The Cebu bar review and the captivating Cebu nightlife review, via scrutinizing of the condition of night parties and gimmicks, club Cebu night spots & bikini bars Cebu, and any other Cebu bar can unutterably prove that it has been more peaceful compared to the chaotic Manila. Cebu Night life would only comprise of a mere group drinking matched with funny talks and eternal hopping in various bars in Cebu and exclusive clubs. And of course, any Cebu bar, or most of the Cebu discos will never be complete without the girls in Cebu gracing in every club Cebu has. Added to that our Cebu bar guide also leads you through the maze of choice in finding the best venue and best bar girls Cebu is loaded withand party Cebu nightlife style.

Cebu night entertaiment guide

The night life in Cebu is smashing and typically starts at late ten in the evening and usually ends at three or four in the morning. During these time frames Cebuano men would round up the entire district of Cebu and jump from one Cebu bar to another and look for a gorgeous Cebu girl. And because the City is not that big, getting from one bar to another is easy, especially at night time where traffic is not heavy. This makes it easy to find some party loving Cebu girls and easy to party hard in a short time. A typical girl in Cebu would go out with her girlfriends in a not so crowded Cebu bar as long as the Cebu disco ambiance and music is fine. But, once they get into any Cebu bar, these young ladies just let things loose and unleash their party animal inside. It is a fact that most Cebuano ladies love to dance and sing, so with every Cebu nightlife, and any the exciting Cebu bar there is always something to look forward. You can always refer to our sensational Cebu bar guide. And anyone who has been to any club Cebu have to offer, will never experience and boring time even for a single moment. As they say, night party in the district of Cebu would never be exciting and fun without the Cebu night life spirit, Cebu clubs, Cebu discos, the various Cebu massage spas & Cebu bars!

Cebu night entertainment review

If your desire is to experience the heat and hip of the Cebu night life & Cebu bar girls and you are not well versed of the hippest and coolest Cebu bars or get to know a party goer Cebu girl in the metropolis, then worry no more! Cebu Nightlife web site, more than just a Cebu bar review website, is always here to catering your inquiries as far as your gimmick escapade is concerned. All you need to do is log on to, and Voila! - A comprehensive and complete index of Cebu nightlife reviews and stimulating Cebu bar guide will be thrashed out before you that will cover most of the Cebu bar locations. Indeed, it is that easy and quick! Having made and number of intensive Cebu bar reviews, you can now rest yourself from annoying your friends by asking them roundabout questions of the exact addresses of these Cebu bars, clubs and Cebu discos; Even to the discretely located bars in Cebu especially in unspoken Cebu bikini bars. Thus, you can now enjoy the excitement and fun effortlessly. The moment you log on to Cebu-Nightlife web site, you can immediately see the in the left part of the home page, the complete list and index of the Cebu bar review, and Cebu clubs that definitely make the Cebu night life more hot and exciting. This site is often updated with interesting sections where you can spot the most recent opening of the new Cebu bars and where to meet exciting Cebu girl. The height and hype of these bikini bars Cebu paved way to the fast and successful development of the Cebu nightlife. This does not only improve the aesthetic characteristic of Cebu bar girls, but it also added up to the economic growth of the region most especially in tourism & the Cebu nightlife business sector. The more foreigners enjoy the ecstasy of the city's night life offered by these Cebu bars and the delight of these Cebu bar girls and the alluring Cebu naughty girls; the status of foreign monetary returns will boost the economy of Cebu. In the same way, more foreign investors would like to invest business ventures inside the city. With the influx of the tourism industry sky rocketing, a number of Cebu massage salons, oodles Cebu bar and the loads of club Cebu spas have sprung in most part of the City. Our Cebu bar review shows how tourist and visitors can really enjoy during their stay; and to give them a hassle-free partying, offering excellent features of Cebu-nightlife web site, with some captivating Cebu bar guide on some of the bars in Cebu or a number club Cebu places. With the help of the bars in Cebu directory, Foreigners will now have an easy and direct access of the various Cebu clubs and the different Cebu massage spas in the city through our Cebu bar reviews.

Cebu Girls & Cebu bar girls

Filipino women are adhered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. That is a universally accepted fact. There are many Filipinas that are famous all over the globe and have won international awards, made it to Hollywood, the international music industry and American television. Filipino women or Filipinas are not beautiful but are also charming, delightful and totally friendly. The beauty of Filipinas has been mainly admired by all nationalities because of its beautiful blend of the Spanish, Chinese, Malay and American blood. This is one of the advantageous influences left behind by the foreign invaders of the country before. When we claim that Filipino women are beautiful locally and internationally, we claim that by heart and with certain proof. If truth be told, there have been many Filipino women who have won beauty titles both locally and internationally. Margie Moran and Gloria Diaz have been crowned Miss Universe in the early and late seventies. Twice the fame, Melanie Marquez and Precious Lara Quigaman were hailed Ms. International. Hence, proud to be part of the lineage of the beautiful bloodline of the Filipino women, Cebu girls would never want to be superseded. Any Cebu girl would stand out among the rest. In fact, just very recently, the intelligent, beautiful and proud Cebu girl, Karla Paula Henry awed the world with her intellectual answer, as she was then crowned Miss Earth 2008 for the very first time. This, without a doubt, defines the profundity of true Cebu girls and Cebu bar girls - beautiful and intellectual! And not only have that most of the Cebu girls are also had the expertise in really giving you total rejuvenation. As a matter of fact, majority of the spas and salons employs young girls of Cebu. At this instant, if it is women that you want to meet and greet, then you should not miss, not even a single nightlife in Cebu at the various Cebu massage salons, club Cebu is loaded with, Cebu discos & Cebu bars. Because, apart from the overflowing and scrumptious drinking and nightlife guide you through eating choices, Cebu sex and breathtaking dancing and grinding, Cebu nightlife is also fashioned and filled with beautiful Cebu naughty girls, gorgeous, hot and sexy Cebu girls, who will ultimately make every man drool and lured. For those who know any Cebu girl, would certainly know what I am talking about, however, for those who are still looking for one, then you are on for an exciting search. It is never new to Cebu clubs and the numerous bars in Cebu to see beautiful and sensual bar girls as well as Cebu's sensual girls who will strut their way to the night club Cebu and the most of the Cebu bars. And maybe after some heavy party you can head onto to Cebu massage spa for some total rejuvenation. Our comprehensive Cebu bar reviews and our alluring source of Cebu nightlife directories shows that is why for most Cebuano men, nightlife in Cebu discos and any Cebu bar would be the perfect time for them to hook up with a Cebu girl and find prospect girlfriends (could only mean as friend) in the person of those Cebu bar girls as well as playful girls who are mostly found in bikini bars Cebu. This kind of cultural set-up only proves the uninterrupted Cebu sex freedom of expression for both sexes. If the Cebuano men are allowed to hang out in the night, the Cebu girls and Cebu ladies are also free to hang out and unwind with their girl friends. Literally, the bar girls Cebu has are the spices of these night parties especially in almost any bar in Cebu and night clubs, specifically in bikini bar Cebu (see our enticing Cebu bar reviews for more information). They have been the attraction during parties and bar hopping gimmicks. For Cebuano men, foreigners or to anyone who wishes to see and meet up with pretty Cebu girls or any beautiful Cebu naughty girls, then you should not waste time and instead browse through the Cebu-Nightlife web site. With the help of this Cebu bar directory and tips, you will instantly learn where to go and where to find these gorgeous Cebu girl and exciting, playful Cebu bar girls. The best thing about club Cebu discos & Cebu bars is that they strongly implement stringent laws as to prevent young and under-age bar girls Cebu employs from being exploited in some Cebu massage parlours, night bars, Cebu clubs and bikini bars in Cebu. This is to uphold the femininity and good reputation of the Cebu women. This shows that the welfare of the people is far more important than the economic status of Cebu City's night life, Cebu bars, the Cebu massage business and the city.

Cebu Dating

Our interesting bar review and our up-to-date Cebu nightlife guide tells you everything you need to know about the various nightspots and more about ladies in Cebu. The typical girl of Cebu is careful about how she carries herself especially when there are men around her. More often than not, Cebu girls who come from the far flung provinces (nor Cebu bars) are more cautious in terms of dating men, compared to urban Cebu women and especially Cebu bar girls. This is because in the provincial areas, everyone knows the whole story about everyone - well most of them. So, to avoid from being the subject of the towns ridicule, you should be a Cebu girl who is prim and proper in actions all the time. Moreover, the Cebu bar reviews might help you understand that Cebu women and any typical girl in Cebu are always anticipated to be playing hard to get. This is a typical Filipino dating trend. It would take a man almost a year or beyond to get the hand of the lady he loves and proceed possibly, to various Cebu bars or any club Cebu has, or any bikini bars Cebu & Cebu sex - even if just on the cell phone! It has always been considered as an unbecoming behaviour in the dance of courtship if the Cebu girl will be easy to get any nightlife in Cebu and taking her to any Cebu bar. That tradition is also one way of manifestation, wherein Cebu ladies can gauge and test the sincerity of her admirer or suitor. And if you think most Cebuanas are easy to get, then think again, as they love to play hard to get. As this is one way to measure the sincerity of her man. Love and romance have been a serious matter with conservative girls in Cebu. Most of Cebu girls would even hail courtship as something sacred, to the extent that they will tire and torture their suitors with numerous test, obstacles and sacrifices. For instance, the Cebu Dating is one very important matter and big deal to any girl in Cebu. If you fell in love with any girl in Cebu, then you must exert all the efforts you have gathered for yourself and to a certain extent, court her in the most conservative way of courtship possible - not be in too much of a rush to drag her through Cebu clubs, and in any bar in Cebu or even ask her our to joint you in one of the Cebu massage spas! As not most Cebuanas are the not like most of the bar girls Cebu has. In that way, you can win the heart of the Cebuana. When you are going out on a date with a Cebu girl or even a Cebu bargirl, talking to her, and taking her to any Cebu bar or merely calling her on the phone; always make it certain that you are sincere and true in ways and nature. After making the intensive Cebu bar reviews and visiting various club Cebu discos, we found that even up to this very moment of the modern era, there is still a Cebu girl, if not all, are still advocates of the conservative and old ways of courtship, therefore, making dating an effort to manifest and do. To be wooed and courted with precious gifts and passionate love phrases is still the trend even in the current Cebu Dating. Of course, Cebu women and Cebu girls would still find it very romantic to see their admirers and suitors offering them flowers and chocolates while uttering the sweetest and the mushiest lines of "I love you" and "You are my life". Cebu Dating indeed has always been romantic and passionate. This exciting dance of love among Cebuano men and a Cebu girl has always been upheld in the Cebuano culture, for it vividly mirrors the beautiful and colourful ways of manifesting love from a true Filipino man to his desired Filipina girl. With this, Cebu Dating could be easier for every Cebuanos out there, who want to ask for the hand of a Cebuana. If you were having troubles with dating ideas or where to take your Cebu girls for some Cebu nightlife, then you should visit Cebu-Nightlife Cebu bar review web site. In the site, you can find the probable places like the some nice Cebu bar, from class A to class C bikini bars, spas and club Cebu offers and maybe find the best place for you to chill out and unwind with your girl in Cebu and make her experience a spectacular way of Cebu Dating.

Cebu Relaxation

There is nothing like a relaxing massage that can ease up those tired muscles after spending some heavy party in a Cebu bar around the City of Cebu. And what is more relaxing is having a pretty Cebu girl that taps and rubs your entire body, and loosen those tissues and muscles. This is what typically called the famous Cebu massage. When tourist, visitors and local residents what some private relaxation, Cebu massage salons are the places to be to get relaxing experience. You are in for some relaxing moment in these massage salons, as most of the clients, from foreigners to locals lie down either in a massage bed or in a massage chair and get some private therapeutic experience. In the City, there are a lots of these Cebu massage salons and they types of massage vary from the traditional Hilot, to Thai, to Shiatsu and Swedish massage. And what is even greater is that massages service is tremendously affordable compared to other countries. The type of massage you get from the different Cebu massage salons and club Cebu spas is said to relieve stress almost instantly, and apart from its healing effect it is believed to have some cleansing and astringent result. In fact, there have been a lot massage salons, heaps of Cebu bars and dozens of club Cebu massage spas popping in most places in the city some served by beautiful girls of Cebu. So, for those who are some massage, rest assured as you will be in the hands of a well trained Cebuana masseuse. There are beautiful Cebu girl massage therapists waiting for you for only a fraction of a price. Cebu massage salons and club Cebu spas are well known for its world class quality massage experience. Unfortunately there are some massage salons which are not a really massage spas. Where customers are ask to pick their masseuse from a group of girls in Cebu sitting in a bench, the quality of massage maybe disappointing, but you can always opt for extra service.