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Autoshop Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner & The Chinese

Name : Autoshop, Mango Sqaure


On the left of Mango Square, towards the top end of Mango ave – couple of mins walk up from the bars area



Central dance area with various seating around the edge, adequate seating at bar


4/5 Cheap enough – cheap entry, cheap drinks and sometimes cheap girls


3/5 Tends to attract simple girls and students/girls without jobs as the entry fee is very low/nothing and drinks are so cheap, as opposed to somewhere like Y.OU, Voodoo or The Loft where the prices are higher and dress code more particular (the loft/voodoo). Don’t get me wrong, I have met some genuine and nice girls/girl friends here – some not so nice as well though, so be careful.. Autoshop is more of a “Filipino” disco/club – rather than hot spot where Filipinas go to meet a foreigner, ALTHOUGH, you should always seize opportunity by the horns when it presents itself! Plonk yourself at the bar and keep your eyes busy – you could well be the only foreigner in there, putting the odds well in your favour – stay prepared and act FAST when the moment presents itself.

During one evening in Autoshop whilst with a couple of my Filipino colleagues, and after drinking 10 plus Red Horse (before I realised the dangers of course), I met a girl called Marilyn, just 19 I think at the time. She was a very friendly girl, indeed when I went back to The UK for a month and let my brother have the use of my house, bike and office it seemed the fine line of “brotherly generosity” became a “little fuzzy” when he decided to help himself to Marilyn as well.

As you might imagine, I was a little surprised when I returned to hear from the neighbours how my Honda XR200 was not the only thing being regularly ridden in my absence. Although for sure there are a ton of Naughty girls in Cebu, for instance those that cannot be trusted not to be over “accommodating” to your friends or your brother when you are away for a stretch of 4 weeks, there are for sure also plenty of decent ones too. Anyhow, no worries, now I can see the funny side of it, hope you can too Marilyn ?


For me not so great – lots of “mother f****r” type shite, but decent sound system admittedly – No objection from the Filipinos, but maybe not altogether foreigner friendly music..


3/5 OK Menu tasty enough, not going to set you back much either

Fun Factor

3/5 Yeah you can have fun in here, got blasted with a Korean guy here once and we had a great time – plenty of memories from Autoshop – Good for foreigner, and indeed Filipinos too!


3.5/5 Definitely worth a visit, esp if you are the generous type that doesn’t mind sharing anything & everything!

18 responses to “Autoshop Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner & The Chinese”

  1. dj_jam says:

    i miss autoshop davao and cebu!!! gogo davaowenio!

  2. che says:

    i wish to go thier with my boyfriend

  3. Kale says:

    had some really memorable friday nights from Autoshop, mostly college kids go clubbing there tryna get a taste of the Cebu night life after a week of hard laboratory exams at school.anyways, cool vibes there,not intimidating <3

  4. Ed says:

    So he showed a pic of himself and the girl or his brother and the girl??? Nice club by the way!

  5. Noyskie says:

    This is the bar that I always go too frequently. Autoshop is actually managed by a good friend of mine. Check out more on Autoshop by clicking this link.

  6. nightlife_hater says:

    jesus what are you guys teaching the young people today?? the worst i’ve read was about juliana and jaguar… this is all stupidity really why dont these people get busy with sports or something there’s always something better to do… i’ve heard some of the people who go to these places have major problems..there are many ways to solve a problem and i think those girls who want to be sex slaves are plain lazy they want easy money they dont wana work for it..

  7. descent people says:

    dude…no offense or anything and i dont think anything in MANGO is good at all ka luoy sa mga foreigners and all they think of filipinas are bitches unfair kaayo sa mga nag tinarung i have read ur posts about juliana… shame on those people who go there

  8. m ? w says:

    i love this place…and i will not forget my last time i went there… :-)… thanks autoshop!!!!!!! god bless…?

  9. sam says:

    i dnt like ur bar hehehe

  10. sugarshery says:


  11. srujan says:

    really funny way to put some sense in foreigners.. by the way i give 5/5 for ur site..rock on man

  12. Da dogs... says:

    A few of us are making it down to Cebu for a few days. Your write ups are well done – like the analysis – would like the order done via your overall rankings. It’s our second time down and we like Arena and Jaguar. Will check out your rec’s though. We are coming with some high rollers as well!

  13. Random Person says:

    Your website’s cool. Informative. Even if i’m from Cebu, I have never gone to places in Mango. I go at either OneMango or bars at I.T. Park or at Vudu (not voodoo). I could say that they’re better and you’d meet more decent people. That’s just for me though.

  14. Mr. E says:

    GREAT SITE for those of us who get up when the sun goes down.

  15. King of Cornwall says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha – Brilliant!

  16. pmoney says:

    haha…went in this club 3X in 3 nights..str8..hahaha…the security guard was tyt…hella packed on fridays and saturdays..but empty on weekdays..duhh i kno.. alot of koreans..lolz

  17. Night Hunting says:

    Hahaha, no argument from me, never claimed to be anything else – you however, are clearly on the ball aren’t you? Thanks for your comment – hope you enjoyed reading the site. In my stupidity (what do you expect from a stupid person), I obviously did not make it clear enough on the website that you DON’T have to read it if you don’t want to – it’s really NOT COMPULSORY. Just click the red cross at the top right hand corner of the browser and it will go away – almost like magic, don’t worry you wont get in trouble!

    Not being “a stupid person” like myself, I’m sure you’ll have no problems following the instructions above and closing the browser window so you can use your computer again for other activities rather than just being stuck on this website, however if you have any probs (maybe my instructions are confusing) – just leave another comment here and I’ll try and help, thanks again – it’s quality comments like yours that really make the site what it is 🙂

  18. Mr. X says:

    the owner of this website is a stupid person….