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Black Hole Bar Review – Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner & The Chinese

Black Hole Outside


Mango Avenue, next to “Sisters” and “Asian Flower” – basically next to all the other “naughty bars” and on the other side of the road from “Papillon”


2/5 uhummmm… Immediately after entering the black hole, my first question to ask was “my God, are you OK?, was anyone killed in the explosion?”

Black Hole Outside


2/5 Whilst appearing to be one of the cheapest bars in Mango, it’s really not that cheap


? Cant really say much either way – not much effort seems to be put in to this bar – although it’s name is surprisingly accurate

Girls Looks

1/5 Not so hot, girls in the bar seem tired and old – this really is not the liveliest or best of bars, more of a “black hole” – no one could accuse of false advertising

Black Hole Outside


3/5 Actually, the attitude of the girls are OK, although during their journey into the black hole – whilst this bar definitely has not gone forward in time, indeed, some of the girls do seem to be approaching infinite mass…

Fun Factor

2/5 Yes – if you like to lock yourself in a dark cupboard with your grandmother, you are in for a hoot!


2/5 These reviews are impartial, so don’t have a go at me for being honest about my own opinion. Noted that customers seem to be drawn by some strange force off the street off mango on the way in, although seemed to approached the speed of light on the way out..

35 responses to “Black Hole Bar Review – Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner & The Chinese”

  1. Blizzie Blake says:


  2. Billy says:

    To sathya,
    3 girls you want – you’re not asking much!
    You give them hotel food and bonus you’re too kind. They’d want a big bonus to put up with you and your hide that every rhinocerous in Africa would be proud of.

  3. sathya says:

    hi visitng cebu end april 1st to 3rd 2011, want 3 girls to travel around with, anything goes, have a good time , all hotel food etc paid for plus bonus. please leave conact number will contact no agents escort firms.

  4. b bruce says:

    hi visitng cebu end january 2011, want 2 or 3 girls to travel around with, anything goes, have a good time , all hotel food etc paid for plus bonus. please leave conact number will contact no agents escort firms.

  5. candice bag-id tina`s daughter says:

    the old black hole for me it was the best !!!!! & i really miss the crowd!!! i miss jang2x, nooky,taba,digoy,nang lorna,& all the staff!!!

  6. candice bag-id tina`s daughter says:

    i really miss the old black hole….& for me my mom is the best!!!

  7. aussie prdide says:

    hey i wanna know if this clubb is good enough to have fun with all the stripers?

  8. paul m says:

    i was there in july 2010 and i love the girls and the place girls so friendly and well what can you say

  9. phil says:

    moving to live in cebu april 2010 – been to angeles in 2004 – how does cebu compare with angeles – i get the general impression from this site that it can be quite expensive compared with say pattaya / angeles please any comments

    regards phil

  10. richard gomez says:

    kalami tilapan konot pana……..

  11. Ray says:

    Hi i will 100% visit the new Hot Rod bar Bonus as it is run by an english man like me, I will be there mid February has anyone got the Hot rod e mail or telephone number please.

    Regard’s Ray e amil me please on

  12. Jon P says:

    The place was big and friendly – clean and cool – comfortable – we went back a few times because of the bullshit the other premises girls were saying – (u pay P2000 or P1700 to ther bar and u pay me also) – that comes to P3000 and why go to the phil for a girl at$100 –
    Hot rods were good – P1700 – bar got P700 girl P1000 – non of this other lies like papallion and vikings.
    Oh also i quite sure the vikings bar man ripped my friend off – we paid P500 initailly for drinks to clear the tab – then even after a few ladies drinks only – about 15 mns later – he gave us a bill for P1300 – as if we had drunk that much – many of the reciepts werent signed either.
    We didnt go back after that and the bullshit proices the ladies were saying – we only went to HOT RODS – it wasnt worth going any where else

  13. Jon P says:

    Was there last week – its now HOTRODS and has 2 bars at either end of the premises – its the best place in cebu and the best value – the floor manager was a nice philippino guy and the ladies were good looking – its has nice new couches – doesnt so dark and sleazy as the BH .
    The main bar is excllent and i was able to get the barman to make flaming lambourgini for me – top shelf rocket fuel ……for P500 only
    Prices were P1700 for the girl – all inclusive – i think there has been some pressure from the police to ban bar fines in cebu – or maybe they just want to make sure the turn over paid for a girl is recorded through the bar but now all money paid for a girl is reciepted as buying drinks and many other premises girls said the whole bar fine was for the bar only and u pay them also ( ie Vikings and Papillion ) .
    At HOTRODS it was business as usual no bullshit – P1700 take home = pay the girl taxi fare only after wards.

  14. david from uk says:

    Hi good day to all of you,who want’s to come and visit to phil. specialy in cebu,cebu city is a great place to hang out at night bar’s disco party i’ve been there, first time that was so great!i meet the ladies in hotrod club,they are so nice and friendly and safe to be your company.i am writting this letter for mamasan in hotrod or anybody know’s kimberly no.48 she was so good nice and perfect,she is fucking hottest i feel bad at her.she making so much money for dancing all nightlong and making what 250 peso or 3 pound a night,bloodyhell salary is no good for the woman like her beautyful sexy nice woman.

  15. Ken From Texas says: I know you..hit me up here with your email or YM. I will be back Xmas.

  16. Boris says:

    Ih im surprised the asian dream has now been adsorbed by the black hole – must be the gravity – asian dream was one i was lookign forwrda to going again – it was nice and clod aircond and the best girls in aug2008- oh well – going there this sunday 15th Nov – will give my new opinion

  17. cebuanomaniac says:

    does anyone know how much will it cost me if i go in HotroD??is it cheaper?

  18. girlie says:

    Ken(Daddy)i read your text now.i agree bh and asian flower is a great bar before.but now it was sold and name hot rod.i don’t think it’s to hang out there,i’ve heard many rumors about the management specially the mamasang as well as the asst..hope to see you soon Daddy.

  19. tomkat2000 says:

    When Black Hole first opened (2003?) it was the hottest bar in Cebu. Now all my friends say the place really sucks. Sad but I still have my memories of the lovely Raquel……….

  20. Cebuexpat says:

    Black Hole and Asian Flower cannot be great still considering that they are now closed and replaced by Hot Rod

  21. Ken (Daddy) says:

    Black Hole Rocks….I always have a blast. Asian Flower too. It was great when Martin owned and it still is great. Everyone know’s me and I will be back in July 09. Is John manager there now? Please reply here if you know me.

  22. mike draper says:

    helo mike,,i read ur txt here ,,as u r loking for a security escort to work in the U.S im eager to apply for,.iv my qualification as former military and martial artist..feel free to reply thru my email…
    thnks in advanced.

  23. eddyboy says:

    There is an improvement in Hot Rod compared to when it was black hole but that would not be hard to do. B H had a really bad assortment of girls and the last time I was there right before it was sold they did not have one goodlooking girl there. Now they are with Tina the former mamasan at a place called Blue Angels on escario. That is one of the worce bikini bars I have ever been in, which figures since it is run and owned by a Pinoy. Small unfriendly and you can not see the stage from the bar which is really a service bar anyway. Back to Hot Rods, I am not impressed with the rediculous prices…. and the girls are nothing special. “Tourist Trap”

  24. Bill A Ausi on April 1 2009 says:

    Black hole is Hot Rod, Much better now. New and clean, and lots of fun with the girls. Good food too.

  25. Bill A Ausi on April 1 2009 says:

    To far out of the way. I thought the Mamasan was a Suma Wrestler. The girls are to old now. Not as much fun as in the past.

  26. fred from dubai says:

    blackhole is good the girl is not old…they have old but not all……

  27. Carlos of USA says:

    Hot Rods girls are hot, best and newest bar in Cebu. Very nice. Now know where to go. Blackhole was a dumb, very dirty, know very nice. Good the mamaasan and old girls left, now have nice mamaasan and girls.

  28. Mc Chicken says:

    Then original Blackhgole girls and mamasan Tina is now working in a new bikini bar called Blue Angels Bikini Bar in Escario Street, Capitol near McDonalds. For anyone looking for those great girls from Blackhole this is the place to find them.

  29. Lobster says:

    Yes – alot better. Black hole patay!

  30. Candyman says:

    Apparently Black Hole has now been sold, and under new management. It has also been renamed Hotrod. Seems like there might be some sort of imnprovement to the bar and the atmosphere.

  31. Chris says:

    hello, i have been to cebu 7 times and mw wife is filipino, you will find black hole is changed now, the owner (English man) has split the bar into 2, now theres 2 black holes also the owner owns asian flower which i never seen on your review and also stars which is on the left hand side of dimples which i never seen on you review, do you know what happend to fire house? or does anyone, maybe it went bust

  32. alex says:

    hello.. i am alex from Denmark, i com to cebu 06-03-2009 i want to meet some girl age from 16-25 sent me pic of this girl and prize to my e-mail.

  33. Tony says:

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  34. Mike Draper says:

    ________I live in the U.S.A. and on Cebu.

    Im seeking work in the area of bar security/Escort security for the ladies etc.
    Please give me an e-mail adress and I will send photo and resume.