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Bulldog KTV Bar Review: Cebu, City by Foreigner and The Chinese


Bulldog KTV Bar, Reclamation

Contact Info

Sadly Lacking – better just to call the police, you’ll want to afterwards!


Just up the road from Parkmall, which is up the road from SM – on the way to the flashy conference centre – Hmmm, Google maps desperately needed I think. You gotta get the lift up into the bar (3rd floor), which opens out into the bar – that’s about the coolest thing about the bar.


3/5 Pretty good layout – nothing amazing. Typical modern bar arrangement. Comfortable sofa type chairs looking onto the stage area. This is quite a plush bar – but like I say, not amazing. Drinks bar itself is quite nice – but there is a lot of formal and stiff looking staff, lingering around like the cunning lingus itself! Sitting at the bar is just NOT the place to be. The place has the feel of an Japanese/Korean bar. It say’s it’s a KTV bar, but it’s more like Arena – in that it has KTV facilities (I didn’t see them), but is not really a full on KTV bar like infinity for instance. The bar is quite light inside as well, the sort of place where you sit down and don’t make to much fuss – definitely would not have gone down if I had got up to some of my Boang human jousting antics! Can’t see it getting too popular with Yanks and Ozzies wanting to chat and mess about. More like – “sit down, shut up & we may not ask you to leave..”


0/5 Hahaha – this place is the most expensive and worse value Bar in Cebu – possibly the world!. Overpriced is an understatement. The prices are ridiculous, but then again – what does that make me for paying them haha! FYI – The girl I met asked me to bring her some Jolibee to munch on, being a gent – I obliged of course. I was then charged a 200 Peso corkage fee – Check this out!

Bulldog – Why take your clothes off to be raped?
Entrance PHP 200
Ladies Drink (every 30 mins) x 5 (PHP350 each) PHP 1,750
Man Drink x 5 (PHP75 Each) PHP 375
Ladies Charge (Payable on 1st drink) PHP 150
Mamasan Drink (Payable on first ladies drink) PHP 350
Corkage PHP 200
Chicken PHP 500
Bar Fine PHP 6,000
Total for nights entertainment PHP 9,525

By the time you sit down and your first drink touches your mouth, you have got through entrance, 1st ladies drink, mamasan drink, lady charge and your drink, so 200 + 350 + 350 + 150 + 75 = 1125 peso!. As you can see, my final Bill was a few pesos shy of PHP10,000!

I must have had a great time for that right? Best to save yourself 10,000 and go to Jolibee instead or maybe the car wash – how about sight seeing at Mactan Airport? Absolutely the most over priced, under performing money waste in Cebu. Don’t take my word for it – go out see for yourself, lose more pounds in a few hours than a lechon fatman!


Management are polite enough – but pester the hell out of you. When you pay the bill, you kinda feel like you’ve been violated – not entertained! “Thank you sir, you’ve just been robbed – can I call you a taxi, or perhaps the police would be a better choice?”

Girls Looks

3/5 A few very nice ones (may 7/10 or 8/10) , but a good deal of not so nice ones as well as the same girls that you met before when they worked in the other bars for a fraction of the costs – hmmm…


2/5 Money Money Money, you can almost feel your wallet being sucked out your trousers – not quite what I had in mind….

Fun Factor

1/5 Hmmmmmm – about as funny as taking a long walk with one of the Mango beggers to discuss the finer points of cebu culture. Why not stay at home and go cockroach hunting instead? One of the girls whilst swinging around like a monkey all over the place managed to slip up and almost flew off stage – that got a few smiles, but apart from that – you’d be better heading off to the local library to get 500% increase in fun and excitement.


1/5 Pants

66 responses to “Bulldog KTV Bar Review: Cebu, City by Foreigner and The Chinese”

  1. bithch_yasumi says:

    i love boldog so much i work there before hahahahahah i miss you tita mami,,, si viloet ne,,, hahahahah embaraising au ako life dha,, kai dli jwd ma mark a kong kamot,,,

  2. says:

    guys ; there is a bar for everone , and every budget .. that i’ll say .

    but this place ; out of a 10 -12 day visit to cebu every year ; i dare to visit only once ( and just for sake of change & some nice ladies – they seem to be fresh ) .

    the brothers are an irratation , prices are high for nothing !? ( and we visit aren a 3-4 times each trip – so its not the money .

  3. steve says:

    the place is so clean compared to all ktv bars in cebu…i really appreciate that…although it is a little expensive but i guess you really worth it because it is the only place where you can unwind …i have been in this bar last month and i barfine this girl named kaye and oh my god…yes she is pretty but only when you are inside the bar..once she is outside,lord plese forgive me but she is ugly as hell..she is white and thats her only asset..i guess she is already old..i spend my money unwisely…next time i better wear eyeglasses…

  4. david germany says:

    i hope u can stay with me my next visit in cebu….i hope u never reject me again…..i know u have boyfriend but i still like u even….i like your attitude even you work there but your attitude is so good in so honest person i think..

  5. david germany says:

    bulldog s a good place to unwind…..when i visit that place i meet someone so preety honest..i miss u my girl….i hope to see u again marianne…

  6. cebuana says:

    call the police Korean ..hmmmmmmmmm , you have to report them.

  7. Korean says:

    Interpole interested in Arena to catch and destroy this KTV as well as guests who are enjoying here, very bad bar. It is not human’s way to play here. Also many Korean (Soju, Jerry, Jin, Yang) and Singaporean (Luke) transmitted sexual disease to many ladies. Ladies don’t know and spread to another guests.

  8. Help says:

    We researched by several ways about “Arena KTV Lounge”, located 3rd Avenue, North Raclamation Area, Cebu City, Philippines (Tel; +63322319168), that they are doing very illegal thing.
    They are continuously doing human traffic / slave trade and/or pimping for young Filipino ladies. They ostensible look like KTV (Karaoke), but actually doing slave trade and pimping. We found many young Pilipino ladies are crying that situation and they cannot get any salary even though they did hard work on these kinds of work.
    Especially owner and manager of Arena coerce ladies to doing very bad / unbelievable work (not normal sex but abnormal sex or slave sex) without any payment as they have power to ladies. Also sometimes they use drug (e.g., marihuana) to ladies suck their hind tit. Ladies have no choice to excuse owner and managerfs request as they are in jail of Arena dormitory and have no freedom.
    We conclude this situation is completely illegal and try to find improving this situation. One of solution we thought are we believe you can investigate or make some order or legal enforcement to Arena. We also report same things to another organization such as international association, however we believe you are one of organization and responsible person who can solve this problem. We appreciate you will pay attention to this information.
    We know many bad guys doing these things, so we just tell you some of the worst guys in Arena as below.
    Singaporean, Luke (nick name, friend of owner); +610404409300, +639266810764
    Korean, Yang Bansuk: +821045127043 (
    Korean, Soju; 09277585116
    Japanese, Cris; 09995678397
    Japanese, Nagao; +819030946779 (
    Other Koreans;,
    Manager, Paul; +639189418504

    In addition, there are so many things we found during our investigation, we just would like to let you know a few for instance.
    1. Friends of owner (e.g., Korean, Singaporean) often go Arena and take girls out and confine girls in their hotel, and doesnft pay anything to them. Girls are like slave and no choice to say No as owners requests and house arrest, if girls say No, they face more terrible situation.
    2. For more instance, Feb 17, one of Arena girl was requested from owner and manager of Arena to go with ownerfs friend to island of Mactan, so she cannot back until ownerfs friend back to main land. She was crying during she has confined in his hotel, but he never gave her free time also no money. Also before this days, guy always asked same lady to be his slave and she tried to escape, but guy, owner and manager strictly didnft accept it.
    3. Korean who is friend of owner take out Arena girl and keep in hotel and forcibly be drunk alcohol, then girl lost way and he did very crazy sex to her for several days. It was agreed by owner and manager of Arena and no payment to her.
    4. Many girls work in Arena cannot get day off (it was contracted to have 1 day off per week) as owner and manager request them service free sex to some of guests.
    5. Normally girls in Arena start working at 20:00pm, but once she go out hotel with guest, mostly they back to dormitory around 15-16pm and start working 20:00pm as manager requests girls.
    6. Manager Mr. Paul (+639189418504) handled his ladies (e.g. Lady J, Lady D, etc.) as a tool and give too much hard work, for instance around 10 guests per week, means sometimes 2 guest per day. Ladies are almost dying by too much stress and hard work, but they can get only a few salary or sometimes without salary (strongly requested by manager free sex)
    7. Owner and manager of Arena give drug to ladies instead of payment, so that ladies cannot judge in normal. They make ladies junky and request so terrible sex.

    We hope you can make some actions to Arena accordingly.

  9. Drimson24 says:

    I love u! Ana Marie garbo a.k.a Sfazhiva! I hope pag may time ako papasyalan ko ang mga gimikan sa cebu at magtatable ako ng mga magagandang chicks. See you soon girls

  10. toaster oven reviews says:

    I not too long ago came during your web site and happen to be understanding along. I assumed I’d personally leave my initial remark. I actually do not know what to say besides that We’ve loved analyzing. Respectable internet website. I am heading to maintain visiting this weblog genuinely regularly.

  11. shiballll says:

    hoi bulldog n nga page nangalipong namu…..hahaha kaon sah mo ue librehon mo sa mga girls s bulldog….

    ug sa mga nagreklamo nga expensive
    pg druglord sa mo kaw arn ka afford mo…

    adto mo sa baratohon libre ang AIDS…HAHAHAH


  12. swaussie says:

    sounds like a a nice place for rich boring people that is looking to spend a lot of money,,I am not just talking about high or low price,but from my experience in philippines in all things,you dont get value for money if you pay a lot.better to lower your expectations and enjoy the low prices,there is the real value for money in philippines.

  13. dodie says:

    this is a great place, nice manager name aris.thx

  14. dodie says:

    good place in cebu, eric and aries are nice mngr.

  15. ivy says:

    guys its not true that all girls in bulldog are in drug medication..just try to visit there so u will know the truth..thx

  16. shibal... says:

    bulldog is still open… and still nice girls to be with! just try and go there… eventhough too expensive but you cant waste your money… the girls there is too kind and hospitable person…try and try ^^ so u will know what is real ^^

    no one else meeehhhh ^.^ murago? shibal seque! kkkk

  17. queen says:

    i like bulldog so much esp. eric and to the cashier jay who don’t have money in the drawer! hahaha

  18. Mustacheo the American says:

    Well Well WEll thats what this place CEBU doesn’t need is another Catch you Skin you Bar. I came to enjoy the night life here everywhere i go i see the prices getting Japanese or Korean or Chinese BUSINESS prices. I pay less in LAS VEGAS– FCK all you dicks want is pesos. I wont step foot in a Greedy FCK BAR. OFF limits to TIP giving American.

  19. mestery says:

    regards ko ky natalia shes the best dancer way lami ang uban mo sayw natalia is the best and the only one nice dancer

  20. natalia says:

    hoi mga way kwarta og di mo ka afford di ayaw mo og ad2 sa buldog mga buang mn diay m ga lamlam lang m cge mo og coment nya mo ad2 ra mn diay gi hapon m mao nang mga cge mo og yaw2x ky mahurot inyng kwarta oo tinuod ang bilat sa mga babae sa buldog cold di maka afford hahahha pangawat nlng sa mo dong k di mo ka afford sa pag sud palang daan hahahhaha glaro nga is2rya lami og cold ang mga buto sa mga babae sa buldog og kamoy mga way money pg puyo nlang mo hahahahah og hoi para masayod mo ang kaloha sa buldog swerti na mga best na cla kalooy na hurot inyng kwarta sa buldog mao na m ad2 buldog ky way lami inyng mga asawa hahahhahah the best jd ang club buldog pag lu2x mo mga pobre

  21. jumong korea says:

    i’ve been to this bar a year ago,
    its reply quite robbing your wallet guys
    i have discovered a new one, i mean the bar itself is not new but they have a new services
    offered there better check it out! you guys will love it, infinity is the name!!

  22. hello says:

    hi nila tita eric ug tita aries they are nice manager than other bars because they can understand the girls in bulldog thanks so i love them mwaaa……………..

  23. znki says:

    yez itz ztil open dont worry
    and we have a new grlz here \ \

    sa mga ning daot sa bar sorry nalang mo
    wa joy mo pa2l nin”u

  24. Big Wave Dave says:

    I am not sure what everyone is griping about here but Bulldog was definitely one of the highlights during my stay in Cebu – this was highly recommended by my friends and it was definitely a “MUST” thing to do for all you single guys out there. Hasta La Vista Baby…

  25. Big Dave says:

    I am not sure what everyone is talking about but I had a wonderful time on my trip to Cebu – just like what my friends recommended and Bulldog was one of the highlights of my stay. Hasta La Vista Baby…

  26. louise says:

    abli pabah ning buldog krun???

  27. louise says:

    i’m coming back to the phils.guys so,
    this bar still open????

  28. Rob says:

    Any chance ‘Tita Soo’ has a few shares in this bar? 🙂

  29. sassy says:

    ..tinuod jud mo mga nawng og kwarta ang twins dha sa buldog….hahaha…dapat mag dah jud mo og million pra dugay mahurot..hahaha..

  30. Hohn switcher says:

    I’ve been in bull dog two times and it will be my last time. Eric and his twin brother is nothing but a cock sucker! First night i was there they treated me so well that i did not even mind the asking but the second time around they bothered me all night long asking drinks and money, they even ask me to have sex with both of them, i was felling sick by then so i ask my bill. i did not even care how much the bill was , all i wanted was to get the fuck out of there.

    Nice bar very clean, but if the two gay brothers manage the place i would never ever go back there again.

  31. from some one who dont like ur bar says:

    yan c eris mukhang pera adik pa sana mahuli na yang puta na yan,felling nya sya yung may ari ng club ambisyong bakla,,,wag kang umasta na kaw yung may ari nang club,st saka tingin tingin ka sa paligid mo nanjan na sila kukunin kana hala kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  32. Charles U. Farley says:

    Sometimes the girls there are under drug medication.

    I think, that there is also a entrance fee, but
    i forgot, because it’s some time ago when i was there.
    Some drivers are getting provision when they bring
    some foreign customers.

  33. friendly says:

    hi lng nla apple MAMASANG DHA

  34. fuck him says:

    eric wlay lami mura nawong og kwarta
    tanan guest og tip
    sorry na lng sa masakitan

  35. Bonez says:

    Does anyone know if this bar is still open! I hope soo,,,plz post,,,let me know! thanks

  36. chixsilog-- says:

    youre closed? oh!! whatta!!! egypt will open… huh!! very stiff competition here!! lets rock gurls!

  37. Mandaue Man says:

    naa pa juliet nganha tita eric?

  38. pisti says:

    ambot lang ninyo mga atay mong tanan~~~

  39. mikemike says:

    Bull dog vacuumed up the reject girls from places like Cagayn de oro, doubled their salary and then hit the customers for huge prices to pay for it all.

    Also been raided a few times so the cost of doing business must be very high.

    You can get far better value in other bars

  40. Anton VHan Go says:


  41. insik says:

    mahal gud inyu babae unsa naa na gold ila bilat

  42. louise says:

    yeh!!! pegasus is nice bar i’ve been there b4 that’s the place where some hot movie star came from..hehehe

  43. Bonez says:

    Very Nice bar,,,will defintly go back if possible

  44. Rebby says:

    Hi Guys, am glad I found this site of Bulldog KTV Bar. Goodness me! I don’t mind buying ladies drink but not every 30 mins. That’s rediculous! I been in every best bars in Cebu but for ladies drink limit time each is 1hour and not 30mins.

    No… Bulldog isn’t closed. I know someone just start working there 3 weeks ago. That’s why I search for the Bar name on the net if I can find it and here I am commenting to what am reading here haha.

    And to pay a barfine of 6000 peso. OMG that’s so expensive too. I won’t pay unless she is the star dancer. If not forget it hahaha. I rather go to Manila and spend my money at The Legend Bar or Peagasus…or Miss Universe KTV Bar in Pasay.

  45. louise says:

    is it true bulldog is closed?that’s good,very expensive place and he deserved it hehehe…am i ryth???

  46. cludille says:

    regards langko ni baby miyaki kon dili na marjory iyang ngalan dinha hehehe ingna hapit naku oli pinas…

  47. hanson says:

    hmmm…great bar! girls are also great..girls? they suck and fuck til your juice drip

  48. jason says:

    if you don’t have the cash why not go somewhere else? been there a few times always had a good time. always pertied with the girls after the place closes down. regards to leah, katya, princess, amanda, claire, mj

  49. me says:

    beautiful girls… regards ko ni baby katya og ni baby miyaki.. luv yah all..

  50. tita soo. says:

    then enough of this…

    u really make us the number one..

    ur showing your ignorance..

    were totally glad….that youre making some worst descrimination…and u are about to challenge us..and still be the best among the rest

  51. tita soo. says:

    .what a nice bar… to unwind…

    to all the critics…

    put a masking tape…to your mouth..

    if u cant afford better shut.. up..

    speaking in general..paila ka sa imo ka pobre..

    uli sa inyo bukid.. pagtukod ug bar..

    imo model unggoy..mayna tag 20 ra…

  52. hmmm says:

    bulldog sucks!!! really sucks =(

  53. Lobster says:

    oh dear – haha!

  54. ANONYMOUS says:


  55. ANONYMOUS says:


  56. george says:

    regards langko ni marjory

  57. george says:

    okey bya ang bulldog

  58. wafa mhe says:

    … regards ko ni sir eric.. its tita angelica ni

    and also to mami aida…. boooom gihapon ta diha.. still number one?……… regards ko ni sir edwin

    i miss you na katya ug princess….thanks bye bye

  59. andy says:

    regards kong katya

  60. gretchin says:

    if you want satisfaction just try and you’ll see

  61. Simon Park says:

    Classy place to unwind with all the beautiful and pretty girls if you can afford it. Why don’t you try and experience it yourself.

  62. tita soo.. says:

    whats the use of making it an expensive one is that to make the customers satisfied and the money will not be wasted….. leisures and funs are all up here…

  63. tita soo.. says:

    honestly.. bulldog bar is extremely competent than others…….it is surely possible that you can see beautiful ladies inside the bar…

  64. tita soo.. says:

    too much expensive,but its a nice bar to be..

    the girls are hospitable, honest, and static,.

    just go there if you want to justified comments here..

    coz what is visible is more criticizing….more observations youll find.. maybe good and possibly bad..

    its up to you…

  65. Roger UK says:

    I agree boringggggg we didn’t stop for a drink 3rd floor location a bit worrying

  66. piman69 says:

    Wow!!! One bar to avoid. I bet you wont be rushing back. I certainly wont be parting with any of my pesos there.