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City View Grill and Restaurant: Lahug Cebu, City by Foreigner and The Chinese

Name : City View, Lahug


Hmmm – not so easy for FORENGER to find – best you get a taxi, but if you’re feeling confident here goes..

Drive up escario (towards the mountains), and once you pass Golden Peak hotel (at the X road) on your right, keep going – basically you just need to go straight from now on. After 5 mins you will get to fairly busy intersection section (JY Square and Mac D on right, garage on left). Don’t even think about going in Mac D’s! Carry straight on, you will now be driving up the steep hill towards the spectacular TOPS, but don’t get all excited Oi! We are not going there this time! Carry on up the hill for a couple of mins – as it winds up, you will see a Ford and a Honda car dealership on the right – you will also see the impressive Marco Polo hotel. Somewhere around this point on the left you will see City View restaurant – Well done, you have arrived, park up and prepare to feast.

Background & Overview

City view is the sister restaurant of the all-famous, but now deceased City Grill in Mango Ave– by far the most famous of all the Cebu grills. I think the lease ran out on the place and they had to jump ship, cant see it being any other way as it was always packed. Any way – no point dwelling in the past, City view – located high up in Lahug, is the quieter alternative. Interestingly the Menu is quite distinct from City Grill. You can buy some live sea food and a decent selection of prepared dishes (I’m trying to sound cultivated – think you can do better, get your own site!). Being quieter, and with a nice view – it’s a good spot for a function or to take your girl friend out for munch (although maybe not the perfect spot for a first date).


Casual and friendly, just like the original “City Grill” in Mango used to be – R.I.P City Grill, you were a good friend in times of need!

Layout & Decor

Open with plenty of space – also has some nice views. Good for a quiet date, before proceeding on to “Mr A” perhaps for a couple of drinks, and maybe later to the “TOPS”. A good place for functions and group events also.>

Food & Drink

The food kicks butt – these guys know how to prepare their food and get the best out of it! Juicy and tasty! Try the ribs, beef and brochili is also a mouth waterer. Plenty of mouth-watering delights to choose from, either from the Grill selection – or as a delightful concoction from the menu. Red horse always seems to be the tipple of choice (as of course it should be!), often a good indicator of the TRUE quality of an establishment! There are also various tanks containing LIVE SPECIMENS, should you fancy something particularly fresh.


Not the cheapest, but you wont break the bank either. Good portions!


Lahug is a nice spot, City View is definitely worth a visit, being the last remaining memory of the once famous “City Grill” in Mango Ave, before it was closed down. If you are in Lahug, check it out – together with Mr A Restaurant which is further up the hill and then finally a trip to the “Tops” overlooking the whole of Cebu.

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