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Cebu Club Reviews – Club Juliana

Name : Club Juliana, Mango Square Cebu.

Club Juliana Location

Mango Square, Close to City Grill and 3 mins walk from the naughty bars, Next to Beat and Autoshop – so you could check them both out first and move onto Club Juliana later.

Club Juliana Brief Overview

This club/disco has so many mixed reviews – for sure, hands down, there is no doubt that this is THE Mango Disco/Club – nothing else really gets close, you can have many great times in there and it stays open ridiculously late (or early depending on how you look at it – about 7.30am!), but has picked up some controversy as, after the naughty bars kick out around 3 – 3.30 am, it rapidly fills up with Cebu’s bargirls, either looking to unwind & relax, or out on “fishing” mission.

Club Juliana Layout

4/5 This is a fairly big place – with decent sized bar area, central seating area to have food and drinks with friends and LOADS of places to dance. As you come in the bar will be on your right and if you keep walking you will encounter the CR, washroom, toilet or dunny. On your right, just as you enter is a seating and small dance area on a raised stage. On the left hand side is more seating and another popular dance area under the main, big screen (projector) playing video. Go to the main bar area and turn your back to it. You will now be looking across the seated floor area to the main dance area, usually packed, right at the back of the club. You would not call the general layout and décor “high class” or “snazzy” but it’s no dump either.

Club Juliana Price

Cheap enough, sometime there is any “entry” fee or around 100 Peso, but that includes a free drink at the bar – so not so bad really. On less busy days, or if you enter earlier – there is often no “entry” fee, Once your in, get your FREE drink using the voucher (if you paid to get in). After your done with your freebie, a red horse 500ml is around 40 Peso I think, maybe 50. There is also a limited but tasty food menu, also non-expensive.

Club Juliana Management
I don’t really know a whole lot about the management of Juliana – I think I remember hearing it was a joint Filipino-Korean partnership, I believe there are some comments of relevance at the bottom of this article – but of course you need of take all of those, together with the rest of this website, with a “pinch of salt”. Be careful on the Door, twice now, the girl taking the entrance money on the door “accidentally” forgot to give me my change / gave me the wrong change. Check your change carefully. Bouncers and security seem nice enough, no scams going on that I am aware of (unlike the very dodgey Pump – which I advise avoiding like the plague (which you might actually get if you hang around there long enough).

Club Juliana Music & Sounds

Juliana has a quality sound system and for sure they are not scared to use it. Music is played very loud, causing everything to shake – great if the girl next to you enjoys an ample allocation of “fresh milks”. The actual music played is not really my preferred choice, but I’m sure the youth appreciate it – lots and lots of Bad MF tunes – sometimes gets a bit annoying at massive volume levels.

Club Juliana Customers
This is an interesting one, and probably why Juliana has become a little controversial in the comments/discussion and often gets a hard time. Mango square definitely at the lower end of things – if you want to go a little up-market, cross the road and visit the new Mango Square – bars like Y.OU. Early in the evening Juliana starts off gently enough, and around 11pm it starts to get going. Expect a few foreigners, not many – it’s mostly Filipinos on a budget, attracted by the low/no entry fee, cheap drinks/food and of course a banging club with atmosphere to match! Filipinas with better salaries would be more likely to choose a more “up-market” spot to pass away the evening – indeed Juliana has such a reputation now, that some girls would now actually avoid Club Juliana and would not want to be seen there – that’s just the way it is. So when things start to warm up around 11pm, you’ll see 95% Filipinos having a good time, but also some foreigner and Korean contingent. Around 3 – 3.30am, there is an explosion / influx of girls as the bars shut and the bargirls come flooding out and head up to Club Juliana – either to unwind or do a bit of “fishing” and try to catch a Korean. At this point, with the exception of the infamous “pump”, there is probably the highest concentration and number of bar girls, anywhere in Cebu. They might be out the bar, but many still act like they’re in it – so things can get a little wild around this time. Good time to hang around the bar and meet the girls as they come in, zero in your sites and fire with a gentle “helloo missss” in the direction of a specimen you like the look of, offer a drink and or some food and you are on your way. Alternatively, you can head towards the dance floor. The contingency seems to have shifted the general nature of the club – with some VERY raucous dancing and rude games (encouraged by the DJ) – the most recent game, which seemed to be welcomed enthusiastically by the “girls”, is the “sex noise competition”. In this competition, girls take turns to sit on a chair and display to the entire Club Juliana crowd, the sounds and movements (usually including some self-gratification technique) of preference, used during their private love making sessions – often really getting into the spirit of the game and evening and shouting stuff such as “arghh arghh, come on f**k me DJ” etc – not really a suitable or favourite game for good catholic girls, which leaves little doubt about the participants. Winner gets 500 peso or so.

Watch out for

  1. Naughty freelancers and “out of hours” bargirls girls disguised as “simple girls” doin a “bit a fishin” – all good, but just be aware what you are probably dealing with – don’t kid yourself. If you are looking for real, a girl is more likely to be genuinely if you go to her and she is a little shy at first, rather than her coming to you. Of course, it’s the no.1 spot (horrible Pump excepted) to meet naughty girls after around 3.30am.
  2. Boys that may be disguised as girls
  3. Drinking too much “devil juice” – it flows freely here and is pretty cheap
  4. Coming out after a “bit of a stretch” and the sun is so high, you get burnt on our way to the taxi
  5. Getting so drunk you cant remember what you did and waking up at the bar as the girl you met earlier (and already forgot), texts your phone to ask where you are. When you meet up again, you don’t recognise her or remember, but doesn’t seem to make any difference as she laughs about your antics earlier..
  6. Getting so drunk that you wake up at 9.30 am, sleeping on the floor of your office, whilst your best and hardest working Filipino employees arrive early as usual and wonder why you have gone “Filipino style”
  7. Going back to sleep again, after point no.6
  8. Waking up after point no.7 and realising that the new pretty girl, asleep in the chair at your desk, does not actually work for you at all – trying to figure out more than this causes your head to hurt and your nose to bleed
  9. Trying to pretend that the girl from point no.8 actually does work for you whilst you make a crisis checklist to be completed before you have to leave to fly back to the UK in a couple hours – of course all this is made far easier and less worry-some by the fact that the hang over was still around 6 hours or so away and you are still fuelled and running just fine on devil water, now running in your veins

Club Juliana Stories :

Club Juliana is good for..

  1. Eating, Drinking & Dancing
  2. Hanging out with friends and/or meeting new peeps
  3. Hanging around on your own – it’s safe, besides you may not be on your own for long
  4. Meeting fast girls
  5. Meeting naughty girls
  6. Meeting simple girls that are drinking TOO MUCH
  7. Listening to bad MF music
  8. Getting ripped off by the dodgey girl at the door
  9. Getting caught on your own, looking sheepish, by your non-amused GF
  10. Keeping the night going when every where else has shut up shop
  11. Helping you along the road towards permanent kidney/brain damage

Club Juliana is not so good for..

  1. Quite meditation & self reflection
  2. Meeting your next gf or sister’s of the cloth
  3. Cutting down on drink and smoking
  4. Alternative Rock and other nice music
  5. Encouraging moderation

Summary : For good or bad, Club Juliana is not to be dismissed and is certainly a major part of Cebu’s nightlife. Just look at the amount of comments below – plenty of people with something to say about club Juliana, it’s certainly built itself quite a unique reputation already! Just remember we all only live once and NONE of use is getting any younger, so just enjoy yourself whilst you can and don’t take anything too seriously, obviously with the exception of my warnings regarding the devil’s own water!

Juliana Cebu Sexy Showdown
Juliana Cebu Sexy ShowdownJuliana Cebu Sexy Showdown 2Juliana Cebu Sexy Showdown

Last Night at Juliana Night Club Bar…
Photo by Rey

Juliana Cebu Sexy Showdown GirlsJuliana Cebu Sexy Showdown GirlsJuliana Cebu Sexy Showdown GirlsJuliana Cebu Sexy Showdown GirlsJuliana Cebu Sexy Showdown Girls

the bar dancers showdown…
Photo by Rey

A night in Club Juliana Cebu Bars
Posted on: May 23, 2008 by Rey

Last week Friday night at Mango Square, I was so drunk and go sleep with my shoes on. You want to know the whole story behind Juliana Night Club Bar Friday Party?

It all started when my friend invited me to Mango Square and meet new girls in town. We decided to drink loads first at East West, after 1 set of 500ml Redhorse for only 180 php. I was slightly half drunk but still can do a little walk to Juliana Night Club Bar. It was about 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning where people are still alive, dancing, chatting, making fun of people, getting rude. We decided to stay and chill in the bar while drinking, stalking girls. At 3am they have this Ms. Juliana Babe competition only held every Saturday. My eyes were wide open to see those beautiful young girls dancing, I was about to say OMGFG! I was so drunk I couldn’t get a fix photo shoot of those girls BUT I have something for you to see.

140 responses to “Cebu Club Reviews – Club Juliana”

  1. EAST says:


  2. juana de la cruz says:

    your website is a wake up call..i am not really a party person nor engage myself in nightlife..i usually sleep at 9pm…the chance i had with night life was when my cousins came but that was several years ago..juliana was not yet born there was just vudu, the village, pump and halo.waiters favored me coz i just order and order food…its more of a food trip coz i don’t know how to dance nor am i keen on drinks..i was just curious coz some of my colleagues went there..i was clueless..they all said they had fun but now that i read your review, i pity them…and the rest of filipinas who are downgraded…but no one else to blame…each of us has our own personality and character.may each of u find whatever that u are looking for to make u happy and content with life.

  3. apache says:

    hehehe i love it!

  4. Craig says:

    I was there last October…wasn’t impressed.
    Hard to get a table….even harder to get a drink. Went to the bar one time and there was a korean knob just stood at the side of the bar dressed like a clown…was quite funny….but when said clown started staring and sniggering at me….the little korean clown was about to get his face rearranged. That was until a bouncer stepped in…..anyway, that said i think the koreans have some ownership in this dive due to this particular korean clown….sniggering at foreigners and being bouncer protected…lucky him. If you want a nice night in a Cebu club then avoid this place….seems too many korean dicks there.

  5. jonald says:

    i know that place.. ive been there alot..
    me and my girls was enjoyed the whole night in julian.. if some one want go there just message me..

  6. bea says:

    somebody have dj benie’s number?please send me..important

  7. Jack says:

    I love prostitutes and cheap girls who do not demand high money the next morning…they are very fun to be with no strings attached and you can get new girl every night from there.

    now, isn’t that the best place on earth…you won’t find any place like Juliena in US or Europe with unlimited supply of cool girls willing to go with you anytime.

    You don’t need to read any books on how to get a girl in bars etc that western media promotes, In Cebu good guys win first…bad guys are losers here

  8. mie says:

    hi guys…musta na diha sa juliana

  9. mie says:

    Just askin’ never been in juliana, but i have been there at THE BEAT, i wanna asked about the name of the group who had a dance showdown last november…the one in the group have a colored hair, they dance so good..just askin what was the name of their group..thank you.

  10. AnDriE says:



    U KNOW ME…??


    FUCK U….

  11. andrea says:

    its not that i hate juliana its that the location is not good
    because mango square full of prostitute

  12. andrea says:

    juliana sucks
    cheap place
    ive been there once but mostly girls there are prostitutes
    not high class

    i will never go back there again

  13. AnDriE says:



  14. AnDriE says:



  15. kevin says:

    juliana is a whore magnet.. i take a different girl home everynight from there.. .and all the hookers from the bars down the street go there after work about 4am.. if you have to pay for a girl in cebu you are an idiot with no game.. i even get hookers for free.. im buying the club hot rods this feb. and also opening a new high end disco at the waterfront in the old H20 club.. it will be called club velvet. open in spring time…will blow voodoo and loft and penthouse out of the water..

  16. Cebuano says:

    This place is a choice.. ive been here and been to some of the high end bars.. i agree that girls come cheap in this joint and come expensive in the high end bars.. its actually a choice of any outgoer. Go wyld in both places difffers in the amount of money you want to spend. Alot out there prefer to spend less with more attitude and experiences to encounter. In any way.. this place will remain as it is. In short.. this place sells and bussiness is good here for both the owner and the lads that come along with it!

  17. katrina.. says:

    hahhah.. i know dat gurl.. shes scotch… nfairnes i miz already juliana.. heheh

  18. barry stone says:

    there has been no mention of where to find a bi lady in any of the bars in cebu. as my asawa is very keen to have a bi lady. we are from dumaguete. we hope somebody will answer this question.
    barry and gail

  19. ei says:

    We’re checking out the place tonight. Let’s see what a cheap Cebu club can offer. ^^ .. will keep you posted..

  20. Kent says:

    This one of the rocki’n place in cebu its like the Koreans Padis point lol! We went there and i was shocked coz its like 75% of the crowd are foreigners.The music is fair(maybe because i like trance a lot and they usually play remix of famous song)btu we we’re able to conquer the dance floor at the stage woot! woot! Party!Palong palo Cebu!

  21. Max says:

    Juliana is ok abit loud for me but has a terrace above abit more quite upstairs outside. Watch out for the simple girl who wants to be your tour guide and show the Sasa houses and the bars. My friend made the mistake of falling for her charms she wanted to take him to some Casa house but we jumped with him in the taxi we where driven to some dodg location made the guys lock the doors and next minute we where surrounded by about 20 pimps shouted at teh driver to drive off god knos what would have happened. Decided just to stick to the bars. Any how this girl then tould us about her rate of 500 peso a day, my stupid firend decided to tell her which hotel and room we guys where staying at. I decided to get rid of here and pay her the 500 peso so we could enjoy our seleves. Next day the pretty crazy girls turns up to the hotel room. and started telling her sob story suspected something not right, we had a flight booked in the afternoon to clark did not tell teh girl this just told here we where here to stay, told her was a bit tired needed to get some more sleep and told here we’ll see her in a few hours time, by that time was at teh airport and my god that girl can’t stop texting and ringing she was saying her mothers i hospital and needs to borrow some money urgently and then by teh time we got to clark she said her mother was dead and needs some money again, we did not tell here where we where she still though we where in Cebu. We hardly knew this girl but she was very pretty and very cunning so guys be carefull who know what might have happened we cold have been accused of anything to get money out of us.

  22. English man in CEBU says:

    Jack, are you drunk or on drugs? You have the cure for AIDS and you haven’t claimed you Nobel Prize?

    Real advice: Go undercover boys, if she is stupidly thin she is probably on drugs, bar girls will normally be clean as they mostly get checked out on a regular basis. Mind the part time borikats in discos they can run scams. Other than that knock yourself out. And keeping you body Alkaline will not stop you getting AIDS

  23. David says:

    Hey, I love Juliana, and I have never been there, haha, as a matter of fact, I have never been to the Philippines! but I love Juliana, because I love all the nasty bitches there. haha and I have never met those nasty bitches. I just love nasty bitches haha.

  24. Jack says:

    No Its not closed, You can prevent HIV or any other disease by making your body more alkaline. Only acidic people get diseases. Virus and bacteria thrive of acidic body not alkaline.

    By taking alkaline foods, you can be healthy. yeah, no one not the media by far will ever tell you the truth, you have to research it for yourself also, never any any vaccinations or go for HIV test, thats when you get the disease when they turn your body acidic.

  25. kevin says:

    ill be there by late july..any americans wanting to hook up email me at i also give single guy tours for guys that want to meet real girls there for wives or gf. ill teach you how to talk to filipinas, about their culture and what type of men they like and where to meet them besides clubs. email me if you are interested.

  26. kevin says:

    sorry for the typos. and that needle incident supposedly gave about 45 people the aids virus. my gf saw it on the tv news back in may i think. but it wasn’t closed for that..that person was sticking people in mango square in general.. not only juliana.

  27. kevin says:

    yeah that was true about the needles.. it was on the news.. it was also closed due to the fact that the korean owner was no paying his employees..he will be closing in it in august when his lease runs out..and im trying to become the new owner. i have been going there for 4yrs..i never fail to take a girl home from there. if i get the place ill also making non smoking inside which hopefully will keep most of the korean frogs out of there. ill also clean up the bathrooms and try to expand them some..having dance contests again like before on sat. nights and a few other things. i want it to be the best bar outside of manila. ill probably hire all babes too except for the bouncers. have them wearing sexy uniforms too. keep your fingers crossed that i get it.. all americans will get in free always. my dream is almost a reality…

  28. me says:

    DOes anybody have any info on the rumor that julians closed because someone was sticking people with HIV needles? Thats what everybody says in Cebu, but there’s not mention of it in the newspaper.

  29. jun says:

    i love juliana is the best bar ,i love to watch the girl dance on a stage.

  30. allan says:

    sira na ang juliana kay tungod sa tusok2x

  31. xoxo says:

    @ Mateo:
    i think it’s because of the news that’s spreading about a certain group of HIV victims pricking people using their used needle to spread the virus to other people. They say it started in Mango. Not xur if this is the reason though.

  32. Mateo says:

    The place has been closed now for a few weeks!
    Anybody now why?

  33. wEnG says:

    oohhh i really love juliana, i had sooo many good and bad memories there,i dont care what the fuck people say but for me its great bar,,so guys see you in juliana im so excited get drunk and kicking at the stage…..cebu here i come!!!!by the way im in macau now…

  34. chris says:

    i missed the club..

    Now my 2nd year here in germany.!!!! See u this summer guys…

  35. fuck you haters!! says:

    hahahahaha..ilove juliana!!! very cheap placce but you can feel happy,,,,love fishing also!!hahahah

  36. Ads says:

    Juliana is awesome, the easiest place to pick up if your a foreigner, cheap drinks, cheap entry, great music, fun times to be had. Don’t hesitate if you want a good night out.

  37. kkirk says:

    I had been 3 times.
    2 nights nearly only ladyboys or prostitutes are there.
    The last time on the way home somebody robbed me near there.
    Not recommended!!!!!!!!

  38. vincent says:

    .. r u xure w/ that inday???
    1st time mo? ajejejejeje

  39. OTOK says:

    mga bahog bilat ang mga chicks dha naa ko naka one night stand gkan juliana perting baho.a sa bilat way hugas! tsk! tsk!

  40. WEWTOY says:


  41. sugarshery says:

    hahahaha thanks for the info… what u have written are really helpful for tourists… im from davao and il be there nxt week to party. now i know where to go… no way for julianna hahaha! tnx alot

  42. LUCY says:

    i usually like voodoo and formo before, but now as i happen to go to juliana because my friend invite me omg! the music was good, the people were so happy like as if they do not have problems, the aircon is cold it will not make me sweat while dancing even if there is a big crowd, yah! its tru bouncers and bartenders are friendly, it doesnt matter to me if there are a lots of bitches and whores its their life, and one thing i like most therE are a lots of good looking foreigners every fridays and saturdays like the ones from: india, africa and europe omg! better check it out!

  43. LA Chica says:

    Hey I have been to Juliannas and I tell you it is the shit! I for one love the dance floor you never who you are gonna dance with 😉 but the sucky thing is the club change the age limit now its 20+ man fucked up but they dont check for ID so just say your

  44. CanaDave says:

    Crowded, loud, lots of competition for the pretty girls . . and did I say crowded? Jeez it was horrible on Saturday night. You could hardly move in there. And if you found a new friend you could shout in their ear and they would not hear you. Total waste of time but I would try it again on a weeknight to give it a fair test

  45. unknown says:

    i just read some of the comments about juliana.. well, for me i’d like juliana for 2 reasons 1st is to go there and enjoy the night and the 2nd is to compete to those all ladies wearing high class outfit.. well, i know some commented negative about juliana but i can’t blame them.. but i just want you to know that not all girls weaing realy sexy outfit in the club are whores or slut.. peaolpe saying that are insecure..hahha..
    well,about the korean owner i know him.. just don’t comment any negative first, know him before commenting something…
    anyway guys just go there enjoy the night in juliana,,

  46. ITALY says:

    I have passed nine nights beautiful to the juliana(20 28nov)…and i lose my heart…i follow in love for a beautiful girl ….. i will return… one kiss to Kim

  47. jeanna says:

    hahaha no good always crowd!!!that place is for fishing only pump is better also for korean owner of juliana club very paru paru everyday always change partner oooooops soorry but its true

  48. nice guy says:

    fucking around…hmmmm this is the nice spot when you are in budget…lol

  49. angel says:

    wow everybody say’s its a cheap place and i wonder why they keep coming back there.
    oh common………

  50. Myrbie says:

    Waaaahhh…. I love dis place….
    just 2 days ago, i left philippines again, and hir again back to work, damn shit baby….

    but rely i love it, everyday in a wek i was der
    imagine dat i hav to travel from dumanjug for almost 2 hrs, just 2b in JULIANA? wooohhh….

    any girls der, reading dis, i am a gud hapy guy and i am coming back next yer, october.

    pls… pm me or e-mail me at

    thank you my beautiful home city CEBU, and thank you JULIANA….. il b missing u much….gud bye

  51. nai says:

    chingz- i agree with you. hes kinda cute/ simple pero rock! thats the first reason i entered julianas.. wats the long hiared dj;s name again???

  52. ukoi says:

    hahahhahahah!!!!! a lot of ugly and cheap whores!!!!!

  53. mindoro baby says:

    prostitutes, whores, bitches,eye candy, drunk women,baby i want me some of that, great music, cheap red horse, late late nights, far out come on all of it, cause tomorrow we die.
    Sounds like a top venue, humble party boys from sydney on our way ladies in november.Be nasty we love that. Pants off girls.
    Cant wait to be a part of the fun there

  54. pinaymalditah says:

    i hate hookers there a lots of fucking bitches there……

  55. chingz says:

    want to know the name of the DJ who’s wearing red t-shirt and a longhair one… i saw him yesterday August 15…

    so cute

  56. chingz says:

    I am highly appreciated your club.. especially to your DJ’s they are all attractive to us as your customers.. nice ambiance….

  57. Cebuexpat says:

    OK, this is a disco targeted at predominately local clientel. Entrance is cheap, beer is cheap and the furnishings are cheap. Do not let that put you off.
    There are some great looking girls to be had here. Some are genuinely normal girls having a fun night out whilst others are out to capture business.
    I love sitting outside the club watching and chatting to the passing talent; in general I would always have a good night.
    Only warning is to make sure it’s a girl you are talking too, lots of LB’s walking arond

  58. red says:

    just want to say “hi” to derrick

  59. ??++BulLSHiT::?? says:

    great lang ko n.
    wardlyn taga minglanilla
    naa cya kawn sa DSWD hahhahahahahah

    sagdi lng part makagawas ra ka dha!!!!!
    paabot lng sa august……

  60. ??++BulLSHiT::?? says:

    basta ana jud mga tropa sa juliana whaaaaaaa….
    bulshit gd… kitakitz lang sa mga COSTUMER dha sa juliana whaaaaaaaa….
    i missed that places hhahahahahahahhaaah

  61. nick says:

    waaaaaaaaaa old pics here…
    juliana looks good and not that pics above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. "inGAT! says:

    wuuuuuuuaaaahhhh! great place for sure! wholy shit i got drunk there and i dont know half of what i did! This is a cool place with plenty of girls. every type of girl! exept the good type 🙂
    wuuuuuiiiii!!! and you should see the bartender!

  63. alfonsique says:

    i love julian too….
    bahala wala kwarta basta naa ko dd2…… hahahaahah ADIK GUD KO JULIANA

  64. alfonsique says:

    ing1ana sad ko mga part kamo ad2 pasil ako motel man hahahahhhaha kayat daun!!!!!!1
    wawart daun human…..
    sugar mommy do para kwarta daun!!
    ako # mga part 09083395250 txt ha para magsinabot ta sa sugar mommy hahahahahahhaha

  65. alfonsique dumago says:

    do kung ala mo kwarta huwat lng entrance kay mangita lng ta sugar mommy……
    para naa bangka na2

  66. lawrence says:

    mga taga UV minglanilla kung ag2 mo julina do txt lng mo naku huh?
    kay kahibaw f-vorite plce na na2…..

    ug mga taga naga sad ngita sa ko grupo dri labi nana si mauhren adik nana sa juliana ug
    ako # kay 09083395250
    call or text lang huh???/

  67. david says:

    lami- sa cebu

  68. Rudolfo says:

    Hoy! Does anybody know if its possible to contact this place? I want to call Juliana club but i cant find a number. Could anybody help me? Im wondering if its possible to rent the place? Are the bartenders and waitresses any good?

  69. igAt-baBy- says:

    waHahAhaahA suki sa mga tGa uv!!! “jajajajA byernes mn ron,adtog juliana part?? hahaha”

  70. Nice says:

    wow na lingaw jud ko sa mga comments here!!! if maka uli ko sa pinas this year mo disco gyud ko kever ang mga hinawayon!

    miss you SImon

  71. Nice says:

    Mr. Lobster simon

  72. lil_geils aka.PIPOY says:

    mahal lang kaau ilang imnonon..

  73. lil_geils aka.PIPOY says:

    pyter kai juliana oi!!!!
    pyter nag samot basta ala nai bayad entrance..

    lil geils…

  74. aj says:

    Club with no real girls only gays and girls that looks like gays..hahaha….

  75. JAMES BLINK says:



  76. sami says:

    ilike juliana ass and i want to make love with her…

  77. hitman says:

    ang tag iya diha kay koreano, naa pud uyab borikat!! manyakis kaayog nawng ang animal!!!!!

  78. hitman says:

    daghan ug macho dancer diha.. mag pares sa mga borikat.. basta magka sinabot, adto dayon sa pasil or sa a.lopez, mag drugs dayon, inig kahuman, tripping dayon ug jer jer…

  79. skippa says:

    yup fun club no doubt,,,,it’s all good

  80. James Blink says:

    drink,. smoke, party, clubs, nytlife… yeah!

  81. James Blink says:

    yeah ryt!..i luv ds place…

  82. judy says:

    hey people!!!
    the pics above doesnt looks like juliana..
    were there lastnight and wow its owesome it looks good,the lights,the music,the heaven ledge wow its really nice..
    for the one who made this site you better check the new juliana now..your pics are so damn old..

  83. prettygurl says:

    hello prettygurl ayaw pangaway diah oi..ehhe.. musta naman ka.. long time no see oi.. u can txt me ha.. 0926-248-1391.take care..

  84. julianatics says:

    hey guys!yes juliana is open na…
    and wew it looks more good than before..
    its really nice…were there last night and were having so much fun…
    the place looks like a disco bar somewhere in states..
    oh we love juliana very much theres no other best disco bar in cebu…
    you will not regret going there….
    c yah all!!!

  85. prettygurl says:

    oi ka mga hilas sa mga ni look down sa juliana mara pud ug dili maniskuhay… mas cheap na inyong nawng kay walay mupunit ninyo

  86. laizamae says:

    abli naman daw ang juliana..mao mana ang ela chika…i really miss that place.hehe
    bsan ang mga taw way ligo then hamos pa jud og mga face…kabantay mo?? mura’g daghan au naka lugsong..haha!! but lingaw bya xa nice pa jud c dj bennie…specially ang MUSIC..^_^

    u know guys??? mga bitches ra jud naka dag bati..
    but we can’t blame them..desame rata tanan..
    always want to have fun!!!!

    see yah……^_^

  87. julianatics says:

    yes they are close for renovation..everthings change daw..wew…so exited for the opening na talaga..
    maybe it looks more good….
    pls open faster cuz theres no other place than juliana..

  88. clubber says:

    Does anyone knows what dj’s name is? He is so cool!! I love him!!!!!

  89. makasih says:

    watz da Latest nEws about juliana paki post nman..never been there na talaga,i miss da plCe nah

  90. makasih says:

    nag close ba nag juliana for rnovation?…any answers naman paki post.hheehehe

  91. meme says:

    juliana is having there renovation right now…maybe it looks more good…well wait for your opening guys…
    were very exited..but we missed juliliana now..i miss the flow..

  92. Mac says:

    Juliana is a great place – i went there twice in 3-days and had a blast. The first night i went with 2 girls that i already knew – and we had a blast-the music was great. The 2nd night, i was meeting a guy friend of mine, and before he arrived, I already had met a NICE girl and her friend. We danced until 4am and ended up getting together for the rest of my trip. Great place – check it out – and reasonably cheap drink too. Another clue – tip the server on you, and EVERYONE look’s after you. 🙂

  93. D says:

    im going to cebu in march…need some insight ad help…white american guy…im know im going to stick out! haha! its all good though. like the person above me said, i know every club has whores and bitches…i dont care. i just want to have fun and get drunk. what other good spots are there to go???

    thanks for the help!!

  94. laDy angel says:


    juliana s da best!..\

    diha baya nakadaog ako frnd sa dirty dancing..


    anha mi igka saturday..


    C U DER!

  95. Mr. Put-ik says:

    what if the say double tequila if you say Darren the Gay Yellow Ninja

  96. Darren says:

    anyone goin to juliana’a on the 13th of Feb? Get a free shot of tequila if u come up the the guy in the yellow collared shirt and yellow shoes, and say NINJA!

  97. julianatics says:

    hey this picture was taken last year…and i have been to julianas with my friends just this week and there was a lot of change already……
    juliana is a cool place with cool pepz around…every disco bar daghan jud whore and what?they just want to enjoy also as long nga wala sila nanghilabot nimo then keber nila..why filipinos always manaway sa pareha rasud nga filipino..and hey baby kawai how did you know naman everything with the korean owner? maybe you go fuck with him already in his condo and got busted..hahahaha.
    well anyway juliana is the hottest disco bar for now..just enjoy life pals!!!!and get drunk in juliana..
    go go juliana keep it up!!!!
    we love you.

  98. Night Hunting says:

    Hi Darren – Sorry we don’t have the number & yellow pages is kinda non functional in Cebu.

  99. Darren says:

    lol..cant type. is there a number to this club?

  100. Darren says:

    Is there a number this place?

  101. mS.foTte says:


    it just so happens that each hoes differ from the other. sluts around mango square are more casual looking than the ones who go to vudu (etc.) since the ones in vudu dress in a more sophisticated way.

    julianas is a great place to observe diffrent kinds of people: classy ones, try hards, wanna bes, dirty old men, wild partiers etc.

    **OBSERVE HA! i dont mean na u have to like the kind of people i mentioned.

    true na theres a lot of sluts lurking aorund mango square but that shouldnt be used to criticized julianas. kasi if u guys think about it, anyone can basically get into any clubs diba? mapa vudu, sunflower, autoshop, pump etc kaman bisag kinsa ang pwede maka suud. timingan lang gyud na mas popular ang mango square sa mga prosti kay the people who usually go there are more casual looking compared to the ones who goes to vudu, so it isnt right na i generalize ninyo na puro mga prosti ang naa sa julianas kay thats not true.

    ive been to vudu and all those other classy places and one thing i can honestly say when u compare those clubs is that mas classy and snub yung mga tao sa vudu, arrogance is in the air pag naa ka sa vudu kasi most people who go there are the ones who think theyre all that. sa julianas naman most people who go there are the ones who really loves to have fun regardless of the fact na daghan mga prostis, mas down to earth and mga taw sa julianas and they party way harder than the ones at vudu

    why let anything and anyone stop you from having fun diba?

    bisag asa ka na club depende ra gyud na sa imo on how u flow with the situation and how you roll.

    julianas cons would be:
    1.)small dance floor: they should expand it a lil so that altho it gets crowded on the weekends, theres still space to dance and walk around. its to small kasi thats why its hard to get around when its crowded
    2.)VIP area: the VIP area doesnt seem like its a VIP spot at all! it just seems like its just another table in the corner!
    3.)Restrooms: love the mirrors, but it really would be more presentable if the restrooms were a lot cleaner and well kept.

    Julianas pros:
    1.)its where all the real hardcore partiers are at
    2.)friendly bartenders, bouncers and great service (lol but i guess depende na kung kinsa ka and how big u tip)
    3.)i enjoy the contests, its fun watching diffrent typa people dance and have fun or make a fool of themselves


    SUNFLOWER has the best dancefloor and area

    VUDU is one of the classiest and

    i find cebu modern enough 🙂

  102. iya says:

    its fine to be there good place to pick up girls and guys but higher end cebuanos prefer the new mango square just opposite to Juliana’s it gets very crowded during the weekends

  103. Fishball says:


    Just a couple of comments..

    English 101
    English 101

    watch for the expletives


  104. Lady Marmalade says:

    A lot of cheap whore and Gigolos snicking around…
    Hooking cheap charlie…feeling handsome foreigner
    Well good luck to STD…..

  105. bruce says:

    fuck what you think carla!!
    i really dont care..
    ur looking down bikini girls huh!
    remember you are filipina too..
    i like juliana.
    musics are good and show down is wild and funny!!
    always plenty of people not only whores but including foreigners too..
    and i want to go there again and again
    people says its fuckin place coz have lots of bitch girls,never mind them..
    they are just ignorant and insecure to the girls in there..
    low minded..

    huh i miss red horse and beef sisig there..

  106. secret_sassy_girl says:


  107. Dai Aberdare says:

    Julian-anal yes they all take it there where it hurts haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  108. moymoy says:

    asa d,i na dapit ang Juliana.. unsa sakyon Jeep para padulong dd2?

  109. WTF says:

    wtf was is tha carla?? whew… 😉

    anyway… put something sizzlin and embodies true cebuano party happening please…. something that rocks, not sucks!

  110. sarah_anne says:


  111. suzzy wallace says:

    now i realized why my friends dont like juliana because its so fucking cheap!!!!!!! shit!! nakakahiya,,,hindi na ako punta dun,,hahaha

  112. suzzy wallace says:

    what?????????????// cheapest place????????/ oh my god!!! damn

  113. suzzy wallace says:

    well yeah right theres really a lot of fucking whores there,,hahah but we like to go there..people are very friendly.. vudu and sunflower is the best!!!!

  114. suzzy wallace says:

    we love juliana

  115. suzzy wallace says:

    hey guys juliana is a cool place and we like there its not just theres a lot of bitches and whores hahaha juliana is the best place we love juliana?? guys not all the girls who love to dance and act like bitch is not a prostitute,lol all the disco bars bitches whores or any type of girls naa jud nah,,hahahaha enjoy life ,,,life is too short to blend it???mwahhhhhh

  116. FAUX says:

    Hahahaha! You make my day!

  117. Diego says:

    You look like a horse.. what an ugly face you have and hell yeah, such a dirty bitch you are.. No way im going to julianna.. full of bitches.. ugly bitches..

  118. BABY_KAWAII90 says:


  119. BABY_KAWAII90 says:


  120. BABY_KAWAII90 says:


  121. Lord Cod says:

    Hahaha – great review Carla!

    Love the way it starts of calm and collected and gradually picks up some momemtum haha! Sounds like you took your time writing this one, about the time it would take to drink a couple red horse grandes!

    Looks like the good work of “the horse” really kicks in at the closure of your comments!

    “get some fuckin man to fuck and earn money they making clubs like also their naughty clubs that is real bitches fuck them all bithchess !!!”

    Haha – fantatsic, love it!!!

  122. carlzie says:

    the pic in the right side i know them the 3 girls on the right side? oh my god, its me and my friends. i dont know my pic was there.. but i know whos the one posted it grrrrrrrrrrrr…. i really dont like to display it. simon!!!!!!

  123. carlzie says:

    hi everbody!!! well everyone thought about it! well before ive been there..the juliana will be good its those fucking bitches prostutes wil out ‘n theh!!! well i think we dont have to blame them if thats the way they make money you know?

  124. carla says:

    hey guys dont say that ive been there but im dont think its cheap yeah i also been there in loft , vudu and sunflower it was very nice and the places there are more look nicer than juliana and the pepol there are very s f
    formal… maybe in juliana its look cheap coz of girl are bithches but thats what they said. i just like that place
    bcoz so many people and very friendly.. but its differnt when you are like in the loft its hard to find a company w
    with coz you look snub and they dont care people around..
    but i think its more nice in loft and vudu… coz in mango eveywhere is prostitues! my god! we have to kick them out in there!!! we should have to go and let them inside those not cheap and bitches right? but now i think the juliana is going more look cheap .coz my friend told me they have a new contest kissing boys and girl ehw? i went there when i am in cebu .. i came from ormoc city leyte… i hate prostitutes girls coz theyr fucking messy around ….!!!! get some fuckin man to fuck and earn money they making clubs like also their naughty clubs that is real bitches fuck them all bithchess !!!

  125. NightLifeGirl says:

    Lord Cod,

    I think you’re very pretty traveller, but there is no such thing as shortage of fishing, the world needs more fishers!

  126. Lord Cod says:

    Plenty of ripe and juicy tot at juliana, ready for the picking – esp around 3.30 am for some reason. Why bother going all the way to the ocean – there’s plenty more fish in this sea and certainly no shortage of fishing. Can be OK but need to apply a bit of savvy.

  127. ashley says:

    yuks talaga yong juliana place

  128. kick ass says:

    this place SUCK!!! So CHEAP!!!

  129. sick-o says:

    This is the CHEAPEST Club in CEBU!!! Owned by a KOREAN who stole concepts from a pinoy I know and promised to give him a share but never did.

  130. carlzie says:

    juliana is not for place for the bitches.. or maybe ? coz lots of prostitutes… but i can say juliana is the best place all clubs in mango … coz you can see lots of fun…!!!!!
    iwth free live showssss
    its doesnt mean pepol there are bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. jay says:

    hala, karon pako ani.. ra nako sa google imong site. hehe.. payter ni kay naa mga picture2x. 😀

  132. wicked_b says:

    JULIANA?! Don’t like the CROWD. Lots of bitches from titty bars.

  133. chula says:

    palpaka anang mga tiglaagan sa mango.

  134. Aika says:


  135. Aika says:

    great place for a trashy pipol…….

  136. putik! says:

    payter imong site! hehehe.. nalingaw ko basa… tiglaagan pd diay ka mango? hehehe

  137. vinvent says:

    let me see

  138. Icha says:

    Trashy face and the place is cheap.!
    why not try visit loft, formo, vudu and the outpost.?

  139. MrKickin' says:

    Nice Ass……Bad Face….. hmmmmm…. want her panty and bring to laundry shop……