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12 responses to “Contact The Foreigner and The Chinese”

  1. Good Time RJ says:

    OPSS! I forgot to mention the location. We are located on Ramos St. the street behind Robinson’s Mall one block down from Fuente Osmente. Check out our facebook also. Just search COBRA BAR.

  2. Good Time RJ says:

    HEY GUYS! I am RJ, the owner of Cobra Bar. We just opened up Friday 11 March 2011. My bar is one of the best in town with best prices on beer, cocktails, shooters, etc. We will be offering LIVE MUSIC, DANCING GIRLS, MASSAGE SPA, and KARAOKE. We have “FREE WIFI” with purchase of one drink or more. This place is immaculate!! Totally renovated and comfortable. STOP BY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF….Look for me and mention this Comment and I will give you 20% off your first drink. SEE YOU SOON!!!!

  3. manimar says:

    hi,kodeena is okey don’t worry.amh how are you todayi hope you are always be okey end i miss you so much?

    love manimar

  4. manimar says:

    hi,how are you i hope you are ok?

  5. dan de man says:

    Hey guys, (Foreigner and chinese) just wondering if you will be running any tours in the near future?


  6. mark says:

    hi Admin of the site,, some of your pages cannot be view,, example like this,,

  7. someone says:

    the creator of this sites is not updating anymore

  8. ruby says:

    hello im looking for a contact number to lisas sea fun fub. could you help me?

  9. Rudolfo says:

    Hello! Im looking for a contact number to juliana club. could you help me?

  10. judy says:

    hey why theres no page about the other bars?is this site done?
    gosh an unfinished site sucks!!!!

  11. lilrakstar says:

    hey u, wanna submit some sexy pics of mermaid girls! how?

  12. Mark says:

    hello there! i find your site interesting. U done a godd job here. Would u mind to help me know the contact number of dimple bar? would appreciate much ur help!

    Mark from SG