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Dimples Bar Review: Mango Avenue, – by Foreigner & The Chinese

Name : Dimples, Mango Avenue


Mango avenue – very next door to “Love City”, connects at back to Papillon

Note : This bar is VERY similar to Papillon (it’s sister bar), so major parts of the review have not been duplicated. For full information please read the Papillon review


3/5 Very similar to Papillon PLUS VIP Room


2/5 Same as Papillon (a little expensive)

Dimples Bar Cebu – Management

3/5 Same as Papillon

Girls Looks

3/5 Not as good a Papillion – OK, but not great. Some of the girls have been there for a while


3/5 Not bad – girls are friendly.

Fun Factor

2/5 It’s OK, personally I prefer Papillion, not sure why really – I think the layout is a little nicer and the girls always seem prettier.

Dimples Bar Cebu – Overall

: 3/5 This place is OK, but seeing as it’s so similar to Papillon bar and so close as well, I would tend to spend more time in there as everything just seems a little better. This is a god bar to have a few before going elsewhere though and like nearly all bars reviewed, definitely worth a visit.

32 responses to “Dimples Bar Review: Mango Avenue, – by Foreigner & The Chinese”

  1. Jose says:

    Been to Dimples just recently (June 21-22, 2011) and had a good time. Was there with a friend from USMC (originally from Cebu City). Wasn’t looking for anything but fun. I have pictures of the ladies. They are all friendly particularly the one with tattoo on her right side..also one called “Cris Aquino”, and “Jay Lo” who dared my old buddy that she can get him hard for 1000 P. LOL. The place is great and . Two old foggies had a good time. I’d like to see the place again if and when I return to Cebu.

  2. kem says:

    i ha bar the girl very dark… like a monkey…. dimples bar girl like monkey all the girl

  3. kem says:

    the girl already aids and bacteria dimple bar also bad smell girl also bad breath…. i hate all the girl no good face… i hate make up…

  4. James Leicester says:

    Dimples always has been and always will be a fantastic venue for having fun and, at the end of the evening, superb rumpy-pumpy when you get her/them home and in your sack.

  5. Sexy girl says:

    u just go there in the bars like AC coz it’s cheaper in there! Because in Dimples Japanese are famous & they pay more than what u want!So that’s mean Dimples girls aren’t cheap!

    From Japanese famous

  6. blueberry says:

    hi guys this bar is sounds so interesting hmmm i am wondering who is the manager of this bar… can i have he’s number pls? actually i am very interested to work here….. pls contact me at this number 09097635868 or else let the mamasan contact me so that i can work with her


  7. Randy Odom says:

    I know this stupid question. But I’ve never been in one of these bars, and my friend is coming to visit me in Cebu in April. He wants to go, can I go with him and take my wife? Will they allow her in?

  8. Gigopro says:

    What time do they open? planning a trip in April.

  9. jean go says:

    Thank you

  10. jean go says:

    very good

  11. Manuel says:

    Girls are very friendly and very eager to please. You must get to club early if you want the first pickings. You will save money taking a girl not for the whole night.. Then you can always come back tomorrow for a different girl. Using this method you will not run out of money and you will have different pretty young girl’s everyday you are in Philippines. Then when you come the next day you will be label as the nice guy.. thus insuring pretty young girls are not afraid of you and can trust you..

  12. Zip says:

    I had a goodtime in this bar. Most of the girls are fun to chat with. You just have to keep asking for the bill each time you order drinks so you will not be shock at the end of the night.

  13. kevin says:

    oh.. and keep in mind that barfines are ILLEGAL in the philippines so you can throw that in their face too if they get pushy. just ask for cora the manager and tell them you are a friend of kevin. they will treat you right. ill be there in late july and august of 2010 if you all want lessons on how to meet real girls without getting hosed on barfines.

  14. kevin says:

    lol if you have to barfine a girl there you are a true loser.. i have been going to dimples for years and never paid a dime. the girls meet me after work on the next morning just because they like me. in the pics on here, i have fucked both of the girls in the first picture..ann on the left and rikka on the right..girl in the black i don’t know. i have a picture of my apt with 9 of the girls on my bed and couch. the bar fine in dimples was only 2000.. but now is only 10 lady’s drinks which are only 120p each. the girls get a cut of the drink prices and most never leave with a customer. after work they usually meet me in club juliana down the street….then i take them to mcdonalds for breakfast..and one will always come home with me. all the girls from the bars usually go into club juliana after they get off work, about 4am.. so go there and hook up with them. i fucked about 8 of the girls in dimples so far and one from pappilon’ fee. just fun. get some game boys!!

  15. Salami says:

    …..mostly thin…but hell if thats a problem just turn the lights off.

  16. jhon says:

    hello.. can you tell me how the waitresses look like?i mean their clothes and are they sexy also?a friend told me he saw fat waitresses inside the bar

  17. Salami says:

    you got hosed….1600 was what I paid (on 4 occasions in a week)….remember in the RP EVERYTHING is negotiable.

  18. johnrey says:

    pwede d mag make up ang inyo dancer. gwapa raman na kay nka make up

  19. joe says:

    looked in earlier this month, nice girls and had fun but the barfine is 3000p, with the girl recieving just 750p, so expect to be hit for a tip (1000p short time in my case).

    had a fun time with a girl who worked well, but after 4000p for a short time, personally i’ve not been back.

  20. Lance says:

    Great Bar. Spent over 40k in a few days. Great girls and they love Jollibee hahaha. I had a lot of fun and made some very good friends.

  21. Charles U. Farley says:

    It’s the same owner than Papillon,
    but it looks a little bit better and it is not that boring.

  22. Hunk says:

    It is okay to give the girl an extra.If the girl serviced you really well then it is fine.Their job is hard because of the competition,not to mention the doubt and the danger they are up to.But I still like the girls from the past years.They are more beautiful and their english were so good.I remember the twins.I forgot their names but they were knock outs.They were like movie stars,so so prettty.I didn’t realize the bf is expensive now.

  23. Cebuexpat says:

    Now too Dimples – I like this bar and can be pursuaded to spend the extra for the bar fine because my experiences have always been good. The girls and waitresses are very friendly and not too pushy. I would give it a thumbs up

  24. Cebuexpat says:

    100% P750 and then you give the girl extra in the morning (and only in the morning). I usually tip P1,000 if we have both enjoyed the experience and give her money for the taxi on top.
    Dont be shy when you talk with the mamasan; tell her you know the going price.
    This is the bar I will do take out most regular as the girls have great attitudes.

  25. Ken From Texas says:

    The bar gets the p750. Then the girl will tell you her amount. This is standard practice in a lot of bars there. The only place you are going to get a girl for p750 is off the street or in one of the barangays, and then that’s only p500 to p700. Always practice safe sex !!!

  26. CebuNewbie says:

    I was in Lonestar last night and was quoted 2700 pesos for the takeout price. I would like to know how Cebuexpat gets it at 750!!!

  27. Cebuexpat says:

    Lonestar is only P750 bar fine

  28. Al says:

    At Dimples, if you ask to barfine a girl and have her stay all night, the mommasan will come up to you and state that you have to pay another 1000P on top of the regular barfine, which I believe was 1900P (1000P to the girl). I told her that if that was the case, I would take my business elsewhere. There are plenty of girls available at other bars a few feet away with different pricing policies. I got up to leave and she told me to calm down. I paid the original barfine amount. The girl I picked performed well in my room, and I think I tipped her 1000P in the morning + taxi fare. I don’t mind paying for performance, I just feel that paying it all upfront leaves NO incentive for the girl to put out any effort.

    The same scenario applies to Lonestar, where the girls often quote 2700P barfine amounts.

  29. James Blink says:

    great place…
    add me up in my frndster

  30. american werewolf in cebu says:

    This bar is fun but can be expensive. Barfine was 3000 all inclusive, then another 2000 in ladies drinks.
    All in All it was worth it though, the most fun I have ever had in a bar. The girls were very playful and made for an x-rated experience before even leaving the bar.

  31. recnt_vistr says:

    I was just at Dimples latter part of December. I had a great time. At first when I walked in, I sat in one of the tall tables and other than the waitress, no one came up to me. I thought about leaving, but lingered for a few more minutes when I was approached by two lovely young lasses. It was quite an enjoyable time, ended up spending over P10k that night. Don’t ask me how, but all I know was that night was a blur. 🙂