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El Gecko Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese

Name : El Gecko Resto Bar


Walk down Mango Avenue away from the naughty bars, towards the direction of “Temptations” bar and SM (i.e. not the Fuente Osmena direction). As you get to a right hander at the traffic lights (next to Caltex), the road taking you to Temptations, El Gecko will be in front of you.


2/5 El Gecko Resto Bar is more of a real Foreigner “get together” bar, a little but like a very small English Pub – with quite a locally feel. To be honest I can’t really do this review justice as I have only been in there a couple of times. The downstairs is NOT a bikini bar, just more of a drinking type bar where I would expect, regular drinkers (foreigners) meet. Being a hardcore loner, I didn’t hang around downstairs for long and continued upstairs to see the new bikini bar, reported to be up there. On climbing the stairs, yep sure enough, there it was. It’s more like going up into someone’s loft though, rather than a naughty bar – although there were some girls around and also a pool room. This place is small and cosy and was nearly empty. There were only a few girls 4 or maybe 5 tops and apart from the guy playing pool, I was the only guy in there. This is probably the smallest Bikini bar I have ever seen – bit of a bolt on really I think to the main bar below – anyhow that was a few months back. I will book in a re-visit to see if the “bikini loft” is still going and get some proper pics. I believe there is also quite a history behind the El Gecko bar with different owners and happenings. I can’t remember the specifics or details, but I think I know a man that does – so will get the info and upload soon, should be End Jan 09. Of Course, if you have any useful info, just submit a comment at the bottom of the page and maybe I can include it in this review if it’s not too filthy!


3/5 Can’t remember – would be very surprised if it was expensive. I will also try and get a bar menu of the various food on offer.

El Gecko Resto Bar – Management

3/5 Think this place has quite a history of management and changes. When I first came to Cebu it was called ”El Gecko bar”, then it changed to “Secrets bar” now I notice that it has once again changed back to “El Gecko bar”. I will come back with more management info soon.

Girls Looks

2/5 Hmmm, last time not so hot – better just leave it at that..


3.5/5 Girls were nice and friendly when I visited, quite a chilled out place – but very quiet.

Fun Factor

2/5 I need to visit this place again, preferably on Saturday night – hopefully the place will be heaving, however, when I visited it was just too empty to be much fun.

El Gecko Resto Bar – Overall

3/5 A rather unusual bar, focused on foreigners downstairs for drinking/eating with a “bikini loft bar” upstairs. Will substantiate this review soon when I have proper information, apologies for the scantness this time around!

62 responses to “El Gecko Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese”

  1. marca says:

    haha el gecko is shit.. most of the bar staff are whore specially the owner lorraine ..
    the waitress name amy , omg shes been dating with a different customer men..
    I dont know how much they fine for the girls working this bar,,.
    You better shot this bar cos this bar is like a hell..

  2. Curious George says:

    I have visited El Gecko over the years whenever I am in Cebu. Always enjoyed the experience. Hope that the reported problems with this place get sorted out.

  3. Hey Joe says:

    I always enjoyed going to El Gecko. The bar was not always full, but the girls who worked there and the owner Lorraine were always friendly and in a good mood. I also enjoyed talking with Ron when he was there. The drinks are reasonably priced, and I really can’t honestly say anything negative about this little bar. I am looking forward to going back there again in a couple of months when I am back in Cebu. Just my two cents worth……

  4. Jerry says:

    El Gecko is one of the best bars in town, as to Ceu Massage and Escorts, they offer excellent service.

  5. Backpacker says:

    I heard Ron is going to go with bargirls. I doubt it will help much. The bar sucks, along with the food. Alot of loud mouth whining expats in there complaining about living in the Philippines. The place needs to be shut down, then it nay be a good place.

  6. george says:

    food was good when marc ran it…I would eat there 2 times a week…now the menu is the same, but the food is WAAY worse..enchilada was disgusting…I never went back.

  7. vic says:

    I am not surprised. Ron and his wife are 2 A holes

  8. Blaze says:

    What kind of piece of shit comes on the internet and says another man’s wife is a whore? I’ve drank about 50 beers at el gecko and Lorraine is nothing but a great host. I’ve gone barhopping with her and other customers several times and Lorraine would never entertain another man’s advances. As a matter of fact, every conversation i’ve had with her she mentions her husband Ron constantly, as she seems quite smitten with him.

  9. Pat Magroin says:

    This place has gone downhill.. a total smoke and cockroach filled dump. Whatever u do don’t eat there! i had a live cockroach crawl out of the cheese on my nachos!

  10. Stella,,,,,,,,,, says:

    Been to this place (el gecko) the owner is an arrogant pig both husband and wife. heard a lot of different stories about the wife even the staff is slagging her off.

  11. Divs says:

    You lousy business at gecko is what you deserve Ron

  12. Himself says:

    wow thats sad, putting accusations like that out on the web.
    No didnt have an affair with lorraine, heard someone did though, true or false i dont know, but thats not my business anyway.
    werent in phil at halloween.

    Still, i liked the bar, it will be one of the first ones to visit when i get back!

    Does ron and lorraine still own it, or is there new management?

  13. Paul M H says:

    I like El Geckos, it’s a place where you can just chill out and have an ice cold beer. I don’t understand all this Lorraine bashing, did she turn down your advances or something? If you want girls, go to one of the girlie bars or discos, there are plenty.

  14. JR says:

    I went there to watch the world cup games.
    Small bar, chatty owner (i suppose she was the owner)
    It’s ok for a couple of drinks before going to a place with more action…

  15. Mike says:

    Hey Himself i know who you are i saw you a lot of times at el gecko’s you are at there hallowen photos.Does Ron knows your affair with lorraine?I’m sure you haven’t got no problem getting more shots from her.

  16. Mr. Jiggs says:

    It’s a nice enough bar, Lorraine has done a good job, shame some of the customers are such back stabbing aholes.

  17. Shahoney says:

    That’s very good. If the bar owner is not good, well the income is not good as well. That’s the most cases happened to all the bars here in Cebu a lot of bullshit and bollocks..Foriegners are stupid soooooooooooooooooooo……………….

  18. Stanger says:

    I’m going to get a laugh when Lorraine kicks you out of the bar for good and I hope she gets a pic of you staggering across the street to your bike for the last time. What a sorry old and sour old man you are.

  19. Michael says:

    Is it true El Gecko is for sale. thats Karma for you Lorraine.

  20. Himself says:

    Wow, nothing like the previous reviews..
    Great bar, friendly staff and customers. Been there about 10-15 times. Lorraine is friendly and is def not ripping you off.
    a couple of times my tab seemed a bit high, np it got reduced.
    Plenty of shots and beers from Lorraine aswell.. Cheers

  21. James says:

    Is it true El Gecko is for sale?

  22. John says:

    closed on sundays now. warm beer on monday as coolers are shut off saturday night. Lorraine told me no cold beer till about 6pm monday. live with it or leave. Now no a/c in daytime. place is hot, humid, stinky & dark till evening. her brother turned the a/c off 3 times on me as I only customer without even saying excuse me.
    run a tab & get it padded. complain & be told you are an old drunk that cannot count and you blame the girls for their “HONEST MISTAKES”. These are ALWAYS resolved in favor of the bar. You get told it is ONLY 40, 80, 90, etc pesos and you can afford it. Always your money, never the bars money.
    Very sad to see my favorite drinking place go downhill so badly.
    I know many of the people that have had these problems there. I drank in the place while it was under construction originally.

  23. Ron Miller says:

    Would never go back to this bar. I didn’t like anything about it. Pretty much a waste of my time.

  24. Mr.D says:

    His very arrogant and his wife think she’s something special.i know she got a Bf just not sure what nationality he is but his younger than the husband.the place is like a morgue.

  25. robert says:

    poor husband! that guy is a jerk thinks he is so smart

  26. Mike says:

    I been to El Gecko Last week but lorraine is not as friendly as she use to be.make me think what she’s up to when the husband,is away poor him.

  27. mickeymouse club says:

    i have to say the food here is dire i got short changed more than once here due to lorraine being drunkb dont burn your bridges … plus she is not so nice when drunk .. i feel for the real owner ron

  28. Mike Hunt says:

    Yeah bar manager Lorraine is the new owners wife, and mistress to at least a couple of other regulars lol.. Been there a few times over the past 12 months and it has become a sanctum for loudmouth yanks. Also has a major rat problem and when last at the bar early feb.10..a rat the size of a chihuahua ran over my foot at the bar ( there’s rabies in this country so not a joke).

  29. voyager says:

    She was in hidding when I was there for her husband was in town. He is making changes slowly with us.

  30. neil ian and ed says:

    lorraine and staff was very frendly be back soon

  31. Curt says:

    She was a dancer before

  32. john says:

    She is behave since here husband here and also i haven’t seen that guy she always happy to chat almost every night.if i am with her husband i wont trust her at all.

  33. Johnny says:

    Lorraine is behave since her husband is here the guy that she always chat with ihaven’t seen him too.

  34. jack says:

    bleibt weg von dem Scheissladen. Ausser Schmeissfliegen findest du nix.Die Maennertolette ist Spycam ueberwacht und als letzter Gast haste K.O. Tropfen (GHB) im Bier!

  35. stainmaker says:

    not only that but she is a X dancer from up in Subic Bay area some years back. LOL!

  36. Mike says:

    The owners wife of el gecko she’s not very nice at all and ugly.

  37. Cebuana says:

    The wife is not very nice at all and she’s ugly

  38. daniel says:

    yes…Loaraine is real cool. I was there last week. I had a blast theere… All my buddies ended up ringing the bell buying the whole staff drinks. 4 Rounds of shots! shots! shots! it was crraazzy fun…

  39. ken says:

    Excuse me voyager, as in most cases of a foreigner owning a bar in the PR, she is the wife and her husband is the money behind the bar. The bar is just in her name. I think the new owners name is ron
    or rob

  40. voyager says:

    Charles and ken you guys are so full of shit. The new owner isn’t even a guy she is a filipina. Get a life…

  41. ken says:

    Yes the new owner has a drk side for sure. Do not like that place at all

  42. Charles U. Farley says:

    The owner can get very ugly when he is drunk.
    Not very nice.

  43. Renne says:

    Like a morgue

  44. Marc says:

    Was in Gecko 2 times once in the day and once this past Wednesday evening. Same old boring place, same old menu. No business. I wonder how much the new owener paid for this dead horse

  45. Marc says:

    Was at gecko wendesday, for the 2nd time in a week. Place is still the same with the same old food and boring like before. Wonder how much the new owner paid for that place?

  46. Chris, QLD , Aust. says:

    Great little bar for a super cold beer and conversation with expat Aussies, yanks etc. Lorraine the manager is really friendly and the bar staff are very cute and efficient, see: Amy! Bob the loud Aussie at the end of the bar is a charachter but can be a real pain in the arse when he gets a gut full of piss.. overall good food and plenty of atmosphere 8/10.

  47. waitress b4 says:

    i hope the new owner of el gecko now are not stupid…like the owner before,,that his name is marc!!mind your own buseness,,dont mind to the other buseness…and i hope my free meal na,,gutom baya diba

  48. Pat says:

    I’M going with my wife . Would this be the type of bar she would feel comfortable in qqqq

  49. Philippine Nightlife says:

    Marc has finally sold El Gecko and it has been under new ownership since 9/15. No big changes are currently taking place except for a major cleanup of the facility and letting all the old and new girls get used to Lorraine who is managing the place. Lorraine speaks a few dielects and also speaks english very good and has a great personality.

    The upstairs is not going to go back to being a girl bar since the bar needs more room to cater to the local expats and to those visiting that would like to relax by themselves or with their girl.

    The kitchen will be moving upstairs in about a month so the downstairs bar can be expaned. The hours of operation will change when this is done so the menu can change to also serve a breakfast menu along with a hamburger and sanwich menu.

    I will keep people udated.

  50. segben_wak2x says:


  51. wayne says:

    and also i understand san magel is one of there main beer ? what would we expect to pay for 1 pint pls thanks

  52. wayne says:

    hi me and a friendare going to cebu at end of month any sugestions for the best place to go for woman a good pint and good value for money many thanks

  53. Jeny says:

    Walay ayo nang tag-iya ana bugo kaayo.Walay grado mukalit lang ug katipas iyang utok.Napurdoy na si Marc hahaha

  54. Cebuexpat says:

    Its certainly not the busiest western bar in town but it is a good bar to start your rounds. The staff are friendly the beer is cold and reasonably priced. No girls here but thats not the point; its a drinking bar.

  55. Bruce says:

    Spud writes Stripes is closed..rubbish.

    How can anyone believe Spud whom claimed stripes is closed. Its not closed and never has been.

    El gecko may be fine for smokers but for a non smoker its murder.

    Each to there own, how ever the purpose of the forum I believe is to express your personal experiences, not make false claims against other establishments to promote your own as Spud has done.

  56. jan2x bohol says:

    wla d.i mga pictures sa dancers???

  57. Ron K - Sydney says:

    Bruce, don’t you mean Stripes ? Even I know that and a once a year visitor. I’ve met Marc, good bloke and the bar is fine. I have to agree with what spud says.

  58. Walter says:

    Hello I also paid P50 for a bier in this place not 40. Eat food but was not good and expensive. Think this spud must have wrong bar, nobody but me inside and I go after bad eating.Many good girl bars up mango and bier same price

  59. Bruce says:

    Spud are you the same spud that posted strips is closed…..I was there with others 2 days after your post.

    No need to say any more….

  60. Spud says:

    Bruce you are complete idiot. All food is bought daily and fresh. You see the girls always running up to Fooda. Maybe thats what the bags were. Would you prefer pre made frozen tasteless dishes.

    Its a shame someone like you posts uneducated complete rubbish like this. The bar is very popular with locals and expats. Has the cheapest beer around. As for the beer it is only P40 not P50 !

    I do know the owner since he bought the bar two years ago ( No owner changes ) and have lived in Cebu for over 4 years. Marc is selling athe moment as he wants to take his little boy and girlfriend to England. It has also been the busiest westerner bar in town for the last 6 months.

    Get your facts straight or dont post !

  61. Spud says:

    Your comments are way off course. No reasearch or questions asked i guess just conlclusions. The bar has had the same owner for over two years. Marc from London, he bought the bar from a Swedish guy. Mike. They had girls upstairs but only for two months as a trail but now it is back to its usual westerner bar.

  62. Bruce says:

    Was there about a month ago. Correct it has a history of frequent ownership changes, was owned by a German now a Brit.

    Few senior Aussies and a German well tanked when I visited, about 10pm, nothing happening upstairs. Food was brought in for customers in small plastic bags and transferred on to plates…Hmm say not more…… Maybe now its changed.

    For a smoker whom likes to listen to stories…..maybe OK to chill out for a bit, if your a non smoker (like me) forget it, you will suffocate under five minutes.

    Beer was P50.