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Grill Avenue – Beers and Silog House: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese


From the top end of mango Avenue (the roundabout end), contine ¾ back down mango, – way past Mango square and the naughty bar area. About 200 before the junction, cunningly hid behind a tree, you can see the entrance to grill avenue. Guard should be loitering around the entrance with the usual rocket launcher, armed and ready should a riot suddenly break out..

Grill avenue is basically, 2 or 3 small restobars, with a limited but keenly priced Menu and resonable food. I usually go there after work and eat on the RHS restobar – kinelau is nice, so is sissig – get a few extra eggs and you are set up! There’s also a TV there which is handy – the remote control has had a duff battery for about as long as I can remember so i fyou want to be really prepared – bring a couple aa batteries with you!

Grill avenue is a useful spot for the chilling out with a few friends, rather than being a top spot for meeting girls and having outragious fun (although you could stil meet some here). It also stays open late, handy for me when I finish work and want to pop in for my dinner and watch a film on the TV. There’s also 2 or 3 karaoke rooms as well should you be feeling vocal. On Saturday evenings, the bar on the left often has reasonable live music.

Good place to take your friends out without breaking the bank and chilled out atmosphere (music not too loud). The place is OK forenGERS, although its aimed and frequented more by working Filipinos (have a look at the cars in the car park).


3/5 For an OK place to go and chill out, the pricing is fair enough


2/5 Music is OK’ish, try to go when the live band is there


3/5 Layout is good if you want to chill out and take it easy – nice, dark and relaxed. There’s a few comfy sofas, or just the standard small tables and chairs. All good though. The bar on the far left has a small enclosure – probably for private parties and KTV – havent checked it out yet

Quality of food

3/5 Good portions of food and tastes nice enough – basic stuff, but delicious with a few red horse when you are hungry!


4/5 Very friendly staff and good atmosphere
As you can see, the scores are not amazing high – however, grill avenue is still definately one of my preferred spots to pop in. Worth a visit. Not easy to get pics as the place as shut in the day and it’s too dark for my Sony C510 cell phone cam at night!

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