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Hot Rods Bikini Bar Review: Mango Ave, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese

Name : Hot Rods Bikini Bar, Mango Ave Cebu

Location : Mango Avenue, Cebu (right in the middle of the main of the main bar area)

Layout : 4/5 This bar is brand new (Feb 2009) and has just been opened, replacing Black hole bar that was there before. The layout inside is looks good, although it’s fairly bright in there. Decent central stage and lots of peripheral seating. Lots if places to sit comfortably and chat with girls or just observe. You can also run around the bar chasing girls like a rabid dog chasing a pussy (if you wanted to). Overall, can’t moan about the layout if this bar.

Price : 4/5 Proper Mango Avenue pricing. Mango is definitely “THE” bar area of Cebu – it has the best bars and surprisingly, with a few cheeky exceptions, the best pricing – all the way from a ladies drink to all out bar fine. Great news for everyone DON’T GET GREEDY OI!

Management : Don’t really know enough to comment, no probs when I was in there and more than happy to tolerate some “red horse” induced antics during my last visit!

Girls Looks : 3/5 Some nice lookers – we arrived late and there were still some nice ones in there – I’m sure if you arrived early you’d be in for a pleasant surprise or two.

Attitude : 4/5 no worries – girls were really friendly and funny, management did not hassle big time for drinks, seems better than the bar it replaced before

Fun Factor : 3/5 Good fun, enjoyed chasing girl around the bar on my last visit – can’t actually remember why… Possibly something about English and Vampires?

Overall : 4/5 Recommended better bar in the Mango Strip – as with most bars, be sure to check it out earlyish at least once so you’ll appreciate what you’ve missed when you turn up late next time!

You’ll get some pics when Miss Chinese gets her bum in gear and gets the long promised (fabled?) Photos!

69 responses to “Hot Rods Bikini Bar Review: Mango Ave, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese”

  1. jorge(calif) says:

    \ i recommend this bar to all the men who wants to have a better nights\

    the place is totally calming.
    the girls are beautiful and young.
    the staff and the bar tenders are good.
    i feel welcomed everytime i went to HOTRODS. and im hoping to comeback there next next months with my friends.
    it feels so wonderful that the people working on this bar is warm.

    \two thumbs up\

  2. chester(USA) says:




  3. alex P. says:

    check the new hotrod bar its nice and clean the girls are very friendly and attractive compared to other bars ive been to in cebu.ive found the girls went crazy when they brought the pingpong balls out but you must ask for this.i wish them the best of thier renovations and definetely visit there next time im in cebu!..

  4. Tim says:


    I hear an Australian guy have taken over Hot Rod. I havent been there since he took over but it will be interesting to see what he can do with the place.
    Im not sure about this, but i also heard that Club Temptation is sold…I guess the owner really was fed up with the bar business as well as with you guys…a lot of unfair comments and statements posted here. I been In Club Tempation maybe a hundred times and dont recognize the bullshit you cry babies are posting here. Never mind, lets wish the new owners best of luck – and keep in mind, your not getting any free rides from the new ones either

    • bigkev says:

      the owner of hot rods and temptations got caught by his wife fucking one of the girls and forced him to sell… the idiot sold hot rods for 1million pesos after turning down our offer of 4mil earlier this year… hahah our new place will put the others out of business anyway… hot rod’s momma san will come to work for us and bring all her customers with her too.. good luck new owner…lol

      • T says:

        Bigkev…of all idiots in Cebu your probarbly one of the biggest. First of all, i never fucked any of my girls and therefor never got caught by my wife. The price was not one million but several times that…Finally, i never recived any 4M offer from you, you morron…

      • Tim says:

        BIGKEV…I dont know why you choose a name starting with big…for sure its not refering to your brain and probarbly not down south either.

        First: You never made any offer worth of 4 M on Hot Rod. You didnt even made any offer at all so i wonder whom your trying to impress here.

        Second: The bar was not sold for 1 million but around 4…Where are you getting your information from?

        Thrird: The owner wasnt caught by hes wife fucking anybody as you state and surely he was not forced by her to sell Hot Rod. You obviously dont know the owner…hes not easy to force to snything by anybody.

        Good luck with the mamasan of Hot Rod…and your bar…I truly feel you can need it. I can only imagine you as a bar owner

  5. Peter says:

    Hot Rods is a nice looking bar and the girls are nice and friendly, BUT there is some big problems of course, the manager, and the owner…

    The owner is of course the person who could turn things around in this place, but does he do it? NOPE! And that buang (crazy) manager woman who is sometimes scamming customers together with some of the bar girls, or sometimes making stupid decisions because of bar rules out of the blue, well, she should absolutely not be working in the bar business, that’s for sure!

    Hot Rods and Temptations are up for sale, and it’s no surprise… Stay away from this bar! The chances you will have some problems with the manager is too big.

    I never go to Hot Rods or Temtations anymore.

  6. Victor says:

    The bar is for sale for all you wanna be egomaniacs controlling girls lives. You’ll lose money but gain an ego. Good luck!

  7. Safe lady says:

    Yes Marlyn is a doll as is Maricel. The best times I have had have been sitting and drinking all night with the owner and then get up to leave and discover it was actually tomorrow.

  8. Ray II says:

    Visiting my brother who lives in Cebu. He promised a good time during my stay. We bar hopped several places and ended up at Hot Rod’s and I can’t praise this place enough. Mamasan, Tina, was helpful and friendly; the drinks were strong and ice cold and the 25 or so ladies were mostly all hot! Girls drinks were reasonable as were the bar fines. I will return to the other clubs to sight-see but I’ll do my shopping at Hot Rod’s!

  9. Ray and Ray says:

    My bro and I went to hotrods last night and had a great time. He is visiting my from L.A. and took out three girls. I stayed and shot pool with mamasan, she kicked my ass, and had a lot of fun.I could have easily peicked from 25 girls to take one home, as they are all fine looking and friendly. The drinks a fair priced, and the fine is easily managed, I think 1800 pesos. The service was perfect, always fast and friendly. We will deffinatly go back when my bro recooporates from his three girls. I promised him a good time when he got here, and by the smile on his face, I could tell that he was in heaven.

  10. dann says:

    hot rod is so lovely if your looking for someone whose not boring to be with! they are fun tho…who knows about the girl number 36??? she’s so lovely and cute she had a lot of fun too she’s nice and funny to be with..hope that your doing good lovely girl…..

  11. Pat says:

    Stopped by hot rods last night. First time for about 1 month. Like to fell over. Sign on the door says.. All males P 500 entrance fee. NOT CONSUMABLE. I read it twice, so that for sure what it said.. Guess they can go ahead and close the doors and save electric…

  12. Ray says:

    Anybody know where Jennelyn is? she is a slim girl, about 25 years old.

  13. Bass says:

    This bar sucks. A buddy and I was in and we were the only customers. We had tabled six girls and just ordered them a second drink. Two Koreans came in and the momma called for a line up and took my six girls???? I was like what the F_ck?? She told me that is the bar policy! I asked her what if they choose the girls that I already have drinks for…no answer. We paid our check and they will never see any of my money again. I live in the Philippines and I send average of 20,000P a night bar hopping….Their loss!

    • bigkev says:

      because you are an idiot… anyone who has to bar fine girls in cebu is a total loser… i even get the girls for free… thanks for paying though since you keep my girls employed… haha sucker

  14. mr.spender xxx says:

    the manager are sucks!fuck gina to go hell fuck the devil,mother fucker why you are so bitch to your girls specialy hot dont know that if no girls working you dont have money right now to spent …so pls be nice to your girls they are giving income on you!

  15. Joe joe says:

    Buddy brought me there. (he’s a frequent)So I guess we got some special treatment. We went to a good amount of bars, but this one is the BEST. The girls are cool as hell and are down to have fun. IDK who said there is no touch policy, maybe because you are 75 and trying to hook up with a 18 yo girl. Girls are asking me to suck there titties left and right. ENJOY !

  16. Darren says:

    For sale i hear, How much?

  17. tommy says:

    was a great time spent 3,000 pesos and drank myself sily and had good company girl was 1,700 she left about 3 am must say from being in pattaya and here wow much better here

  18. Ray says:

    hi i will be in Cebu on the 19th feb 2010 first time lookinf forward to a well earned rest im English, i will be on my own so im a novice be nice to meet some guys to advise me on the doos and donts and not where to go and where to go, Please feel free to e mail me on thanx all

    Regards Ray the Biker lad

  19. Ann says:

    Tisay, forget the Hot Rods I worked there go to the real hot club, where I work now, Silver Dollar on Jones next to Crown Regancy. See you

  20. John says:

    Yes. it is the same owner as temptation I was told by the manager of viking. Just read about the owner on the temptation ad about the owner. Guess I will stay away. Thanks guys

  21. Charles U. Farley says:

    Somebody told me, that it is the same owner than Temptation right now, but i can not confirm this.
    But the thing i can confirm is, that they use the same technique to get money out from foreigners…

  22. tisay says:

    hello,.are you hiring for a dancer?i saw your bar at the tourist channel and i find it very amazing,one of a kind–i just turned 18 and desperate enough to seek for an income to be able to support my needs in school, a college student and have been rejected by love–,i have no other way to go to–:-)
    i am looking forward hearing from you,i’ll be expecting your response here–
    i have beauty and brain to boast —


  23. Ann says:

    Hi Sir Ken, this is ann. You remember me? Sorry leave there and most other girls leave. We go other clubs where more fun and customers. I at silver dollar now. Much better

  24. rob aussie says:

    Hotrod is the place to go when you feel bored and lonely.its my 3 times in phils.but its my first time to cebu city nice place to stay and make a living.i went to a few bar’s its 1 bar called hotrod that i think is the best of all bar in cebu city!ladies and waitress are friendly.its to bad i only stay 3 days in cebu city i had to come to work in my country.but i had a good memories and i want to come more to hotrod for only one special you number 48 kimberly i want to spend more time with are beautyful,smart the girl good to be my wife,i want to have a contact with you.i like you kimberly even i only knew you short period of time i do think you are good to be a wife…For everyone working in hotrod and know’s kimberly number.48 please tell her rob from aussie coming back to get her.

  25. Ken From Texas says:

    Hahaha..the bar is what you make of it. If you know how to have fun and liven up the girls and customers like I do, then its really good fun. If the girls ignores me in any bar I will not return, but I have never had the problem in Cebu. I was there in July and will return for Xmas, so the girls better be ready. I will be back at Xmas with two other americans. If you remember I came in there with my young american friend and the girls went crazy over him. It was good fun! I will be there the night after xmas. If any of the girls in Hot Rods Reads this please leave me a message and a email or Ym or cell. CIAO

  26. Lothar says:

    Hot Rod is the place to be …. not only is the mamasan josie the lady with cebu’s best ass and friendliest smile ..all the girls are so beautiful and approachable ..i just was so happy to be there during my two times vacation in cebu this year …
    lovely venus, marie, sexy lexy, joejee and swo many others …. and for all to know: you can find your love there … ivy … she went to the german class for me and we will marry next year … no doubt, we will come and celebrate in hot rod for a night of fun with the girls … and who knows, maybe we bring some to the hotel for this sort of enjoyment, we all ove 😉

    kisses to all of them

  27. mikemike says:

    reveied all the posts from the staff who work there and promote the place to the competitors who are rubbishing it.

    Then there are a few posts from genuine visitors which make sense.

    This bar is up for sale probably because it just is not working

  28. Alan says:

    Hi. Great advice here for my up and coming first visit to Cebu City. I am just wondering what time do most of the bars open on Mango ave please?

  29. my baby cute says:

    there are many beautiful rod is very clean.girls are very kind and funny.

    i think hot rod is the best bar i have ever been to.

    mama san is very good person.

    but girls who get a little salary is very sad.

    i want to go there again.

  30. Mike says:

    ooohhhhhhhhhh not an average bar even it was big bar and wide inside girls are sooo boring and not friendly oooooooooooooooohhhhhhh ladies drinks very expensive 300php girls not entertaining… we will not go back again…

  31. carl says:

    hi hello ;;; i been in hotrot lastweek the bar is very very nice and girl …also is friendly really very good english i like number;;;;;3 is cute beutifull i promise”””i comeback for number 3 my name is pier but sister is nicedancer but i dnt like coz fat big stomach in teeth is nt good ;’;’;

  32. carl says:

    in hotrod is very nice bar and also girl very very nice ””i want to number 29 nice dancer and also i like number 3 very cute//// and beutifull and number 44 big boobs i want but sister is bollshit,,,,,

  33. allan says:

    yeah i think jeff is right ive been there twice and still the same this bar is not good yes the place are nice but the people inside are not especially the managers,if i were the dancers you better work to another bar and im sure you will not have any penalty.

  34. jeff says:

    i don’t like this bar the managers are bullshit,especially gina in club temptation.she don’t even know how to speak proper english,all she know is to give penalties to the dancers and to all the staff..they only entertain you if they can see that you’re a good spender and if not they just ignore you (how stupid!!!)why don’t you tell the owner to build a church than to own a bar if you don’t know how to manage..the costumers can’t even touch the girls or just hold their hands if youll not barfine them even if you gave many drinks,coz their afraid of the bartender who they follow (what does he know anyways,he’s old and he should not be working in a bar an old bartender who don’t even know how to talk,he just keep on eating his bread that he sells,dirty old man you’d rather build a bakeshop!!!) I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS BAR,THIS IS BULLSHIT…TRY TO VISIT ONCE AND IM SURE YOULL NOT COME BACK!!!!

  35. Cebuexpat says:

    The crew that run this place are great, they are friendly and approachable. The girls are indifferent at the moment (whats this lollipop thing all about). Some are attractive and some are less pleasing to the eye. Last few times I have been in here the place has been very slow but then at least you get the choice of the crop. I would still stick it on my rounds.

  36. performer girl number#1............................. says:

    hi!every one who give comment to hotrod,thanks alot 4 being a nice and interesting our performance and specially those who give a wonderfull comments in hotrod club..thanks everyone and god bless…your performer girl number 1..

  37. Regular in Cebu says:

    For CebuNewbie!

    The average price is 1700pesos barfine. Some are a bit higher, 2500pesos and the really high priced places are usually where the Korean’s go, buts worth a look and a beer, but if they have an entrance fee I wouldn’t bother. Beer is about 100pesos($2usd) and ladies drinks range from 150-250pesos. HAVE FUN !

  38. Ken Daddy says:

    Well Well, so many new comments here finally. We had a great time there in July. Tell John I said hello. See you at Xmas snd leave more comments.

  39. alexander (madmax) says:

    hey girls im comeing this august 2009 and hope to introduce my son and his friend to some happy times see you all there on the night of the 16 okay,, havent been before but by what ive read it certainly shakes up

  40. miss punky says:

    hot rod is nice,clean,and girls there are friendly…..i like it….but the problem is,,many policy….many penalties,,,they fired some girls,,bullshit…
    and also the mama san(mam gina)looks like evil….hahha..funny..maybe she have a lot of money…cause many penalties,,and maybe,,she keep it(earn money from penalties)the girls are very pity!..pls stop it!

  41. david us says:

    ,,,,now hotrod bar is quite boring,,,few girls ate there,,i saw there manager,,,she looks so bad,,her face is evil,,,she is not friendly to the girls,,,i dont know why she act like that,,,,but girls there are ok…but there are some not,,,.you have to change and improve your policies

  42. CebuNewbie says:

    Just curious what the pricing structure is. Nobody has posted.


  43. germany,,,,,,,roberto,,, says:

    MMMMMM,,WELL I AGREE,,,THE BAR IS ABSOLUTELY NICE AND CLEAN,,,THE girls the mama san n papa san are verry nice too,,,as were as the waitresses,,,
    the thing is they should change a bit of there policies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,common…….be nice,,,,,why are you so strict,,,,? i came there but i see few girls girls sround,,,maybe thats the reason why you dont have many guest,,,,,but still i love to to hotrod bar,,,,i love number 12…she so funny….,good dancer,,,,,,,..she had a sence of humor,,,and very good in english,,,you will love her,,,,,,,,see you soon

  44. mr.bxx!! says:

    oh!mr.PIMonger,i think you feel bad in hotrod,cause you say alot not good comment in hotrod,well all i can say to you about this bar is nice big clean but the things is the movement of the few girls in side are not to good,cause they look dragon when you already inside lol!opps! but not all girls there are look dragon,cause i see one girl there are look nice and good dancer. and i think she is so shy to come to me,cause she see all ready that many girls set beside me.well soon i will be back there to see and to talk that girl.hope girl number 1 you still there in hotrod when i back to cebu,t.c.

  45. number 36 says:

    i agree that the hot rods is a nice and wonderful place not only the place but also the girls there are friendly thats why i dont want to workl in other bar cuz i used to be there because of the attide of the girls there.the girls there are friendly,funny not boring to be with and beautiful… what are you waiting for come and visit tonight!

  46. american says:

    this bar is so nice,but the bad thing is they have too many rules there.there girls are pretty good dancers and the mamasan and papa san are so nice theyre funny.i like waitresses they’re damn beautiful specially the waitress in the door she’s hot and gorgeous,she had the sweetest smile ever.the management should at least change some of there policies to let the waitress sit for a while in the costumer and to have some drinks.coz not all the costumers like dancers.

  47. blue says:

    i guess i’m going to try to visit this place when i got home…see yah soon>>>>>>

  48. PIMonger says:

    Hot Rods is kind of a snooty bar IMO. My crew went in there and in front of us the doorman wouldn’t let another guy in because he was wearing a tank top. Once we got in, the girls just weren’t very interested in us despite there being no other customers. This was the only bar I’ve ever had a bargirl say she didn’t want a ladies drink from me. One of the waitresses there told us a lot of the girls preferred Asians for their money. No worries…we took our pesos elsewhere. Had they given us a try, they would have found our little group isn’t cheap and spends a lot. Doubt I’ll ever go back here.

    Oh yeah, I saw the guy in the tank top later that night at Lone Star buying 7 or 8 girls drinks and I think he barfined two of them. Hot Rods missed out on about 10,000 pesos from that guy and at least double that from us. Stupid bar.

  49. Cebuexpat says:

    Interesting comments above; it’s great how we all have such different views. Can you imagine a world where we all agreed? How boring

    Hot Rod is so similar to Temptations in decor and day to day running. Remember it is the same owner. Its a long way removed from the original Black Hole that stood on the site many year ago (before Martin)

    It is one of those ‘hit or miss’ bars. Sometimes great, sometimes boring. It’s mostly slotted in to somewhere on my rounds

  50. yuki says:

    hi my dear friend tom,how are you?hope you all ways in a good the way my dear friend thanks alot for the pleasure that you give us when you are here in hot rod, cause we the girls here in hot rod realy injoy it.and also we never for get the step of the dance that you teach us.onece agen thank you very much and more power to.kisses for you…………………………………!!!!!!!

  51. yuki says:

    wow!sir ken i can tell that you are a nice guy,becuse you have a nice message for the hot rod bar.well thanks for you that you well try to viset to our bar. and for sure sir ken, you well injoy your night life her in cebu. cause we the girls in hot rod we give you alot of show and fun,thanks agen sir see yu soon in hot rod more power and god bless you.

  52. Ken From Texas says:

    I have now read many reviews on Hotrods. Ufortunately I wasn’t able to go there because it wasn’t opened yet during Sinulog09. I have had many good times in Black Hole and in Asian Flower so I’m willing to give Hotrod’s a try. I will return in July, so if anyone wants to have a cold beer let me know here and I will send my YM. I’m looking forward to checking out Stripes and Hot Rods.

  53. lady love girl. says:

    i agree to you C.J.that hot rod bar is a great bar.because all the girls was improbe the way they thanks to the 2 good dancer sister there in hotrod.cause they are the amezing girls there.god bless u all.

  54. my first love.thats me C.J says:

    hi!girls working in the hot rod specialy to the sender of darling know what!i realy agree with you that the hot rod bar is very nice and great bar.cause i meet also a guest who teach me how to start inlove.but not only love,he is my first love. and he the one also make me crazy in a terms of that way i realy happy and exited to work every night in hot to my new ff, what u waeting 4! tray 2 come here in hot rod bar and i well sure you that your night life here in cebu well be what u waet 4 come buhay hot rod.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. johnny(england) says:

    ,,,i been there in hotrod many times,,for me it is a place where you can relax and enjoy,,,the girls are so gorgeous and so talanted,,,,,they are very friendly and very approachable,,,i like the mama san to much which is mommy jocy,,and her partner papa san john,,,they were the best papa n mama san i’ve ever meet…they are also funny,,,,i met my girl there,,,for me shes a type of girl who loves to make jokes,,,i always see her happy..she smiles a lot,,i like her so much because she knows how to make me laugh,,,,,,,i have talk to other girls too,,,,and i just found out about there problems in the bar,,,
    they get pennalty,,,,and i haved noticed too that they are suuffering from that said pennalty,,,why? ,,,they tell me that they dont have a good salary from the bar,,,how come the policy for them is not wotrhful…why is it that said mommy gina never cares and never give a chance to the girls who work in a bar,,,why is it she instantly give pennalty,…why is it no night off,,,the girls worked 7 days a week…and if they will be absenting,,they will have pennalty too?,,,,,,,,,,give some mercy,,they worked because they want to earn money for there family…have mercy to them,,,,,,,they are not desserved to be treated like that,,,they are the one who earns income to the bar,,,they should be treated an important people…….

    but still i loved to hang on in hotrod bar,,,for me they are the best bar ever,,,,more power to all the girls and to all the staff,,god bless and please give VALUE TO THE GIRLS WHO WORKS WITH YOU AND FOR SURE THE GIRLS WILL REPAY YOU GOOD TOO…THANK YOU


  56. kent says:

    Hot rods was a real disappointment. the girls were basically retreads. The prices are rediculously expensive. To much pressure to buy ladie drinks if you say more than a hello to a girl. food prices very high and not good food either. My opinion.

  57. Andrey says:

    Really RECOMMENDET)))) Very frendly personal. Very nice bar, but not meny guest inside. I found one very preaty girl for my self.

  58. darling mark,(england) says:

    its a nice felling to meet a guest from many countries….specially when i meet mark phillips from england….we been friends since i started to work in hot rod,,,then a couple of months ago..he cort me….an electrifying fellings i felt in that time,,,coz he treated me as a person….but sad to say,,,he passed away,,,,mark..thanks for admiring me… what you sain that for you i am the best dancer in this planet,,,,n im so proud to say this,,,hot rod bar is the best bar in cebu…the place era clean and the girls are friendly….if you guys want to experience enjoyment and full entertament…come n visit hot rod bar,,,the best

  59. roger says:

    not so nice particular with the girls and u will loss ur night life coz i already done there and i experience how they lossed mu nytelife.

  60. Bill A Ausi on April 1 2009 says:

    Wow, what a Bar. Food was great girls were fun and Mamasan Josie was the friendliest Mamasan I met. Two nice Bars to sit back and watch the action on the stage. There must of been 30 of the prettiest girls in Cebu there. Everthing is new and clean, 1st class. I will be back for more fun in July. I just found my new favarate Bar in the world.

  61. Tom says:

    I was recently at Hot Rods and I tell you that this is the best gentlemens bar by far. Aside from the wonderful decore, comfortable, white leather seats and well positioned dance floor the staff were simply outstanding and the atmosphere is electrifying. The ladies were so welcoming that it blew my socks off and the drinks were always cold and prompt and at a great price. Outstanding service from all the waitress and Mamasan was professional and warm as well. I and my friends could not fault this club one bit for it was close to eutopia. If you show your respect and kindness it will be returned tenfold. Thank you Mamasan Josie, Yuki, Wella, Jane and all the ladies for a memorable time in Cebu. Ladies dont forget the fire and feather dance for I will be back. A must see venue when in Cebu. 10/10

  62. Carlos of USA says:

    This is the nicest bar in Cebu I have been to. I have been in Cebu many times. The girls are very friendly, and you can hold and touch the girls. Maybe Cowboy and bandger were too drunkd. I met the owner nice guy, he said some times owners of other bars put up the bull shit. I am an American and I will keep going there. There are many dumps for badger and Cowboy to go to.

  63. Cowboy says:

    I was there last month (Feb 09) and totally agree with Badger. I think it is the worst bar on Mango and I would not go there again. If you are not Korean, Japanese, or a really big spender, they really don’t want you.

  64. Badger says:

    Well Ive been to Hot Rod once and probably not going back there anymore. I agree that it is a classy place but the policies are really crappy.
    First of all you cant touch or even hold a girls hand if you haven’t paid the barfine. I mean no matter how much LD you give her you can only look at her if you have no intention on barfining her, what a crappy policy! and if you don’t look like a big shotor a jap then expect to be snubbed by the mamasans!

  65. With style says:

    I agree totally. This bar is for sure the nicest and most classy bar in Mango area. Lots of pretty girls and so far i have only good things to say about the place. RECOMENDED!!!!