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How to meet Naughty girls

      √ Get off the plane – once this step is completed, you are almost there
      √ Go to a bar – the best place ever to meet Naughty Girls
      √ Walk along the street and look lost
      √ Be at least 60 years old
      √ Go to the shopping mall and sit at one of the foreigner “hotspots”, Naughty
      √ Girls will soon appear, as if by magic!
      √ Agree to meet the Kind Taxi man’s lovely niece
      √ Go to Juliana around 3 – 3.30 am, 90% naughty!
      √ Take 100 peso out of your wallet in public


  • The naughty girl may not be telling 100% truth, 100% of the time
  • She may love you, but yesterday she was probably loving the 65 year bald Fatman you just laughed at in the shopping centre
  • She may not really need that operation for a coronary artery bypass graft
  • If you give her some “utang”, the payback might be a little late
  • It may not actually be her birthday tomorrow and you don’t really have to buy her a 15,000 peso phone or a pig or a house

65 responses to “How to meet Naughty girls”

  1. mamamia says:

    bar girls are better than those claiming themeselves \PROFESSIONALS\ yet they behave and act more slutty and evil than those whores… BEWARE!!! they are very good with words.

  2. Canada Dude says:

    Hey there….. heading to Cebu to meet up w my gf & it turns out she’s bi. Dunno, first time for me lol. Any idea where we can find a bi girl? She doesn’t know cuz she’s never met any other than some of her friends… & she doesn’t wanna involve them. Salamat

  3. RiyaButler says:

    Hi Buddies,
    Just joined the gang. Hope to have excellent time here.


  4. terryferkhuit says:

    My Cebu gf is trying to find somewhere in the area that sells adult sex toys – Vibes, dildos, strapons etc. Does anyone know where she can try please?
    She is on Mactan around the Joanna subdivision but travelling is no problem.
    Any serious help or advice gratefully appreciated.

  5. k&B says:

    couple looking to go check out the island im blk fem wht male. how receptive are the women to cpls?

  6. shapon says:

    I hv visited to cebu 2/3 times but dont find nice gil for love. now if i get poor, nice, sexy girl hope i can love her…

  7. hagtos says:

    Filipinas prefer ugly, fat but rich white man
    than average filipino men

  8. Mister James Double-Oh-Seven Bond says:

    Yes that is so true about the stolen cell phone. A great excuse to get money off you. A girl I met in Davao tried it on me on Yahoo Messenger when I returned home. But I said no. She hasn’t chatted to me ever since.

    I’ve been to the Philippines a few times, but I was never looking for sex. I wanted a real relationship that would lead to marriage.

    One girl said she was too young. Another said she changed her mind and wanted to continue to study at school; another girl was advised by her parents to break it off. Another girl said she was family orientated, meaning her parents and close relatives came before me. And she wanted to go out to a foreign country to get a job.

    Another girl, her parents weren’t even aware that she had her profile and her photos on a dating website and were astonished when I turned up at their front door to introduce myself.

    I also heard that excuse about the taxi man wanting to introduce me to his niece. I really did meet a taxi driver to said that to me. But I was on my guard. I got so fed up with all the tricks going on and all the deviousness and guile that I opted out. I decided I just wanted to a shopping Mall to have bite to eat and a bit of innocent shopping.

    Every girl I met had some excuse to turn me down.

    Is there something wrong with me?
    When I look in the mirror I don’t see The Hunchback of Notre dame, or the Elephant Man.

    I’m not fat and bald; I’m not divorced; I have no children from any out-of-wedlock relationship. I just looking for a good woman. I won’t look anywhere else but the Philippines for one simple reason.
    Once you see the women in the Philippines you want to marry one of them and take her home with you. They’re the best in the whole world!

    James Bond, 007

    • Kristina says:

      i’m a filipina and thank you for saying that.

    • Kristina says:

      by the way, i can help you with your problem..i have a lot of friends and they are nice..they’re not after your money, they are looking for a man who can give them a westerner-looking kid/s. you can reach me through +639173082584

    • Kristina says:

      are you still single?? contact me +639173082584

  9. Tyler Durden says:

    I love Filipinas!!! I have been going to the Philippines for the past 5 years and i can’t get enough of the Filipinas, San Miguel Beer, the partying and the wonderful filipino hospitality.

    I will be going back to the Philippines in January 2011 and I’m definitely going to stop over in Cebu for a few days and check this place out! Mabuhay Philippines!!!

  10. Tyler Durden says:

    I love Filipinas!!! I have been traveling to the Philippines for the past 5 years and i can’t get enough of the Filipinas, San Miguel Beer, the partying and the wonderful filipino hospitality.

    I will be going back to the Philippines in January 2011 and I’m definitely going to stop over in Cebu for a few days and check this place out! Mabuhay Philippines!!!

    Wow, it sounds like like Cebu girls are HOT!!! I never been to Cebu but I have been to the Philippines

  11. ArabStud says:

    Who cares that the girls want your money. Do any of you really believe your fat gut, balls hanging to the ground balding bastards will get the ladies running to you? Pay and Dip your prick, why complicate it anymore. As soon as a pinay starts talking about committing to anything other what position this time, dump her and move on. Forget the good girls…they dont exist.

  12. angi says:

    hey,,,guys u know i was working before in the bar. and now im married to a man who barfine me in the bar wer i worked before.all i want to say’ nice to the girls who’s working in the bar. coz some of them are not working for there own needs.but mostly of them are working because of there family needs,hope u can get me guys of what i mean.and u know it is not easy of being such a bar girl. u need to handle people in a very nice way just to be sure that u really do ur job. but some,don’t understand.coz they think all the bar girls are looking for money just for fun only? but no… u are wrong ,maybe some but not all.

  13. Jason says:

    Which place is better experience for girls, Thailand or Phillipines??

  14. Ale says:

    I am going to Cebu and would like to know which is the best hotel located next to Stripes or Angels bar.

  15. Tech Head says:

    I went to the province in Dumaguete and found a genuine 19yr old gorgeous virgin, married her and brought her back to Australia. Good for 5 months then caught her chatting to men on webcam. That ruined a marriage real quick. Caught her again 7 years later, then again a year after that. 3 strikes and your OUT! So even the virgins can be unfaithful. Probably would have done better to get a hooker – at least she would have appreciated a genuine man, especially after being fucked over by assholes. And I’m not 60+ yrs old, fat, abusive type either. I was 35yrs at the time.

  16. Kall - hotspots says:

    ((Go to the shopping mall and sit at one of the foreigner “hotspots))

    i loved this recomendation !! where is the hotspots in Ayala ? maybe i’ll find some friendly & attractive ladies on my next visit to cebu in jan’11

  17. adrian says:

    be fair to filipina girl maybe they do it for big reason….

  18. contraceptive methods says:

    Thanks for best news!

  19. Manuel says:

    OMG everyone is giving the filipina girl a bad name. All she wants is to have fun.. Let’s face she does need money.. So she can buy sexy outfits and stuff…

  20. DJ Bobo says:

    I underline some comments saying be fair to the girls. We Europeans, Australians, Americans go there with a bundle of money in our pockets (equivalent to a 2 or 3 year filipino income). These girls are poor, they earn 100 Pesos a day selling things in the mall, many of them having a small baby at home cause they could not pay protection. They are often hungry cause they have to decide: food for me or food for the Baby. Their dream is to find a foreigner to fund them. And now guys listen carefully: You go there for S.., counting your money and bargaining, thinking: how many can i get. So my advice is: find a girl via the internet, there are many chances. Tip: Chose one from Leyte, Bohol or Negros and invite her to Cebu coming by plane. Send her 300 USD = 200 EUR. Arrange some places in Cebu to stay (Mactan, Moalboal, North). Bring a nice present (touchscreen mobile up to Netbook). Treat her nice, good food, visit interesting places. Visit Malls (however the best one is Mall of Asia in Manila). Leave her some money when you leave for family support. It will be a perfect time for both. Dont waste money for pimps, mamasans or other freaks.

  21. David says:

    I plan to visit cebu soon and I have met a girl from Cebu online that I plan to meet there. She isn’t beautiful, but she is cute with a sexy figure. My problem is, she comes from a very poor family and I send her money every week. It seems to me, money is the bloodlife of her love for me. To be honest, I think no money from me means no love from her.

  22. jadebirdy says:

    where is this crown ktv and spa is located in talisay? i like to have a good massage from a sexy and good looking female therapist… 🙂

  23. Jack says:

    Yeah those places mention are true but i visited this place and it’s very nice a lot of prety girls and very nice place… why not try crown ktv and spa in talisay….

  24. kevin says:

    just remember if a girl approaches you.. she is after your money..good girls don’t approach men. but its so easy to get both there in bed..take them to mcdonalds and they are all yours. no need to pay barfines.. i never do and i average 2-3 girls a day there for months…like a revolving door at my apt…amazing country.

  25. ITS ME BABY says:


  26. ITS ME BABY says:


  27. Salami says:

    just make sure its really a girl….or you might be in a bit of a suprise…bayots (ladyboys) are plentiful at the malls and are much more aggressive at the pursuit than the ‘girls’.

  28. shawn says:

    you guys are non-sense…total jackass…

  29. Bob Martian says:

    F*ck it! I’m goin’ to Cebu.

  30. oberto says:

    based on my observation…my sole advice to the foreigners out there is……..Keep away from those naughty filipinas you think you might have a good time with! the only thing they want from you is $$$$$$…to them money is 75% and love is just might as well just scower for young decent hard-working filipinas who really do care about you as much as themselves. They are as fun as those whores you seek! I respect the fact that you love filipinas…but be clever chaps! dont make mistakes youll regret sometime in your life…well thats about it! cheers mates! and best of luck!

  31. george says:

    I love filipinas

  32. ;-) says:

    agree number 1 and 15 post!!!you guys give some respect to the girls!!!!bad or good were still human!!—–

  33. ronan says:

    thinkin of goin there is it good??was in thailand twice can anyone compaire them???was thinkin of goin in june

  34. Dano says:

    If you want slutty women you should come to Canada. The women here sleep around so much they put the hookers out of business. Also, you`ll have to get drunk to say, “I like you“. Any kids you might have probably arn`t yours.

  35. dan hidgon says:

    after you leave the airport put a $100 on your forehead and a chocolate bar in you hand and look stupid.someone will take care of you .and there is vigira on every street in the filipins.for real. go to angeles city and just pick your friend for as long AS YOU WANT TO STAY. NO SOB STORIES .JUST A FUN TIME FOR ALL.

  36. dave says:

    I been to Cebu four times twice in 08 and 09 , the women there are smoking hot, fucking glamourous, as a australian they just come up to you and talk, theres really good quality ones working in SM and Ayala mall, and there not shy to go out with you!Guys do your self a favour get on a plane and go there you wont regret it, and u will never want a australian girl again.The experience will totally change you.

  37. binthere dunnit says:

    All the above comments are right. There are good and bad girls in bars, there are alcoholic western losers who couldnt get a fuck in a western brothel with a handfull of hundred dollar notes. Too many western woman have too high an expectation and only want well-off men, so joe average finds it hard to meet a decent girl. Many have been divorced and fleeced by the ex and dont want it again, or dont want to meet divorced western women their own age with a truckload of children in tow. Most men just want good sex and a friendly warm girl to lie with them for a while. And to all of the “good” girls in the Philippines, do you really belive that Asian men dont go to prostitutes and have girlfriends on the side? Who started the sex industry in Asia anyway?. What about the Quezon City bars patronised almost exclusively by upper class Filippinos, and the Caloocan bars patronised by mainly lower class Filipinos

  38. Proud husband says:

    From personal experience, some of the above is true for me too. I was luckey enough to find the lady of my dreams in a Girlie Bar ( yeah just a hooker, No2) & i was not even looking beyond a good screw. After twenty years we are the happiest married couple in the world. My beautiful wife has stood by me through thick & thin. She sends money home to her family & i am happy that she does. I was broke after my previous marriage ruined me financially. My wife has worked in the one job for most of her time in Australia & as a result of us working together we are financially set for life. I would like to see a western woman try to survive in the way my wife & many others have had to in the Philippines. She had to put up with all the lies, promises & bad hehaviour of the “so called” civilised westerners. She has fittd in with my friends & family & i am proud to say she is a REAL LADY!!!!

  39. jluc says:

    Hi Guies,
    The westerners coming to Phils loves Filipinas.
    Filipinas girls likes the money coming from a man, as well every girl or women in all the world, naughty or not.
    Just a little part of these men and women are really unfair.
    The text above is humour, it must be understood at second degree.
    If you dont love and respect the people, the country, the girls, you dont spend hours doing this site.
    Friendly, JLuc.

  40. lost-n-looking says:

    It is so hard when you live in the poorest of places. But when you find the Girl you are looking for and she gives her word and she tell’s you she will stay with you for life she means it too ! and she will do any thing to keep you! So when you find her either run for your life because you are too much a player or have the life that you really dreamed of ! so show some respect and learn what it is to be respected too! No matter what life gives us , we do what we have to do just to live! and that is all these bar girls and GRO’s are about. non of us are the sum of the mistakes we have made in are life! that is not who we are! we all have a heart and feelings so remember that next time up take a GRO or Bar Girl to your room. you might wake up to your next wife !

  41. mindoro baby says:

    After the heat of 20 year old machines in Angeles, goddess heaven, a place where you get sexually beaten up to within an inch of your life, even with a couple of blue boys in ya, cebu is placid, the women polite and really nice, but party girls uh uh nope. But if they like ya, and you treat then with respect, you can have it all. I’ve just dealt with a vikings lady and man that girl killed me. 3 solid lengthy thrashings not enough. Look for virgie in there, what a girl !.

  42. urbanlegend says:

    visiting cebu next week any suggestion?make my visit here memorable please…heheh when i say memorable..that means i cant even pee cz of pain hehehe….

  43. Mr Mofo says:

    I am willing to help these poor girls support there families, That’s the kind of guy I am WAIT! help will be there in November ladies see you in my hotel room…

  44. boyan Falang says:

    I Lmao when I read this, Ihave been in Cebu years and chuckled at every line…

    so true, every word… ha ha ha ha

  45. tendermale says:

    i wish that sometimes, westeners like me would try t treat the girls who HAVE to wrk, with respect, i try to……

  46. Texas says:

    I go to Cebu often, to party and chase the girls. I’m always polite to all the girl and the guys as well. Kindness will take you a lot further then being a jackass. You foreigners need to realize what the job market is like there. They do what they have to do to survive. If you have never been dirt poor then you will never understand unless you make the trip there. Don’t judge people until you take a nice long look in the mirror.

  47. Robert says:

    I agree with 15 I love the Girls some are bad some are good just like in all places. be nice to all you will be treated right

  48. :) says:

    agree number 15 post 🙂

  49. Bob says:

    Treat every girl with respect. Many are supporting a whole family. In many areas that is only way the family can go to school and eat.

  50. Father Sebastian says:

    Pedro and G.gurl, you must learn how to forgive so that you will be forgiven…

    anyway, naughty girls rock!! had myself one just last night!

  51. Pedro says:

    You guys are all dirty mutha fcukers. Sick in the head!!

  52. G.gurl says:

    Are you some kind of maniacs? Aren’t your mothers and sisters women too? One day you are going to one hot place…that is when you are all dead… and it’ll be permanent. How do you like that… yah all maniacs.

  53. angel says:

    yha that is true but, not all cebuana is like taht some are not ok soo dont underestiament them u dont knoew what is the real reason why thy do that kind of work . soo respect them as u respect ur perents ok

  54. koki says:

    i agree at the number 7 comment,,not all bekini ba girls,have black heart:-(i have a bekini bar girl,girlfriend”shes not like the other girls,and im sure of that,i see it my self

  55. James Blink says:

    pag chur oi… hahahaha!!!!

  56. versie says:

    i agree with the first comment

  57. Mustacheo says:

    The LBFM’s are far better than Main land girls. Been to Nevada Lately and see the Curse of the Golden Monkey price?$$$$$$
    Retired here in CEBU love the place. If you don’t think the women from your Countries are Gold Diggers wait until the GET the %&*@## out papers come? Three kind of Girls here Province-City- Comfort. The last are the easiest to forget. BUY and Ride and put back in Garage.
    Good Girls have Hearts as Big as Mount Everest-and some not all of the KTV girls Have BLACK HEARTS but who wouldn’t if you Danced and was promised a better life by 5 guys a week telling them the JOHN’S loved them??
    Great Place Good Fun and Get real!

  58. jack says:

    haha its so tru been there 2 times and done all theese things!!! love cebu;) looking forward this august 2009 bilat ka!
    hilsen viking

  59. lovestruck says:

    A sweet farm girl from the province is meeting me at the airport. She is Catholic ( repressed naughty girl) – I think I’ll marry her.

  60. AussieK9 says:

    Damm i hope it’s that easy, hit Cebu 5th March , hey please tell where the foreigner “hotspots are 😉

  61. says:

    what can you expect from a hooker!!!

  62. mS.foTte says:

    hahahha this is soo true! damn… it suxs that these whores give filipinos, cebuanos and asians a bad name 🙁