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How to meet your next Girl Friend

In my humble experience, getting a long term GF is not as straightforward as you might think. This might be more than partly due to the fact that it is SO easy to meet the wrong type of girl and hopefully not down to me being old, ugly and stupid. There really is a world of difference between one girl and another here – so, in an entirely politically incorrect, insensitive and stereotypical manner, I will take you through MY guide to Cebu Girls.

Bar Girls (obviously not ALWAYS true, but perhaps more than sometimes)

  • Tell Lies
  • Un-trustworthy
  • Non-sincere
  • Hidden Agenda
  • Usually support large family
  • Very High Maintenance
  • Demanding and Ungrateful
  • Headache
  • Perfect if you want to learn bad words like “Piste Giatay”!
  • Perfect if you like sharing your girlfriend with their real Filipino boy friend

Simple Girls (factory / office worker / shop)

  • Watch wowowee
  • Always sing & like KTV
  • Will text you and ask if you have eaten your dinner
  • Will invite their friend out with then on your first date
  • Will expect you to meet their parents
  • Sleep on Saturday
  • Wash the clothes and go to church on Sunday
  • Enjoy “staying in the house”, sometimes for decades
  • Not the most dynamic of individuals
  • Say things like “I need to eat rice”
  • Enjoy the VERY simple things in life
  • Don’t enjoy complicated things
  • Like cooking and cleaning
  • Opposite of Bar Girl above
  • Never say “Piste Giatay”! but will often say “Pag Sure Oi”

Professional Career Girls
Ahum…not much experience so cant really comment
Probably not interested in foreigners as they don’t need
Have a good looking Filipino BF that will laugh when you try cracking onto his disinterested girl friend, before taking off his belt and slapping you with it
Are obviously all lesbians

So, looking at the list above – you really should be looking at the middle option – first option is the wrong one and the last option may not be an option at all. So, where can one meet “simple girls”?

Filipino Hang outs (resorts / grills)
Resorts are a great way to meet girls – they are in the mood for fun, with their friends and will be pleased if you come over and talk to them / their friends / families. Filipinos hate going out or eating on their own, so a good tactic is to go to the Resort / Grill and sit on your own, close to a girl you like the look of. No doubt, she and her family/friends will take pity on you and invite you to join them – bingo! Be a little careful on who is picking up the tab…

Jeepney Stands
Fantastic – is almost like an audition (just pretend in your mind). You can view the girls for several minutes whilst they wait for a Jeep – and conveniently, the ones you don’t really like the look of will be taken away after a short while and replaced, hopefully, with a more magnificent specimen. A VERY gentle “hello misss…..” should be enough to get things going. You might get blown out a few times, but generally it’s a good tactic and what do you have to lose?

Shopping Centres (caution)
If you approach the girl – OK, If the girl approaches you – be careful. Again a VERY gentle “hello miss” will be perfect, or perhaps ask for some directions – all decent girls will insist on showing you personally and taking you there – an opportunity to chat and invite the girl out!

Concerts, Sinulog etc – Girls and exited and often drunk. Enough said.

MEPSA and other factories
Many, Many girls – between 18 – 22 mostly. These are girls in boring jobs with long hours and often little excitement in their lives. When the factories kick out, or open – walk in the opposite direction, holding a pad, looking a little lost. When you see a girl you like, tell her you are looking for “office space” for your business and ask her if she knows of any in the vicinity. A way of viewing and meeting A LOT of suitable girls, with jobs – FAST! If you get blown out, just regain your dignity, grab your pad, take a few more steps and try again with the next suitable specimen!

Referrals and Blind Dates
When somebody offers an introduction to their “beautiful” friend, be a little cautious & careful! Sometimes there may be a little exaggeration on their part. My experience of blind dates is that they might have gone substantially better if I was blind.

Dating / matchmaking Agencies
Never tried it, but could actually save you a MASSIVE HEADACHE and a lot of money.

39 responses to “How to meet your next Girl Friend”

  1. CJ says:

    What about it said that the older filipina who is more lonely more desperate but already financially established in her own job her own house her own money and wont burden you financially is actually a better catch then the 20 something filipinas who often have no job and are looking at foreigners as a way out of the phils and a better life which is quite the oppposite of the more mature older 40,45,50yr old filipina who actually has more experience in bed as well lol. Hmm…my girl is over 40 and im younger than her and in western countries considered a bum …I dont have work and survive on a generous govt income support for life….but boy does my older mature gf love me….purely not for what i have or own but for my inner beauty. To hell with those blood sucking white plastic women who drain u of all your money and savings…give me a mature older filipina any day…

  2. help says:

    Over 30 ladies to choose from to be your escorts.
    Real photos here..

  3. john maddalena says:

    i was married to Filipino for 24 years ,we had our problems and also three beautiful children,tell me how many marriages between two westerners last that look.I did not trade her in, she died.I am now engaged to 19 Filipino who will graduate in nursing next week, be with her then.As i am 51 you can see i married my first Filipino wife young,better then Western wife.Friends here in Australia ask how can she graduate at 19, say easy if family has money for tuition. My view is that every relationship is different so you can not make assumptions on why a couple is together, my mahal love me because i make her laugh,she always has been the funny one in school, college and with her family.

  4. rob says:

    Interesting to read the comments. I dont even think to date a woman in USA. When I was young dating sucked and now that im older it still sucks to date in USA. There is something magical about the Philippine culture that makes some of the girls just fantastic to meet. What prejudice nonsense that an older guy should not have a young girlfriend or wife. Older guys can bring a hell of a lot into a relationship. The most fun thing about the Philippines is that younger people guys and girls value a older person and party with them like there is no tomorrow.

    I have been to Mango square bars a few times. Over dosed on Redhorse, yea me. While just standing at the bar drinking have had girls wordlessly start dancing with me right there for hours. They never ask for a thing and I cant remember even talking HAHA. At the end of the evening drunk on my ass they just come to my hotel for the fun of it. I did not even ask them to come they just followed me to taxi and came. These are just average looking sorts you would not pay for or really want as a serious girlfriend. But even when young and handsom I never had so much raw natural fun.

    In the small city I love best in Philippines, when board, afew times I have payed the 200 peso bar fine at one of the real dive karaoke bars. Dirt floor, one bare light bulb, always a few drunk Philippine guys hanging out. I will take a cute bar girl out drinking, eating and dancing so I have company looking for nice girls I might make a real girlfriend of. Amazing but true.

    I have just one rule when going out drinking, treat everyone like a good friend.

    I love the Philippines

  5. The big man says:

    I am moving to Cebu after living 12 years as an Expat in Thailand. Would just like to say great site, keep up the good work i am developing many websites about Cebu in a similar vain to this one
    The Philippine girls despite being fatter than thais have a 1000% better attitude.

  6. Charlin says:

    What if I just go out with you? Will you consider it? lol!

  7. Harry says:

    It’s amazing to me that someone would come to a “nightlife” site such as this, and leave comments about how much they dislike what goes on in the nightlife environment of that area. What do you expect to see? I do beleive that most 18 to 25 year old Filipinas hook up with much older foreigners mainly because they see them as their ticket out of the poverty. To say that this is the only reason, and that they don’t love the older men is wrong. Some do! Many people just don’t get the fact that age does not matter. I agree with most of what jetman said in his post. But I would not go as far as to call all the Filipinas whores. There are plenty of whores in the Philippines, just like the rest of the world. But that is seen mostly in the tourist areas. White women are not the only ones that feel they deserve to take every dime from “their” man. I made the mistake of marrying a Korean years ago. As soon as we announce our engagement, all her friends told me that I must give my whole paycheck to her, and be happy with a small weekly allowance. Now that the Korean economy has grown, that attitude is even worse. And I faced the same “give me half of everything you have” BS when I divorced as well.

  8. Spartacus says:

    Very constructive. Agree with option 2. But would really love to meet girls working in IT park. And btw, seems like koreans will outnumber the cebuanos in a few years time here. Hihihihi!

  9. MJ says:

    I enjoyed the reviews alot! Well written and alot of fun..Thanks fo the info on BullDogs, i always wanted to go there, but havn’t. I have passed by Mermaids a few times, but have never gone into the place. I will check it out. i will be coming to Cebu next week, and your reviews have me dialed in:) Thank you, and Happy Holidays. MJ

  10. drew says:

    Jet men speaks for real, why should men in the us or the west travel all the way to the phil, its coz the white women neglect men, and think they are more worth than men, and when the white man finally wakes up and realize that they can “alternatives’ then the white woman gets mad?? the white woman is just man, coz the money left somewhere else, and the white man is happier with slim, sensual filipinas. CAN YOU DIG IT WHITE WOMAN???

  11. joeatmanila says:

    Well, filipinas are women same as in all over the world.
    The whores and desperate will do anything for a few $$ so not much to discuss on it.
    The well standing (and are plenty) with a job and abilitiy to support their life decent are no different than the girls back home (wherever that might be). Do not get confused. Unless they have a father-daughter syndrom they will not consider you as a boyfriend and why should they???
    Your image as a foreigner is “womanizer” “pedophile” “money bag” “rude idiot” and all the rest…If you get through these tags that our white fellow loosers have made filipinos to give us, then you might stand a chance to be considered as a casual friend for a simple conversation. Now if she likes your looks she will not hesiatate to look further on you and so on. Nothing different from the dating game of all around the world.
    So, when you talk about filipinas most do refer to the desperate etc, THAT IS NOT the typical filipina of 2010.

  12. Pat Magroin says:

    here here Jetman!

  13. I Just Work Here says:

    It still churns my stomach when I see the old white dude with his young filipina girlfriend. I’m in my 30’s, good job, no problem “pulling” at home. I came here for a few months of work, and am sometimes embarrassed to walk around. Even in the states, the first question was “are you looking for a wife?” Renting my apartment, the real estate gal pointed out the girly bar just up the street. The ease of manner when I said ‘that’s not really my thing’ was palpable, then offered to show me around.

    The rich guy that only has his money going for him is as much of an ass and a looser if he’s got 100k here or 10M in the US.

  14. No effen idea says:

    pissed on July 3rd, 2009 9:25 am, and your point is???? In reality we dont like big fat lumbering white girls who can fit 2 Big Macs in their mouths at a time.Filipino women have way better pussies too, and when you grab their arse your fingers dont dissapear in the fat.

  15. xeroblast says:

    there is something missing what versie said… professional career girls want something that only a filipino guy could give.
    a filipino guy already knows what a real filipina wants.

  16. ms j says:

    if you want to find a girls friend not in the bar becouse what ever you do,that kind of girl,they make a way to be back whats her life,before you meet,so its better you find like a sales ladies,im sure you have an eye to choice you can see whats her worked,but you just follow your heart,dont forced,coz its hard to love the girls that deep inside you dont love her,dont make it plastic,and especially,dont treat her like and easy girlsmcos they are not like the girls in the bar,try to court ,is that only my suggesion,pls dont judge that thanks

  17. stayn man says:

    well said jetman. i agree with u 100%

  18. Manuel says:

    Yes it is true Philipine girl are the nicest girl. They love to please the man. If you like a stay at home girl that likes to kiss and hug than you must marry a nice Fillipina girl..

    I even know of several guys who married very young bar girls… they are very nice girls. They just need someone to love them for real..

  19. DJ Bobo says:

    For me its quite obvious, that a mid 20 lady with own income and family background does not turn to old foreigner that are obviously just picking girls for fun.
    But one must consider, that in this world are foreigners at the age of 40 to 50, that are very disappointed from western style girls and might look for a new start. True – its hard for pinays to find out who is who.
    Of course the poor girls will tell stories to get money – just accept it as it is and leave it if you dont want. Maybe you get a good feeling by knowing you save “your” girl from prostitution by supporting her.
    And never forget: All pinays are god fearing, if you are honest and nice, you got a good chance that they will be the same.

  20. mindoro baby says:

    funny how so many locals get annoyed at westerners coming there chasing ——.
    What other genuine tourism is there except being ripped of for being the wrong colour, and tips expected for just doing their job. ” Get whitey” is the general rule, hehehe.Any body noticed how in Australia for example every country has travel stories and destinations in the papers except the PI. They only sell one thing en masse and you cant openly advertise moot. Shame, some of the reef diving is genuinly world class off palawan and mindoro, and some of the “simple girls” are just the sweetest nicest people. Thanks heaps God for simple girls like those working around MEPSA, and their warm genuine attitude and friendlyness.
    Cebu City girls, watch your wallet baby.

  21. JetMan2 says:

    Amen Brother (Jetman)

  22. Jetman says:

    Regarding the comments of pissed above. While I agree with you that many of the foreigners in 3rd word countries who are sporting young girls around would’nt have a chance of doing so in developed countries, I would like to offer an alternate prospective. Most girls in US and Europe (especially eastern Europe) are no better that the bars girls here. In fact I find the bar girls here to be of higher integrity. GO to any “high class” establishment in US or Euro and and you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a golddigging money grubbing bitch. All dressed up thinking shes all that. She, just like the whores here, is on the same mission. Just looking for higher numbers and packaging her wares differently. And worst of all she will deny that’s what she is. At least the girls here admit they are broke ass whores with very little way to make it on their own. Western girls will suck every dime out of you and try to make you think its your duty to give her some kind of lifestyle she deserves. For doing what?!!! Being a demanding bitch? Then when you have had enough of her shit and want out, the real money sucking begins(if you were stupid enough to marry her without a prenup). “I want half of all your shit” for which I contributed nothing. So you see there is an altenate attraction to the culture and girls here. I am a quite successful and quite handsome guy myself. I have dated many hot girls in US and Euro including 2 playboy models. I own multiple homes in the US and have a high net worth. Yet I find the unassuming attitude and simplicity of the girls here a refreshing change from the entitlement attitude of western women. For you to belittle and stereotype all the foreigners with bar girls as losers, fails to recognize the fact that it is largely the goldigging whores of the western world that wont give the time of day to a regular working stiff, that drive men here in the first place. Most western women have ample opportunity to get off thier hot asses and make a life for themselves but prefer to be a golddigging whore and let someone else do it for them. Give me the simple unssuming whores of the philippines any day.

  23. Rebby says:

    Am not a foreigner but I live abroad and most foreigner comments are true. Am a victim of one. I fall inlove and supported her for 2 years but I didn’t know I just been used but this bar girl and now work in this bar Bulldog. Sorry but true!

    I don’t mind helping people who work hard to get by but ayaw ko ng mangloloko lang pala. Bar girls are very good at it and if you fall for it, sometimes you’re lucky and sometimes bubutasin lang bulsa mo until you find out the truth. Then it stop!

  24. pissedno.2 says:

    I agree with pissed. Most foreign guys enjoy all these attentions because they think they are so handsome and all but what they dont know is that they are just a plane away for being so fugly!

  25. Ivy says:

    If you are Foreigner married a filipina for how many years.Wy don’t you annull your wife and change another young filipina.I know a lot of kano fed up there relationship specially if they stayed in cebu for how many year my god! The husband always dating a young woman while the wife is in the house taking care of there kids hahaha..thats really hurt.

  26. pissed says:

    im sure the 2 of you made a lovely couple..

  27. Lord Lobber says:

    Actually I am confident i did manage to score the ugliest white chick whilst I was in the UK..

  28. pissed says:

    you guys are a bunch of sad,hypocrytical, disgusting, neocolonialist, abusing, jerk-off losers. most of you guys cudnt score even the ugliest white chick if your life depended on it but u feel so big when u can score some desperate or naive girls in a 3rd world country by waving your wallet around. you see them and treat them as disposable objects, not people. you hook up with the cheapest of them (becos the classy ones rightfully want nothing to do with you) and u think ur all that. youre pathetic. stay home fuckers, its you guys who make this world and these countries rotten.

  29. aussie guy says:

    Best place to find a good girl is at the beach…check her out in the water and if you like her swim past her a couple of times…say something like “can you swim?” she will most likely say no…offer to give her some will get to touch her body and within 30 mins she will be holding onto you ……
    good way to bond

  30. jastleine says:

    super agree with versie…. we’re not all lesbians u dumbass! we just don’t need expats money and passport outside philly. lol
    but yay! goin back to cebu next week for a weekend to party and…. meet cute guys hopefully hahahaha so hit me up if u think u met the criteria hahaha!!
    puhleazeee im not a caregiver or a nurse, above 35 yrs old guys can stay in bed watching baseball or larry king aight?

  31. mark- surrey says:

    hahahahha i have to laugh at this it makes me happy everytime so true !i’ve been out to the phils alot and its the same everywhere you go !the hardest is manila would you believe it !my last girlie is as mad as monkeys!province girl , but be careful of the ones that have been working abroad ! they know the score about western guys and want out of the pines quickly! on my way to cebu this year so i look forward to meeting up with whoever is there take care my fellow buddies ! i must admit i’vee not paid for a girl yet its to easy !

  32. versie says:

    kinda true,, i belong to the last part..the career oriented.. just to give balanced not all are lesbians, they don’t pay close attentions to expat or foreigners for a lot of reasons:

    1. There is a notion that foreign guys go out with prostitutes, they find it disgusting.

    2. They have bad experience with foreign guys, rude, inexplicable and language difference esp. Germans and Swiss

    3. Most Girls they knew who married Foreigners are house maid, perhaps they have an ego that they don’t want to belong to the same category. ( little mean but that’s what majority thinks)

    4. Personally, based on my experience they are demanding, and treat some of their GF as being inferior. Professional girls don’t like that.

    5. Girls like, to be feel that they are more important more than drinks, guy friends etc.

    6. Generally filipinas easily get jealous over other girls.

    7. Extra Careful guys and be choosy – don’t be fooled by “my mom is sick, there was an accident involving my bro, I lack money for tuition”, you know what i mean.. nice girls don’t ask for money.

    Perhaps in turn you can held them (GF) chocolates, to cinema. and a good dinner 😉

  33. Lobster says:

    Gary on 1st March – I presume you mean beat? If not, I would need to challenge you on that one, experience might indicate otherwise 🙂

  34. gary says:

    the girls in cebu are great you just have to do yor home work.I have been married to one for eight years. and she is as sweet as ever

  35. gary says:

    yn ou canot eat a good cebu girl .they have a heart

  36. iya says:

    hheehhe very true the best good girls to get are those working as sales ladies they are very simple and enjoys going to church with friends and family

  37. Sad Englishman says:

    All very funny and some good tips im gonna try !