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Jaguar Bar Review, Cebu – by Foreigner & The Chinese

Name : Jaguar


Umm, no where near the other bars, maybe 10 mins taxi from mango

A bit of background will help for this one I think. On several occasions I had met a very attractive specimen only to find out that she actually worked in Jaguar. As far as I could tell, there were a sprinkling of 7s in the other bars, but on the face of it, the really beautiful ones seemed to head off for jaguar where they could earn more money in the greener and richer pastures, frequented mostly by Japanese Grazers.

After being in Cebu for a while and working hard reviewing most of the Cebu bars, most of them many times to be sure of the accuracy and quality of the review, I one day realised that I had still not been to Jaguar Bar, even though I had now been in Cebu well over a year – perhaps the time was well overdue for a safari to track down the most elusive of all Asian black pussies – the Jaguar!

Experiences from my one and only encounter with the dark beast of the night are included in the review below.

the dancing queen…


And this is where my story takes a strange turn – I had heard from several different sources, that that Jaguar really was the dogs doodah’s in terms of layout and girls and second in Cebu only to the Huge Arena Bar. I had therefore, built up my hopes. Stepping out the Taxi, things looked to be off to a reasonable start. Fairly plush frontage, yeah – looked OK, I started to get a good feeling about the place. I proceeded briskly up the steps and past the guard in my eagerness to get my first glimpse. On entering that bar, I was surprised to find myself in an area that seemed to be an odd hybrid of a children’s classroom and a community function hall. To the left of me were rows if simple “classroom” type chairs on which various girls sat around doing, pretty well not much. To the right was the bit that looked like the community hall with more girls and of course, the Japanese clientele. Perhaps this was some kind of waiting area, not the real Jaguar that I had heard about – I started looking for an entrance leading to the “real jaguar” as surely this could not be it, when the Mamasan came up and approached me. Probably enough said about the layout.


1/5 I had already heard that Jaguar pricey, so I asked the Mamasan what to expect and how things worked. Apparently its P370 for a ladies drink, good for one hour, but you need to buy the Mamasan one as well, same price haha! Hmm, OK, so well above the odds, but I’d expected something along those lines. I think you only had to buy the Mamasan just the one drink all night.

Management : 2/5 not so much to say about the Mamasan – she didn’t really have much to work with

Girls Looks : 2/5

Attitude : 2/5

Fun Factor : 2/5

Overall : 2/5

74 responses to “Jaguar Bar Review, Cebu – by Foreigner & The Chinese”

  1. greg says:

    I came here because the woman were suppose to good looking, no problem I had 1 beer picked 2 girls and left. Pricey by Philippino standards,cheap by Western standards. I had a hell of allot of fun with these ladies and so did they, why because I’m not an asshole. I would go back anytime and if you can’t afford the place you got the street girls,good luck.

  2. Mateo says:

    Has Jag reopened since the raid?

  3. Dude_WAZZZZZUPPPP says:

    Hey guys can you give me some name whos the hottest and beautiful ladies now in Jaguar?ill be in cebu next week.

  4. xxxxxxdangeruos@yjjjj says:

    hahahaha,,, thats right”” im agree the nomber 23 lol,, some of girls cannot go out that night then some of girls walk out in the club and fishing some korean with out money fuck,,, what the buety if dont know how to fuck hahaahha useliss much better go to cheap ,.,.,.
    also many under age.,.,.,

  5. Regular customer Jaguar says:

    Love the girls in jaguar,You are the best…. I will buy you all!!! To those who are cheap,DON`T COME….

  6. 448 says: inspector…so u mean bayaran pd diay ka?ma kabalo pd me ug nami sakit uy…those who comment about that jaguar is xpensive then dont go there….maybe you guys are poor that club is for people who have lots of money and not kuripot okey…???we have many guest we dont need poor customers….

  7. jaguarlover says:

    the girls in jaguar,love them all!!! they are worth the price. try the girls in manila,airforce one. cost between 10 000 – 14000 PISO. So dont come and say that the jaguar is expensive. Cheap BASTARDS… Hahaha…

  8. Health Inspector says:

    I am a health inspector in CEBU and sad to say, that club pays me to pass the girls physical examination.

  9. 6000 oil! says:

    hey 6,000- 12,000 what a ripoff

  10. icy you says:

    gnyan tlaga pg club mahal,bk8 pupunta pa kau kng marami naman pala kaung satsat.. sa videoke bar na lang kau mas mura pah dun kau para wala kaung masabi pah!!

  11. blue says:

    philip!!! wla lng kay gf! kya nsbi moh yn!!!!! panget ka cguro,n ni g.r.o ndi katanggap-tanggap face u….uhuhuhuhuh….fuck ur face!!!!!!!! babae mama at lola moh kya dpat khit ganyan work nla wg moh cla maliitin!!!!!!stupiduuuu!

  12. lingling from dswd says:

    please lang ayaw na mu dawat ug under age…if dili ninyo tangtangun kana si shiela nietes working jaguar ktv in mandaue..she is only 16 years old how could you let her work in your establishment..if you will not make an action i will go to the police and let them know you let the child work…please ayaw na ninyo pa worka shiela nietes..or else i go to media..

  13. asia says:

    hi im a girl from jaguar my name is asia….yes jag is so expensive but it is a nice bar there in cebu & have a beutyful ladies…so my opinion is: guys if you cant afford to buy our ladies drink you cant to there..if you want to drink in jag. you are always to drink outside if you dont have money…go to cheep bar … hahaha.. thats all!!! ok..

  14. hahaha No effen idea says:

    hahahaha! No effen idea.. u are 100% true.. evry bit of it.

  15. Korean says:

    Easy ride pussy, Jaimy and nicole in Arena is dangerous, they have sexual disease. I was transmitted by them last week. They are Korean

  16. Marcus says:

    Jaguar is a great place to chill and fuck asian finest pussy! yeah its expensive, but dude its worth it! all i hear is complains about how expensve jag is, yo im tired of this bullshit why do u even say things like that if u hate jag! u hate it because its too expensive that u cant afford! but u want to! ahaha shout to all my girls out there Dimple , Sarah , Andrea , Althea , Alyanna! peace y’all

  17. Canadian guy says:

    Very expensive bar but beautiful ladies specially aka Viola hmmm. Whats your number? We’ll be back soon!

  18. BuRBoG says:

    WhO’s SHaNNa??

  19. 69 jaguar girl.. says:

    hey!!! guy you say jaguar is expensive bar!!! we cannot force you to went there, wala kayong pera kaya nag re react kayo..!!!!

  20. no one says:


  21. malditohon says:

    depende ra sa deskarte, in english, its in the moves dawg..i got to meet and greet a fine lass here and we went to a vip room..we chatted and exchanged hugs, gropes, kisses, smiles.some sweet talk..then i negotiated to meet her outside the bar after 2 am..she we met somewhere far from a taxi and went to queensland to acquaint ourselves more..hehe if u know what i mean..thats when we both enjoyed more of ourselves..dropped her off at her dorm and i went home exhausted but far so good..

  22. girl in jaguar says:

    lots of complain guys,i know we’re xpnsive.for those guys hu comment badly,much better to buy a single bottle of beer , drink it and break the top of the bottle then insert ur dick to the broken bottle so that u guys will get full satisfaction.! sexmaniac!

  23. kent says:

    hey! mga crazy sad au mga people nga ng comment.. lingaw ko dah wheheheh^_^ kung mahalan mo ayaw namu ug duol ug bar mga amaw! whehhehehe kuntinto mu sa inyong asawa oi..:P

  24. Mae says:

    Red Planet Massage offers you the best service in Cebu. There are plenty of pretty ladies. They are young, sexy, clean, elite and professionals.
    Call: +63 929 522 1336
    Look for Ms. Joyce

  25. No effen idea says:

    Why go here, full of single mothers with stomaches like scrambled eggs. Best bet is pick up women at the malls, they are clean and fuck like rabbits and desperate for a foreign husband because Filipino men are worthless and lazy. The girls in these clubs prefer Japs and call them 3+3+3’S (or Triple Threes) meaning they pay 3000piso, have 3 inch dicks and fuck for 3 minutes.

  26. Danny Yu Dian chu says:

    yuup it expensive but…………….the best place in Cebu to have fun and the girls are excellent in making guys happy so i dont mine paying more$$$$ as long enjoyment is fully satisfied and I still recomened fellow chinese to go to Club Jaguar whenever they are in Cebu..and they play the top 40 billboard chart music very up to date….

  27. john johnson says:

    worse bar i have ever been in ful of shit ill say no more

  28. fsdfsdf says:

    gwapa rag gabe.e ining buntag murag ering sungkaban.

  29. mga yawa mong tanan says:

    Pardon.. either a Chinese or a Korean customer ^ ^

  30. lovely says:

    yes right jaquar is too expensive. Why pay those girls they are fun yes but they are dirty. Better find the good one to avoid spreading HIV.

  31. Dru Hill says:

    I totally agree with Comment #24 (Jack). These are the BEST girls money can buy for the prices they charge. Hell, if these girls were in the States, they would charge 5x as much.

    Granted this is coming from an American tourist who enjoys the finer things in life. I’m making the assumption that the complaints are coming from the locals who can’t afford to come here. If you can’t afford, go to the dirty clubs on Mango!

  32. Dru Hill says:

    Although the prices were relatively expensive, I have to admit that I do not get the same thrill and fun here in the States and it was money well spent for good times. The girls, by far, are the best in the Philippines and Mamasan Angie treated me like royalty while I was there. My tab came up to 8000 pesos but for that amount of money in the States, I can only buy 20 beers and not the enjoyment I got from coming here.

    I will be back for sure!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Yup I do agree that Jaguar is TOO FREAKING EXPENSIVE. If they still want to be in business they need to lower down their prices. Good looking girls but way too expensive. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO MY FOREIGN FRIENDS. Masyadong MAHAL.

  34. pala.iyot says:

    girls there always want sex right away!

  35. budz says:

    hi girl from jaguar,,pwede mag tanong?
    may hinahanap akung tao,pwede mo aku tulungan kung sa kali alam mo,
    pangalan ng babaeng to ay cheryl that’s her nickname in bar she was working in black hole last 2006..tunay nyang pangalan RUBY JEAN.dku alam kung saan cya hanapin sa dami pa namang bar dto sa cebu.
    maliit cya na babae.
    take care always.

  36. Big Easy says:

    My big bro and I was in Cebu March of 2010. Hit up mad strip joints. Had a blast ain’t paid for no nana. For y’all that don’t understand that meant pussy. That’s right pussy. Entered each bar all them hoes surrounded my bro and I. I aint gonna lie. Out off the strip joints there, Jaguar had the finest ones by far. I know some of y’all like them female that be lookin like maides, well Jag ain’t the place for you. Had hella fun at this spot. All the hoes surrounding you arguing, cause they just wan to chill. Damn…. My bro and I Got mad pussy every single night and ain’t paid shit for it. Just be carefully tho, some of them hoes are crazy as shit when they get drunk. Bitch wanna cut you up cause you tearin her friend pussy up right after just terin up the other one. These hoes be Fallin in love. That shit is crazy. Well to all y’all that be payin for pussy. Y’all weak as hell. No game havin…. Damn y’all paid for pussy. I can’t even imagine payin for that shit. Man, u in the Philipines…. Gettin pussy is so damn easy. Well gettin back to my point if you want to see good lookin girls I would recomend the Jag. If you want a bitch that looks like our maids in the Philippines, I recomend the Colleseum. So to all you pussy paying tricks, don’t hate the Playa, hate the game or maybe try to learn it. So you can play to. Sup to all the fine ladies in Jag. Yeah. Y’all know who this is. Big Easy baby… and I’m out biaaaaattccccch!!!!!!

  37. Kamikazi says:

    In the Mango street bars the quality is the same as in Jaguar but in Mango you can get a girl for more than 2 hours in your hotel room for 1700 pesos and lady drink only 160 pesos. Mango and Jaguar girls are the same but Jaguary verrryyy expensive

  38. Kamikazi says:

    Jaguar is very expensive. You can find the same quality girls in the Mango bars. Or if you want, just fly to Bangkok for 120$ and you’ll get better girls in similar clubs for 50$ a night

  39. HEY joe KANO says:

    Hands down the best lay I have ever experienced! I am a 25 year old American who just started the sex for cash program a year ago. Until I came to club JAG… white chicks were just better at the duty than any Asian amature. Like EVERYTHING: you get what you pay for! As for the lady: I will remember you Che-kee(a chinese-pinay mestisa) for a long, long time!

  40. Jack says:

    I don’t get it ….why people complain about the high price in Jaguar…Do you think the people who go there are stupid…who make $$$$$ in real life would not see the quality in Jaguar.

    I have been to Pattaya, Macau, Manila, the girls in Cebu particularly in Jaguar are the BEST in Asia for the price you pay.

    And why won’t you pay for some high quality girls, ….thats the whole point in life to be successful and enjoy quality things in life.

  41. JOJAMA says:

    not so nice … but i nterested to go dat jaguar…

  42. Dave says:

    This is rightly considered the best bar to pick the greatest looking girls in Cebu but its expensive. The bar is mainly for the japs who have more money then sense. Its not for Western guys. If you are looking for 8’s & 9’s then come here but make sure you bring lots of $$$.

  43. Dong says:

    wow .. dickheads who pay are that .. dickheads. id rather spend the money entertaining the girl.. not feeding the animals so they become dependant on foreigners. Take her out for a meal, a spa treatment together, massage, sight see etc. all for cheaper than the prices quoted above. That way it becomes a good night not just ripped off all around on Drinks .. i pay no more than 40-50p and food, taxis etc. There are better ways to pick up a different lady every night than going to the bars. The bars are a waste of time .. overpriced… A fool and his money are easily parted and …quite frankly i think theres a lot of fools going to these places.

    I fucked over 30 women in 5 weeks in Cebu and didnt step in ONE BAR.

    stop mucking around trying to compare one or another place. a little too much over ANALeye-zation going on here guys. Just get out there and youll get a girl or two for the night no sweat… not feeding the greedy fat pockets of owners of these bars.

  44. catwoman says:

    I know these will get alot of head spinning. I am a filipina lives in US we go home to Cebu every two years and do not miss going to Jaguar to give my husband a treat while there. It is expensive but worth the price hubby have two girls at a time and enjoyed it. I made sure mamasan knows what is going to happen and our expetations. hubby is always been pleased with the girls plus we do give more for the girls.Yes, I watched… No, I was not a hooker just know a man’s need not ugly either. Lol… Great place that’s my opinion..
    before we got married, just

  45. girl from jaguar!! says:

    shut up!!!!!! inggit lng kayo…hahahahaha…di kami gaya sa inyo na mga momorahin,,,,

  46. sameer says:

    you have money go for girls
    you dont have do your self and keep the money for your food
    any way im going to visit this cebu city next month and i plane to take 4 girls together in one time two time daily for one week but not doing like this pepole hos taking from club and bay bar fine ther a place you can find you should ask with money every thing is avilabil for you and it will not coast me more than 6000 peso per day this the buty in philippine

  47. Sol Dre From Dumaguete negros says:

    i was once there it was december my cuzin who is a judge there in cebu not and im a 25 year old hip hop lookin guy way to old school….wer bar hopping at any club…..i was high with methodex dm at that time so here goes tha party as i hit every chick in the clubs like auto shop,julliana pump and loaf….we decided to go there as i enter the slow motion robo walk did click and the girls out there wa shouting, every girl in the club i hug kiss pussy touchin and booty as if they saw a real baller as they call me…foe sho im broke so but still they like me cuz most of you think money is something? wrong….my cuzin wondered how i did it he said must be ur headfone? i said nope its my personality as they stare ate me glance with them….we were just driving a disel pick up but we carried 4 girls as i approach them they say “migo pahulma ta 7 beh kay ako e pliti….i told them no need i got a ride they smile and me and my cuzin banged them they shave a clean the problem is it like a Cow pink pussy….

  48. ?? jaguar~ ??~??? says:

    jaguar ahuh…. let me see…
    i know some biatch in jaguar that all her body change with the money…
    they can all change their fucking body but never can change their smelly pussy…
    it really smell sucks..
    i hate those kind of low girls who doesnt have any confidence on there self…

  49. Himself says:

    fuck u gotta be shit stupid to pay those prices..

  50. >>>secret girl>.>> says:

    JAGUAR is so very expensive bar!! compare to the other bar it is so nice but the problem is, if you will go to that bar you must be reach!! so that its not good…. to the customer… In our bar its so nice and all girls are kind and inteligent even though it is cheaper compare to jaguar…

  51. bradz says:

    there’s no way ill spend money for those low-life specie called bitch.
    spending money for a hole, get a grip. even if you are the richest man in the planet, i know those kind of girls, some of them are wearing false-teeth, tattooed eyebrows, flabby looking stretchmarks. how do i know all of these? it’s because they are all my neighbors. can’t even afford to buy a napkin. failed!

  52. jeff says:

    bakit mahal ang mga babae sa jaguar?
    mga magaganda nga pero mga retoki naman

  53. PHILIP J. says:

    mga baho ug bilat!!!

  54. girl from jaguar!! says:

    so dont look down the club!!!! because we know that jaguar club is many customer!!!

  55. girl from jaguar!! says:

    heloo man….yes jaguar club is vry expensive!!! but they are not forcing you to go there…we have a lot of customer!!!!okay…anyway i work in jaguar!!!!

  56. richie says:

    hmMmMmpz the number 31 in jaguar night club have already 3 kids….. i can put my 2 hands insyde her vigina whata slut but i kind like her honeylyn cuares^^

  57. Kent says:

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  58. Lance says:

    No way will I visit this place again. The best thing I got was a great massage from a guy. The place was a dive and spent the next 5 nights at Dimples

  59. tigidong winnipeg says:

    sabi mo tay ready na ha waiting na lang mga babae

  60. tigidong winnipeg says:

    hello tatay, ingo rodney ian andyan na naman b kayo lagot meoooooow

  61. jim says:

    The bar sucks. very expensive. No “all the way”..

  62. chin says:

    vey expensive bar

  63. moris says:

    Man reading from review Jaguar has really turned around, when i was there couple of years was up there with hot leggy flipinas who took my one year savings in few days.

    Im really confused if this is the bar i visited, with jaguar and a big stage to dance.

    It was really wonderfull dont know what changed it

  64. jim says:

    went the other night….took two girls back to the ktv room and fucked the shit out of them, while we blocked the door with the couch, thus avoiding the expensive bar fine. I made sure to drop my load in both of their pussies, pulling out of one as I came and slamming it home in the other one’s snatch. (riding bareback it risky, but I took a chance)….all I ended up paying was the amounts for the initial drinks for the two girls….overall, a win win.

  65. Cebuexpat says:

    Was there last night with my friend. Quality, quality girls but soooooo blooody expensive

  66. Attila says:

    I hope this bar will be closed soon, unfriendly expensive, money hungry owners I know that every body is chasing dollars, but there is a way and this club is doing it on the ugly way. I do not recomend this club, not even for visit or a drink.

  67. max says:

    been there last night, mamasan told me, lady drink is 250p but only for 30min, and u need buy a drink for mamasan at 1st lady drink, so, the 1st lady drink is 500p. and the barfine is 5500p, and also have a short time room its 4000p include girl’s fee. have many girls there, they will sit at back of customers area, even they don’t dance. so, you can see all the girls there when you just walk in.

    but, have 1 thing is no good. when the waiter show me the bill, he don’t write the price on my bill. when i ask, he start to write down.

  68. kwi says:

    Dont waste your money,better go to just a small bar not expensive and the girls are pretty good! The most expensive is the most yakkks dirty,ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  69. Jeny says:

    Yap expensive but the ladies are pretty.Good for rich people to spend there money in one night stand lol.

  70. Cebuexpat says:

    Two things you most remember about this place.
    1. The girls are very beautiful; there is no way you cannot find something you dont like.
    2. Hell, it’s expensive!

    Would I pay so much to bf a girl? No way; when the difference is just so great from elsewhere.

  71. Andrey says:

    Very bad place to spend your time in Cebu. First of all Very expensive. Unfrendly managment and girls. Only one girl dansing on the stage at the time, and around 40 of them seat at the back and do nothing!!!!!! Sucks!!! On the end They will try to charge you for entrance – do’t pay!!!

  72. Dave says:

    Went there Monday night, There where lots of girls and really not mant customers. Had to buy Mamasan a drink. $400 pecos along with the dancer drink, another $400. then I met a young woman that was absolutly gorgeous. The mamasan said I could spend short time for $5000 pecos or take her with me for $7000 which was split with the dancer.The girl was friendly but not really that into it, so it wasn’t really exciting.No yum you,just boom boom. she wanted the lights off and no fingers inside.All in all, just ok and very expensive. Wll go back but will break it down to the mamasan next time to exactly what I want, and will find out up front.

  73. Roger UK says:

    O I P Expensively overpriced but some fun to be had if you’re with a few friends Bar Fine PhP3500 + costly oi!!

  74. neno says:

    ahmed from egypt com to cebu in jun for 2 weeks wnat meet girl cute btween