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Lisa Sea Fun Pub Bar Review: Mandaue, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese

Name : Lisa Sea Fun Pub, Mandaue


This one is fairly hard to find. Head towards the OLD Mactan bridge. A couple of hundred meters before you get on to the bridge, you do a right turn down a little road – continue for a hundred yards or so and take a left – and there you go. I’ll try and get better directions, let’s face it – they could not be worse could they? Anyhow – if you are going by Taxi, driver will probably know where the Lisa Sea Fun Pub is.

Lisa Sea Fun Pub, Mandaue – Layout

3/5 Layout is OK’ish inside, althought there is no stage for the girs to dance mysteriously. This has a noticeable effect which we will discuss later. Lots of western foreigners in here and quite a few girls. Layout is quite comfortable and pleasant. Just waddle up to the bar and take a drink. There’s also a VIP room – hmmm. Actually, I don’t think you need to be very important to go in the room.


4/5 If I remember correctly, this bar really was on the cheap side – maybe because the girls don’t dance. I think around 50 peso for your drink and 150 for ladies.

Lisa Sea Fun Pub, Mandaue – Management

2.5/5 Cant comment yet – bar is set up really for western foreigners, rather than Korean or Japanese. I would be interested to know why it has such as unusual name.

Girls Looks

2/5 Girls don’t dance in here, so guess what happens? They get BIG and FAT, like so many “couch potatoes”. Cute and pretty KC (young) from sisters now works here and is the exception to the rule, apart from her though – these girls look like they could lift weights and do some damage! Will try and get a Pic of KC – very nice! (probably dif name in this bar).


3.5/5 Girls are friendly enough. My opinion probably not all accurate as I already knew some of the girls on my first visit to the bar – so might be a little biased. I would think this is a good bar for Western foreigners to have a laugh and chill out.

Fun Factor

2.5/5 See above – have not stayed long enough / been pis*ed enough to find out yet.

Lisa Sea Fun Pub, Mandaue – Overall

3/5 – This one needs a proper visit with pics, I’ll see what I can do, In the meantime, if you have experience of this bar you are welcome to submit a comment at the bottom of the page. From the couple or so visits I have made, seems a bit of an old boys bar – but this could be a mile off – will report back soon!

54 responses to “Lisa Sea Fun Pub Bar Review: Mandaue, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese”

  1. Elthrow says:

    Ive been to Lizas a few times , in 2010 and 2011 .The girls there are friendly and treat you very well.Some very good looking ladys working there and its a laid back place.Liza the owner is a wonderful person to chat with and a great host.The bar has a fisherman / ocean side bar look to it . Its very relaxing place with no pressure . I would recommend this place and will be going there again myself.The best place ive been to in cebu .

  2. Aussie Bloke says:

    Love this Bar… Cant wait for my next trip, girls are great and will treat you well, drinks are cheap and the staff are very honest with the bill, Liza is a top girl I got rotten drunk every night here with a group of girls. they really look after you in more ways than one….. 🙂

  3. PeterKangaroo says:

    Well I’ve just spent 3 weeks in Cebu and was introduced to Liza’s Sea-Fun Pub.
    The address is Del Pilar St, Mandanaue City.
    Off Hwy Seno.Tel: (6332) 3444 229.
    Went there many times and fell for one of the girls but in the end I think it was just business for her. But I enjoyed the atmosphere and some very attractive girls there. The Karaoke room is a waste of time as only narrow bench seats. Very limiting.Better to take the girl elsewhere and spend the night.
    But Liza was there and Jane and others that I met remembered me the second time around. And Rick the doorman who arranges a taxi for you.
    I’ll go back there if or when I get back over there.

  4. David says:

    Why would anybody call a pimp to get a girl??? Go to Lizas bar, meet the girl first then decide if you want to keep her all night.

    Call a pimp & who knows what you may get?

  5. Roger Wilson says:

    Been trying to find this place for 2 years
    The directions given above are desparate – you will never find it.
    Going from SM on Mandaue Highway take a left at Park Mall continue to the T junction turn right continue 2 – 300 metres up a slight rise which bears to the left – take a left at the turning which says no entry for trucks jeepneys etc LISA’s is on the right hand side not far down the road – look up to see the sign above the perimeter wall – then turn right into the courtyard at the end of the property – Great place to chill out sory I can’t make it back before December 2011::: All nationalities in here – George the owner is a really nice guy and will make you welcome. Best wishes to All Roger

  6. David (UK) says:

    Hi there miss you especially assistant mamsaan jane see you in March I ahve had my meat pie (private joke between myself and assistant mmamasan XXXX

  7. filamboy says:

    I found Liza’s bar to be pretty cool. The girls not super hot but a few are. I like the set up because you can have a few drinks and take your pic of the girls and take care of business right there on location or you can pay to take them to a hotel. Your choice. Overall, they are pretty friendly and some girls not all are cute. I found a few with rocking bodies if you like shapely young types.


  8. :) says:

    yahh ”july” worked in liza’s as a bartender..nice lady

  9. :) says:

    yahhh she worked in liza’ a bartender..nice lady..

  10. allen says:

    Anybody been to Liza’s lately, any new faces, whats it like??

  11. Dog says:

    Kitty you are a lying bitch I know for a fact that your family was given thousands of peso and sorry to say but it was too late for your mother as she was terminal. You guys asked more and when you did not get it you blamed the only person willing to help you. Sorry for your lost but please do not lie at the expense of your late mother.

  12. lil wayne says:

    just a reaction to paul’s comment.are you wrong sent or what? or maybe you are trying to sell cebu escort business? hahahaha……….you know what don’t try to ruin someone’s establishment just to endorse someone’s business.have originality, don’t stereotype nor ruin someone’s image…….then lastly FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO IT IS LIZA’S SEA FUN PUB, NOT EL GECKO BAR………..ARE YOUR EYES SIGHT CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Fantiline says:

    Hi this is Fantiline, Cebu is a good place to visit.

    Nice bars, and beach.

  14. cupid says:

    This is the best place, it feels like home, i have been to almost all the bikini bars, u wont see lot of action here, coz the girls dont dance, but they are friendly and very hospitable. it has a got a pool table, the condition of the table is not bad. The owner is LISA. She is a kind lady and sometimes gets drunk and dances with you. I am sure when you will go for the third time, u will feel like everybody knows u already. I give this bar 4/5.

    *Really friendly atmosphere, girls are nice to talk to . If u just want hardcore, stripping and lot of noise and action, this is not the place, if u r bored and sometimes low, this is the place.

    Baby jane , lyka and kati 3 hot girls 🙂

  15. Allen says:

    Anybody know what happened to two good looking girls who worked in Liza’s? Airish & Rossel. Both were kinda hot!!!

  16. warren says:

    what about a bartender named “july”? any onfo on her ?? she claims she works there at Lisas

  17. Kitty Meow Meow says:

    I worked there few years ago. That year was the worst year of my life because my mom was diagnosed with cancer and she really needed help so bad. She died anyway =(
    A guy named Larry Johansen was my regular customer, he offered me help, told me to take my mom to the hospital and he will take care of the rest (financial stuff). He sent his assistant to our shack and took pictures of my ill mom.After that, he showed the pictures to his friends and asked for donations (cash) He collected thousands of money,the asshole didn’t give the donations to my family. He went to Thailand with his bitch for vacation, instead. What an ASS!
    Working there was fun though. When I visit the Philippines, I’ll drop by there and will have couple of drinks and check the new girls out 😉

  18. KJ (pinoy) says:

    yes ur right reicheagle! watching tv hahaha

  19. reicheagle says:

    went there twice..first it was great,but second time it seemed as though everyone was tired.A girl who was part time mamasan came and sat with us ,but no girls except the one i had previously stopped by the table. they seemed more interested in watching TV

  20. Dave says:

    I am hearing the bar has not been getting too many customers so the selection of “available” girls is good. Maybe it is a good time for a visit?

  21. john / g- man says:

    Ive been using this bar for over 10 years . a good start for the nite coming from mactan on the way to the city. excellent bar friendly girls know em all well . not a rip off . try it mention my name to nicole .will be back Nov 2010 see ya there

  22. wayne says:

    I was in there EARLY July. Relaxed, friendly, drinks inexpensive. Not enough girls working. One “star” moving guy to guy. Very outgoing, bubbly, pretty. great looks and body. 10 for me. BUT if u want quiet drink, relax with pretty girl AWAY from that bar – you would sit by yourself. Manager/Owner nice. Keeps close eye on bar. Going back there soon. Interesting enough to try again.
    Taxi drivers seem able to find it easily.

  23. Nick says:

    Liza’s is like your home away from home in Cebu. Very relaxed atmosphere and very friendly staff. Spent my birthday there. Probably the best of my life. Great times. Go and have fun if you can find it.

  24. KJ (pinoy) says:

    to contact the mamasan, here is her number(09167455243). here’s my email to contact me, i think there’s no VIP room when I went there but there is a KTV, probably that’s there VIP… hehehe….

  25. Dave says:

    I know the last message was for David from the UK but I can reply.

    Yes April is still behind the bar & looking very good as always. I am very sure she will be happy to see you (Tony) in Sept.

  26. Tony says:

    Hey David from UK…..Is there a girl there named April do you know? I was there some time ago and may be coming back in Sept.

  27. david says:

    I know the assistant mamasan very very well she is a great girl and I know all of them good unassuming girls including lisa they all know me David from the UK well recommendatory to any visitor see you in October god bless David

  28. dave says:

    I kn

  29. KJ says:

    just visited the place last week, I’m a filipino, so they thought I was a “raider”. I tell them that I am 16 yrs. old (yes really) so they laugh at me, but the mamasan introduce me to one of the girls. I visited the place 3 times, so I ask the gurl to hook up w/ me, then we hook up with the gurl in her own house… nice….

  30. davaodave says:

    Had some probs here with being overcharged for my drinks. When I argued the bill, the response was to basically close me dow, and the girl who I’d been buying drinks for in the last coupleof hours suddenly had to go. And so did I… Not been back since.

  31. Paul M H says:

    I like Lisas too. The VIP rooms inside are now gone but the kareoke rooms outside are still available. I think the Asst. Mama does a very good job, her name is Jane, just have a word with her and she’ll sort you out.

  32. larry says:

    To the guy that commented on the bitch that owns the bar. You could never be more wrong. I have been going to Lisa’s for eight years now and have never had a problem. So, if you are asked to leave then you must have deserved it because only assholes are not invited back.

  33. Dave says:

    The assistant mamasan is new to the role (but she has worked there for afew years as one of the girls). She is VERY nice & smart with excellent English skills. Some times I can’t keep my hands off her but she just laughs at me!!!!

  34. Dave says:

    Maybe the best laid back bar in Cebu. Some nice eye candy & never any pressure to buy drinks.

  35. lil wayne says:

    i hate to say this but i just want to comment on what lolo commented about this bar. it’s not her, it’s just one of the bartender not her.the place is great is great, not like in mango too pushy the moment u enter the bar.girls are very friendly. waiting for the guy to pick them.

    this makes them different from the rest of the bars in cebu.u guys should get down here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. joe says:

    Liza’s fun pub is a Great place
    i have been there about a dozen times in the last 3 years, most of the girl are very pretty when i am there, this club is one of the top 3 bars in cebu, it is worth your time, to check this place out, I love it

  37. blue says:

    which part of mandaue these bar located???

  38. bongot69 says:

    just visited the bar with a friend. the assistant mamasan was very lovely and knows how to entertain customers very well. top class attitude. lots of lovely ladies. we had a blast till 1 bitch ruined it all. she kept forcing for a ladies drink and got mad when we refused started insulting us and even said “why wont you just leave and dont come back”. who would even bother spending a ladies drink on her beyond repair face and attitude geez.

  39. lolo says:

    one of the girls is very mody!!! she owns the club

  40. les says:

    Is this the same place called Liza’s?

  41. david from uk says:

    very nice service girls are friendly love the place
    love one of the girls she is mine x

  42. Eddy says:

    Visited by recommendation on 22/12/09 entertained by “Genie” a very nice place to visit when I return to Cebu I will be back there at once or more if I can escape the wife!

  43. good boy says:

    i was nice there and more than nice is you have there number you can meet there outside the bar and good because you don’t need to pay the bar just pay the girl… its cool if you are saving your money

  44. CanaDave says:

    I tried to leave a comment here earlier but it does not seem to show.

    In short, still a great place to go. Two thumbs up.

  45. cheesyshit says:

    this place is good enough. good enough girls for a good enough price. anything goes in VIP rooms(P750)(only 2 rooms). Some if not a good number must be single mothers cause them t*ts are sagging.once you’re a regular, they automatically approach you the second you enter. same girl you met on your last visit will be the first girl who’ll approach you. if you want a quickie, this is the place. it’s secluded.

  46. Mr Mofo says:

    Ive read a lot of reviews on this bar, none bad cant wait to visit in November.

  47. juan miguel says:

    i recommend u guys to come this regrets u will have fun ..not expensive resonable price…and girls are not pushy..they wait that u call them to sit beside you…

  48. marichui says:

    oh yeah its really nice place to hangout…girls are friendly not all pretty but they are all nice …

  49. CanaDave says:

    The price was right, the girl I found was just right for me, would have been nice to have a wider couch in the VIP room. The name apparently comes from the owner being a Diver who has “broad”ened his horizons.

    I’ll be back 🙂

  50. ian_swiss says:

    i was there last week,every second i have a lot of fun!with the company of 3 cousins namely;sidny a cute one,micheL a very good entertainer & desiree a crazy one who makes you laugh and have an exotic talent ….they are fuckin gorgeous…and maybe one of them would be my fuckin girl soon….

  51. Mark Russo says:

    This was my favorite place as it was near my apartment. I think I did a run through of at least 5 of the girls there. This is where I am going when I get back next month. I found it a nice alternative to Mango Ave.

  52. a full 10 days says:

    No fat chicks on my visit.

    Fell in love with Sydney…got rejected in the end. Too bad…would have married that girl easy. Her cousins are just as beautifull and petite with no children. Avoid the one older cousin as she is as described above. 4 Killer Lookers otherwise. Highly recommended but leave your heart at home.

  53. Swissman says:

    I was there last week. Pretty much as described in the review. However it is a friendly place.

  54. Gogo says:

    i was here last year and my friend seemed to know the owners wife, lisa. who runs the bar but i dunno where they get the sea fun pub from. i was told it’s a bar to do short time damage in that’s why it has all the little hidden booths at the side. for the married filipino i would say! many westerners also enjoy it as i did on my visit. i know what you mean when there’s no stage to dance on. doesn’t seem right. good friendly place overall.