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Lone Star Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese

Name : Lone Star, Cebu


Around the back of Mango, Road running parallel behind, same side as Papillon and Dimples. Probably best just to get a Taxi, until you know where it is – then you could walk across from the main Mango bars, although the road there is a little dark and quiet, generally OK – but you could be unlucky if you met the wrong crowd or perhaps a pack of Dingos! Hmmm, second thoughts, get a taxi if alone.


4/5 The bar has a reasonable amount of space and basically “horse shoes” around the main and “focal” stage area where three girls will normally be dancing simultaneously. You can sit right up at the bar that borders the entire edge of the “horse shoe”, so plenty of bar side seating available. Lots of Shelas (Ladies) all around and quick enough you’ll have a few over to talk to you if that’s what you want – once you have selected a specimen of choice, there are lots of little “cubby hole” type secret lounging spots dotted around where you can retreat from the hustle and bustle of the main bar for a little quiet and privacy. There’s a pool table at the far side of the bar that is usually busy. This really is a popular bar for westerners. Went there last Monday and it was packed, whilst most of the other bars were quiet. Auzzy owner knows how to keep westerners entertained and happy, so they come back like some human boomerang, some staying the evening, others like me just popping in for a smoko..


4/5 Cheap enough – Shelas drinks are around 170 mark, your drinks around 65 or so and bar fine is around 650 Peso, pay the girl separate or 1650 all in. For westerners, there is a kick butt food Menu and well priced. Everything I have tried on the menu has been good, so best you experiment yourself (Graham special Pizza is really nice, so is sea food special – but be adventurous). Be warned though, the chilly – whilst certainly being an ample portion and tasting good, does unfortunately pong like a but of a sweaty old sock (probably due to some parmesan I would have thought) – much to the amusement of the girls if they catch you ordering it, let alone eating it haha!

4/5 Australian Graham is a really friendly guy, definitely not a drongo oi and can can be found in the bar almost every night and makes the effort to chat to his customers, probably why so many of them come back and why, even though Lone Star is off the main drag (Mango), it’s usually busy with a wide range of Bruce’s – Americans, Auzzies and Europeans. All boomeranging back to get more night after night – onya!

Girls Looks

3/5 Expecting a kick in the nuts From Gray for saying this, but the girls are not the prettiest that I have seen. There are a few “lookers” in there, but most I have seen are around the average mark – in fairness I usually turn up late, perhaps after the most beautiful cuckoos have already flown the nest – an early appearance might see me eating my words in the future and hopefully a FREE “sea food special” or two as well..

4/5 Good attitude from all in this bar (owner, mamasan, bar maids, girls), maybe because it’s more closely managed than most, in a more “westernized” style – so patrons feel at more at home. Girls are friendly and funny and in particular know how to get the best from Westerner’s and help them relax. Seen some Koreans and Japanese in there occasionally though and they seemed happy enough as well.

Fun Factor

4/5 Yeah, can get funny in there, have seem some crazy antics from the girls, especially after a request or two – good place to chill out and have a beer, or go all out and have a wild one!


4/5 Definitely one of the best bars in Cebu for “foreigners” without a doubt, so unless you have a a few Kangaroos loose in the top paddock, check it out and order something from the menu too, you won’t be disappointed you did. Will get some quality photos and try and get a menu too – if successful, you’ll see it scanned below!

52 responses to “Lone Star Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese”

  1. Cebu G says:

    Used to really like this place. Last 2 times I barfined were disasters. Money and property were stolen first time and one of the girls got drunk and attacked me second time. It’s too bad because I like the owners and spent a ton of money there. Try Red Lips instead, girls are much classier.

    • fallen says:

      what are the current prices here? has anyone been here recently

      I was told it was 2700 for the barfine

      700 for bar and 2000 for the girl

  2. Cebu Greg says:

    was there on April 23rd, 2011 and had a great time. there were about 36 girls in the place and very nice. I enjoyed the time there and look forward to going back in august.

  3. Jock says:

    Great bar !! Owner is a loser !!

  4. Danny says:

    To dam expensive and the girls not so great and never have been.

  5. G says:

    still good
    good music

  6. Dave says:

    Or politices get paid from the owner, i heard also the bud news not only now…. Grahan is a wallet poison. rheza cabrera? i knows about it she is involved the activities… what the hell girl you doing?

  7. paul the aussie says:

    have been coming to cebu now for 5 years 3 years to lone star the place just gets better the girls beautifula nd friendly i know why my wife wants to come with me this place is just streeting the other bars

  8. steve says:

    why are agents allowed to advertise on this site. meant for clubs, bars

  9. G says:

    its a good bar i go there everytime when i am in cebu
    gram is a nice guy 2 c u in march

  10. b bruce says:

    Hi visited bar novenber, good times,returning end of jan 2011 asking any girls if they want a trip around cebu for a couple of weeks, holiday plus get paid, leave contact number, no agents or escorts.

  11. swaussie says:

    sounds good. I will go out for me girls I will be there 17-19 march……so far this is the best bar review i have read for cebu,,I was starting to get really worried.
    Has any body been to the girl bar next to st moritz hotel..a swiss place..the mamasans name when I was there in 2006 was mercy..very very nice.I will go back there and play some pool and have a few drinks,,hope they have upgraded their aircon.

  12. G says:

    good bar, nice girls, decent prices, i’ll be back

  13. LoreneWorkman27 says:

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  14. Jeremy says:

    I really enjoy Lone Star. I have been there a number of times over the last year and always have a great time. The drinks are very cheap and the girls are very friendly. The bar fine is always 700 and you can generally tip what you feel the girl deserved after you bring her home. The girls told me that they receive 500 from the bar fine and the bar gets 200, which I think is pretty fair for them.

    I should add though that I have noticed that sometimes older men have to pay a set amount up front. I bar fined 2 girls out at 1400(I was feeling saucy that night and they told me no additional tip would be required.) However, my older friend had to take one out at 2700 before he even left the bar. 700 bar fine + 2000 tip. I think this decision is left completely up to the girls, so feel free to decline if you feel the price is to high and they may be willing to renegotiate.

  15. jRichardson says:

    Hey I just wanna say I love what I had last night, I hooked up with this girl I met in this club last monday. I asked her number so I could just meet up with her in SM. The barfine is too overprice for me so I have decided to quickly ask her number and tried to negotiate. This girl rocks my pole and she is very good bj’s and hj’s. I like the way she drive my pole and like the balls of my life. As in wtf this girl and so tight really shaved clean and natural boobs. I love to hook up with her again. We played twice and her energy is awesome. Nice voice when she moan and very slim so wet.

  16. jj20bd says:

    is jeny caballero still working can i met jeny nxt week.

  17. rhiza says:

    lonestar doesn’t have private room. it has 1 room but its where i live. its the office of lonestar. for those who dont see it or never been there, my friends and i have some pic of the view of lonestar in my facebook. why dont you take a look. just search my profile or search my name rhiza cabrera

  18. English man in CEBU says:

    Great place, had a bad experience with 2 girls where they wouldn’t take the whole thing. I’m not a porn star but they still couldn’t perform. They got a small sum (500 peso, pay the girl after agreement) and were understanding. you can’t complain with that.

    Pretty girls, nice enviroment.

    I rate this as one of the best bars in Cebu for sure.

  19. Jim says:

    does this bar have privite rooms for entertaining and if so how much $

  20. peter says:

    It is with regret, that i will never be visiting this bar again, as of the several times I have been there I have witnessed to many bar brawl’s, It is about time the management stopped getting involved in this brawl’s and actively ran the place more professionaly, then they may have a chance of making a decent profit. It’s the worst girly bar in the whole of Cebu.

  21. Someone says:

    Fuck, that reminds me, there was a Jap looking girl in there I promised myself I would go back for…Get the San Miguel on ice I’ll be over in a tick!


    Is a good place though. I seem to remember it quite fondly for some unknown reason? 😉

  22. Cebu Lifer says:

    I dont know what you all are talking about. I just came back from Lone Star (Fri, June 25 2010) and that place is a dump! The place is small and uncomfortable. The girls were ugly province girls with stretch marks and c-sections. I’ll never set foot in that place again.

    And this site has lost some credibility as far as I’m concerned. You guys have low standards.

  23. inlovewithcebusomuch says:

    best bar in cebu yes agree!food is great!girls are friendly!barmaids are nice!both mamasan is so cool (dont rip u off) what more could u ask for.a perfect place to chill and relax.

  24. mr wrong.(korea) says:

    horol. i gro der 1 time . food shit(no have dog) girls too skinny and brown, they tell me 1700 bar fine rand 3000 fror shot time i kno lick them grils. too much funny. HA HA . short fat bald manager sir dan , he not frunny

  25. steve says:

    Loanstar is perhaps the best in Cebu, the girls are not all great looking but some are really pretty and all are very friendly and definately not shy. Drinks prices are about average and yes the Pizza is great. bar fines are only 700 and you pay the girl what you think she is worth!
    Few good dancers here but they all rotate onto the stage and clump about. Much more fun to talk to though. Large % of unmarried mothers living away from thier Kids to make a living. Just say Hi to Rochell and Kathy for me.

  26. mylene says:

    hi to my boss in lonestar in cebu and the mamasan mommy josephine the best mommy.well the pizza in lonestar is the best ,friendly people.

  27. Visitor says:

    Twice in the last week, i have been there and the mama and three different dancers tell me barfine is 700 for bar and 2000 for the girl — they would not negotiate and it was 2700 even for a short time. Been very happy with this bar many times in the past, but i think they lost a customer in me.

  28. robin says:

    correct!!!!!!!!1 best pizza ever!
    cheese burger was nice too!!!

  29. David says:

    What do you expect for 700 pesos; 2 legs and torso. The cheapass owner doesn’t pay a peso to the girls for the bar fine, and some guests don’t tip either, so many girls get nothing after the deed. What a joke!

  30. Joihn william says:

    Can anyone reccomend a decent hotel close to Lone Star? will be there at the end of the month.



  31. Doc says:

    700 bar fine, girls are fun as hell, they smile, joke, give a little massage while sippin’ a beer. Grahm Special pizza is awesome! So, are the fish n chips. A lot of the pretty ones seem to come and go…I would say 3/5 on most of the girls. Slim pickin’s lately.

  32. Salami says:

    Anyone know the name of the mamma san at Lone Star? Was in there a few years ago and had a roe with her, would like to go back if she is not still there!

  33. Prostabulous says:

    bar of choice. 700 for barfine 2000 for girl. girls can get pretty wacky and insistent for drinks though.

  34. Ray says:

    Gaz hi im coming over mid Feb im new to Cebu maybe we can have a drink and you can give me some advise on the bars please.

    Regard’s Ray cheers im in the UK

  35. Charles U. Farley says:

    Be leave it or not, but in this little bar you really can get a very good pizza!
    My favorite is the Lone Star Special, it’s much better than the one from Yellow Cab or the others.
    But of course, that’s only my own opinion.
    Also the prices are quite low and the drinks are strong!
    Eat a pizza there!

  36. david and peter mckenzie says:

    id like to be on here raveing about how good the girls are in your bar but yet to see with my own eyes, maybee we might have to visit,sounds like a good place to be,, catch ya, good work graham

    regards david and peter mckenzie, from melb, australia

  37. davo from dmgt says:

    i always have agreat night/morning at the star. good crew/good food(try the ham/cheese/tomatoe toasted sanga,bar fine 650 2 the bar work out a price with dancer no prob..

  38. jack says:

    I met Ben Lombarde last week at Silver Dollar. He is in good health. Thinks the present owner is a little wacky maybe to much drugs. And wants to cause fights to much.

  39. Pypeplailky says:

    blood orange screwdriver illinois smoking ban ordinance

  40. 5280bj says:

    Damn near across the street from Eddie’s Hotel makes this place convenient when staying there.

    Be there mid November….


  41. CanaDave says:

    Do the girls in Lonestar (or any bar for that matter) have a set price? As with Steve #8 I was also quoted 2500 for the girl. . but she also asked for a 1650 bar fine. I turned her down but I now I think I should have just asked some other girl instead of leaving to go to another bar.

  42. Krazy says:

    Is ben lombarde still alive?

  43. ford says:

    lonestar?me i have ur #?plss send…tmax

  44. Steve says:

    Good bar, great food and reasonable drinks……. but expensive girls, quoted 750 for bar fine plus 2500 for the night.

    Your having a laugh !


  45. Cebuexpat says:

    By far the best bar in Cebu. Friendly girls, great atmoshere and an owner who invests in his customers.
    In terms of looks the girls are not always the best but then again they are very far away from being the worst. Attitude is wonderful, very playful.
    Bar of choice

  46. GAZ ( GARY ENGLAND ) says:


  47. leo juamlon jr says:

    hi to the management of this bar “lone star” i really like how you submit the opening of your bar and i really admire those shelas especially “rhiza”
    do you mind if i take her number???

    please! just send it to my e-mail add…

  48. party guy says:

    everythime i go to cebu first thing in mind is visit the most friendly bar in town and yes thats lonestar.girls,mamasan,waitress,and the bar owner treat u right.they will not rip u off(unlike other bars).makes me no wonder why lonestar is one of the best bar in cebu.

  49. Sir Kevin mack says:

    I have been to cebu many tims and I always stop by and have some fun times here with Gram and the girls, its always a fun place and friendly girls!

  50. jhoy says:

    lone star can i get ur telephone number please send to my email

  51. jhoy says:

    can i get ur bar telephone number pls!!please send it to my email TY!