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Love City Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu by Foreigner and The Chinese

Love City Location

The busy and infamous Mango Avenue, right smack in the Centre of Cebu’s naughty zone – opposite side of the road from Sisters & BGs and sandwiched in between Papillion and Dimples

Love City Layout

2/5 Unusual Layout, kinda if hard to describe. You enter the door then take a walk upstairs. This bar is most unlike the other Bikini bars in Mango. The stage is a central, round area – normally has one or two girls dancing. These girls are VERY young – if I had to make a guess – I would say 16 to 18. None of the girls have had babies and I don’t think any are beyond the age of 18. How is this possible? – I have no idea, come to your own conclusions and theories. A high percentage of the girls will strip naked at the end of the dance, unlike the other Mango bars where the girls rarely do this. There are no girls wandering around, like the other bars – although I would say there are about 20 girls in total (roughly). When they are not dancing they either hang around inside the dressing room, or are seated in their own area until called by the mamasan to “entertain” a customer who will buy them a drink. Turn left as you come in and you will approach the small bar. Take a seat and the bar man will quickly ask you if you want a drink. Unlike the other bars, tax is added to the price as well. Bar man is smart and well dressed – the place seems unusually formal for a bar, not really a top spot to relax and joke around.


1/5 This bar is expensive, I think around 270 for a ladies drink which will buy you 30 mins with the girl to chat. Barfine is all upfront, 3000 or perhaps even 4000, I can’t remember. There’s also a VIP/KTV room. No idea about the charges for this.

Love City Management

2.5/5 I spoke to the mamasan a couple of times. She is quite old and told me how she has worked as the mamasan for 20 years (or so) when Love City Cebu was the original and only bar in Cebu. I have never met the owner. Management is strict – this is not a particularly friendly bar and is a world away from other bars in Mango.

Girls Looks

3/5 Some of the girls are really pretty. All the girls are really small, presumably because they have not yet grown up! The girls run around and joke like kids – which could actually make you feel a little awkward about being in there. Bars are for sure, adult places, take a visit yourself – would you really call these girls adults?


The girls are young and most have immature attitudes as you’d expect. I have spoken to a few and heard some strange stories.

Fun Factor

2/5 Not really a fun bar – too expensive and the girls don’t roam freely – even if they did I don’t really think his would be a fun bar. I’m really not sure about this place, looking forward to reading some visitor comments.


2/5 Love City Cebu is good for guys that like young girls with no babies. The clientele is mostly Japanese and Korean, you don’t see a whole lot of foreigners in there. I will try and get some pictures, but don’t imagine for one minute that the management will permit me to take any – we’ll see. As per my usual advice, check it out – at least you have some background knowledge prior to your visit. If you don’t like it, the other bars are just seconds away – so nothing lost.

47 responses to “Love City Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu by Foreigner and The Chinese”

  1. justine says:

    i miss love city,lalo na sa mga kasama ku dyan dati 2004_2005 im working at love city,,,im #9,,miss u anna marie goerge mami hermae nd mercy

  2. anunymous says:

    my friend she work at love city,,her name anna marie

  3. Chris says:

    What are some good hotels close to Mango Ave?

  4. lee says:

    @Bar buddy,
    Is there really “naked” dancing? I’ve been CEBU twice, except Jagur (topless), there is no naked, no hair, no topless dancing. What have you seen there? tell me more.

  5. Bar buddy says:

    I was there for a couple of hours one night in February. This is a typical filipino owned type of bar, but have prettier girls than the usual filipino low priced bars. I was surprised about the naked dancing and it was a nice difference from the other bars in Maxilom avenue. I had two girl friends together with me when I was there so I didnt ask about barfine for any girl there, so I dont know how they react on the qustion or whatever. It is a bit typical of the better filipino bars to be over priced on drinks, peanuts, door charge and barfines. God knows why, but they are probably just trying to ripp off as much money as possible from every customer.

    A few koreans and filipinos were sitting there and it was no fun or action going on. A normal owner or manager would of course lower the prices along with the other bars in the same street, but filipino owners seem to have other ideas how to make customers come back, or not…

    I will go there again in april, and I look forward to the naked dance show which I found as a refreshing addition to the other bars in Maxilom avenue.

  6. American Stud says:

    Well you all crybabies…..Yep, I’m leaving here in Omaha for Cebu tomorrow and i CANT FUCKING wAIT. Who gives a rats ass its pussy man! Thats all ya need….dont be so fucking picky….I met a girl there last month she was great and the mommy treated me good and became a friend. Yea..its a business

  7. isao says:

    love city is the best # 40…is very good dancer..
    and good attitude…very nice girl…

  8. John says:

    I miss going to bars, I really miss nightlife in Cebu in Mango Avenue to the massage I got from a very beautiful lady. I hired her as my tour guide in Cebu. I will be in Cebu January 2012, so I will use their service again.Excellent!

  9. KJ says:

    can I go there even I’m underage..??

  10. Just came back says:

    Ok just got back stateside, was there for 2 weeks in august

    The price is 4000 for ur bar tab

    The “girls” are mostly 17, one admitted to being 16 there for a year!

    Yes the girls do strip… But only one had any kind of class about it. The only pluss is most of them can dance well

    The girls wount come up to u! Most wount even talk to u if ur not paying for them to do so

    It’s a shit bar if ur American, British ect (English speaking)
    Mostly u see Asian men in there throwing money around lol

    Have read most of the other replys and I’m just putting down what I experienced, for my money it was a drag! Wount ever go back. That simple.

  11. nice says:

    im the one of costomer in love city 17 and 16 is not allowde i think love city is very good bar and all girl”s is kind and very smileng..i realy like love city…all love city girl have a hygen.

  12. Jim says:

    Does this club have privite rooms? And if so how much.

  13. Manuel says:

    yes you can meet really nice girls here.. It is worth the price… Remember you get what you pay for..

  14. shawn says:

    just found this site so i guess i can comment on this place because i visited it last year in september 2009, and im sure i will be going back later this year. Love City is ok, and i took another girl in with me which is always nice so that the girls dont try to push you around. Actually i think most were of legal age, and the mamasan was a little afraid of me because nobody brings in a gf haha. Anyways we had a few drinks a little over priced but im from american it was still a bargain at any price. i stayed two hours i guess and talked to some of the girls and watched them dance for awhile. I had to watch two koreans next to me just act horrible to the girls they had barfined, and just basically didnt even pay attention to them. One of the girls was falling asleep and the other girl was looking very annoyed to be wasting their time with them. anyways i talked to the mamasan and asked her about the barfine etc and at first she seemed not to want to talk about it, then i told her i just didnt know what the deal was but my friend back home had told me to ask her. she was actually more friendly then. I left there without picking up any girl because didnt really find a filipina there most were either mixed or of another race kinda dissapointing being that i was in the philippines. Anyways i would rate it about 2 or 3 out of 5 and I went to Papillions a few nights later and had a great time. For you guys who cant remember the girls names, after you barfine her the first night get her phone number and real name and then you can call her next time you want to have her and to just meet you somewhere. It will save you the barfine and she can actually get 100% of the money you pay her. She will make more and you will save more. Nothing is written in stone so make the best of your time there.

  15. Someone says:

    Ooooh, I just checked the other comments. I take the VIP room comment back! Same as the BF so it is said. I guess my mate was either stiffed or just plain wrong! 😀

  16. Someone says:

    Watch out for those 16 year olds. They can put you in a lot of trouble if they choose to.

    If they say they are 19 I can almost guarentee that they are 17 or under.

    A little birdy told me that the VIP is stupid price as well.

  17. john says:

    I know 2 of the girls. Ages 17 and 16. This is an over priced whore house. Your kind of fun? then go .

  18. steve says:

    Love city is a very different bar to all the rest. The girls are young and generaly very pretty but they don’t try to be involved with the customers. Just wait to be called. Reminds me of an Indonesian fish bowl establishment in that respect. Big thing to say however is that a lot of the girls can really dance which is a bit different to all the other bars. and yes a large % end up naked at the end of their routine. The bar fine (all in) is still very steep at 4000 but the beer is no more expensive than the other bars just oddly priced (174 for a san) Ok place if you just want to watch pretty girls get naked.

  19. Nino Brown says:

    can u gimme some of ur little yellow pills ur throwin in? wtf is xactly ur problem? guess ur a little jealous ha? probably ur just smelly ugly euro trash spending 2 weeks vacation on a budget coz social welfare’s not buying you 1st class holidays? btw: m not Asian myself and m sometimes wondering,too, how these chaps throw their money but it never prevented me from having a superb time in the Phils myself. poor little noob…

  20. Peter Gatter says:


    Its time all Koreans a Japanes Man, stay at your
    Country and fucking the ugly girls there.

    I hope the Phillipinas ignor all ASIA Man.

    Best Regards,


  21. scuba boy 32 usa says:

    Last trip sept.2009 – Update- On barefine it’s same for vip/private room 3000 peso was what I paid! I had a wonderful time everytime I go! Cebu as a whole is more expense than angeles. Love city I would say is in middle for price. Mactan is going to be more! It’s a small bar with beautiful ladies! 15 ladies app. per shift. Back of bar forgot name had another 15. For Cebu must see bar!!

  22. novu suzuki says:

    Lovecity it’s really good place and wonderful place. i was liked a girl in there and then i was choosed her. Her name is pinky she is no.02 now at the lovecity but before she was told me that she is no.42~ i think she is no.1 dancer in this club lovecity very flexible body,and so cute & attractive those guest but the other girls too cool also~she can speak japanese very well,when i was choosed pinky i was shocked when i was talked with her using by japanese language..ohh! and she can speak korean too..pinky is very talented person~ i was happied my time in cebu when i was met pinky.. this is my message for you pinky,please take care always don’t be sick and take care of your health don’t be tired too much~ pinky i really missing you now~ i really wanna love you but you was answered me that you don’t wanna get hurt but i am not paru paru ne! and i don’t wanna you will get hurt from me.. i hope pinky that i will see you again soon~ pinky please don’t forget me na~ Novu Suzuki ne~

    From Yoshiaki:
    no.15 at the lovecity i miss you very much ne take care always jona and pinky!

  23. chandy says:

    what the hell r u talking about lovecity r u all crazy shit….
    fuck all of you,…
    love city is a nice place and they have a nice and beautif ull ladies….
    so you guys r all crazy to send a bad comment to lovecity,,,,,……

  24. nicole says:

    yes i agree that some of the dancer in love are too young but try to know there reason why they work there……….hhhhhaaaaaaaa!!!!
    i suggest you to think twice or think again and again because some of the girls i know there reasons why they need to work there,,just for money to feed there family.,
    they dont push you to barfine them…….

  25. nice guy says:

    lovecity is too boring place and also the ladies there hmmmnnn they can speak japanese and korean but not quite in english thats the important….
    and ohhh the girls my god!!!very young for that kind of business….i feel sorry for them
    some of the guys dnt ashame that they carry baby bitch walking in the street or going with somewhere else
    esp. japanese wow they dnt bother about their age compare with the girl that he barfine
    the place is not good to unwind and to hangout maybe if your intention is just fucking around maybe you would fit that place…and ohhh that place were crupt!!!!!!

  26. mikemike says:

    Love city is an overrated flea pit. Should have a health and wealth warning at the entrance.

    Only place in town where girls are naked on stage and yes they are in some cases questionably young.

    The owner, first name after a well know long boot is very well connected and owns two other bars outright plus has an interest in a few more. The connections keep this place going, any other bar had shows like this and you would hear about nasty horrible foreigners being arrested and deported for abusing the maiden vurgins of these islands

  27. Alamo says:

    Does anybody know that Aljane(maybe Number 38) is still working here? I wanna see her again, but when the last time I visited, she wasn’t there. I’ve missed her.

    Does anybody know?

  28. Asian Albinos/myspace says:

    Hey Man..Were a racsous rock band from America and our lead singer is now living in Mactan.We went to Young city and had a smashing time….its what its all about Sex and party unless your a cry baby or a pussy with no money….check us on myspace if you want to rock with us and enjoy life! Asian Alibinos now in the Cebu area!

  29. withheld says:

    i`ve been in Lovecity…
    yes, we can say that sOmeof the girls are yOung..

    But why thOse people keep on visiting that pLace?
    i can’t say that this place is too mUch bOring..

    Coz if it’s really bOring,thOse people will nOt visit again…
    i can see crowded of cOstumers,especially weekends!!

    they are sO cute and very flexible!!!
    we cannot say that they are tOo yOung,cOz
    they already know hOw to make love with sOmeone!!

    sOme of the girls,are smart,looks like a ordinary person,and sOme of them are veterans!!

    So,if u want to visit there,it’s better u try..
    it’s just fOr fUn..nOthings especial…

    But,if u dOn’t want yOung girls..
    jUst look for anOther bar….

    bUt,fOr me LoveCity is ok!!especially when u know already the sexy and cute girls…

    i really missed the #34!!!sexy,cUte,and very good dancer amOng them!!!she’s really smart,just my opinion…

  30. Keith Maynard says:

    I have to agree, this is not a fun bar and never will be if they keep the same attitude. Yes the girls strip, but seem bored by the whole thing and it is one of the very few bars I have ever been in where the girls do not greet you and smile. Like a fool I ordered a plate of peanuts, about half a pack, and was charged 80 peso for the privilige. Quickly finished my drink and went next door to Papillion which has a far friendlier atmosphere. A bar to miss.

  31. Jeny says:

    Hi..been there before lots of young ladies dancer some pretty some just ordinary girl..One thing that I don’t like is the toilet so smelly and dirty makes me sick.

  32. PIMonger says:

    This is the worst of all the Mango Ave bars. Horrible seating, poor organization with only 1 or 2 girls dancing at a time & the rest sitting off by themselves or in the back and the most expensive in the area with overpriced drinks and P4,000 barfines. There really is absolutely no reason to even enter this bar.

    The Koreans may like this bar because they don’t know any better and a few of the girls can speak some of their language so if you are Korean and like to pay double price to be a bigshot and stroke your ego, by all means go here. It will give the Koreans the same satisfaction they get in their own country when they pay W150,000 (about $120) for a bottle of Jack Daniels in a Korean cocktail bar. Koreans love to overpay and act like they are little Kings for a night. It’s their culture. They think if you pay more then the quality must be better. lol.

    Actually the owner is quite smart and has made a niche bar to exploit them. For everyone else with a brain, all the other bars on Mango Ave are a much better option. Actually I hope the Koreans keep going here and stay out of the other Mango bars. We don’t need fools overpaying everywhere else and raising the prices.

  33. Cebuexpat says:

    This place is a ‘dive’. Amazingly boring with the most awful seating arrangement you can imagine. Do yourself a favor guys and stay away. The comments about the owner is correct and there are girls underage.

  34. josie says:

    ive been there in love city,together with my husband and his friend, its so borring and i see only 1pretty girl the athers is ugly and not sexy yuck??? have 1girl sexy but she is ugly,,,lol

  35. mr.nice guy says:

    love city is one of the nice bar here in cebu……they have many beautiful girls…..and is not true that love city is boring….maybe you will see some of girl that they dont know how to dance, its because they new girl….

    and not only 2 girls, know how to speak japaness or korean, also the other girls know how to speak japaness or korean…..and love city have many lovely, cute, and beautiful girls…..

    and just only my opnion, i think #38, and #10 is the most beautiful in love city…..

  36. Andrey says:

    It’s true – such a boring place!!!!!!! 2 girls dancing on the stage like a “dead fish”. Showing no interes get some attention!!!! I did’t see any good loking girls!!!!

  37. kent says:

    The comments by “anOnymOus” make me laugh as this person must be connected to love City or better named “Young City” “anOnymOus” does not like to hear truthful opinions or does not believe in freedom of speach that does not really exist in the PR anyway! Absolutley LOVE City has mostly underage girls and most people know it. they do not get raided by the Police or the DSWD because they are SCARED to do so!!! The place is owned by a notorious, wealthy, well connected man that they dare not cross. Same owner as Volvo and Thunderdome They are just to scared.. The authorities will raid the other bars that are not so powerful. is it not refreshing to see how the cops are keeping Cebu City safe from crime by raiding bars!

  38. a full 10 days says:

    the girls are not under aged…just look like they are. Very skinny and bouncy. each one is very smart and well trained to get your money and leave at 2am complaining about their baby back home or some other bs. The girls actually scared me with how much game playing they are skilled at.

  39. tex says:

    love city is a boreing place the girls have nom personality if they arnt high ill stand R–ting
    i would be suprised if any of the girls arnt underaged.

  40. sExzii`giMiQueraz says:

    `weLL,,nOe cOmmEnt!!
    aNyways,,i jUst want tO teLL sOmething abOut my opiniOn..
    `tHe kOreans did’nt came hEre jUst tO mEet all of yoU gUys!!..
    miNd yOur own bUsiness!!!..
    as i hEard,,tHey camE hEre tO stUdy eNgliSh!!aNd empowered tHeir minds..

    ‘sO we mUst uNderstand if they can’t speak english well!!! heLLo!!!!~~~cOmmon seNse pLease!!

    and why are u talking abOut kOreans??
    we are talking abOut lovecity’s sUrroundings..
    cOrrect me if iM wrOng!!!…

    “as what anOnymOus said…ur the oNly onE who can prOve if what Lovecity really is..
    tO see is tO beLieve!!!

    “anD sOme of the girls,can speak japanese and kOrean..nOt onLy the 2 of them…

    “thEre are mOre pretty girLs and sMart girLs arOund there..jUst try to knOw eaCh of them!!..
    and u can say that iM right…!!!ok??

    tiLL hEre!!!…
    anD dOn’t give a damn on this cOmmEnt!!!..pEace!!!

  41. killkoreans says:

    koreans sucks and most of them dont know how to speak english!why they came to cebu anyway?maybe because they have a lot of ugly girls in there place.

  42. Jo Kwan Joon says:

    Yes,i knew pinky no.42 at the lovecity.She is Cute and a real good and best dancer.She can speak korean also and japanesse.i think she’s not look like pilipina girl i think that she have a mix blood,she looks japanesse or korean..i really likes PINKY NO.42 at lovecity.

  43. ayumi aoki says:

    lovecity is the some of the gurls are kind and smart one of theme can speak japanise well,name is hazel and the other is pinky a good dancer, they are lots of energy… and many beautiful cute sexy lady ho! my shit im going that fucking place everyday…

  44. anOnymOus says:

    hMmm..??is that what yOu think oN that bar??
    i think sOme of what u obServed and saw is nOt true!!
    yes, the management is strict because it’s the order of the owner..
    u can’t say that all of the girls are yOung!
    jUst sOme of thE girls are acting like a child
    jUSt tO have fUn,if there’s nO cOstumers arOund..

    befOre you make and write sOme cOmments,try to
    knOw the people arOund wOrking on that bar..

    and if u really want tO prOve it,,u gO there
    every night..sO u can prOve tO the peOple or say
    if it’s all fact..

    we have different taste!
    sO don’t make the peOple to dislike that bar!

    iF u dOn’t like sOmething on that bar,jUst keep it by yOurself..

    and jUst let the peOple gO there,,and visit that bar..
    sO that they cOuld kNow what’s inside and the surroundings of that bikini bar!

    just mind your own business!!!
    becOz one of us has a priviledge,tO say sOme cOmments and to appreciate sOmething!

  45. romeo says:

    hey guys arent you over reacting?
    maybe you guys are trashed by one of these girls,
    chill guys chills,,,
    i been there also,its not like what you said,,,
    anyway,,,volvo is not like love city”remeber that

  46. Candyman says:

    Love City is OK to have one drink and watch the girls dance. Some of them can really dance and get into it, but as far as the dancers mingling with the customers, there is none of that, and the girls mostly sit together on their own. It is expensive for drinks, and the BF is 4,000 NOT 3,000 as previously posted, and really very much overated. I will go there again, to watch the shows, but that is it. There are a lot better bars around to have fun in.

  47. Chris says:

    ive been to love city, it reminds me of thunderdome and volvo bar, all 3 are owned by the same person, it is quite boring and yes theres no fun factor, its only good for a drink if you want to see what its like inside, thunderdome and volvo bar is on ramos street near midtown hotel and kan irag hotel.