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Papillon Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner & The Chinese

Name : Papillon



Central Mango bar area, next to “Love City” and opposite BGs



4/5 Layout is quite good – attractive looking dance stage with ginormous butterfly just to remind anyone who might be thinking of behaving, not to! There is a decent sized bar area to sit around, where the ever present “Maricel” will make you feel at home and find something to tickle your fancy. If you don’t feel like sitting at the bat, then you could sit around the main seating area, or if you like to keep a low profile there are plenty of secluded comfy spots dotted around.



2/5 I suppose you get what you pay for, in this instance anyway. Drinks are expensive(ish) at around 200 for a ladie’s drink and bar fine at around 1000 excluding girl. Don’t get me wrong, the drinks and girls are pretty much the same as you would get anywhere else, but the surroundings are a little above average.



? I know nothing about the management of this bar. Bar always seems to be in order and not experienced some of the nonsense you get in some.

Black Hole Outside

Girls Looks

3/5 Just average or even below, I have never seen anything exceptional in Papillon but have seen a few “clown like” faces, over made up and over rice eating. Sorry if that sounds rude, just take my word for it – I have photographic proof, but would be a little unfair to upload.

Black Hole Outside


3/5 Attitude OK. I guess this is more of a Japanese bar really, rather than Westerner – not sure why, but not so many western guys. Girls often have very white skin, so that may have something to do with it. Girls are friendly enough though.


Fun Factor

2/5 This bar is kinda reserved and boring – not really sure why. Never had that much fun in Papillon, seems like a place that is waiting for something to happen that everyone never will.



2/5 It’s OK, definitely worth a look BUT I think for sure you can find better,

87 responses to “Papillon Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner & The Chinese”

  1. NOBODY says:

    Refresh the pics… new Ladys 😉

  2. NOBODY says:

    now refresh the pics 😀

  3. NOBODY says:

    great the new style

  4. NOBODY says:

    I want to go to Papillon – to fuck 😀

    @all – have you news for me?

  5. Aussie Attack says:

    I have to say Papillon Bar was one of the highlights to my trip. I have been to many bars in Asia including : Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore ( 4 Floors of Whores ) and have to say the girls here are the most welcoming group ive met. The pricing was reasonable and the outfits were great. If your looking for a bar that you can have a good time then this is the one for you. Tell them Party – Aussie sent you.

  6. Korean says:

    We researched by several ways about “Arena KTV Lounge”, located 3rd Avenue, North Raclamation Area, Cebu City, Philippines (Tel; +63322319168), that they are doing very illegal thing.
    They are continuously doing human traffic / slave trade and/or pimping for young Filipino ladies. They ostensible look like KTV (Karaoke), but actually doing slave trade and pimping. We found many young Pilipino ladies are crying that situation and they cannot get any salary even though they did hard work on these kinds of work.
    Especially owner and manager of Arena coerce ladies to doing very bad / unbelievable work (not normal sex but abnormal sex or slave sex) without any payment as they have power to ladies. Also sometimes they use drug (e.g., marihuana) to ladies suck their hind tit. Ladies have no choice to excuse owner and manager’s request as they are in jail of Arena dormitory and have no freedom.
    We conclude this situation is completely illegal and try to find improving this situation. One of solution we thought are we believe you can investigate or make some order or legal enforcement to Arena. We also conduct some action by our selves and report same things to another organization such as international association, however we believe you are one of organization and responsible person who can solve this problem. We appreciate you will pay attention to this information.
    We know many bad guys doing these things, so we just tell you some of the worst guys in Arena as below.
    Singaporean, Luke (nick name, friend of owner); +610404409300, +639266810764
    Korean, Yang Ban Suk: +821045127043 (
    Korean, Soju; 09277585116
    Japanese, Cris; 09995678397
    Japanese, Nagao; +819030946779 (
    Koreans, Pagnet (
    Korean, Young Jin Kim (
    Manager, Paul; +639189418504
    In addition, there are so many things we found during our investigation, we just would like to let you know a few for instance.
    1. Friends of owner (e.g., Korean, Singaporean) often go Arena and take girls out and confine girls in their hotel, and doesn’t pay anything to them. Girls are like slave and no choice to say No as owners requests and house arrest, if girls say No, they face more terrible situation.
    2. For more instance, Feb 17, one of Arena girl was requested from owner and manager of Arena to go with ownerfs friend to island near to Mactan (maybe named Patay), so she cannot back until owner’s friend back to main land. She was crying during she has confined in his hotel, but he never gave her free time also no money. Also before these days, guy always asked same lady to be his slave and she tried to escape, but guy, owner and manager strictly didn’t accept it.
    3. Korean who is friend of owner take out Arena girl and keep in hotel and forcibly be drunk alcohol, then girl lost way and he did very crazy sex to her for several days. It was agreed by owner and manager of Arena and no payment to her.
    4. Many girls work in Arena cannot get day off (it was contracted to have 1 day off per week) as owner and manager request them service free sex to some of guests.
    5. Normally girls in Arena start working at 20:00pm, but once she go out hotel with guest, mostly they back to dormitory around 15-16pm and start working 20:00pm as manager requests girls.
    6. Manager Mr. Paul (+639189418504) handled his ladies (e.g. Lady J, Lady D, etc.) as a tool and give too much hard work, for instance around 10 guests per week, means sometimes 2 guest per day. Ladies are almost dying by too much stress and hard work, but they can get only a few salary or sometimes without salary (strongly requested by manager free sex)
    7. Owner and manager of Arena give drug to ladies instead of payment, so that ladies cannot judge in normal. They make ladies junky and request so terrible sex.
    We hope you can make some actions to Arena accordingly.
    Kind Regards,

  7. NOBODY says:

    Deutsche am Start?

  8. Somebody says:

    To fill in about bar girls here in the Philippines. They usually work in the bars to support their family and to save money for education. Sometimes they study during day time and work in the bar during night time. In order to get the money they want they will try to make as much money as possible, right? So many bar girls will lie and play games with the customers in order to make as much easy money as they can. They will try to make you fall in love because it will simply be more money for them. They will ask for gifts and money as support for their needs and their familys needs. Some girls are very experienced with this and they will for sure fool a good hearted foreigner…

    Come on guys, dont be stupid! Dont be silly and fall in love with a bar girl! It is not really advicable.. It could actually make problems for you for the rest of your life.. There are a lot of “gold diggers” in the philippines! You should think about these things before you start your vacation going to the bars..

  9. sarah says:

    oh sarah I miss your pussy your such a good fucker for me!!!

  10. sarah says:

    is sarah is still in the bar she very good fucking anykind of posistion!!! she still there???

  11. NOBODY says:

    nice girls… please refresh the pics 😀

  12. NOBODY says:

    its time to refresh the pics :o)

  13. Uk guy says:

    i like papillon the girls,the mama san..all the girls are very nice,very funny,so jamming…

    i miss all the girls in papillon…

  14. tommy says:

    hi im look foure a girl ther keana im want to meet you agin pls

  15. george australia says:

    why have you got pictures of melody on your website without permission

  16. Metalhead says:

    This site is totally USELESS!!! My comments never get posted. Close this site if you wont post comments. I just wanted to ask Paddy when was the last time he saw Lyca at Papillon? What’s wrong with that question?

  17. Metalhead says:

    What is the point of having this site if you can’t post comments on it??!! I have been trying to respond to Paddy’s comment by asking him when was the last time he saw Lyca??

  18. Xander says:

    Went there tonite 11pm, 20+girl, only 1 japanese customer paying too much. 200 Lady Drinks, 1800 Bar Fine.
    Girls were beautiful, but due to the lack of other customers you can’t avoid to have at least 4 of them around you, asking for a lady drink, a tip, a balut or a promise to barfine them next day.
    Barfined a girl, really passionate in the bar. Too much, should raise some alarm.

  19. b bruce says:

    Hi looking for 2/3 girls for travel around cebu end of january 2011. easy going good time all expenses paid, plus bonus,please contact number, no agents or escorts, live a little and enjoy.

  20. Metalhead says:

    Paddy, When did you last see lyca at papillon?

  21. Nobody says:

    hey guys – no news?

  22. bull says:

    shantal wr are u?????????????????????

  23. melody says:

    hi this is melody and im the one who dancing in the stage and can i ask a favor whos the owner on this website can u erase my all picture please for the future of my life

  24. i y O t says:

    i just want to fuck their pussy and that’s all 🙂 -all patronizing night clubs

  25. bull says:

    shantal still there??????????

  26. paddy says:

    I have been to the club for many years and never go ant where else,got to know mamasan and she always treat me well, we have great time vip, and will always go back there, yes met lyca she is noce girl, also Daisy, she now in singapore, not sure aboyt lyca, does any body know how long Lyca work there?, great bar and Maryln, always look after me. Got there if you want a good safe night, yes a little expen, but you get what yopu pay for.

  27. Nobody says:

    whats up?

  28. bull says:

    just asking shantal stil there in papillon? pls give me a details about her thank you…

  29. george australia says:

    hi george here what do you mean my comment is waiting moderation I JUST WANT KNOW IF MELODY STILL WORKS THERE THANKS

  30. from california with love says:

    all girls in papillon are very beautiful specially the girl named ‘aubrey’ is beautiful and nice to talk with.u cant be bored there if you come there.
    i like her so much…

  31. Nobody says:

    thank you for the info – but use another name please…

  32. Nobody says:

    Daisy is working in Singapore

  33. Dru Hill says:

    Papillon is shit compared to Jaguar. I do not recommend this place at all.

  34. Manuel says:

    Secret to this club is you have to be willing to spend just a little more than the cheapest bar.. Then you will be surprise at the very beautiful young girls that approach you. Give a small tip to the mama sun and she will bring the best young girl to you…

  35. nobody, says:

    if u go in papillon search the name bea shes have a nice body slim and small and naughty i have fun of her so much shes so nice she looks like a spanish girl face so nice meet her,, i want to go back there /

  36. Rockman says:

    I have been to Papillon 1 time. I BF’ed a girl name Saya. She was gorgeous, friendly and wild child in the sack..

  37. Nobody says:

    daisy not work there in papillon…

  38. Nobody says:

    2000 PHP for foreigners
    1500 PHP for filipinos
    23. June 2010

  39. Ray says:

    I met a girl there named Candy. Very small girl and loves to fuck, got so wet left a puddle in the bed. Does Candy still work at papillon?

  40. .... says:

    hey!!!don’t be so judgemental, you don’t know why there are girls doing that,there are big reasons why they are doing that job…they go out with different guys for money,so they can buy foods for family,send their kids to school…you should consider that…

  41. dave says:

    you never know that your gf or wifes been hurts if they know about what your doing tthey sucks they go out to different guys

  42. dave says:

    go to hell girls all you do is bad for the environment you guys suck….

  43. Salami says:

    …u mean a par3 ????

  44. Nobody says:

    does anyone know the barfine in papillon? if there a 3 holer girl? … i go cebu in 2 weeks…

  45. hunk from uk says:

    sorry to the dancers but mga matured na jud inyo girls! samotan pa sa make up ! we need fresh face bisag walay make up baby face!

  46. Rufus Greenjeans says:

    Actually, does ANYONE know if Lyka is still at Papillon???? If she isn’t, does anyone know where I can find her? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  47. Salami says:

    NP Darren, been to RP many many times in last 11, have several friends there, have seen to many GRO ‘love affairs’… it plays like the same broken record everytime.

  48. Rufus Greenjeans says:

    Hey ITALYlove pinay…Can you describe Lyka? I am planning a return visit and I was hoping this was the same girl I met there b4.

  49. secret says:

    all ican say is that , all the girls that working in papillon are all nice….have agood heart and very understandable…they will not going to force the guest if that guest will give them drinks or not…idnt knw wer MR.SALAMI got that bad comment….about the firls in papillon.

  50. Darren says:

    Thanks Salami ,Where you from ? whats you general story ? I understand what you saying, i just wanted to stay in contact with this girl. Your advise is taken onboard, Thanks for that.

  51. Salami says:

    ….want some advice Darren? Don’t walk away from this gal…RUN …RUN like the devil himself is chasing you….it is so easy to meet ‘good’ girls in the RP you would have to be a fool to torture yourself (and your wallet) with the bar girls. Dont get me wrong ..they are great girls to take out and enjoy each others company…but keep it in perspective…

  52. Darren says:


  53. stomper says:

    The girl in the last photo looks hot!!! I will be in Cebu in a month. Does anyone know who she is or if she is still working at Papillion?

  54. krish says:

    in 2006 – 2007 there used to be some girls in Papillon but now all seems changed. Does anyone has any idea where these girls moved? I’m looking for a girl named Mandy.

  55. Darren says:

    It was my first time to a bikini bar in Philippines, I was just hoping to have a beer wether it be expencive or not and enjoy the enviroment as you do.But I met a girl, Her name i have forgotten because of the Sudden realisation i had met a special girl.It is her sweetness i remember. i hope she remembers me and accepts my appologies because i was unable to return to the club before returning to Australia. i wish to have contact with her, my email. She is the girl on the far left, blue top, in the group photo at the table. please can someone let her know im wanting to contact her.

  56. Nobody says:

    sorry – i don’t know, because i still in cebu in the year 2005… the right hand there was a little cut (sorry my english is terrible)…

  57. Me says:

    Can you describe daisy? Does she have any tattoos or anything else that we can use to distinguish her from the other girls?

  58. Nobody says:

    i go june to cebu – i hope daisy is ther 😉

  59. ITALYlove pinay says:

    good luck papillon!!!!!!!!!! also lyka and janice.

  60. ITALYlove pinay says:

    we can say papillon is the best…they have a very smart girl in there! her name is hazel, she’s not like other girls that you can’t connect with when you are talking… she’s pretty,tall bout 5’6,curly hair and sexy…. very sweet girl we’ve ever talk… we can’t forget the smell of her hair, and the most expensive perfume we’ve smell in bar that girl use, not like other girls smell’s like hell…. and also we can’t forget her amazing skin… she look’s like a model very ELEGANTE!!! the way she speak or she talk to us.. hope we can see her again when we come back.

  61. johnrey says:

    way mga au bati og mga nawong

  62. salami says:

    still best bar on strip if u like it a bit more laid back and relaxing

  63. from u.s.a says:

    many young girls in papillon compare to other for me pap is so nice place big area you can have fun…….no offend but only people have more mony can enter pap the one who has no mony the one say papilllon is expensive he he he sorry…..

  64. from u.s.a says:

    im in papillon couple of times before…what can i say is that bar is great..girls are so good so smart to talk with and funny too…if you want company and to talk wiht papillon is great…girls there are funny …

  65. Ray says:

    HI alli will be in CEBU mid february i will be on my own so love to chat and be warned where to do and not to go lol e mail me on Thanx

    Regard’s Ray

  66. Ray says:

    Cant wait until mid february to visit Cebu unwind and hit nice bar ray from the UK i will be the good looking one with the shaved head and tatoos on my arm cos i am a biker lol

  67. nolz says:

    i’ve been to this bar. It was the best bar I’ve been to in Mango area. couple of nice looking ladies. unfortunately, the ugly one got to me first and cling on to me for about 20 minutes. then the floor manager came to me and ask why I was alone. We heated up pretty quickly. She was pretty for her middle age.

  68. Charles U. Farley says:

    Hopefully the old hags are not crawling on you
    when you enter.

    If not, it is ok to get a decent drink,
    but the drinks are very mild and also the bar is very boring.
    No billiard or something else.
    But still ok.

  69. Timbo says:

    I went here on my “bar hopping” night this october, and ended up barfining a girl from papilion. But anyway, The bar is Much, much more nicer and cooler that silver dollar. I went to the bar alone, and after 5 minutes ending my cigarette a beauty comes up to me and ask if she could sit down. We started to talk, the normal talk you usual do with the bar girl, telling you how horny she gets of tequila. Im dont bite on this one anymore, hehe. But anyway i enjoyed my time there at papilion! Only 9 girls there that night.

  70. Steve says:

    Yeah,it is expensive.The bar fine was just 1700,then it got to was worth it.The girls are friendly.No offense to the management but their music is killing me.So boring and they play boy band music.Their customers are not teenagers.But the ambiance is way better that anybar.The dancers they are few that are really good,but some are just ugly and no personality.i liie the girls from year 2000 to 2004.

  71. Steve says:

    Yeah,it is expensive.I visit there once in a while.But I like the girls before.I remember the twins.I forgot their names.They were so fun and they speak very good english and pretty too.The bar fine was just 1700,then it got to was worth it.The girls are friendly.No offense to the management but their music is killing me.So boring and they play boy band music.It sucks!!! Their customers are not teenagers! But the ambiance is way better that anybar.

  72. Hey says:

    Ik ga daar komen met mijn Filipijnse vrouw

    hehehehe c you in januari

  73. Nobody says:

    Hello! I will be going back to Cebu sometime early in 2010. Does anyone know if Daisy is still working at Papillon?

  74. Rufus Greenjeans says:

    Hello! I will be going back to Cebu sometime early in 2010. Does anyone know if Lyka is still working at Papillon?

  75. Bruce says:

    If you’re going around checking out the cebu nightlife, papillon provides a comfy atmosphere to just rest and unwind. The place is very different from the others. There are comfy seats and couches that you can lounge around. The girls are hospitable and very conversant. I got a chance to chat with a smart & funny employee which made my visit a fun and worthwhile experience.

  76. Bruce says:

    If you’re going around checking out the cebu nightlife, papillon provides a comfy atmosphere to just rest and unwind. The place is very different from the others. There are comfy seats and coaches that you can lounge around. The girls are hospitable and very conversant. I got a chance to chat with a smart & funny employee which made my visit a fun and worthwhile experience.

  77. Joe says:

    In the above pictures, there is one girl in blue. She is the second and fourth picture counting from the bottom up and they are separated by the group picture of the seven girls at the table. This girl in blue is so pretty. Does anyone know her name?

  78. lovepinaybeauty says:

    Papillon has expenssive barfine but it’s truelly woth it..girls are super friendly and very pretty specially the GRO’s.
    I travel to Cebu every 3months and always visit Papillon.

  79. Cebuexpat says:

    It’s a bar that I would use just to break things-up slightly. Wouldn’t stay for more than a beer unless something pretty new and exceptional hit the floor. Bar Fines are expensive

  80. a full 10 days says:

    Ugliest girls in all of kidding. Went with a friend and we bought mercy drinks for an hour. Really, it looked like a convention of criminal charachters from Dick Tracy. Worth a trip to laugh at the uglyness.

  81. danny says:

    no offense to the dancers, but this is by far the worst bar in cebu. the waitress simply won’t leave you alone and it’s really annoying when they constantly pressure you for overpriced ladies drinks the minute you sit down. asking them nicely to go away only lasts for a minute, then they are back with two ugly girls asking for a drink. I’ve been there multiple times over the years and only go at the insistence of a newbie visitor that really wants to see for himself. It only takes 5-minues and they start saying it was a huge mistake, let’s quickly finish our beer, and leave. hopefully, someday this bar will change but until then it’s one to avoid.

  82. anonymous says:

    we’ve been them with my american husband but shiit it sooo fucking expensive, thats all I can say

  83. george says:

    wait for me anha unya ko inig oli naku

  84. fred from dubai says:

    yeah gwapa jud ang babay nila kung naay make up…hehehehe…

  85. navy,guy says:

    Papillon is one of the nicest bar in cebu…
    The girls look so social and blessed with a very natural beauty…very filipina in and out…thanks to this site that we can put comment…

  86. oliver jones says:

    Papillon is really an expensive bar,but it’s worth it…the girls are nice,specially this girl in the picture who’s very smart and charming…i know her since she’s fat,like i think she weight 145lbs…but
    wow look at her now…well,i love the ambiance and the girls at that bar…nothing compares to their company and entertainment….Go Girls!!!!