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Red Horse Beer – the devil’s own juice!

Experience the distinct full-flavored taste and extra satisfying strength of a world-class premium strong beer” – would you sell your soul for a drink?

The Wolf..
Looking innocent enough, and enjoyed by MILLIONS of Filipinos, any foreigner could be forgiven for easily falling into a false sense of security with this wolf in sheep’s clothing. Touted as “strong beer” – we might also make comparisons with the like of Stella AKA “wife beater” from the UK. Do not be fooled my friend! At least with Stella you know what you’re dealing with, San Miguel don’t even list the alcohol strength on the bottle – which leaves everyone guessing it’s true alcohol content! Actually, it doesn’t actually taste that strong – if it is alcohol, then I’d guess it at around 5.5%.

“Devil Water”

Interestingly, San Miguel light (which if you have tried it is undeniably light) is listed at 5.5% ABV – impossible, when you consider Stella is 5.3% ABV and certainly far more potent than a San Miguel light – which I would guess to be more around the 3.5% ABV mark. Enough about San Miguel Light – lets leave that one for the sensible, back to Red Horse..

The Kick..
In parts of Africa there are tribes of natives that are unable to digest milk because they don’t have the right enzyme to break it down, likewise the Japanese enzymes for breaking down alcohol are much reduced in their effectively compared with westerners – hence why the Japanese get far more drunk on less and stay drunk for far longer. “So what”, I hear you say, “Get to the point!” – just be patient oi, I am getting there! My point is this – red horse has some very strange effects on foreigners as far as I can see – an effect known only too well to bar owners who NEVER sell Red Horse in their establishments.

Perhaps westerners, in a similar trait to the Japanese and Africans mentioned previously, do not possess an effective enzyme in their guts to do justice to Red Horse in a timely manner! The seemingly harmless Red Horse is easily consumed, but the effects and intoxication, in the absence of an effective enzyme to keep it in check, become cumulative and reach staggeringly high levels in the unsuspecting foreigner. Compounding the issue is my suspicion that there is something more “odd and sinister” at play when it comes to Red Horse intoxication – perhaps it is brewed with the Filipino local equivalent of an active psycho-stimulant, like the peyote cactus, in which lives the worm that gives true Mescal or Tequila it’s “drug like” effects. I wonder what that Active” ingredient could be – perhaps a rare strain of cockroach, found only in the San Miguel Brewery and nowhere else?

“Devil Water”
In my observation, Filipinos seem to be able to drink any amount of Red Horse, whilst of course getting drunk during the event, BUT not necessarily showing the same traits that a “Red Horse” intoxicated westerner might. What are the indications of a foreigner that Drinks Red horse regularly?

1) Drinking Red Horse quickly becomes a habit – shortly after, a way of life.
2) The foreigner, by day, actually looks a little like a Red Horse! – Well, at least red-faced with a bloated belly
3) Loss of temperature regulation. Drink RH and the next day, you will sweat like pig and be completely at the mercy of the Filipino climate – without RH, you’re body is in with at least a fighting chance of dealing with it.
4) Fuzzy head – embarrassing when you cant recall your girl friends name for the 3rd time in a week!
5) Various life – changing events relating to the ensuing chaos during your last Red Horse session!

My advice, to the foreigner, is to treat this devil-water with the respect it deserves – get complacent, and just like a real horse, you could receive a swift and nasty kick – and if you are doubly unlucky, direct to your doodahs!

A comprehensive study
For clarification, I have listed some useful and sensible notes below:

Red Horse
• Can be drunk, but dangerous and poisonous.
• Can make any type of “riding” troublesome.
• Does not need a real “stable” if you want to keep one, just a refrigerator.

Red Bull
• Safe to drink
• Makes riding safe
• Also, no stable required – just a ref

A Real Horse
• Don’t try to drink ever.
• Can be ridden safely with experience
• Does not fit well in your Ref – better to put in a stable
• Can nearly kill you if it turns nasty and kicks you, but still FAR SAFER than Red Horse

Red Wine
• Safe to drink
• Does not need either a Ref or Stable

Deadly Poison
As you can clearly see from the above, the obvious choice for the foreigner is Red Wine. Just to make sure, over the course of two years I have downed over 2000 Red Horse and now can conclusively confirm that it is extremely poisonous to foreigners and should be treated with suspicion and care, however it is advisable to also conduct your own “Human Testing”.

61 responses to “Red Horse Beer – the devil’s own juice!”

  1. Gelanie says:

    Had a Sunday night Red Horse session with my friends last night and I had stayed in bed all day today because of hangover! Now, absent from work.

  2. expat says:

    For your information Stella is a Belgian beer, not from UK! I lived in the Phils for quite a while, drank plenty of RedHorse but i must say we have far stronger beer in Belgium than that. My favorite here is Duvel (devil, in english) it’s 8.5% butthe strongest available is Kwak, with about 12%.
    Come to Belgium if you want REAL beer!

  3. aris lingad a.k.a.(abe-eltorero) says:

    I can;t live with out red horse and can;t get wild with out it.. and party like a rock star!!!

  4. aris lingad a.k.a.(abe-eltorero) says:

    red horse beer:: beer of the real man!!!

  5. eyewatcher says:

    Need RedHorse and live in Louisiana…Help??

  6. eyewatcher says:

    I NEED RedHorse……….

  7. Doc Clapshot says:

    It ain’t no big thing. Red Horse doesn’t have any more kick than most any other beer. Calling it the Devil’s own juice is highly over exaggerated.

  8. pol says:

    ano kakasa kayo?

  9. pol says:

    pg may tama ako nyan nakakapatay ako na 5 hnggang 10 na tao..baka isunod ko na kau!!!

  10. Wild Rose Alberta says:

    Red horse is the strongest beer in the Philippines due to its high alcohol content. Several studies have suggested that people get more intoxicated and engage in riskier behavior when they drink Red Horse. Studies also shows combination of caffeine with Red Horse is deadly.

  11. Marc says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Red Horse since days when Subic Bay Base was in operation. I currently live on Guam and am able to get all I want. It is listed here as 7% Alc. I’m not sure about the local PI stuff.

  12. blargy says:

    seven bottles of red horse on the wall seven bottles of beer you drink one more that makes four then your unable to walk anymore.

    -inspired by dedicated consumer

  13. dave s.. says:

    i agree.. wolf on sheeps clothing…… rh..

  14. Austen says:

    Red Horse is the business , my favourite beer in the world and YES 1 in a case of 24 stallions is a happy horse , which is 7.9% , lovely jubbly .

  15. ron says:

    there’s a legend about red horse, it’s called the happy horse. in every case (of 24?) of stallions (330mL), there is a bottle with the horse logo “smiling.” it is “supposed” to be stronger. (sadly, the logo that is exported to the states is completely different so no luck).

    try looking for the happy horse when your drunk.

  16. julius sumawang says:

    oh shit,, try 2 drink this beer.. its awesome… make u happy same like u ride in a horse… this is the # one in phillipines….. ITO ANG TAMA

  17. Shawn says:

    hahahahahah……i love Red Horse. I drank a shit load of it last year and its much better than smp or sml. SML is better than the SMP, but Red Horse just tasted better and didnt make me get crazy like everyone keeps claiming it does. And its the cheapest on the menus there thats why you see even all the youner teeanagers drinking buckets of it everywhere in mango square by julianas. Id say its between 5 and 6%, but no more than that. I say Drink as much as you can if you like beer.

  18. kevin says:

    red horse is cheap bar beer. but i drink it a lot in the clubs there and never had an issue with it..i prefer san miguel pilsen though.. much better. only 18p per bottle in the market..what a deal

  19. says:

    Red Horse Beer – the devil’s own juice!…

    Looking innocent enough, and enjoyed by MILLIONS of Filipinos, any foreigner could be forgiven for easily falling into a false sense of security with this wolf in sheep’s clothing. Touted as “strong beer”…

  20. BINOY says:

    I was in my friend’s house where we decided to drink 3 liters of red horse beer each, After we’re almost finished drinking, I just went crazy punching my friend and their steel gate and after that I rested on the concrete pavement in front of their house. Red Horse Beer Really has A STRONG KICK!!!WAPAK!!

  21. Rasta says:

    I was in PI in 1985 thru 1986. RH is by far my most favorite beer in the world. i still drink it to this day and im a westerner too!! ya’ll keep havin fun over there. one day ill come back for some real filipino fun

  22. AKB48 says:

    Strong beer my left foot lol

    At Julianas disco I ordered a bottle of San Mig Pilsen and a bottle of Red Horse. The Red Horse tastes different but is certainly no stronger – 5% – 5.5% would be my educated guess as an alkie used to drinking a lot of beer. SMP – 5.5% – 6.0% I would say. To test my hypopotomus even further, on another nite I drank 12 bottles of Red Horse and did not even have a hangover. The nite b4 8 bottles of SMP had given me the mother of all headaches. Enjoy.

  23. leo says:

    dont se that on bottle…lol

  24. Ki says:

    hahaha.. nice nice.. Filipinos can consume RH as if it’s juice! If foreigners can drink maybe 2-3 stallions and get tipsy (and I’d be amazed to if I see one still walking straight), Pinoy’s can take one 500ml at a time in a beer bong! mabuhay mga kapatid!

  25. aton says:

    RH = HEMOGLOBIN. hahahhaha

  26. tom says:

    Red Horse is aprrox. 6.8% like written on the bottle! Much like a Duvel in Belgium thats almost 8%

  27. rob says:

    My gf tried a couple of longnecks of red horse… I thought she was possessed, or having a stroke.. I was so,so worried. Came good next morning, did drink for a few days though.

  28. jun says:

    red horse beer can satisfy u only 1 & 3 bottles if u exceed to more than that number u have no idea what youve say and done. think 10 times before u consume red horse. if u feel dizzy and cant control ur emotion stop drinking go in bed for safety precaution.

  29. 3 sets for says:

    R E D H O R S E B E E R
    E E A
    P A I
    R L
    O T
    D H

  30. tom says:

    alcohol % is 7 in redhorse


  31. elguapito says:

    samot na og gipaningot pa pagkuha gkan sa cooler…haha…

  32. The_Idiot says:

    In cebu at the moment on biz, I can attest to the potency of this stuff… Back home a casual night involves 8-12 beers/shots and gets worse from there. This stuff though…. First night tried one at the end of the night, thought to myself “tastes great!” Next day had it exclusively drinking at my standard pace, not the best of ideas… At some point after the 7th I came to realize that it was time to get my butt off the streets LOL. I’m out here by myself and not familiar with the area, even well on the path to inebriation I realized becoming stupid drunk would be a bad idea. Everyone should try one as it is a great beer though.

  33. bayogyog says:

    mo.knock out sa koreano

    mipatiurok sa amerikano

    pero mopalagsik sa cebuano


    red horse!!

  34. Nice says:

    yeah red horse
    maka boang ni simon!

  35. padayaw says:

    ..I don’t have war wounds with RH….hell… my friends thinks that of all the alcohol drinkins that they consume…RH is the one that keeps me quiet and a “good” boy…haha….

    I drink it alone…no better companion…

  36. John..09 says:

    ReDHorSe CaN makE u haPPy When Sleep!!


    rEdHorSe ito ang tama!!



  37. Lobster says:

    Hahaha – the RH effect!

  38. lester says:

    the devil poem

    i had a taste of you
    now i cant seem to break through
    under your spell im forever stucked into

    wohoo!! red horse I LOVE YOU

  39. zhynee says:

    hahahaha….I like reading your blog..especially this one coz I read some funny thoughts about not drinking a real horse…hahaha..I am laughing my ass off with these…Makawa sa problema…One thing I notice, younger adults like me prefer red horse than San Mig coz my dad likes San Mig than red horse…

  40. marie hale says:

    i tried it in the philippines and get it now in the us it is alot more expensive 11.00 for 6 bottles.

    the best beer strong and yet good………

  41. Sonny Mundo says:

    Lakas Tama!!! Rock and roll !!

  42. Lobster says:

    Haha – nice story about the Motor Cycle – Yeah I have a small collection of war wounds, similarly gained during a fall experienced during a particularly wild red horse ride…or two!

    I stick with my original advice – Foreigner, drink this at your peril – anyone actually drunk this stuff and disagree, willl turn your world into a numb like, care-free dream – careful!

  43. James Riley says:

    A six pack? Where are you shopping Fred?

  44. J.D. says:

    I went to the Philippines for 4 days, drank red horse non stop….and as a result I have a 5″ scar on my leg. Split my leg wide open down to the muscle wrecking my motorcycle. It’s still my favorite beer. The red horse you find in the U.S. isn’t as good though.

  45. mark- surrey says:

    After every session on this stuff my girl won’t talk to me for days lol ! and i thought i was having a sensible night, there must be parts i do not remember!

  46. Fred Roque says:

    Holy Jesus! 2 got me good already. 4 more to go…

  47. Fred Roque says:

    I just bought a 6 pack, never tried it.. stay tuned to the aftermath comment.

  48. Brian says:

    I think Red Horse would be perfect for me:

    It comes highly recommended from a local.
    I already have a red face and bloated belly so no one would notice the change.
    I have been a practicing alcoholic since about the same age as that baby.
    Water is the devil, it rusts your pipes

  49. Doc says:

    I tried the Red Horse. By the end of the night the horse was more like a gentle pony at the carnival. I wish I could have some everyday.

  50. Lobster says:

    And – those waters were SO murky…

  51. Lobster says:

    Friday Night – Time to take a quick dip with Devil in his Murky waters!

  52. wayne says:

    i can’t live without Red Horse.. Red Horse is my blood.. hahaha

    Thanks si..

  53. Red Horse says:

    Drink Red Horse Beer – it’s the dEviL’s dRInK!

    And it makes you not give a f-ck about anything!

  54. Nice says:

    Nice chill and simon his like innocent english man but its not…

  55. Mr. 420 says:

    Red Horse is the beer that rocks! The official Rock n’ Roll Beer… If you want to rock, you know the drill! Cheers!

  56. says:

    hehehehehe… a life without red horse is like a life without s3x

  57. John says:

    cool i like red horse.. it tastes great

  58. [Pet] says:

    laking BEER Brand kami!

  59. Ian says:

    It’s ethidrine mixed…

  60. Marco says:

    “Experience the distinct full-flavored taste and extra satisfying strength of a world-class premiun strong beer”

    Red Horse Extra Strong Beer.. The only horse in the world that no foreigner can tame. It kicks very hard and knocks the sane out of your membrane!

    If you are a foreigner and you’re insanely thinking of challenging this devil horse into a fight to the death then you my friend is already insured with a memorial plan. NOBODY WALKS OUT ALIVE! (or at least sane enough to speak his name clearly)

    WARNING : This beer right here makes macho guys into ballet dancers so NEVER DRINK THIS BEER ALONE!

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