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Sisters Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner & The Chinese

Name : Sisters


Maybe 20 meters up the road from BG’s, Viking and al the other main bars in Cebu – If you’re in Mango Ave, Cebu City, and have eyes, it’s easy to find.


3/5 Layout here is simple and quite plain – a bit like a Filipino bar – BUT don’t be fooled, for sure it’s not. Once you have fought your way through the curtain on the way in, the small bar will be immediately on your right and because the place is so small, nearly everyone is going to look at you – but don’t worry! Get yourself a drink first, by then the Mamsan or one of the waiter girls will have appeared and will show you to one of the small stools / tables – directly opposite the stage, choose one you like the look of – if all busy, hang around the bar for a while. The stage is of a reasonable size and there is usually one than one girl dancing at a time. CR is at the other end of the place, as is the door for the girls changing room – stick your head in if you want to say hello, probably not a good idea to do it too often though – “Rous Oi !”


4/5 Good prices here, not silly service or other tax. Ladies drink is about P170 and San Miguel Light is P65. Bar fine is the customary P700 plus P1000 girl, although if the girl agrees you can pay her later.


4/5 The Mamasan here is genuinely nice and very friendly – she’ll ask for drinks for the girls but wont go OTT and she’ll do what she can to make you comfortable.


4/5 Ranging from 4/10 to 7/10, you can find some specimens in really nice condition here. Girls tend to be youngish – around the 18 – 22 mark. Girls here seem to turn over quite quickly, but the quality seems to stay consistently good – the appearance of the bar actually looks average or below, but for sure these are some of the best girls in Mango – maybe just the Mamasan doing a good job, who knows – had some great times with some of the girls I’ve met in sisters, make the effort to get to know them a bit better – they will appreciate it too.


4/5 There’s no doubt about it, the girls in Sisters generally have great attitudes and really are fun, some of the nicest girls I have met have been from Sisters. Not so many long-term, hard core Bar Girls with the not-so nice bar girl attitude. Atmosphere is great, you could stay here for a long time and just enjoy chatting with the different lovelies! DJ is cool too and will happily put on your faves, next time he see’s you he’ll play them again without asking – lovely touch, really makes you feel relaxed, happy and at home – even better, the girls never seem to get weary of “Hold the line”, “Rosanna” and “Africa” – absolutely fantastic, this place can turn my mood around in 30 secs!

Foreigner Says

4/5 The simplicity of the bar is nothing compared to the lavish looks of some on the same street – but these other bars, whilst looking sparkly and snazzy on the face of it (for instance “viking next door”, are not in the same league for creating a great atmosphere – of for the girls in them. Do I need to say it – very highly recommended, turn your computer off and get out where the real action is – what the hell is wrong with you!

*Rous Oi” – Slang term, reputed to have originated in Cebu City, short as a warning for “That’s Dangerous be careful you”!

43 responses to “Sisters Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner & The Chinese”

  1. Paul says:

    Went to Sisters last night and was impressed. Great sound, lighting and the waitresses are unreal. The bar is twice the size since I last visited but same cool vibe. Dyna is the owner now and this is the place to party. The dancer I met (Mayuki), is the hottest chick I’ve seen this trip. I’m going back for her.

  2. Sas says:

    Does Barfine Means that you can take the girl out with you to your Hotel to the next day????

  3. simon says:

    Without doubt the most fun you can have standing up !! Dont let the modest size and layout of this bar fool you !! Give them an hour to loosen up and get to know you and you will have the time of your life !! Have been visiting Cebu for the past 12 years and am a regular at all the bars in Cebu and Surrounds and am pleasantly suprised each time I visit that the atmosphere and attitude of the close bunch of girls does not change !! Dont always go for the lookers, my delight is in the personality!! And personality abounds at Sisters !! Went to their 2009 Xmas Party and had a whale of a time !! Philippino owned and managed the owner is not abverse to jumping up on stage with the girls and emptyng a bottle of liquer over herself and everybody else !! Said party Xmas 2009 !! Will give it another visit in 2011 when again we will sample the delights of SISTERS BAR and the Cebu Nightlife,, Simon and Robbie. Australia.

  4. jake blair says:

    most foreigners reading these, do not understand , the rules of the bars, fee’s are mention, but not explain, when talk of \bar fines, and penalties\. and other fee’s. What does it means,?. English please, most people reading this have never been there. Does penalties and bar fines/ means you can take the girl out ? Also is prostitution legal in cebu ?

  5. Juergen Maellich says:

    Hello Juergen,

    in dieser Bar lohnt sich zu investieren.

    Gruss Herbert

  6. Runners nest says:

    Went there tonite 11pm, 20+girl, only 1 japanese customer paying too much. 200 Lady Drinks, 1800 Bar Fine.
    Girls were beautiful, but due to the lack of other customers you can’t avoid to have at least 4 of them around you, asking for a lady drink, a tip, a balut or a promise to barfine them next day.
    Barfined a girl, really passionate in the bar. Too much, should raise some alarm.
    Agreed for 1800BF, house rules, up to the next morning.
    All the other girls told me “nice fine”, “she is very good” and so on.
    She turn out to be a runner, just after one (quick) pop.
    The excuse was a fight with the mamasan for a problem with the salary. In fact she argued with the mamasan when we exit in a language I w3asn’t able to understand, but this looked a little bit false, so I guess the mamasan do agree with her on her running away fast.

    So, for my personal experience, avoid Sisters like plague.

  7. cris says:

    the real owner is a yank called Keith. he supports there whole family.

  8. cebu says:

    please stop sell your fleash and soul!!!

  9. cebu says:

    this bar or all bars here in cebu make my seld ruin!!! please atop selling your souls!!!

  10. Manuel says:

    very nice club but you must meet a few girls before making up your mind so as to enjoy the club atmosphere.

  11. niceguy124 says:

    Will definately visit this bar during my next visit in Aug.2010. This placew looks WOW, Will have to find about the girls after getting there.

  12. Markus Dombrowski says:

    Hallo There!

    I looking for buy a Bikini-Bar Place near
    MANGO STRIP. Invest about 150.000 US$

    I,m in Cebu City from April to April 21st
    2010 > stay at Midtown Inn <


  13. Philip Patrick - The Jungle says:

    Used to go there alot. Last few times I went, was not impressed at all. Had one girl I really liked, told the mama san i will buy her drink, i waited. Another customer come in that was regular of the girl I think. So she went to him. I figure if I already ask to buy the girl a drink, I should have gotton first dib. Oh well, little pushy now, and lot of turn over of girls. Suggest if you see one you like, better get here that night. Chance of seeing her again is slim. I will probally drop by again some time, but not my first or second choice to visit again..

  14. Lee says:

    The sisters are hot alright, hot like dog shit. Nasty rip off artists and watch the Filipino bar tender with your money.

  15. Damien says:

    i’ve been there. i think the people there will treat you better if you treat them well. not all the girls there looked as good but i’m sure they look good to somebody else. my only complain is, there is no place for the girls to sit when they’re with you since most of the sits are used by the customers.

    had a great time though and planning to go back hopefully soon.

  16. navy man... says:

    hey man,i dont think the sisters killed the owner you fucked yourself i know the sisters they are nice and good heart and they are hot as might just jealous…

  17. navy man... says:

    sister’s bar is the best bar that i ever gonna spend money to enjoy but im having a good better check out guys , you gonna miss the fun!!!!

  18. ken says:

    Rip of a bar and make no mitake, this is a Pinoy bar run by Pinoys = rip off when ever you can. Maybe the sisters had a hand in Harry’s death. I think so, but do not think the police will investigate!

  19. barfinder says:

    went in there the other night soon as i sat down and ordered a drink the mamason was trying to push me to buy the 2 girls who were sitting near me drinks, i told her to go away and at least let me get my drink befor she started but she just kept on, u buy girls drink, and just kept on and on, way to pushy for me in there plus the 2 girls where about a 2 out of 10, last they have seen of me in there

  20. julius says:

    wer is merriam tebe here?is she still der?? i want her..

  21. John Bnolanding says:

    So what is the charge for barfine?

  22. Mike says:

    oohhhh we have a nice time and fun in this bar girls are friendly although it was a small bar but we enjoy a lot girls are accommodating,entertaining and friendly ööööö keep it up !!!! full line up guys and check it out!! im sure you go out in this bar w/ a smile on your face:-)

  23. Hinampak says:

    napay mga kigol sa mga dancer pirteng laguma murag tambotso sa 01k nga jeep….pag bleaching pud mo oi.

  24. segben_wak2x says:

    atay… bah.. oi. mga tigulang nman nah.. heheheh..


  25. wakin_burdadu says:

    peste bah. grave ka wak2x

  26. friends says:

    Hi Everybody i just want you to know that Stripes Re-open friday. So start going there. nice layout.

  27. friends says:

    Im suspicious of what happen to the Owner. Maybe somebody killed him

  28. Jeny says:

    Nothing special on that bar no good

  29. ShyGuy says:

    I’ve seen some locals here before. I’m a local, but they charged me 100 for a bottle of beer; they thought I looked Korean. 😛

  30. Cebuexpat says:

    Lets be serious guys. No local will go this bar; enough said.

  31. Mr.Smith says:

    I hate this bar.

  32. Andrey says:

    Very small bar. From moment you enter girls will surround you. No moment to relax!!!! I did’t see many good looking girls, I can say i did’t see any!!!!

  33. a full 10 days says:

    second largest group of ugliest formerly preagnant girls in all of CEBU. wow, what a scary place…

  34. Nice says:

    sexy and ugly girls

  35. Al says:

    I asked one girl at Sisters if she could spend the night with me if I barfined her. She said yes. I then asked what time did she have to leave in the morning. She said “12 or 1”.

    I paid her barfine, and at 12:30AM, she told me she had to go home, as she lived with her parents, and they would be worried about. She was a nice girl, so I didn’t fight the issue too much, but I certainly couldn’t have made my intentions more clear about me wanting her to spend the night with me.

    …only in the Philippines….

    Still, Sisters is a good bar with a lot of energy, and fun and sexy girls.

  36. renz says:

    been here, the place is good but very small. there was 2 girls very accommodating friah and Kate.Also there mamasan..very accommodating.Ill gonna visit here next time. i was really enjoyed of my last visit.

  37. Candyman says:

    Sisters is one of my all time favourites ! Always have a good time there, and mamasan Judy is superb ! I can’t rate this little bar highly enough, and have made some great friends there.

  38. american in cebu says:

    The mamasan was a little pushy for drinks and most of the dancers seemed tired. There were mostly 6 and 7’s but I did see ONE who was around a 10.

  39. Night Hunting says:

    Open time is around 8pm

  40. Night Hunting says:

    Sisters shuts kinda late – especially if you are spending. Normally 3.30am kick out (a little later after the others close by), but sometimes 4.30am is OK. It’s often the last bar in the strip to shut. Better to get in a little earlier though if you can.

  41. in2exotics says:

    hey what time do they open and close weekdays?

  42. Andrew says:

    Your pictures are rocking guys

  43. Chet says:

    Yes I agree it a refreshing new bar but I think the layout is great with the pinup girls and has class to the placee more than the other joints I had the best pasta there that I ever got in cebu or most of the U S for that matter.I think the place had about 12 chicks dancing I think they need some more but they are certainly above average