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Stripes Bar Review: Escario, Cebu – by Foreigner & The Chinese

Name: Stripes


On Escario, about 1 mins walk from the Golden Peak hotel – short taxi ride from Mango


3/5 The layout is simple, but sensible. Plenty of places to sit – either at the bar or with the girls. There’s nothing too extraordinary about the layout, but it’s OK. management sounds like they really knows human food – so looking forward to the restaurant opening downstairs – presumably same menu will be available in the bar as well. Cebu is crying out for a good restaurant with a menu suitable for westerners – this could be one of the best, time will tell no doubt.


4/5 Pricing is really good – hopefully pricing on the food will be the same. No silly charges (like extra for tax or service charges). Barfine is just a straight 700, you pay the girl – seems to be the best way to go. Ladies drinks are around the 150 peso mark I think, but Baileys is only around 170.


4/5 Looking like an Angry version of David Hasslehoff, the owner (actually Danial) seems easy going enough and has lived in Cebu long enough to know what’s going on

Girls Looks

4/5 Some nice looking girls in here, not amazing – but defo well above the average bar – there’s a few really sexy/sweetones. Nothing really rough or dodgey.


4/5 Really good attitude – management takes no shite from bad girls – and the girls know it. Seems to be quite selective in who he’ll let work in the bar – and the girls know it. Danial can get a little excited at times, termed “high blood” here, but he’s harmless enough and you’ll catch him laughing at himself about 10 minutes after the various “explosions”! Girls are really friendly and generally happy – nice place to just hang around – should be even better when the food is sorted out.

Fun Factor

4/5 No out and out crazy behaviour – it’s a bit too chilled out in Stripes for that, but it’s early days yet so who can tell! Nice bar to go in though and I think will gain a good reputation. Seems like a good spot for Westerners, rather than Koreans and Japanese. Be nice to see it develop and fill out with a few more girls, hope Danial can maintain the good atmosphere there and be fair with the girls (be nice to see the management pay the girls a salary of 300 – 400 a night, and/or pay them more commission on a drink). On the other side of the coin, read the review on “temptations” – bad Mamasan/Manager who rips of the girls to line her own pockets.


4/5 As you can tell, I like this bar. Would strong recommend to westerners. I view modify this review once Danial gets the restaurant open and fully operational.

134 responses to “Stripes Bar Review: Escario, Cebu – by Foreigner & The Chinese”

  1. salami says:

    A total dive, did’nt even bother to finish my drink ! A TOTAL DIVE! A CHESS GAME ON VALIUM WOULD BE MORE EXCITING !!!

  2. lee says:

    This is the only bar that open in the day time. Open from noon. But, the girls who working day time are old (near 30) and ugly. And they can not barfined till 8 pm. LD is more expensive then other bars in mango avenue. Not recommended at all.

  3. byebyecebu says:

    The new owner (Paul) is a great guy – a very successful retired businessman from California. If you’re looking for intelligent conversation, a good contact and a good friend, go there and introduce yourself to Paul. Nice girls. No pressure. Good food!

  4. garry says:

    To Daniel,
    You sound like you have a “noticably” used brain.

  5. Danny says:

    I was in Stripes 3 times and the place is basically the same as it was when it first opened. A few improvements though. The girls are so, so but ok Prices to high in my opinion especially considering the location. The food I sampled 4 times and unfortunately it does not even come close to what the original owner use to make there. That guy could cook to say the least. Anyway give it a try I always liked the place and it is cozy

  6. Mike from U.S. says:

    I was in Stripes the 1st time in February. This place has a cozy bar open at noontime. Fun girls and super food at really food prices. Huge Steak Burgers, Fantastic fish and chips…all the western style menu. I will go back.

  7. Billy says:

    To Daniel on December 31st 2010,
    You want a girl every 2 days and you are looking for a girl petite in size, light skin if possible, and between the ages of 18-21. Perferably one(or multiple to choose from) that are not worn out and been “noticably” used.
    You sound like your realy up yourself, maybe your brain is worn out and “noticably” used.
    The Philippines would be better off without your type.

  8. PeterKangaroo says:

    I was in Stripes in May – June.
    I thought it was OK but preferred Lisa’s.
    Girls were OK, a couple of really nice ones I’d like to see again.
    Can’t remember prices but they weren’t exorbitant.
    New owner Paul was OK.
    Dancing was a bit boring and could have done without.
    Never tried the restaurant, maybe next time.
    A couple of the girls (at least) were just after money. Made the mistake of giving one my phone number and constantly got requests to come in and buy her drinks.

  9. harveybirdman says:

    great site. Keep doing

  10. Victor says:

    oh yeah! the fish and chips are unreal!

  11. Victor says:

    Stripes bar is open for business. The owner is Paul and hes a great guy to meet. The girls are terriffic and forget the Barfines. The food is like right out of your best Dinner. Hamburgers to kill for, fries, onion rings, and greatest rock music you ever heard. Its a great place to go and keep going to. Its convenient and easy to get to Escario and Morales. Have a good time. They cater to bachelor parties, birthdays for the big boys and lots of fun get togethers. COme one come all.

  12. Doctor Love says:

    Hi there, God. Just dropping by to give thanks and praise and to say that we enjoy this public service of yours.

  13. Daniel says:

    Looking to visit the Philippines for the first time, need a little help…..I am looking to come out sometime in early April of 2011 for about 9-10days or so. Any and all help on affordable air fare, along with excellent rooms with decent prices, and of course I would like to have someone to hang out with. Prices would be the most helpful along with links if possible. I was hoping to trade off girls about every 2 days. Unless of course myself and the young lady click very well.

    I am looking for a girl petite in size, light skin if possible, and between the ages of 18-21. Perferably one(or multiple to choose from) that are not worn out and been “noticably” used.

    I am a young (24) American myself and with some good looks to go with it. I would like the same in return.

    Thank you for all of your help. Please email me with any help you can offer.

  14. John says:

    Stripes is a nice bar, oh I just know that most ladies there is wearing stripe underwear when they dance at night. It maybe their uniform! But, let us try something new, that will cater to our privacy, something that provides discreet service.

  15. Nighties says:

    Stripes, its s nice bar, but I found nicer, Cebu Escorts has a gorgeous ladies and guys.

  16. swaussie says:

    i guess the only people that write here either has friends that are in copetition,or they are friends with the owner of stripes,,very hard to get some straight forward information on prices..barfines and drinks both customer and ladies drink..

  17. jas says:

    who’s the new owner of the stripes now?

  18. basoy says:

    which one is true about stripes?i’m lost…

  19. ludwig says:

    stripes is a great place it depends on how you judge

  20. Clapton says:

    Stripes is the worst bar I ever been to in Cebu. The girls are fat, chubby and not gwapa !

  21. Martin says:

    Great place 🙂 Say hi to mamasan frome me, Sweden
    She is fun and geourges 😉

  22. paul p says:


  23. p.p. says:

    was in stripes the other night. new owner. some arrogant yank. what a complete asshole. never go back. the other guy was a gentleman compaired to this dickhead… he will not have many customers left with his arrogant ways.

  24. Paco says:

    I was there 2 nights ago, place was busier than any of the bars on Mango Street. The new owner, Paul is a pretty friendly guy and in the process of renovating downstairs and open at 11AM. He has good ideas for fun. Try the place. the girls are pretty and the place is clean.

  25. CebuBound says:

    Where are all the girl bars at in Cebu? Mango Ave? What is the going rate now for bar fines? Angeles City and Subic is Php 1400-1500. Drinks are 60 and ladies drinks 120.

  26. big bluey says:


  27. sir fucks alot says:

    so what is the bar fine at stripes? is it as cheap as silver dollar or expensive as ibc?

  28. blue says:

    okey i’ll be der on my vacation

  29. pete says:

    still open yes of course it is

  30. blue says:

    stripes srill open until now guys????

  31. JR says:

    I was there last night
    friendly girls more so than other bars anyways
    big down side was the girl drinks price it costed 280-300…
    I wasn’t too happy about that

  32. Salami says:

    Dear Dave…me thinks your GF or wife has discovered your double life…I’m shocked you would do this to her…she … judging by her posts… seems to be such a lovable , spirited thing.

  33. dave says:

    fuck the bitches they are the cost why the men cheated on their wifes.. go to hell….

  34. Paul says:

    Stripes, in my opinion, is now better than ever before. Terry, a Brit who owns the place now, is there every night. He will be the older guy sitting down on the right end of the bar.

    I have visited on a number of occasions since he took over the bar. The last visit was just over a week ago, while I was in Cebu on business. (I live south of Cebu City.) Anyway, Terry has purchased drinks for me, and I, him. The girls there were plentiful and pretty, although that wasn’t my interest. I was there with my girlfriend. She had a hell of a lot of fun, by the way, throwing the buckets ping pong balls for the girls to collect.

    I would always keep an open mind about most places, simply because a pissed off customer can post negative comments simply because he didn’t like the place, was offended by something, etc. So, I say give it a try for one drink. If you don’t like it, or it isn’t your cup of tea, just move on to another bar.

    Living In Cebu

  35. Aussie Bob says:

    So how much is the bar fine and a lovely lady for the night? I am in Cebu right now looking to meet hot girls.

  36. pete says:

    was in stripes a few nights ago, it was packed and the atmosphere was great. Lots of cute chicks lots of smiles and beer was ice cold and decent price the bar fine was okay, maybe bit more expensive than some bars but the girls are worth it. I enjoyed the night very much,

  37. pornoman says:

    stripes is a cool sexy bar with many pretty girls and hot barmaids a really cute little waitress, she will blow you away she is so so hot,the bar fine is only 1000 and worth every cent, had a fantastic night there a couple of days ago, will return in a couple of months when next in cebu,

  38. godfather says:

    Stripes is a great little bar… cosy comfy friendly and affordable… the girls are sexy and easy to talk to…. they have 2 gorgeous barmaids and a great looking waitress…. good floor show andbooze is cheap enough…. all in all a great place and i will be back FOR SURE…..

  39. blue says:


  40. dirtyjohn says:

    whats happened to the nightlife in cebu??? very quiet and bars are empty i toured around the other night and came across this great little bar called STRIPES. Its tucked away off the main mango area, but it was great. Girls are nice and friendly and goodlooking. what i noticed there is a great atmosphere and you felt welcome… enjoyable i stayed there for most of the night. will go back .

  41. shaen says:

    I found Stripes by accident in Nov 09 although i had heard it mentioned online….disparagingly.
    I am experienced in Manila, Bangkok with these types of bars.
    I had a great time. All the girls were acceptable but one (quickly mine!)was dead set lovely. And wearing just a tiny pair of knickers. Her price was fine and the barfine was too. Half at least Manila prices. Booze was good and priced well, including girls drinks. The barman was friendly and knowledgeable.
    I will be back often.

  42. september_queen says:

    I celebrated my birthday last time at Stripes, met the new owner who is the same birthday as me…we really had a good time in that Bar Regards to the owner! keep it up

  43. Peter B. says:

    As of April 4, 2010 – Strips is open Monday-Saturday, closed Sunday (according to the sign on the outside of the bar). I drove by there tonight and it is open as advertised. Even though they say they open at 8PM, the girls don’t start dancing until around 9PM (or when customers arrive).

  44. jayr says:

    nice move girls.. lol
    i want to go stripes evry night.. haha

  45. Blue Dog says:

    Mango Ave. sucks. Mostly white trash customers and the girls don’t really “strip.” If you want quality, most of the best bars are in Mandaue and Mactan.

  46. mikey says:

    loved this place.. only small but kind of cozy. The girls are very friendly and some are really hot.. the drinks are good and the bar is cool.. nicely decked out and great lighting and lasers… the owner is english and a really nice guy… not in your face and seems a good man… ill go back for sure…

  47. Visitor says:

    Whats the current barfine at Stripes now?

  48. newintown says:

    visited stripes 3 nights ago.. great night out.. the place was packed.. some really hot chicks… very friendly and the owner dont keep bothering you like some of the other joints….. definately go back there….

  49. salami says:

    was closed the night i went there.

  50. blue says:

    waz up stripes?????

  51. Philip Patrick ( The Jungle ) says:

    Stopped in the New Stripes last week. My first time, got there a little early so no dancing. But all the girls were there preparing. Very small place but seemed very cozy and nice.

    The ping pong balls was very fun…. Great new idea, first time i seen that one…

    Did not get to stay long, my friend was ready to move on.. But i will surely try it again….

    Girls – Average with some very pretty ones.
    Food – Did not try
    Building – Small but very nice, homely.

  52. happy punter says:

    stripes is a nice bar well organised the drinks are 75pesos a beer so what several others are too… go to arena you pay 110pesos and the girls are not better looking…. i liked it in stripes you cant please everyone all the time…. just visit and make your own mind up…. chicken wings and fries are good… its not a restaurant its a girly bar…

  53. Charles U. Farley says:

    They have a table soccer there!
    It is a very crappy one, but still…better than
    The girls are friendly also.
    Mamasan always tries to get more ladies drinks,
    but you can talk with her to calm down her bad behavior for some time.

  54. bill says:

    stripes is too pricey now. when i heard it was on new management. o that’s why. you will not enjoy stripes bar. just my opinion

  55. Robert from AZ says:

    Stripes is Ok different a litlle than before. I was there in December of 08 and just returned to it again. Problem is the food is not the great food I had there last time like chili dogs american style and those great sandwiches are not there either. Dam!

  56. happy larry says:

    i was in stripes last night… its a fantastic new bar nicely decked out.. some gorgeous girls… very friendly… and felt very relaxed and comfortable there… i will definately return …. much better than the old stripes……

  57. mullipgan says:

    Stripes is Ok but not better and what happened to that great food they had before. I had the chicken wings the other night and they were small same old run of the mill flip crap you get anywhere. Million miles ways, dont think so and the prices are to high. Ask the previous cook to come backand I will. Went their just to eat the great food when I was here in March for a month.

  58. the judge says:

    the bar is a good bar friendly gorgeous girls and the prices are not high… its been refurbished and looks a million miles away from the old stripes… all the boring old farts moaning are like old women. they cant afford a beer so they moan, they shouldnt be out at night on their own… decide for yourself and visit it…

  59. says:

    laina nmo dai oi!
    lagum a u ka bugan.>>….

  60. mark says:

    The Bar is not as good as the old one

  61. urbanlegend says:

    hi ill be visiting cebu next week, can we bar-out the girls?

  62. joe says:

    thanks for all the hoop la on stripes
    i thought i would like to try this bar one time
    but, as for what i have read here, i think i will stay with lisa sea fun pub, i know the owner there and its is a very nice club
    the prices are right
    and the girls are very good looking
    so, would some one please tell the truth about stripes
    i dont want to waste my time and money on a place that is not deserving, thank you to you all

  63. Tom says:

    You are a dumb ass, probably the new and very stupid owner,who by the way doesnt know me because after I heard about the new pricing and attitude I started going other places that dont rip off their customers…. Havent been there since, dont intend to either…SO kiss off guv

  64. guvnor says:

    why you complaining anyway tom…. you only ever drink coke… and you never buy girls drinks or take them out of the bar….

  65. the judge says:

    this site is run and posts added by very bigoted people… only bad comments get published in here.. so anyone saying good things are not getting posted.. you all need to get a life and stop being like old women…… if you dont like stripes go somewhere else….. STOP MOANING……..

  66. thurman says:

    poor that handsome barman still there guys?expensive girls uh?

  67. Bruce says:

    Absolutely correct Torn, I visited there last week. Shocked by the attitude of the new owner, what goes into his head charging so much and giving so little. Stripes was good before but no more, the new mamasan has worked in every conceivable bar in Cebu. I know her well and do not particularly like her. But the point you make is correct, at P75 a beer is crazy, who in the right mind would pay P3000 for one of those girls….

    The new owner just sits in the corner sucking san migs all night and dreams he will make a fortune.

    I would never return……..As you say the mango bars win hands down.

  68. the judge says:

    tom, the bar fine is not 3000….. ladies drinks are not 300,,, nobody is getting screwed…. get your facts straight……

  69. tom says:

    This place surprises me, now into its third new owner this year. This owner decided to fire the mamasan, raise all of the prices and survive by screwing the customers. The price of beer went up to 75 The price of a ladies drink now 300 (are they crazy) The price of a barfine 3000… you decide, but Mango ave looks much better to me now, and the new owners will not be taking out their problems on me !!!!!!!!!

  70. CaptB says:

    Hi Just dropping by to say Stripes has changed ownership very recently so expect some changes.Im not currently in Cebu but know the new owner so if in the area please drop by! Also any recommended improvements would be taken on board..

  71. nightowl says:

    The bar has changed hands its owned by a brit now, really nice guy… lots of improvements taking place and lots of girls now working in stripes… leaving the name the same so i believe… good look to him……

  72. blue says:

    youre’ right cebuexpat

  73. Cebuexpat says:

    Come on……

    I am just a punter that after spending numerous years here in Cebu still enjoys hitting the bars. Some I enjoy, some I dont. This is a forum for capturing peoples comments. For me personaly this bar just dosn’t hack it! I dont see any enjoyment sitting in a bar with only a few, at best, moderate looking girls. Its my opinion

  74. blue says:

    stripes not good as the old one

  75. CanaDave says:

    Anyone know the current opening time on a Sunday. (Like to get there when the girls are fresh 🙂 It sounds like it is worth a look. And did the ownership change as it was up for sale?

  76. Bruce says:

    Stripes is now excellent….just needs a few more of you readers to come along and join in he fun. Very lovely friendly young chicks, great to be with and not at pushy for drinks. mamasan is nice, she does though express her desire for a tip but thats OK she is friendly and helpful.

    No food at this time how ever the girls are delighted to run down stairs and buy for you, especially if you share….

    I highly recommend the place, not to noisy, music just right, not crowded in fact come on in your needed and will not be disappointed.

  77. blue says:


  78. thurman says:

    hi jane are you the manager of stripes?

  79. blue says:

    see you soon stripes hapit naku oli…

  80. jane says:

    whos the new Owner and Sexy?

  81. Pompey says:

    If you go there tonight speak with Hope, Ashley and Irish, all very nice girls. I was in the bar last night but there were only four girls working. Mama Ta Ta was very nice.

  82. thurman says:

    see you tomorrow night tom how bout it? wanna see that hot mama there..and the food.

  83. thurman says:

    hi tom any pix of that pretty girls there?

  84. blue says:

    voyager….where you from???do you work on a cruiseline???

  85. Tom says:

    The bar is reopened and hotter than ever.
    Mama Tata is very accomodating, and will direct the hottest girl to you.
    Prices ate right, and its not so crowded.
    You will enjoy yourself here more than ever before.

  86. thurman says:

    hi jane are you workin at stripes?

  87. voyager says:

    If you drop into the bar on the 1st you will get to meet the new manager and one of the owners which is very sexy.

  88. blue says:

    ahh i guess you are the gf of the manager am i ryt???

  89. jane says:

    No, I am not. The Owner is in the US!

  90. blue says:

    jane are you the owner of the stripes????

  91. blue says:

    that’s great#$%^&& and i”m soon going home

  92. jane says:

    the support beams had to be replaced over the kitchen and some other places it is an old building and took lots of time and a cafe will go down stairs open in the daytime soon

  93. jane says:

    Now Stripes is open

  94. Bruce says:

    I would agree that stripes is OK for a few hours. The girls I have met there were at least average with some stunners. Just this food issue is the problem, having read about the great treats and being there several times over the past 2 months I have as yet to try even a morsel…..Always something else, kitchen problem or renovating or what ever. Still guess one does not go there for the food alone…

    Tried 2 times during the last week and still 100% closed, lets hope it opens soon.

    Went to Blue Angles, girls were nice but very incessant on getting their ladies drink which was quite expensive, bar is good, fresh and reasonably busy at 11pm. Still bit pricey compared to others.

    Two weeks ago in Hot Rod, boy had that changed, from our earlier visit where we thought it has to be the best in Cebu quite the opposite last visit…..Screaming deafening music, absolutely no guests, few girls and those there were hardly presentable….Security told us (impossible to talk inside) owner was out of the country for a while…kinda figures.

  95. blue says:

    hey jane are you the owner of the club?
    are from cebu???

  96. jane says:

    Yes of course Stripes still operating, But this time they are doing some works so its closed for a while and will be back to open next week.

  97. blue says:

    can anyone tell me if stripes is still operating until now???coz i got confused with this guys telling the story that stripes is closed>>>do-ol ra baya na sa amoa bisita ra unya ko dinha inig oli naku pinas>>><<<

  98. funhunt says:

    I agree with Mark. This guy expat seems to be a real hockey puck. When I was there months ago the first time, I asked them where they got all the good looking girls. Several weeks later I went there and the girls quality was down a little and fewer of them but still better than most other bars. My favorite girl was gone. I was told that management lost patients and fired many girls out for lacking health cards. At least they are watchful for the customers health. I like Stripes and it is clean especially the CR’s They never give you exact measured shots like all the other bars, but close to double. I am a Jack Daniels drinker and I appreciate that! The food is the best you can get here. The good words the owner of this site reviewed about stripes made me go there and he seems to be accurate on all his reviews. Yes, the food is fantastic.

    On a different note, whats the deal with egypt and bounty? They seems to be off the map now?

  99. mark says:

    fact? your fact. I like it and so do my friends and others I think. It seems to be busy enough when I am there maybe expat has a personal grievance with the place. The chicks there were certainly not ugly and I think it is managed better than most bars. Your the same guy that made positive remarks about Dimples? LOL! that place is a over priced boring uncomfortable bar if I ever saw one. Let people draw their own conclusion. By the way, none of the bars are busy and thunderdoom even closed which has been there a long time. I was in hot rods a few Saturdays ago and 5 customers at 11 30 went to sisters and the same or worse went to strips and they had 9 not a lot but better than the former. I have no personal gain either to make from my posts, but I have lived here long also and I was always treated very well by the staff. One thing about stripes I like is they have o tolerance for girls without health cards and they get fired out quickly if they do not get it as I was told. All bars have dips in getting pretty girls that are reliable. As I said before, the girls are not and never have been ugly at least the times I was there. I think this threat is enough now anyway.

  100. Cebuexpat says:

    I tell it as it is from my experience. I am not a bar owner and have lived here many years. I have no financial gain to make from any comments I post. This is a forum asking for comments about experiences. I have plenty of them. The bar does not get busy for a reason. People dont like it. Fact. Sorry that bothers you

  101. blue says:

    i miss stripes,,can you please give my regards to mai-mai the bartender????

  102. mark says:

    That is nonsence stripes girls were as good or better than the other bars. The owner was always pleasant to me but he tried to keep low profile. He was very busy in the kitchen and having difficulty training a cook to his standars for western food he seems very fussy and I will tell you that the food there was some of the best I have had in the city. I found the atmosphere better and more friendly than most of the other bars. The staff all spoke good english which is refreshing. I saw them doing quite well for the time they have been open. I do not know who expat is but the things he says are completly false. I found the owner to be quite pleasant and hard working as I know him from going there many times. No hard pressure to buy lady drinks and I like that its is cozy and i feel like Im in my living room when there with the carpet. everone entitled to their opinion, but I hate it when people say untrue unfare things.

  103. Cebuexpat says:

    Stripes has always suffered with ugly, ugly girls and an awful atmoshere. The owner dosn’t even take the time to introduce himself. Its going to be intersting with a new launch; they have a lot of work to do in capturing peoples business again.

  104. thurman says:

    any update on the opening of stripes?pls…..

  105. Bruce says:

    Any more news on stripes reopening, looking forward to trying some good food there. Not a bad bar as well.

    I will be back Cebu next week so must check it out also this Blue Angel I keep reading about. Last time in stripes met a real honey, when I returned she unfortunately was no longer around…My luck exactly.

    Oh well maybe next time na lang.

  106. ShyGuy says:

    When is this place reopening?

  107. luther says:

    ohhhh..when is the grand re-opening?with the new owner?

  108. JOEFFER says:

    Closed for renovation.Watch our grand re-opening!

  109. Ken From Texas says:

    I know most of the girls from Asian Flower and former Blackhole. I went to Blue Angel, and doubt I will return. It just seem too expensive for what they have to offer. I thnik I saw one girl from BLacjhole. To be honest, I have never heard of Stripes. I will most certainly check it out. I will be there in July09. Anyone else going or there. WOuld like to meet some new people as well. Does anyone have the cell number of Martin or Grace,(former blackhole/asian flower owners)before they sold it to the owner of Temptations.

  110. tom says:

    opening soon lots of work being done like new water lines etc. Stripes has basically American food and Italian food like hero sandwiches pasta etc and big burgers.

  111. Bruce says:

    Hi anybody know if the stripes has re opened the kitchen yet? Heard good reports about their Mexican food and want to try it.

    Yet to try this Blue Angles but will do so soon and give a report. How ever I still say stripes is not a bad spot to chill out for a bit, close to Kukoos nest which has good food….No Dancers but at times the hooker hangs about.

  112. Badger says:

    Hey Jake’

    You can find Blue angels on the same street Escario going to copitol near MC Donalds and Maxwell Hotel

  113. Nice says:

    you know that girl Cassandra, thats the favorite girl who make this site.. his name is Simon…

    Hi.. SImon remember me?
    Im your x-girlfriend

  114. Tom says:

    Let me get some things straight here. I do not know what you are mark but you seem to be a real ASS. The owner has not been in Stripes since last year and he is the financier not really the owner.

    The kitchen is temporarily closed because of serious weakening of some support beams for the main floor that run inside the kitchen ceiling that had to be fixed and it was time consuming.

    The girls are NOT fat or old.

    Who cares about Blue Angels They have no business anyway and the girls leave much to be desired. The place is the same size as Stripes not twice as big or even close.

    The management as well as staff has no fraternization with any of the dancers as strictly forbidden.

    Regular Ladies drinks P 175 like a rum and coke
    A Whole bottle of S M is P 200

    There are no underage girls in Stripes, not ONE.

    Mark sounds like a dancer who was fired from Stripes and is making some nasty stories. Mark should learn to write English correctly, but with a 2nd grade educations what can one expect!

    seems like someone attempting jealous sabotage here

  115. Bruce says:

    Hi went to stripes last week and happy to write my comments.

    No food as said they renovating the kitchen, bit sad as reports on food were good. The bar man was real friendly and spoke excellent english, nice guy.

    The girls were mostly older and and not so…slim…..many were super loud and coarse…Maybe it was me as early (about 9.30pm)and just 1 bottle s.m. Having said that there were a couple of cuties One of which I brought a ladies drink…she told me its P160 which I can live with. My beer was P60 OK lang.

    Very friendly girl and a looker, still it was super quiet, apart from a sullen looking gentlemen with a short ( think the owner) in the corner I was the only long nose. Music was nice and not loud, the tumbok girls dancing on stage did nothing at all for the club and less for me.

    Decor I thought was dated but OK, anyway if one has several s.m that does not matter. Sofas were cosy.

    Only problem was payment when they told me ladies drink for a s.m is P200, I objected and explained girl said P160….Oh she is new she does not know…reply…well I do not want problem for the girl how ever my comments on the bar will be posted on the net…Reply from the mamasan…OK no problem but its P200 for the s.m sir.

    All in All relaxing and a break from mango, just be sure to clear the ladies drink first…

  116. jake says:

    where can i find blue angels…..

  117. maimai says:

    yeh that place is nice

  118. george says:

    kumusta nalang kong maimai???

  119. funhunt says:

    yup dam good food and clean place nice people
    lisa’s in Mandaue is a good place also

  120. canada carl says:

    Yes it is open. Just a raid saying underage girls and there was not. One girl maybe as i was told had fake ID.

  121. Al says:

    It was well-publicized that the bar was raided in late March, and 11 girls arrested. The website says that bar is for sale.

    Has anyone been there recently? is it open? What is the girl quality now?

  122. canada_carl says:

    Sripes is still open. Yup they got raided and took most of their girls but all were released as I know. They stated in the papers that there were 11 underage girls working there… LOL, not one! as I know and they all had idenity cards issued from city health a phil gov. agency !!! Again, I was told this by some of the girls that work there that are very angry what happened to them and the bar
    Just sensational journalism as that is how they are in the Philippines, never report facts but hear-say. They seem to be more careful than most bars in hireing so I do not know why they picked on them except they are a smaller and new bar. I ate there the other night and had a nice time.

  123. alleycat says:

    probably because that post was from some competitor about strip being closed. Why tell guys to go to mango if he was not. mango is boring with the same girls and to many koreans.

  124. Asshat says:

    Can someone verify if this bar is still open??? I did read in the paper (online) that the bar was raided in late March and the Bar’s website states the bar is for sale. Somebody let me know and please don’t play with my emotions lol! I’m planning a trip next month and this bar gets higher marks then most. Thanks for any tips.

  125. Tom says:

    Why is there so much incorrect information on the net? Stripes is not closed as I was just there thursday night. Had a great dinner and very nice lady company!!!!!!!!

  126. Bill says:

    Hi can anyone tell me the best site to go on to find all the good bars in Angeles town and where is the best accomadation


  127. Spud says:

    Bar is now closed, no customers. Shame food was great, good layout and the girls were ok. But why travel there when you have everything on Mango Avenue.

  128. Bill says:

    how much do upay for Girls for the night…

  129. Brett says:

    I know the owner and I can guaarantee you that there are no girls in that bar performing sex acts. That above comment sounds like an out and out lie of sabotage or just some flip pissed off because he wants to dress anyway he wants. I think the dress code there is resonable. If they did not have some kind of dress cose the place would tuen into a place that no foreigner would want to go. Also, the girls there are all above average in my opinion at lease and with not one dog or unattractive girl. More than I can say about most bars in Cebu. The food is also probably the ebst I have ever had in Cebu. Its is American food with Italian. the burgers are unmatched so far as i have seen.

  130. jenny says:

    to the management’

    im enterested to supply your club a nice and sexy club wear in a cash or enstallment weekly bases,i am the one who supply most of the big club in cebu like jaguar just contak me this no. 580-1957 any time or email me at

  131. Night Hunting says:

    Hey Joe, there’s no dress code at stripes. Maybe that guard had just lost the plot. Just turn up as you are and it will be fine.

  132. joe says:

    so, what is the dress code at stripes

  133. ecthelion says:

    this bar is darn weird. first time i go there and BOOOOOOOOOOM! i say an american and a dancer fucking (with their clothes on by the way). i think that was just for fun., girls arent that pretty thought and are small in height.

    and i was so angry cz when i went there, i was just on shorts and slippers, and the guard did not let me in.

    You guys should change your rules, with the house layout outside??, locals could think that its cheap. hmpf,.

    GIRLS: 2/5
    FUN FACTOR: 4/5
    PRICING: 4/5 Affordable to us locals
    ATTITUDE: 3/5

  134. claude says:

    another reason to appreciate it
    as silver dollar and geyco, they are the only ones to open early 4pm !!