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Temptations Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese

Name : Temptations


Mango Ave, off the main strip – walk past the main bars heading in Ayala direction, turn right at the Caltex gas station


3/5 Actually quite a sizeable bar with pretty good layout. Upstairs has a load of pool tables – couple down stairs as well. Plenty of places to sit – either with the girls or by the bar, correctly positioned for going viewing of the dance stage. A little bit too light, so could be improved by dropping the lighting down a bit.


4/5 Prices are messed up and all the place. Manager as bent as a two bob bit and runs an endless series of scams to on guests and girls alike, so who knows what you’ll pay. Recent strange pricing includes

  1. You have to buy at least 3 lady drinks before you can bar fine a girl
  2. Koreans were recently charged an entrance fee of php500, this had the effect of drastically cutting custom – another scam from the very questionable , but well off Filipino manageress.
  3. Mysterious and numerous calculation errors, in favour of the bar, which seem to get more frequent, the more you drink. Another manageress driven incentive?

Skinny bar chick – this time in analog


1/5 When the foreign owner is away, the cat will play. Manageress supplements her income by pulling as many scams as humanly possible, including

  1. Back dating, originally questionable fines for years, so that in the future, if the girl bar-fines, mysterious deductions are made when it comes to time to settle up – myserious fine to the girl invariably is 200, out of the 1000 owed to her from the bar for the bar fine, leaving her just 800 and the manageress 200 better off.
  2. Massive and frequent fining of girls. Girl breaks wind, and it doesn’t smell right – better watch out if the manageress gets a sniff of it!
  3. Following the girls to the popular bars after kicking out time so that an additional penalty can be given to them if she catches them with a guy. Any penalty that is dished out, will be taken out of future earnings, so not a lot the girls can do about it.
  4. Final bill calculation errors – as mentioned above.

Manager forever ticking of the girls, but when it comes to resolving a real issue, suddenly becomes deaf and very quiet.

Just check your bill.

Girls Looks

3/5 Full range here, a handful of reasonable ones, but most are decidedly average. Sometimes there is a good number of girls in the bar, esp. when the owner is back. The number invariably drops, sometimes to remarkably low levels when the owner away – due to girls leaving for the reason mentioned above


3/5 Girl attitude not bad, not great either. A lot just sitting around looking pretty miserable, but a few nice ones that will come over and be pleasant. Management attitude is HIDEOUS, the worst of all the bars.

beer bar?..

Fun Factor

2/5 Can actually be good fun, reputably the origin of the now famous sport of “human jousting”, where two opponents pop a screaming girl onto their shoulders, lower their head ready for battle – thus presenting the girl forward as a substitute lance, then proceed to charge at each other and other panicking girls to create general unruliness and mayhem! Really needs to be witnessed to be fully appreciated!


2/5 Could be a great bar as has potential – but, bad management, hanging around like a bad smell has drastically reduced the quality of this bar. Apparently the temptation for some to make a little extra, was/is too overwhelming. Time will tell with this bar, plonk a decent manager in there and it might really turn around.

27 responses to “Temptations Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese”

  1. Lexie says:

    Hi,Im student and now on vacation. I wanna try to work in Cebu,i want far place in Manila. I wanna do work there while on vacation.
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    Thanks. Great Day!

  2. Johnny B Goode says:

    The owner has lost his grip on how to run bars and he is probably fed up with the filipino corruption “system”

    Temtations and Hot Rod is for sale.

  3. Paxy says:

    So the advice is, avoid Temptations and Hot Rod. You are better off in some of the other bars in Cebu. I have been in a lot of bars all around the Philippines, and Temptations and Hot Rod is not good choices because of the bad management and owner problems.

  4. Paxy says:

    I visited Club Temptations many times in 2010 and 2011. The problems described above in the review of this bar is more or less correct. Things are cool and nice when the owner is around (or in the area), but problems may arise when he is away. A talk with the owner will show you that he is in this business only for the money really, which is of course understandable, business is business. Anyway, he have had problems with his managers, also in Hot Rod, and he is aware of these problems. The owner is not too keen on talking about these problems, maybe he is sick and tired about it… He could have a bad day sometimes, so dont discuss these problems with him, hahaha.

    Regarding the bar girls. They are as other bar girls in Cebu. In general the girls are nice and comfortable if given some drinks. In a barfine some of them might try to scam or steal money from the customers, and some will lie to make the barfine a short time experience. Shit happens sometimes with barfines, that’s a bit how it is in the Philippines… Filipina girls and especially the bar girls lie a lot! Be warned!

    The Club Temptation and Hot Rod bars have been FOR SALE for years now! The owner seem to want to get out of the business or something… Maybe this is also a source of problems surrounding these two bars? Shit happens way too often in these two bars owned by a Norwegian guy with a mind like a filipino when it comes to business…

    Be warned again…

  5. Frankie says:

    Just got back from Cebu. Based on recommendations I went to Temptations and I was not disappointed. The girls working there were good looking, at least a portion of them. The drinks were cheap and the bartenders were friendly. I didn’t barfine any of the girls but there were a couple that I regret not taking back home. The bartender was probably one of the cutest girls there and she was very sweet and easy to talk to. But, I don’t believe she barfines.

    All in all, I had a good time drinking and playing pool with the girls. I’d definitely go back to this place if I return.

  6. Donald says:

    I have never had a bad time at this bar, but then I always buy a bottle and share with the girls and manager. I always get a discount on the drinks and the girls, maybe because I have gone there for several years and have seen two managers.

  7. Vanelle says:

    Hi all Hot gentlemen , how are you doing these few weeks? Christmas is coming so don’t forget to give your family a time to spend IT ..


    VANELLE !!!

  8. Vanelle says:

    Have a Nice Day all !!!

  9. frank says:

    Temptation sucks now, was better before

  10. Cebual says:

    The girls are hit or miss, but always some cute dancers if wanting to barfine…Alchohol is fairly priced, but lady drinks a bit over priced, just a little….barfine was 2,800 pesos when i last visited, and in my opinion that was way too much to charge…bartenders are nice, they make good stiff drinks….can drink all day at drink prices, but the lady drink prices are what add to bar tab…..I always visit Temptations, can have good quality time, but just watch those lady drinks, and remember barfine way too high, hopefully it has been lowered…cheers!

  11. wolfdude says:

    Did not experience any more of a pressure or rip off attitude expressed by some above. Lady drinks and BF reasonable by Cebu standards. Had very friendly time with all on a quiet night that turned into a mini-party enjoyed by all, of course and my expense, but my choice. Just be careful as usual to agree with the girl you take on the time she intends to spend. I ended up with a fox who upon arrival in room was upfront to tell me she had 25 minutes before having to go home to child with fever! Never had that one, she obviously thought I was stupid enough to fall for that one. On the other hand contacting the Moma later, had a reasonable conversation about how a that impacts business, and the disrespect for me, unloading a wad on ladies drinks and food, only to have any good impression completely nullified.

  12. chico says:

    Thought “Hot Rods” was a gay bar by the name of it…who would name a girl bar after a mans thing thing? Makes no sense!

  13. christine says:

    Temptation atmosphere is very good…
    although its very cold sometimes… but girls are friendly…
    of course girls are very happy if you will choose them and buy them a drink..
    thats how they get there salary and support for there family….
    not all the girls who work in the bar are bad girls..some of them work hard for there families…
    working in a bikini bar is not a descent job…but i rather work in a place like this than stealing, selling drugs or begging on the street or doing any dirty job …

    coz in this world nobody’s perfect…

    always take care

  14. christine says:

    you better visit club temptation and check the place…if you feel bored and need someone to talk….just look for the number 24 and i’ll be there..

    have a nice day!!

  15. christine says:

    you better go there and check the place.

  16. christine says:

    I love club temptation….

  17. Mark says:

    Charles U. Farley
    This look like a other bar trying to snitch customers from Club Temptation, and this is the way it works. AIDS scams is also all over the internet about bars.
    I know the owner personally and he is all around a great guy! I doubt that these scams are something he is involved with.

    Ofcourse, 99% of all girls working in the bar are out for your money and the 1% are looking for a better life. And how foreigners still get tricked into paying money for the medicine, the wallet and the whatever it should be make no sense to me.
    Most of the bar girls are already in a relationship. Drug abuse is a big part of a bar girl life to get through what she has to do everyday.

    I have spend many many hours in club Temptation and I still will be visiting the place to play pool and drink beer.

    Be critical to what you guys read about in the internet. Live life, go hoppin and make your own oppinion.

  18. Charles U. Farley says:

    The owner of Temptation and some other bars
    is only about short money.
    The most brainwork he does is how to manipulate
    the minds of the girls, so they trick the foreigners in his name (even so they don’t like it, but they have to do so, if they like it or not).

    Which means, if you get close to a girl which is working there (even the waitress), they will get the advice sooner or later to rip you off.

    Some of them just tell you, that somebody stole their wallet and they lost everything, so you just feel pity about her and give her money.
    At least, this money will be shared with the other girls there, but of course, the most part goes for the owner.

    There are also some other tricks to press out some cash (like…my mother is sick, or i am sick and need money for medicine…and so on).

    Actually, that’s not the idea of the girls themselves.
    After the bar is closed, they all have to stay there sometimes for another hour and then they just get brainwashed about the business.
    And of course they don’t wanna loose their job…

    Temptation sucks and also the owner!

  19. Timbo says:

    I think you got it all wrong, this october i spent so so so many hours in temptation bar. I had alot of fun! Ofcourse there is scams, but i never experienced even one scam from the mamasan or the waitress. Some girls are scamming you, but thats normal in cebu. Tempt. and hotrod is great places! great people over there. I cant understand what the review is all about? Mayb they do scams when the owner are leaving, i dont know. But ive never experience scamming.

    There is no pool tables upstairs, they removed it many years ago so i think the writer have to visit the place again, coz i think this review is ooooold. hehe.

    See you there in may, june and july 2010 🙂

  20. fefe says:

    i’m a regular of CT. girls are good and just drink there if u want. ladies drink are not forced to customers. no entrance fee is what i like most

  21. mikemike says:

    Popped in and went to the bar, lots of uniformed girls sat around staring into space. About 3 other customers in there. I went to the bar and waited and waited and waited to be served, 5 minutes of not even a good evening or a hello , let alone what are you drinking I left. I will not be going back anytime soon.

  22. Cebuexpat says:

    Was here on Saturday night. Things were not good. Woah; where are all the girls gone? Very poor selection

  23. ANTONIO says:

    i have been to all the uptown bars, and i have to say CLUB TEMPTATION is my favorite place. the layout of the club is nice, the dance floor winds thru the middle,giving every one a decent view.the staff and management are friendly.(steve)the bartender is very good at his job! in over 3 months of partying in club temptation i never had a problem with my bill. the owner, TROND from norway,is a GOOD guy,who likes to chat and (DRINK) with the guests.PLEASE NOTE** the ladies are discouraged from agressively pressuring (attacking) customers for ladies drinks. after experiencing that in some of the other bars,a first time visitor to temptation may get the wrong impression to this low key aproach.butif you see a girl you would like to talk to,and YOU WILL. just tell your waitress,she will bring the lady to your table.yes this club is popular with japanese and koreans. but all are welcome here,and i never saw any trouble in the club.if i had to find something to complain about, it would be that they try to have all the dancers wear the same dress,and charge the girls a nightly fee for the (pleasure) of wearing exactly the same thing as the next girl.(variety of dress is what id like to see in a bikini bar). overall, if you are planning a night of bar hopping on mango ave,club temptation is just around the corner from the caltex and is difinitely worth a look. many bikini bars dont start heating up till after 9 pm.but if you come out to play early, hit the el gecko resto bar (infront of the caltex) for drink or three,hehe

  24. toshiba says:

    mamasan happy bithday…

  25. Frank says:

    Upstairs is a office not sure why Cebuexpat would want to go upstairs? To me they cater the Japanese. The rules regarding touching suck. Not my kind of bar.

  26. Cebuexpat says:

    Massive Korean bar owned by the same guy as Hot Rod and thus has similar looks.

    Girls are in general reasonably attractive and good fun to know. Never been upstairs yet not having felt the urge.

    Would put it on my roster of places to go but know many other guys that wouldn’t. Pretty hit or miss sometimes.

  27. the ct danz says:

    yah!..i agree all of those story about club temptation is true… theyre g-manager is not a decent one and
    feeling professional but totally not.and a very un-educated manager inshort, as they said that feeling goddiest lady gm is scandalistic woman when the foriegn owner is not around..she only show kindness to the customer when she knows that its a bigtimer guest but if not! will,your sorry… all the customer who is close to her,you better think it now because the manager only taking you for granted..only… thats the behavior we”ve known
    when we had a bar hopping in that club as will as they say so ,,about the manager’s character..