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Viking Next Door Bar Review: Mango Avenue Cebu by Foreigner and The Chinese


Strangely, this bar is next door to Vikings and with a name like this I guess the owner was suffering from a lack on enthusiasm or creativity at the time.


5/5 Hard to get a picture of this bar with the highly annoying and over-zealous manager and annoying brown-tongue girl sticking her hand over the lens. Not exactly sure what she is worried about, seeing as none of the girls were naked and I think everyone already knows it’s a bar – dooohh, anyway never mind. This is quite a large place, with LOTS of seating area in the main area and also plenty of bar side seating. Stage is a reasonable size. As you come in, the bar will be on your right and stretches out for some distance. The main seating area will be on your left. Walk forward about 10 metres and the stage will be on your left, against the wall. At the far end is a pool table (I believe) and the CR. Although this is a big bar with plenty of girls, it is perhaps the most boring and non-eventful Mango bar I have ever been in. As the name implies, it’s a really just a poor rip off, of the Viking bar which is next door. Everything in this bar seems a bit “flat tyre” and half-hearted. Mostly frequented by Korean and Japanese, the complete lack of atmosphere doesn’t seem to attract so many foreigners. This is the only bar where I had an issue trying to get some pics – in the end the guard start buzzing around me, he even followed me when I proceeded onto Vikings, to warn them I had a camera – which merely earnt him a funny look. Staff seem more keen to get on your tits then give a good service.


5/5 Prices in here are cheap enough – same as BGs & Vikings at around 150 for a ladie’s drink, 65 for your drink and 1700 for bar fine inc girl (owner insists girl is paid upfront – that’s not a good thing at all, just better for the bar and girl if she wants to shark a customer). Just like everything else in life, if you pay up front for a service – then you’re likely to get half hearted, sub standard service as the money has already changed hands.


3/5 I’m gonna have to check my facts on this, but I believe the owner is a “Norwegian” called “Sven”. Same management controls “Vikings”, “BGs”, “Viking next door” and maybe also “Eric the red” bar – all in the same strip. Owner is not present most of the time, just the various managers. Just like BGs, the management seems a little half-hearted – no warm hello when you enter – regardless of the number of times you have been there. Management and bar staff seem busy and pre-occupied with other things and really not bothered if you have a good time in the bar or not. Comes across as a money orientated operation where everyone’s mind is else where – as long as they can claim max money from you at the end of the evening, it’s job done. Sorry guys, but that’s the impression you give – not that I reckon you’ll be bothered anyway. All these bars could really do with injection of life and personality; this is why bars such as “Lonestar” are so popular with foreigners. You can still have fun in these bars, don’t get me wrong, but it’s hard to say something honestly positive about a management which is so unenthusiastic, non-dynamic and lethargic – they might not think so, but it does affect the overall atmosphere of the place. Come on guys, take a Red Bull and wake up!

Girls Looks

3/5 Just your average looking Bar Girls. Some of the new girls are interesting, but some of the girls have been working in these bars for a “long time” and are really tired out in terms of energy and character – they really don’t give a s**t anymore about anything apart from Peso. They have nothing to say to you (apart from the bullsh** line that it’s their birthday in a few days – in the hope that you’ll give a small (or perhaps not so small) monetary gift). These girls have strayed a long way from the real Catholic Cebuanas they use to be – extended time working during the night in the bar with their bar-girl colleagues and sleeping during the day has permanently shifted their personalities and changed them into something very different. Many seem to have given up on any long-term plans or hopes and seem content to live their lives on a day to day basis with nothing more to talk about or look forward to than the present right now. The have become fully accustomed and orientated to working in the bar and have ditched most of their former personalities, and have adopted the bar-optimised characteristics of their long-term colleagues around them. When they start, they are individuals, but quickly they see to adopt the non-diversified and shared personality of many seasoned bar girls. It’s a shame, but I guess it’s just the way things work. Remember, this is just my opinion and could be a complete load of rubbish – there are also exceptions to the rule, but on the whole – the above has been my observation.


2/5See above – this bar seems to attract long-time bar girls with a seasoned bar girl attitude. You will need to be prepared to make some effort in this bar as most of the girls would rather be left alone to sleep unless you are fresh and willing to part with a lot of money fast on a lot of girls.

Fun Factor

2/5 In my experience so far, about as much fun as cutting your nails.


2/5 Like the name says “Viking next door”, probably named that way so that when customers promptly leave after experiencing this hospitality-challenged bar, they have already got directions to the owner’s other bar. Anyhow, don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself and make your own mind up, but for certain there are many other better and more fun bars . Koreans and Japanese seem to enjoy this bar though – but for westerners, you can find a lot better. If the night has been a bit wild though and you need to take a nap without being disturbed, this could be the spot for you.

20 responses to “Viking Next Door Bar Review: Mango Avenue Cebu by Foreigner and The Chinese”

  1. lee says:

    This bar is one of the recommendable bar in CEBU. Very cheap, girls are not ugly. Visit this bar early evening. If you late, there is no good looking girls. I think Viking & Viking next door are most affordable. Try to visit.

  2. Jack says:

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  3. George says:

    Bar layout not bad but girls really average so that’s the reason not so expensive. Many of them chubby and not friendly. They are pushing about buying drinks too much and too often.

  4. lust says:

    sooooooooooo cheap …. lo.od jud… bati ang mga dancer nya baho ug baba…..

  5. johnsmith says:

    I visited this bar at the end of January when I was on holiday in Cebu. I am surprised by all the bad reviews about this place for when I went there I had a great time. I just want to thank all the girls that work there that made me feel welcome. I had alot fun in this bar I must have gone there 3 nights in a row. There is some very pretty girls that work there and they are all friendly and easy to talk to.

  6. per arne holmkvist norway says:

    viking bar,viking, erik the red bar,hot lips, is owned by a norwegian \erik hansen\ a very hardcore pimp who also runs a resort in cordova mactan he should go to jail his wife lisa \liza\ hansen has been hiding for a while about two years ago bec of minors in the bars he bribe the police and the mayor in cordova so he can keep on to bring his customers to his resort of course overprized he ifen has own V hires for transportation this is for you information per arne

  7. Philip Patrick says:

    Make the managenment do their job and make sure the girls do their job, or you need to make lots of trouble for the bar. Need to learn these filipina girls, they need to work and do their jobs, or go home and do not waist the time of people who are looking for good honest, hard working, jer jerous, girls… Do not waist our time…

  8. johncall says:

    there is a bar girl named nicole who are corrupt with a big tets like a fuckin burritos

  9. marilyn says:

    bargirls are just full of bullshit

  10. alovetokill says:

    i really cant forgot the bar named erik d red… bcoz of that bar my life change..and bcoz of that bar i found the love of my lifetime and we are happy together now..

  11. godamn says:

    my gash! those girls dancing in the picture are way ugly in the philippines… i will suggest to all forigner not to go to bars they are so ugly

  12. Kangaroo Bob says:

    I was there last week, I met a nice lady at the bar who was a nightmare back home, I would like to talk to management without embarresment, this was not something to recommend

  13. hundsome guy.. says:

    hi to all pretty girls…special name is kristel and maffie and melody…im very enjoy my time her…and special the girl is very joker and friendly her name is jelai…hi to u all i want to spend more time to u all…the girl i really really like is name is kristel she pretty and nice looking…i love her smile and her eyes…im so very missing u baby…i hope i meet u again!?ya,all girls in erick is pretty…but not all is have a good attitude,be knows first bfore u buy some drinks and spend your time ther and the girl u like…im missing u all…

  14. TheDude says:

    Toshiba…I guess you were dissed by that chick due to your attitude. There are plenty of girls in this club for you to choose from…why resort to attacking one without substantiating your view of this particular person?

    I have a few friends that dance at this club and the girls there always seem friendly and personable. Drinks are typical Mango Ave. priced and value oriented.

    I give it a thumbs up for a regular dive.

  15. toshiba says:

    i hate that girl name paula, i want to kick her ass. much better she go to hell.. shes over maldita.. her face looks like chuckie…

  16. Cebuexpat says:

    Very popular with our Korean friends. Girls are very average although I did bar fine once but to be honest it was the sister of another girl that I bar fined from another club, so did it for the fun factor, lol

    I always found the bar staff good fun and easy to talk with; in fact probably more fun than the girls, oops.

    Doesn’t figure in my regular places to visit

  17. lovely83 says:

    yes its many of the dancers have bf,ther waiting after the show,and does not true that there is no barfine,yes theres is but the girls should go first so that nobody notice its barfine,not only the next door bar but the rest of all abr there.the only thing i can say to those dancer in bar please do not go ut to the man whose already married because its make scandal only if the find out whose that girl they been out last nigth.

  18. mystery guy says:

    i dont agree about that,,,coz its not realy alowwed to take picture in bikini bars coz maybe the manager will be afraid that you will put it in magazine,,thats why

  19. pmoney says:

    a just wonderin…did u ask any permission to take pics on all bars you took pics from??.. or u can just click away?!?!… just wonderin so i can bring my camera next tym… great website by the way…

    • Lobster says:

      Bit of a mixture – some covert operations are generally required. Look at the vigilante actions of the young lady in “viking next door”. You can ask permission, but generally if there is a Filipino manager you will be turned down for fear they might lose their job. But it’s FREE advertising I hear you say – indeed my friend, I agree – but consider..

      1) Many of the girls have BF’s both Filipino and Foreigner. This can result in something somewhere between a rather embarassing issue and a heart attack when their loved one stumbles across pictures of their nearest and dearest up to no good.

      2) Same for foreigners and bar go-ers when they get caught by their GFs back at home!

      3) Bars are NOT allowed to have any nudity, bar fine etc – all against the law. Of course, a few Pesos in the right direction seems to buy a degree of immunity with the authorities – but for the bar to blatently advertise it might also cause issues.

      Generally though, management dont mind guys taking a few snapshots with the phone – start setting up tripods though and you should expect them to lose a little enthusiasm.