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City Grill Cebu Seafood & Grill Review

Name : City Grill, Mango Avenue

Location : At the Top end of Mango, 5 mins walk up from the naughty bar central, 1 minute up from Mango square and all the discos and clubs.

Background & Overview : City Grill is a upper end of the range, Filipino type Grill, although it has far greater seafood selection than typical grills. Grill Cebu often has a pretty good live band playing. You can order from the menu board, or just choose from the big display of fish and meat available, then tell them how you want it cooked – for instance, pick some sword fish – you could have kinnelau (Filipino delicious raw fish dish), Grilled, made into soup etc. The service crew will be able to make some suggestions of the dishes available. It’s a big place, probably with around 100 covers or so.

Friendliness : City Grill Cebu is a VERY friendly place, all the service staff often take the opportunity to chat to you and will be genuinely interested/happy if you a few minutes to spare and chat with them. For sure you get Foreigners there, but its pre dominantly Filipinos going out for a family celebration and later in the evening, plenty of Koreans with bar girls. If you are on your own and sitting next to a group of Filipinos, they will often ask you to join them and why not? If you go mad on the beers and food, you could politely offer to make a small contribution towards the final bill BUT don’t do anything more than that. If the family are obviously not hard up for money, you don’t even need to go that far – just thank them for their generous hospitality and they’ll be more than happy. Only unsuitable company will ask or try and dupe you into paying for the complete meal – politely excuse yourself and move on.

Layout & Decor : City grill has plenty of space – good for couples or taking out larger groups – it’s a grill, so don’t expect if to look like a plush Italian restaurant, however it’s nice enough. You can normally find somewhere to sit, even at busier times, however If you turn up at a particularly popular time i.e. Friday or Saturday evening/dinner time with a large group, you might struggle – better to turn up at a little earlier/later or pre-book

Food & Drink : This is where City grill really excels – they really know how to select the right food and consistently cook it to near perfection. 90% of patrons will drink red horse beer, maybe some of the older Filipinos will go for San Mig Pilsen – this is a top Red horse joint, so don’t fight the temptation – leave the Red wine or even San mig lights for another day. There is a really good selection of all the usual Grill meats you’d expect plus a really good selection of quality and fresh sea food. I have never had a “duff” dish at City Grill Cebu. Personally, I think you cant go wrong if you order Shrimps (poseian) in Chilli Sauce, Chicken Brest (pitso) and garlic rice. The sisig is not fantastic, but pretty much all other dishes are!

Price : Price is OK, not great – definitely not high end but not low end either.

Summary : City grill is the flagship of Cebu Grills and an absolute must for all Mango Goers – spend an evening in the bars or the discos and you’ll likely find yourself in City Grill , perhaps often with a young lady and in the small hours of the morning many, many times. Finish eating and settle up – taxi will be outside waiting to take you on your way. City Grill stays open 24 hours, you’ve only had your first real Mango night, when you’re in there with a group of girls, enjoying your breakfast – having not gone home yet! Tip the staff well, they don’t earn much and those tips make all the difference!

9 responses to “City Grill Cebu Seafood & Grill Review”

  1. kevin says:

    city grill was torn down last more. too bad. goodagud’s was the best restaurant in cebu.. also gone now due to the city planning commision. filipinos are so fucking stupid sometimes… check that.. most of the time.

  2. LENCH says:


  3. josie says:

    i love city grill, they r friendly especialy the girl called rosie, she is nice girl and she serve u in a nice way, the food is ok, we eat there together with my husband and his friend tony,we love it,

  4. Ron K - Sydney says:

    Eaten there once, no problems for me, enjoyed it.

  5. Nice says:

    yeah your right coz we eat there together mr lobster

  6. Lobster says:

    Personally, have eaten in City grill more times that an other spot – must be 50 – 100 times now. Always get great attitude from the friendly staff and there were just a couple of occasions where the food was not up to scratch.

    Consistently good food – moderately priced and good bands. Hard to go wrong here, 4/5

  7. Bruce says:

    Hello…Surprised and sorry to read the latter comments.

    I have eaten many times here and have found the food quite good. I always eat spicy shrimps or a fish dish, my companion eats all sorts. To date never had a problem with a crook stomach.

    Price is good, San Mig lite always available, only hassel is sitting near the road the kids bother you, if staff see this they shoo them off.

    Waiters are mostly friendly especially the senior guy with glasses, once they know you they really look after you.

    Just hope these previous posts were a one off experience…..

  8. city grill sucks says:

    ah!i think u own city grill or ur 1 of d staff who make dis review.but ur wrong!most of dis comment is not true.coz once we ate there lyk 9:30 pm.we celebrated my mum’s bday.we got fish w/soup, pochero,fried bangus,bbq on stick,bbq(breast cut).
    after we ate we paid around 1,000 something.then we left city grill.after we went to a spa to have a massage.then we go home coz its nearly 12 am.
    Went to bed & sleep.

    The next morning its me 1st who got stomach pain & went to d’ sori to say dis my shit really is bad its very wet. then my wYt husband is worst he got stomach pain also & wet shit.he went to d’ toilet 7 times as i counted.& he’s pale.i got fright so i let him drink lots of water so dat he wont dehydrated.he got fever & chilled.until dis tYm he still have fever.he assumed we got food poisoned.but we dont know yet wats on d’ was really bad experience.

    At 10 sis just txted me dat my mum’s having stomach pain & diarrhea since this morning but she thought its ok maybe d’ food is not properly digest.BUT its impossible coz why we had stomach pain & diarrhea also.was dat a coincidence!

    So i was wondering so i CALLED city grill on d’ phone.then i was talking to a guy i dont know if he was d’ staff or d’ receptionist on dat restaurant.i was telling him we got dis situation having stomach pain & bad diarrhea.
    so he said maybe u ate out again on d’ other place?!
    so i said to him nope.coz after eating in city grill we had a massage then since its too late we went home after massage & sleep & waking up in morning suffering in dis stomach pain & diarrhea.

    But d’ staff just said on d’ phone,ok mam..ok mam..ok mam..yes mam..& no comment at all not even an was just ignorant after hearing wat happened to people,after eating in their restaurant.its not nice!

  9. john anderson says:

    extremely bad quality of food.

    while it may taste reasonable the hygiene standards of this establishment are quite questionable, a number of our group, after finishing their meals, a few hours later developed a number of symptoms associated with food poisoning, while some may stress my compatriots, may have simply eaten someplace else to develop this, i find it quite hard to believe that we all developed the same illnesses within a short period of time, to add further damage,i proceeded to call their management to explain our situation, and to my dismay there response is simply ok ok ok i gotta go.

    a grill i would recommend to avoid lest frequent trips to the hospital is what you call good dining.