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Egypt and Bounty Bar Review: Mandaue, Cebu by Foreigner and The Chinese

Name : Egypt and Bounty (Mandaue)


Reclamation area, Mandaue – on the way to Mactan, pretty much in the middle of nowhere – although if you were going to check it out you could then go on to proceed to “lisa sea fun pub”, platinum, the excellent mermaid or the not so excellent Mactan bars.


3/5 Egypt and Bounty are large, professional looking bars, properly fitted out. They are both pretty big too – with a big central dance floor which you can sit around. There are also numerous couches and chairs around the edges. Pretty sure there is a pool table at the far end. Both bars are very similar in appearance and are next door to each other – might have been better just to make one big bar, but there you go. It’s a little bit on the bright side in there, be nicer if the lights were toned down a little.


2/5 For a mediocre bar, the pricing is quite expensive (around 200 for an LD and barfine 2000 or 2500 I think) – I cant really see any reason why. The best bars are in Mango, they are also the cheapest. The further you go away from mango, the poorer the bars seem to get but the more expensive – the really expensive ones are the dire Filipino bars in Mactan – usually empty, unless you go in to have a look. Different business model I guess. This bar, in my opinion is WAY too expensive.


2/5 I believe the owner is a German in his 60s, but I really need to confirm this. The bar though, comes across as Filipino managed – unlike bars like Stripes or Lonestar, there is very little owner presence in this is reflected in an eventless, dull atmosphere. Haven’t been in there for a while, maybe a revisit will change my mind – need some good pics for this review anyway! I would say this is mostly a Korean/Japanese bar – although could be wrong. I saw very few westerners there if any. Go there to hang out, I think you’ll be bored – but a flying visit my be OK.

Girls Looks

3/5 Just your average Bar girls – a mixed bag. If you are lucky and get their early, maybe you’ll find something special – who knows.


3/5 Girls are OK’ish, not unfriendly – I just think these two bars suffer from a lack of atmosphere – maybe they are too open, too bright or just a general lack of directed management, could even be the high roof. So the attitude of the bar passes across to the girls, who compared to some of the other bars, are a little deflated.

Fun Factor

2/5 Funniest thing about this bar was pulling a cool wheelie up the road after leaving the bar – only to be called back by the guard as during my daring and skilful “exhibition”, my phone had come out my pocket and skidded across the road – hmmm, maybe not so cool when you have to piece your phone back together! Apart from that, not so much fun. Went there one time with a couple of really fun girls from Silver Dollar and had a good time. One of the silver dollar girls was an ex singer and amazing dancer and put on a great show at Egypt – much to the enjoyment of the girls and customers there, why she worked in a bar I really don’t know.


2/5 Just check it out yourself, maybe the place rocks now – but my previous visits were disappointing – hope I’ll get invited there to take some proper pics, maybe the new write up will be more positive.

35 responses to “Egypt and Bounty Bar Review: Mandaue, Cebu by Foreigner and The Chinese”

  1. Doe says:

    I read in some forum that egypt and bounty are open up again but under diffrent name. Can somebody confirm this ?

  2. Klaus says:

    Does every people know the name of the former german owner of the Bar Egypt?

  3. noni says:

    Awesome Post. I add this Blog to my bookmarks.

  4. Niels says:

    In everyone’s life, at some occasion, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into passion by an encounter with another human being. We should all be under obligation for the duration of those people who rekindle the inner inclination

  5. Joe says:

    I came back from Cebu last week after spending 3 years there and i can tell you all that all 3 bars are now closed.

  6. droplets says:

    this time this 2 bars are all close together with the new one international bar ccomplex which are also close…….. i know who runs this bar and we can contact them too….

    need more info pls pm me….thanks

  7. Dave says:

    Both are open under new names

  8. robin says:

    open around the 14 of jan!

  9. salami says:

    open , new name ( can’t rememeber) did not go in due to previous experince…sucked

  10. danny says:

    I heard both Egypt and Bounty bars were closed permanently and the buildings demolished. Has anyone actually visited these bars and can post recent photos somewhere? thx

  11. Salami says:

    Been both places 2 times over past 2 years, I can only discribe it as about exciting as a funeral. Girls could give a crap if your there,no personality,no fun. I can only blame the mamager for a boring bar. Don’t waste your time.

  12. ken says:

    hope Burt that A-hole gets raided again and he will. Its is a cash cow for the cops

  13. tom says:

    is it open great place

  14. chixsilog-- says:

    hope same amount of barfine.. i like it… the girls before are good but ugly, make it stwitch off for all those pretty ones..

  15. chixsilog-- says:

    yeah!! it was that good night for me since i was been there, and i heard from a reliable source that it would be open on saturday, oct.24. welcome back!!! be ready for the next raid.

  16. mikemike says:

    not still closed no sign of opening again

  17. crill from egpyt says:

    i love this bar…
    this is my house…
    the owner is very good…
    i love egypt

  18. ron says:

    I just hear Egyptand Bounty open soon ???????

  19. barfinder says:

    burt who used to own the old black hole was the owner there not sure if he still is, is he the 1 in jail

  20. Mike says:

    mmmmmm nice bar they have live band and some girls are funny we have a nice time only the drinks lil bit expensive 250php…well check it out guys!!!!!

  21. tom says:

    Went to the new Colleseum to check it out, found the place a total rip off.They refused to put the prices on the bar chit, and so I read the menu.
    Naturaly when the bill came it was for higher amount than that.
    Very loud band and poor quality.The lead singer was reading the lyrics from a book like karioke.
    Never go there again as I was cheated by the management because when I showed the price to the waitress, she said sorry this is it

  22. ..,,,,,,,,,, says:

    kalouy sa mga gRO wala na sape
    kay man hahahhahaha
    gaba dli man gud pahikap ang mga gRO mga lata!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahhahaha

  23. Andrey says:


  24. William says:

    Latest I heard is that there is a 4 milion Peso bail requested by the police to let the co-ownwer out of jail and the girls also inluding the minors that are held in DSWD!!
    See folks, it is not really bail it is extortion money that they call bail and when it is paid all the greedy involved get a cut including DSWD and police! They can than reopen. So the IJM, what do they accomplish? Rescue underage girls, LOL! They could care less…

  25. Cebuexpat says:

    Closed due to underage girls. Owner in jail; hope he stays there

  26. Nino Brown says:

    still closed after Raid 2 weeks ago? Co-owner still jailed 4 employing underaged girls,promoting prostitution and girl trafficking. Although they paid several 100k a year 2 police. his own GF apeared 2b 13(!) Well dnt care if this MF stays behind barrs. When Live band playing though (usually Sat or Fri) good atmosphere and lots of fun. Anyone knows if back 2 business?

  27. Swissman says:

    Cebu Daily News reported that the place was shutdown after a raid by the police last week.

  28. William says:

    I was at Egypt Wednesday night when it was raided. Not many customers there and that was good i guess. They came in like gang busters, a whole bunch of people and this asshole from the IJM an american guy I think who has been scouting the bars to raid. I have seen him before in the bars. They notify the cops the child protection dept what ever that is and they than get a undercover cop to bar fine a girl and that is their excuse to take all the girls in and see if any are underage.I think they are on a hunt now with all the bars. Bar owners should be careful now. No need for underage anyway.

  29. The night guy says:


    me I also had some quite nice nights up there. Only problem is that they hire minors to work in this bar. There was a raid on May 13 2009 and 56 Bar girls were rescued. Among them some of minor age.

    Imagine you are a customer in a bar with minors and will be caught…

    This is not good for the German Community in Cebu, the Bar Complex is run by German…

    A bar is for sure not the cleanest kind of business but there must be some rules and moral special if it comes to minors. Me I am very much disappointed after I got this news.

  30. party guy says:

    oh..they just got busted by the PDEA(police) last wednesday MAY 13,09 the reason is they got a lot of minor girls working for them about 15 under age girls.when i went back the next night the place was close and the german owner(jaqium)was on jail til’ now.what a tragedy.

  31. ur`s costumer says:

    it was a nice bar in all…it`s affordable for all..all girls is friendly and very nice…
    i been there and very nice place..

  32. d real party man says:

    in a civilize world its not bad f u dont let ur right hand misbehave in d act of paying i suppose its ur choice after all money always wil count while satisfaction goes by garuantees. when time is at ur stake therefore to ea. its own their good times roll we mean as for locals its way on d door next hehe understood we pay our taxes right on time and hey dont 4get senior citizens got special treatment too like less discount

  33. d real party man says:

    all it takes is just 1 whisper to make things alright think f a single customer worth 5k givehim d benefit of the price after all lets consider what plastic cards can do & above all things sinceits a german alternativ a james b lansing boombox wil make a 5k groove either a dirty dancing or a tiquila lick perhaps lick all u can as faras d lemon sticks while its dj jerk its nob or dance d night away

  34. Candyman says:

    I had a good time there in June ’08. Th BF was 1950, and I was not disappointed.

  35. joe ( german ) says:

    it is a nice place , but it was shown in a movie about bad in germany , it was not so good someone make a movie with a cell cam from upstairs