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Mermaid Bar Review: Lapu Lapu, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese


Mermaid Bikini Bar, Lapu Lapu


A little bit tricky to find this one. Go over the NEW bridge to Mactan island (15 – 20 mins taxi ride from Mango during evening when less traffic). After you cross the water and the bridge turns 90’ to the left – you’ll see the blue and pink neon sign of “Mermaid” on your left (easy to miss though). Do a “U” turn opposite the Shell petrol station (100m after you come off the bridge), then drive back on yourself for about 100m, Mermaid is there on the right.


5/5 Impressive layout – this place looks more like a club inside. There is a HUGE long bar that runs for about 5 miles, along the length of the bar! There is a massive amount of prime dancing spots and lots of poles for the girls to swing around on – like cheeky monkeys in the naughty jungle! Loads of places to sit – you can retire to the comfortable seating towards the rear if you’d like a little privacy!


2.5/5 Kinda expensive, but unlike some other bars, it’s worth it. Ladies drinks around 200 each I think and yours at about 70 or so. Barfine – take a deep breath, is a whopping 3500 pesos, 2x Mango Price!


4/5 Really cool Filipina Manageress (pretty as well) – accommodating and welcomes you genuinely and enthusiastically. On my last visit, things were not looking good. A few words in the ear and a minute later, 3 magnificent specimens were ushered to our table – almost like magic! Bar seems to run a lot better when she’s about. Management seems to be thoughtful and fair towards the girls as well, something which some other bars do REALLY badly.

Girls Looks

4/5 Yep – there really are some pretty girls in here, some REALLY pretty ones! I always end up turning up late, so goodness knows what I would have seen if I arrived at a more suitable hour. Some of the best girls around – check it out yourself, don’t take my word for everything – come on man GET A GRIP OF YOURSELF!


4/5 Good attitude from girls and great attitude from Mrs Pretty Manageress.

Fun Factor

4/5 Cool place – apparently Fridays and Saturdays they often have some hot events – will bring the camera.. ?


In the top 3 of Cebu’s bars – no question. Be nice to see the prices drop a little, but all in all – highly recommended.

Yeah I know – I need to get my Camera out a little more often..

69 responses to “Mermaid Bar Review: Lapu Lapu, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese”

  1. gis says:

    such a nice place, drinks were expensive and girls do not entertain Filipinos yet Filipinos were great spender. I discourage them to come.

  2. Dino says:

    Does anyone know Kylene from there? Haven’t seen her last time. What’s her scoop?

  3. james chan. says:

    i really like this girl….but the think is she had bf but i hear they are already broke up…i still can wait..

  4. lee says:

    To mike,

    Ya, don’t you know what she is? Why did you choose her? Already everyone know that she is untouchable.

  5. mike norway says:

    i dont think so,its a shittt! place,
    specially the no.1 girl she is too ugly and have baddd smell of her pussy…

    • james chan. says:

      will i dont comment that cuz thats not true…cuz i know her.more than. u know.fuck off

  6. tom on february 12, 2011 2:30 says:

    my visit to cm was great,spcecially #1 she is a freak, she swallow and love it in her ass wow.

  7. John says:

    Mermaid is a nice bar, oh I just know that most ladies there is wearing stripe underwear when they dance at night. It maybe their uniform! But, let us try something new, that will cater to our privacy, something that provides discreet service.

    Try Asuka or Ellah, very beautiful ladies.

  8. karlos says:

    I went there in August 2010. I admit it was a Sunday night. Only 2 GRO’s allready occupied with customers. No dancers for 20 mins, then 3 came out on the long stage for 10 mins, and then disappeared out the back. Waited another 20 mins, and finally a Korean guy got on stage and started dancing. No girls to talk to, no girls to watch. I went down to another bar not far away, “something…dreams” it was called. Much better. Plenty of nice girls. I wont tell you what they do with you over in the dark area, you will have to go and find out for yourself.

  9. aira says:

    -hai its meh aira..hellow mga fwnd nkoh sah cm specially cla boang..heheeh,miz nah jud nkoh ang cm.hope mkablik koh diz coming jan.but 4 now im on diet..heheeh..tnx a lot muwaahhh..

  10. secret men love ya says:

    number 1 is the best ass not asshole

  11. secret men love ya says:

    number 1 she is cute…..and…she so funny she have nice asshole the way she dance wowwwwwwwww?????oh lalala

  12. jsh says:

    im looking for the official website of club mermaid..but i cant find it..if anyone knows pls put it here…

  13. pakra says:

    mga dunot ang mga babae bahog bilat! naa nay sira gi aids na you better watch out ayaw mog bar fine kay delicado.

  14. mailman says:

    Any fresh information from Marmaids??

  15. colacola says:

    uhm,,i want to say hi!to all the girls in mermaids…do your best…see yah!

  16. Cmi_rg july 17 2010 says:

    Punta aq bar nyo, ang pangit ting nan,. Kasi price plng ng mga drinkz masyadong mamahalin,. Tapos ung mga gerlz sos yakz panget dn.

  17. karlos says:

    I was there last year, had a good time
    be there in August 2010.
    Is Sophia still there?
    She is really pretty and a great dancer. Does the splits no problem in high heels!
    Hope so.

  18. kevin says:

    i date one of the waitresses from there…she was the hottest looking of them all. thank god she quit there awhile back. never have to pay for a girl from there..just meet them after work or the next day. too easy..if you pay you are a true loser with no game. i have banged 2 girls from there before on a regular basis and now the waitress too. god bless cebu…hot and cold running girls…why get married? fools…

  19. mailman says:

    Maybe the reason are bad smell in the p…y??

  20. blue says:

    lady marmaid???

  21. mailman says:

    Who is the best girl at Marmaids, at this moment??

  22. mailman says:

    #8 suck,she got a bad smell in her p—y. advice u guys to choose a pretty one and have a good smell.

  23. richmond says:

    i been in mermaid last month and not so many girls there,what happen?

  24. sherwin says:

    hi every one were coming first week of june see you i have 8 japanese to go in your place

  25. Mark says:

    Really a nice bar and nice girls. But what I hate here is that everytime I go there, they charge more ladydrinks than I’ve ordered. When I was asking why is that, they answer ‘it’s from management’. Needed to raise my voice to remove that drink from the tap.

  26. haha says:

    wats a bar fine?

  27. mailman says:

    I think the “old #8” are not there anymore. She study hard (at school).
    Anyone been at the marmaids lately?? I’m going back later this year, and I’m seeing VERY much forward to it! Mermaids, is a very nice place to have some fun.
    Please add some more review’s!

  28. makoy says:

    miss your body painting…. c yeh soon….

  29. andrew says:

    no.48 i love u.

  30. richmond says:

    hi mildred

  31. Jim says:

    Visited the bar for the first time last night while waiting for my flight. And was kind of impressed, I wish I could have stayed until the girls got naked. I’ll definitely be going back. Does the club have an actual website, and what is the email address

  32. ivory..... says:

    hi mga pala hubog!! musta na mo??? mingaw na jud ko sa akong bestfriend c gina huhuhuhu

  33. macnel says:

    whats up guys!!
    i really miss the pool monster at cm! shes n0.1…her name is ivory

  34. nightowl says:

    Forget Mango, go to CM! It’s the best bar in Cebu. Beer is 130, lady’s drink is 200. Nearly all girls are really beautiful. You will not get bored there. Also, you have to be the one to make contact to a girl, no chatting-up unlike in some other bars. Bar fee is 3.500 if you want to leave with the girl, but it’s worth the price. Girl’s salary is 300 per night, which is ok. Girls seem very relaxed there and so have to be you. CM ist the must-see place #1 in Cebu.

  35. mailman says:

    I miss #8. My teen favorite. Great to suck, man!!

  36. Chad says:

    How are you Mildred? do u have a facebook? add me up: .. see yah there.. stay cool 🙂

  37. Anonymous says:

    Mermaids is a great bar. I view Mermaids as a casual neighborhood bar with benefits. Lorenza runs it and she is beautiful and fun. If you want to get on her good side drink Tequila with her!

    Some people think the girls are standoff-ish but thats the way this bar is run. They do not rush you like they do on Mango. If you just want to relax and shoot some pool then they will let you. If you want to talk to a girl and have party, then you should make the first move. All you need to do is say hi. Some nights are slow, when it is slow a number of the girls will go relax in the dressing room. Ask Lorenza and she will bring out more girls.

    If you go to Mermaids, tell Gina, Kylene, Rhea, and Blue that Robert says hi. And dont be shy about getting up on stage and dancing with the girls!

  38. Charles U. Farley says:

    If you like to get drunk quickly, then this is
    a good place to go for, because the owner likes strong drinks (if i drunk a view Margaritas, i always was good to go hehehe).

  39. TLOBO44 says:

    In Cebu still. And think definitely one of the better bars. Love the management. and very pretty girls compared to the Mango scene.

    Just wished the lovesick guy from Panama (in Zamboanga) would quite texting and calling my “new friend” too keep seeing if she’s faithful…lol

  40. Will Not Miss A Visit This Trip says:

    Thanks…Good information and review. I missed this bar on my visit to Cebu last month… but will not miss again when I return in December. Definitely would enjoy a change of pace from the Mango bars.

  41. George says:

    I have not seen CJ #56 long time..have anyone seen her?

  42. tweetums gurl.. says:

    hi mga tagai gurls sa mermaid.,,


    mga palahubog kai na mga buanga nah !!
    mga pretty pa jud…..

  43. mildred no.40 says:

    my god ?

    no coment from me ?

    ok !! keep visit in cm

    see yah there ..

    this coming oct.23 is our bignyt

    go there and have fun

  44. brian johnson says:

    i read all the wonderful comments ,i visited last sunday , the place was very expensive 340 pesos for 2 calis , girls completey ignored us like we were shit, service terrible, maybe i picked a bad nite but this is the worst bar i have been too , just three girls sitting with one american guy who was drinking an expensive drink, it didnt look like a bikini bar to me the girls acted like they were only looking for a very rich guy, i was very simply dressed almost poor looking but i had loads of money in my pocket only spent 340 pesos and went instead to frolics where i enjoyed.

  45. lilrakstar says:

    I LOVE CM…
    Hey, anyone wanna visit there, look for lilrakstar and u gonna have a one round free drinks from the house yo!

  46. Willy Dunbare says:

    i asked you nicely to remove a phone number. Now you will see what will happen. I will use all the information from this site and ip address and anything else that at that we can did up to incluse all user ip adress and well you will see. complaints of uncle sam. have fun while it last

  47. bongliu says:

    Club Mermaid is the best bar i’v ever been… I feel at home with the warm receptions from the Floor Mngr, EnEn!!! Im always speechless when she approach and talks to me… A very marvelous lady indeed! The Staff.., (Dancers, GROs, Waiters and the rest are all accommodating, pleasing and takes care of you when you need them… Keep it up!!! It’s 1 place in Lapulapu City that i highly recommend when I have friends here and abroad who wants to enjoy ’til the wiey hours of 3am., especially during Fridays and Saturdays!!! So, see you all there!!!

  48. mailman says:

    Number 8 was a nice teen girl. Very tiny, and a great fuck!!

  49. Cebuexpat says:

    Was there last week. Still good looking girls with a mix of western and asian clients. They do some great shows and for something a little different from the Mango offerings well worth a visit

  50. BLACK PAPI (FROM APR17-JUL4 2009) says:


  51. Doug says:

    Great time at Mermaids and 2 girls really showed us a great time, thanks Alizon and Lyon. Friday night there were a lot more girls to choose from and some sexy outfits worn. Going back for more when I return, best quality is worth the price.

  52. me says:

    im free and ready for anyone
    money is good bring money

  53. me says:

    im ready for u 63919-5968434

  54. locolobo says:

    cresilda,enjoy your life, and the bars. You are good at what you know. Mermaid is the best place for you.

  55. observer says:

    who is no. 8, she is pretty.

  56. BJ says:

    Had a fun time in this bar, drank lots of tequila and then got on stage with the girls until my wife got up there and ruined it for me

  57. Cebuexpat says:

    Only had the one experience here which was pleasing. The girls were attractive and the mamasan made a huge attempt at greeting us. I will go back but because I am in the city it wont be often

  58. naf roque III says:

    you rock!!
    i love ur girls!!

  59. jhon says:

    pls regards me to asia….

  60. says:

    mga ugly ang girls ninyo?

  61. tex says:

    what a ripoff bar my bill was altered after i had signed just because some of there no talent dancer dripped water all over them self boreing

  62. lil_geils aka.PIPOY says:


  63. hitman says:

    naka body paint nami diha doh!!! fayter kaayo!!!!!!!

  64. locolobo says:

    Agreed, nice place to go and relax. First went there back in October 08 when I was there. Heading that way again.

  65. CIPRIAN says:

    the place is nice girls are decent not pushy.
    one of them Zoey realy knock me out.

    is a place where you can enjoy

  66. lilrakstar says:

    yeah yeah yeah! i saw u there! but sorry there’s no red horse in there…
    Hey your website is nice congrats!