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Silver Dollar Bar Review : Jones Street, Cebu – by Foreigner & The Chinese


Silver Dollar

Silver Dollar


Close to the big circle, Fuente Osmena – next door to Metro Bank Plaza


3/5 Layout like a long strip – basically the bar. You sit up at the bar and the girls dance on it – like a filthy version of “coyote ugly”. There are also tables and chairs against the back wall and ½ way down a pool table that always seems to be busy.

Silver Dollar


3/5 This is a “cheap and cheerful” bar, but the pricing seems a little on the high side. Ladies drink expensive(ish) at around 190, and barfine around 1000 excluding girl, although I could be wrong about that. Food is good for foreigners and reasonably priced.

Silver Dollar


2/5 Lots of complaints from girls about OTT penalties. One evening a girl (bar maid) gave me a ball point pen. As I left the bar, the red-faced owner came running after me as I walked to go out and demanded that I give it back, otherwise “it would come out out of the girls wages!”. The bar went quiet, I held out the pen and said “it’s mine, she gave it to me!”, the owner dared a snatch but a retracted at the last second and retained my prize! This resulted in a severe reddening of the already raddish-like high pressure head and rather than be responsible for an exploded ventricle, I ended up giving up the pen, after a little mild mouthing on my part. 30 mins later, the owner called the mobile of the girl to apologise, which I suppose counts for something. Haha, at least I remembered the night!

Silver Dollar

Girls Looks

3/5 Hmmm, for sure there are some that are well over the hill – but also some saucy ones that are good fun. I have met some top bar girls in here in the past and got myself into a lot of trouble – can be a fun night in this bar! Not the hottest of girls, but some nice looking ones and definitely on the naughtier side!


3/5 All in one, good attitude from girls – quite a lot of “oldie” customers in this bar, so the girls maybe are used to making the effort to be friendly.

Silver Dollar

Fun Factor

3/5 Definitely worth a visit, although seems popular with the older partons. You can have some fun here for sure


3.5/5 Despite my moans, overall it’s an OK bar – although could do with a few fresh girls and more generosity regarding the promotional gifts..

127 responses to “Silver Dollar Bar Review : Jones Street, Cebu – by Foreigner & The Chinese”

  1. JUST A WARNING says:


  2. paul says:

    hey guys i hear the bar is under new management hope all my favourite girls are still there i love the place home away from home

  3. steve says:

    Hi, has the silver dollar reopened? is there a new owner

    • Paul says:

      The guy from Lone Star has the Dollar now. Great talent, cold beer and the food is good. He moved the pool table back to it’s original spot. The Dollar is back on my map.

  4. davioto says:

    friendly girls …but organizing bargirls is like hearding cats so good luck to carl yes he seemed hardened by what most of us would concider a great job.(looked frail and sick)..but hey a bad women in your life will take a toll.he was well mannered to me so find out yourself. i guess.bargain first and ask for how long she will be with u and confirm this with the mamasaan before u take her.or u will have a “runner“on your hands…good hunting the prey there is sporty.

  5. Witheld says:

    Open again and under new ownership.

  6. Cebu Greg says:

    Silver Dollar is not closed. I was in there last night and there were a bunch of hotties working. Carl sold the place to an Aussie named Gram and went back to the states. From what i was told, the new owner got all new girls but unfortunitly left the same old shity black lights and yes the do have to go.

  7. steve says:

    well finally closed see who buys it now,

  8. ian says:

    carl has gone . goodbye carl you old fucking cunt you destoyed that place in no time .now go and find somwhere and die there

  9. Aussie Bloke says:

    Hey I was there in December and met Max who was running the Bar, I must say a top bloke and a gentlemen. Would like to catch up with him on my next adventure, This new owner lost a good man oh well there is only another million bars to see…

  10. mango juice says:

    Somebody asking here if some bars are for sale.

    Temptations and Hot Rods is for sale (same owner).

  11. steve says:

    Aussie, the SD is a great place as you said, there are some people who will put rubish on anything,Carl is okay, under pressure sometimes, what girls do you think where the best, when are you going back.

  12. jack of NYPD says:

    I understand it is for sale for P4M. Good deal, lots of fringe benifits.. hehehe

  13. Aussie says:

    I recently spent a month in Cebu {2nd time around}and lot of that time was spent in SD. Girls and bar staff were great. Carl gets a bit cranky sometimes but he isnt a bad bloke most of the time. It was good when George managed the bar in Carls absence. but thats just George- an incredibly friendly bloke and good with the girls. As a regular I got 20% discount on all my drinks and a great girl who was with me for the whole month. Just go there and have a good time.Try and beat Rene at pool … good luck

  14. big bruce says:

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  15. Jerry says:

    I understand Silver Dollar is for sale, P6.0 Million

  16. Fred says:

    Wow, can I join in, with Chuck and Ausi Chris. I have been going to SD for 10 years. I am a good friend of John the ex owner of Silver Dollar. I loves all the improvement Carl has made and Silver Dollar is still number one Bar in Cebu. I was there last night all were talking about yr comments about SD girls and Carl. Customers, dancers, staff, think your full of shit, they all love Carl, and do not like you. Maybe you own Lone Star, that is why you talk up Lone Star. All you people go to other bars and then
    Silver dollar, talk to all at Silver Dollar and form your own opinion. If you go there tonight ask for Fred, that is me. That ass whole with holds his name??

  17. Chuck says:

    Hey withheld?? Just read your comments and Ausie Chris. I agree with Chris. People should go in to Silver Dollar and meet Carl, talk with the custmers and talk with the staff and form their own opinion. Question do you own Lone Star, is that why you are pushing Lone Star? Silver Dollar bar was number one bar before Carl bought and he improved it and made it better. I talked to John the ex owner of Silver Dollar, he agreed the bar is better now, and wished he made the changes. Check the girls out again at Silver Dollar.

  18. Witheld says:

    Chuck, that is a load of horsecock. Carl is a incompetent freak and cant even pay his rent or his staff he is so broke. The end is near for the “Era of Carl” at silver dollar and it can’t come soon enough. In the meantime, Lonestar has always kicked SD’s ass in terms of the quality of girls.

  19. Ausi Chris says:

    Was there 1st time in six months. Was there from 11am to 8pm, left with two girls. Owner a great guy, the guys up there call his girl friend a whore and him a ass whole, ARE JERKS. Mate keep up the good job of running the bar

  20. Chuck says:

    Wow the bar and girls better than ever. Still my favorate bar in Cebu

  21. Chuck says:

    Was at Silver Dollar for 1st time in 6 months. great as ever, Carl the owner a great guy.

  22. Maurice says:

    Going to the Silver Dollar Bar this morning..Super Bowl!!! The owner carl is putting the game on big screen for us at 8 am…nice effort to make his customers happy!!! Thanks Carl!
    ive read the above comments…have any of you ever been to this bar?
    i also understand the bar is for sale..the price? How about TEN MILLION…interested?
    Im more than pleased and happy witht he girls of the Silver Dollar, especially the early shift!!

  23. tony says:

    yes larry your quite right that owner is bad for business and in the short time he been there he has destroyed what was once a great bar. he has upset many good old time customers by insulting them with his loud mouth attitude and left many staff in tears.

    the result now is that many customers have left never to return. the best that could happen is that he leave philippines and go home, we dont need his kind in philippines.

    he is wasting his time chasing his prostitute girlfriend, she is a long time bar girl and she cleaning him out good and proper. if a new owner dont move in in the next few months the bar will go broke and close for good, all the staff are complaining there is no salaries coz he got no money. STUPID OLD BASTARD

    its the customers that make a bar not the asshole at the helm

  24. larry says:

    I used to go to silver dollar regular until that asshole that owns it now went crazy on some of his staff in front of me.He has no respect for his employees and for the customers that go there. I dont want to see that kind of treatment to anyone so I stop going there.The other day i decide to stop for a drink and found da owner not there ( chasing after whore girlfriend)he has a new manager in place aq big american, cant remember his name, but very nice guy, calm respectful an good for his business. He stopped by me to say hello an talk for a while,nice guy.I hope he will styay there cause he is gd for business, carl is not.

  25. steve says:

    anyone been silver dollar last week? is karen or marie still dancing?

  26. steve austin says:

    Hi, Carls . . you there . . .
    yeah ! . .. the owner of SD . . . .
    R U selling your bar . . ?????
    ” stock , lock & barrel ”
    Please let me know how much do it cost . .
    Or you prefer a JV but it would be under my management . . . ‘Cos we will create a new establishment name . . . !!!
    Hurry up and make up your mind . . ok
    Awaiting for your reply . . . .

  27. tony says:

    Well i agree with the above comment. the problem for the owner of the bar at this time is the girlfriend that he have. an ex bar girl and prostitute. what can you expect if you make a relationship with one of these girls.

    she has run off at this time and carl chasing after her to negros. when is he going to get his head together, he has spent all his money and losing his business all because of a prostitute.
    It all looked good in the begining when max was around and that other guy they call cowboy, they all always together, now i dont see any of them around anymore.

    something is very wrong here as many customers are leaving and the place is winding down further each day to its eventual demise.
    He had better wake up or give up for his own healths sake.

  28. big bruce says:

    hi. visiting end feb 11, looking for nice lady to marry, children okay,not desperate,please leave contact info and will be in touch, thanks

  29. steve says:

    Hi to the honest people, this web site is a load of bullshit. you can place a comment, but it is wiped. when you want to place some honest facts they get wiped offed.advice to most try some over site,

  30. big bruce says:

    Hi still not had any replies for a club-bar to buy, if anyon knows of a bar for sale. or someone thats wants to manage a bar – club in cebu city please leave a contact here , will reply. thanks

  31. Withheld says:

    The owner is on a downward spiral. He was always quick-tempered and a little paranoid, but with the closing of SD2 he seems to be broke as fuck and on the verge of a mental breakdown. He has lost a ton of weight and looks very sickly now and has taken up residence in the backrroom of the bar. For the near future, it’s a toss-up as to whether he stresses himself to death or the bar gets a new owner. Girls are basically the same as always.

  32. steve says:

    hi, anyone been silver dollar lately, any new girls? what is the owner doing

  33. paul says:

    Jay wake up give the owner a fair go and leave the girls alone, be honest you have not been to silver dollar so give up

  34. sir bruce says:

    Jay, you might be right with a couple of your comments, but leave the girls out of it, if you d o not like the place do not go, the owner is a pain at times but give him a fair go, if not buy the the place for yourself and see what people say about you

  35. JAY says:

    Have to agree with some earlier comments.

    much better to find nicer cleaner drinking places.
    There are many nice girls out there that are available and clean.

    This place is all washed up. the girls are fat mommys and that new owner a fuckin dick head.

  36. Pamela says:

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  37. bruce says:

    I am visiting cebu end january 2011 looking for a lady to show me around cebu, 23-27 in age willing to stay with me, all cost paid for hotel, food etc plus a bonus at the end, social drinker, non smoker, willing to have a good time, please leave contact info here and i will get in touch. thanks.

  38. steve says:

    Hi, anyone been silver dollar this week? what are the prices like now, beer, barfine,any new dancers if so what are they like. thanks.

  39. BOB says:

    I think max is still around the town coz many guys have seen him but he dont seem to bother with the dollar anymore.

    looks like the dollar is up for sale but i think he asking too much.

    my valuation would be around 4M.

    I have been around for many many years and that bar has lost many good old time customers in the last 18 months since the new owner took over because of the bad angry attitude towards customers and staff.

    I have seen girls and staff crying coz of the balling down their ears by this idiot.

    These people are filipinos and do not easily understand our western ways. This guy needs a damn good lesson in respect.

    Being a big shot with lawyers and choosing a bar girl as a partner will lead to the ultimate down fall in the end.


  40. Randie says:

    hey where is max now…he is a nice guy

  41. rex 99 says:

    Hi, is the silver dollar for sale again, seen it advertised on some web sites, if so do you know the price, thanks

  42. Bob says:

    Well I been there longer than most of you guys and its always been a shit hole.
    The previous 2 owners were not so bad but the new owner carl is one arrogant, ignorant, foul mouthed bastard.

    He treats his girls and customers like dogs with his blazing foul mouthed temper.

    He has destroyed the place in the short time he has been there and lost many cutomers through his bad attitude.

    Open your eyes guys and dont trust this owner, he is a fucking know all that knows fuck all a 3 year veteran of philippines and a 3 year prick.

    By the way Max is not one of the owners and never has been. carl fired him at least once a week for many months and then always begging him to come back when he in the shit and cant cope. Max is a gentleman and a really nice guy, Im so glad he found something better.

    Carl is a full asshole. I will never go there again, Disgusting old man.


  43. Gary says:

    Was there tonight
    Girls were friendly, not the cutest in Cebu, but a nice attitude, ladies drinks about 150-200p, i honestly cannot remember..but i can confirm the barfine is 750p to the bar, then negotiate with the girls for their price. As i was looking for a beauty( none there impressed me) i continued my barhopping.

  44. sekreto says:

    Is there a way to check to see if a particular woman worked there before? I dated a woman in Cebu and got a call from a mysterious person who said she worked there.

    I went to Cebu to find a woman who isn’t a liar and not a burikat.

  45. Roger says:

    Say Hi to anne for me see you all end Dec beginning Jan 2011

  46. jack 2 says:

    Hi, can some one please tell me the price of beer and the cost for a barfine?

  47. jent says:

    hi norma.. i knw ng change nakag name if ever ma read nimu akung messages add me sa fb ha! na miss nako atong bonding katung ng skol pata uhuhuhu..

  48. jent says:

    hello.. guy.. i never been sa inyong bar.. nay norma ang name dinha shes my elementry classmate. add me on fb

  49. john says:

    hi, has anyone been with a dancer by the name of karen>if so want is she like.

  50. paul says:

    hi girls well we are on our way back soon love the girls so friendly although my favourites are gone not all of them bringing some friends (OH AND THE WIFE SHE USE TO BARMAID THERE) MISS YOU ALL

  51. René says:

    Great bar, lot’s of fun

  52. René says:

    Hi! everyone, I have been visiting Silver Dollar a lot from 1990 up to 2005 when John (the aussie)was still the owner. I always enjoyed myself very much there with the staff(dancers and entertainers) especially in the 90s. It is now part of my good souvenirs but I hope I still can get there again before I die, ha!ha!

  53. walt says:

    Great place and great girls. Was there yesterday 11am to 10pm. Fun time

  54. Cebual says:

    By far the best bar in Cebu!…I love this bar, and it is superior by far to all other bars….Girls are very friendly and always make visitors feel they are in heaven…very good/fair drink prices….best drink prices of any bars…I usually hang out for 6 hours or more….day shift girls may not be perfect tens, but their playful frienliness makes every guy a king!…Mamasans very friendly and helpful….This bar is a must visit bar!…..This is my favorite bar on the face of the earth!….Cheers and enjoy!

  55. Hans says:

    All I can say it is a Great bar and lots of pretty friedly girls. I leaving this week, but will return to my second home in Oct.

  56. chuck says:

    Silver Dollar is up and running again at 110%. Only bar in Cebu that dancers start at 11am

  57. caloy says:

    do you have permit…to open that bar?make sure

  58. eric says:

    is silver dollar still open i have always enjoyed it

  59. Stevecom says:

    I have been going to dollar for ten years time you lot saw the other side. Good bars there are none just repeats of an old format no new ideas. If you want to go out to some good music and a good night I can inform, after go wild. I will be back in January for two months so we will see what still attracts and what does not.

  60. Manuel says:

    this club has some of the tightest girls around..
    very nice girls…

  61. john says:

    what a boring one wants to say anything, come forward and till everyone which bar to visit for a good time,

  62. boring bar...first time i been there..yukkkkk!!!!!!! says:

    boring bar….the dancers dancing like there just only playing

  63. john says:

    has anyone got info about silver dollar being for sale, tried phoneing them but no answer.

  64. Grady says:

    went to silver dollar but door is locked.
    the place is closed down till next week???? according to a security guard.

    helpful hints the girls want you to wear condoms.
    does that feel better or???
    I appreciate any information here and when i first went to cebu four years ago all the information was helpful.

  65. Salami says:

    helpful hints??? WTF….ok here ya go mate…first: be horney
    2nd. have a beer or 2 or 3 or 4
    3rd: take a blue pill
    4th: pay the BF
    5th:unlock your heat seeking moisture missle and let er rip…
    6th: Aim high !!

    good enough for ya???
    now go get em tiger!

  66. john says:

    another site that is a waste of time, no helpful hints info etc,most of the the bars should close and give the honest ones a chance to promote cebu and areas.

  67. Maurice says:

    Looking forward to seeing Jane, Rain and Queenie again! This is the best bar in the world as far as this old guy is concerned..I’ve been to many countries..The Silver Dollar is for a man!!! Enjoy it and I look forward to my return this September with my good buddy Mac who i willl introduce to the Silver Dollar…I am certain he will see the difference between “The Block” in Baltimore and Al’s Diamond Cafe in Reading , PA vs life in Cebu!!! Looking forward to seeing the new bar and old and new friends there!!!

  68. john says:

    brian I am glad you got your 100p worth, how is your wife?

  69. brian says:

    There just before the fire.
    Wasn’t looking for a screw just company and a couple of beers .
    The girls were great the place was as a blast .
    Been there before but it was better than ever.
    Finally got screwed buy two chicks for a 100p to stop flopping on my lap.
    The laugh was worth .
    Glad to hear its up and running ,I’ll be back

  70. big jake says:

    went dollar first time got lot fat girls bar smells girls didnt look clean wont go back dirty bar and not the girls smells

  71. jay says:

    the bar was closed for a few days do to fire it is now up and running 11am till 2am. better than ever, losts of fun

  72. John says:

    fire in this bar…temporarily closed

  73. Bill says:

    Hot bar, and hot girls. This first time in Cebu in over a year. They cleaned the place up and expanded with two dance stages. Dancers start at 11AM to 2AM. You must check it out.

  74. Philip Patrick - The Jungle says:

    Hello guys,
    Lived here for 8 years. Been to every bar in Cebu and Mactan. Let me tell you about the Sliver Dollar. Its has new owners, Carl and Max, and its is totally awesome. I will agree before it was not so much. These guys have really turned this place around. The number one factor is the girls do there job. No taking advantage, no bull. Of course they want their lady drinks, but when its all said and done, they know their job and are REQUIRED to do it. I was there when they was still getting things straighten out and i set with one girl all night. Then i asked about barfine. She said sorry, she dont like white foreigners. ” Oh Shit”. I mentioned it to Max, she never worked there a day after that. Now guys let me tell you. That is real special. That is the way a bar should be run. Not many other bars are run like that. If you was there before the new owners took over, i suggest go back and give it another try. You will be very pleased. Not high pressure, all the girls are great, very pretty now. I just cant say enough about this place. Its priced average with all the others, and you for sure will be taken care of. Its all new renovated, two stages, comfortable seats, air con. Take it from someone who been to it all and seen it all. This place is top of line.

  75. Frank says:

    I was there yesterday. No way it is closing down. Hotest bar in cebu. Where did you hear that, a another bar owner?? Have been there??

  76. john says:

    I heard that they are closing the place down? any news about it?

  77. big daddy says:

    Hey there.. I am going to cebu for the 1st time.. my goal is to get scuba certified.. dive and explore different spots and also have a fun night life..does it matter if i am in the city or the beach ?

  78. if i want scuba and nightlife.. says:

    it sound like the nightlife is in the city and the beach life is nice and peaceful.. I want to dive during the day and play at night.. should i stay in the city or beach then..?

  79. jake says:

    I was in Silver Dollar last night 1/31/10. Girls are great looking and very frienly. Dancers start at 11am till 3am. I will be back there again tonight, and probably close it down again. Much Much better bar from when I was there 6 months ago.

  80. Ray says:

    Hi i will be in Cebu on the 19th of feb 2010 on my own i may visit this Bar , be nice to get some advice on where to go and not to go maybe i will meet some people and get honest advise when im there .

    I am from England.
    Please feel free to e mail me

    Regard’s Biker Ray

  81. Franky says:

    I was in Silver Dollar last night, for the first time since last June. What a GREAT differents. Must of been forty of the finest girls I have seen ever. They made some good changes, expanded the bar, now two dance stages. Girls start dancing at 11am to 3am. I was in heaven, I will be back at 11am when they open.

  82. mike says:

    just wondering if the silver dollar has closed down or nothing is happening there, as there have not been any comments etc.what are the new dancers like?,

  83. AKB48 says:

    I’m new here and going to Cebu in March for first time. A buddy was here recently and said this place kicks butt it will b first on my list

  84. Tom on december 24, 2009 says:

    Well i there and thought it was nice. Cant see what the one guy was saying about it being a graveyard with old and fat girls coz all i saw was young and nice shape girls and pretty too, well most of them anyway. They were friendly thats for sure. next time im in cebu i will go here.

  85. Homer says:

    In June, danny said:
    >If the owners would simply hire more young and sexy girls plus let them do more dancing, I’d be here every night cause the rest of the bar operation is just great.

    New owners did just that, though the girls are not as young as in the Mango bars.

  86. Salami says:

    Any1 happen to know the name of mamasan? I had a major disagreement with mamasan (name : Mae ) a few years ago would rather not go back if she’s still working there.

  87. ronnie says:

    visited here in November & had a great time great girls nice food ,good atmosphere just hoping prices dont go up due to renovations &getting more popular,girls love to have fun drinks r reasonably priced ,only thing is u have to watch the chit & make sure its right i had a couple of mistakes with mine but other than that its a great bar

  88. John says:

    Wow,how nice!Dancers start at 11am, two dance stages. Bigger and better. Girls now friendlier and prettier. Was one of my favorites, Now the best in Cebu!!!

  89. mar_les83 says:

    hey,for me i like silver dollar,the girls there its so friendly and nice..the price is good,if you realy want to know the true visit there..if u never trie u never know..have fun goodluck…

  90. Chris says:


  91. CanaDave says:

    Lots of construction going on inside the Silver Dollar this month. Should be nice when they finish but I would give it a miss for the rest of December.

  92. ron 30/11/2009 says:

    i visited here last week & had a great time the girls are young & enjoy a laugh prices for happy hr 11am-9pm 45p sm ladies drink 150p,after 9pm sm 65ladies drink 190p bar fine 750p then up to u what to give to girl nice clean cr,new owner seems ok as well as manager ,met a great girl Sarah we got on well nice body &smart girl had arramged to bar fine her but unfortunatley due to my part it didnt eventuate whichi regret,had a great time there & will go backagain when im back in cebu

  93. Timbo says:

    I went to silver dollar this October 2009.
    I went in the door and 6 girls come up to me and joined me by the bar, i was bar hopping that night and ended up beeing in the bar for 30 minutes buying them all ladies drink for 1000 pesos. I understand that they want a drink, and its no problem. But i dont think i will visit this place anymore! Dirty bar with to much “horney” dancers. I prefer other bars in mango! Have fun 😉

  94. Chris says:

    I am an Ausi like the old owners of Silver Dollar. I have been coming here for 10 years. This bar was good, but better now. Allot more young pretty girls than before, also girls from Viking complex work at Silver Dollar now. Prices good, happy hour until 9pm. GIRL out the door for 750 then tip the girl, up to you. I take girl last week so I know the truth. Never hassle there. I honest and tell it like it is. Makes me mad when I see lies. Yes I like Viking, but for me Silver Dollar much better.

  95. mike says:

    I visited over the weekend, as wannabe said, very expensive, dancers old, and the owner on the always giving you queer cannot sit down and have a quite beer or talk without being hassled,Thought place would come right with new owners, but it has gone backwards. There are alot of better clubs/bars and alot cheaper in there prices.

  96. wannabe says:

    I stumbled in there last night for the first time….old women…most had a baby or two…2750 out the door and some of the girls said they wanted a tip on top of that….3 ugly girls surrounded me wanting a drink…new owner chilling in the back and one monkey massaging my back trying to earn a drink.

    I bolted after one beer and hit vikings down the road for 1700 out the door and 500 ST tip…she ended up staying the night.

  97. davo from dmgt says:

    its a shit hole..

  98. ms.confused_left behind_ says:

    i agree with you zirc,..
    i am hoping to see you someday..,,

    have a great day..
    i hope you enjoy your stay here in philippines,…


  99. zirc says:

    Only one owner. The girls love him for his understanding and treatment of them. A real fun bar great time with the girls and the other custmers. Feels like back home in the UK and US bars I visited. Some of the new girls are very pretty and fresh. Been there at noon girls not as pretty as later but the beer is great and girls are fun.

  100. ms.confused_left behind_ says:

    watch out for a renewable bar ever ..,,since it is being hold with a new owner,..!!!no more cockroaches,…just serpents who gonna temp you along the aisle,…lol,…__better hold your breath for a new skin of this bar,..___….

    Mr.Screw Driver trying to do his best for his bar…if you don’t want to be nab by flow,..never dare to take a glimpse,..!!to-be-decent one,..

  101. ms.confused_left behind_ says:

    i went here for so many times and i thought of coming back in this bar(SILVER DOLLAR)..,..i surely loved the new owner here name CARL if i am not mistaken,..the bar seems to be famous nor popular for it could be a fuss!!!it also known as the dramatic asylum for foreigners who would like to enjoy their stay here in Philippines ,.it obviously earned a good profit that could able him to put up another business or a branch(es),!keep hiring gorgeous yet seductive girls that probably leave footprints on your establishment,..!!!!


  102. Ausi Joe says:

    No not dead very hot, only one owner as understand it. I do miss John & Chris but I think better now in many ways now

  103. Nolls says:

    I have need there in a year, what change it more fun that before. Must be 40 girls that start dance at 5pm younger prettier with bodies, WHAT an inproment from before. These guys know how hire GIRLS. Place is much cleaner and good food. I like the waitress Michelle, she is beatiful. New owners are moving in the right direction. FUN Fun Bar and frienlier girls,
    It is my new hang out now, Not,not like the Japan/koren style bar like a few of the others.

  104. Mike says:

    The place must be dead now with the new owners? no comments about how good it is etc,

  105. Squid says:

    I went there twice this week. The first time was in the afternoon. The women were friendly; maybe overfriendly. I was mobbed by 4 girls right away. I decided to leave earlier than I would have wanted to. Went in again a different night. The girls were less aggressive and a lot of fun. The girls may not all be beauty queens but are a lot of fun and willing to please. I plan on returning soon.

  106. clooneycoolguy says:

    I think this is the best bikini bar in Cebu Now. There has been upgrades made to the decor and exterior from the new owners (Max & Carl). These guys really make you feel at home and are very pleasant to all the i have noticed.

    They’re are new girls and the prices are very good.

    My suggestion to all is go have some fun at the Silver Dollar you won’t be disappointed.

  107. Frank says:

    Read all the previous comments some by surprise. I was there last week and met both the new owners; One married to a Filipino and the other moved to Cebu in June same Filipino girl friend for two years. They nice friendly guys. Asked them about the cock roach problem, they said in the past never fumingated like other clubs now they fumigate every two weeks. They know the web site must be updated and will be in the very near future. I saw big changes for the good: better looking young girls, some of the old decor has been updated. They used to have these ugly faces around the bar now flags of the world much better. Happy hour from noon to 9pm also a plus.
    I spent time with two of the girls there before bar fining one of them.
    They love the new owners. In the past now toilet paper was in there comfort room now there is, Used to us a buck it to wash in and flush the toilet now new toilet that flushes and a since with soap to wash in. Keep the good changes comming.

  108. zirc says:

    Since Silver Dollar had a new owners now, things changed inside and out. Well, good thing though, because the new owners now are very much devoted to their new owned bar in Cebu, Philippines. One things lacking to their outmost personality and as new manager of their own establishment, knowing your business is here in the Philippines, and you’re workers are mostly or 100% Pilipinos, you should at least be sensitive enough to their feelings as well as to their rights to reason out, Customers are always right, we all know that, but that doesn’t mean that they are always right to extend that they already been stepping into someone who have been working there, just because they weren’t satisfied or they weren’t able to get what they wanted for the reason that it wasn’t as what have been agreed on between the guest and the worker there. End up putting stories on the worker making bullshits that Pilipinos are liars and all, and worst lost the job in an undesirable manner. Hope that in some ways you’ll be considerate enough to hear their side and not always on your own race side. This is Philippines, not America.

  109. Cebuexpat says:

    Its known as ‘The Graveyard’ because its where all the old/fat/ugly girls end up working. It is true that some of them have great attitudes but its tough looking straight at them, lol
    New owners so we will see what happens but it needs a refit for sure

  110. bruce says:

    normaly a good place, what are the new owners like? will they update there website and replace the photos of the girls, most of present photos are of girls that have not been working for a long while, see what happens before visit again.

  111. brett says:

    entertaining place because of the cockroaches running up aand down the bar! Hey, management, ever hear of bygon????

  112. John says:

    Hi Mike,

    Are you willing to work for P300 per 12-hour shift?
    Otherwise, there is absolutely no point in making an
    application because we have many local applicants
    that really need the job and won’t get pissed off
    and leave after one day. Also, you are responsible
    for obtaining your own work permit as we see no
    reason to sponsor your paperwork at our expense.
    Take care

  113. jim boy says:

    nice friendly girls could not wish for more

  114. jim boy says:

    coming over soon first stop silver dollar its great

  115. BRENN says:


  116. danny says:

    I’ve been to this bar several times and i would agree that, although most of the girls are little more mature in age and hold some extra weight, the attitudes and friendliness of the bar (dancers, barstaff, mamasan, owners) make it a nice place to start the evening or finish one off. There is seldom any drink pressure at all and I’ve always found at least one entertaining gal with which to hold a decent conversation. Sometimes, you can find a real cutie here but not very often. If the owners would simply hire more young and sexy girls plus let them do more dancing, I’d be here every night cause the rest of the bar operation is just great.

  117. Mike Draper says:

    __________I’m an American expat looking to make some extra cash..i can work fulltime or part time in the area of security manager-or just security, i know you have uniformed security outside but i would be in street cloths..I could secure the bar inside, help outside by escorting the ladies and client if need be. I have 20 years experience in this area..I’m 6ft 2” and 285 lbs and traine in martial arts and weapons. Please give me an e-mail adress for the submission of my photo and resume.

  118. Peter Meyer says:

    I go over 10 years to this place and have fun all the time. If you have not fun take a look first to your self and you will find the problem soon.

    Don’t worry be happy and go to this place


  119. Lobster says:

    Haha – feet in Vomit, nice!

  120. cees says:

    bean ther few times when i am in cebu proberbly the best bar

  121. James Riley says:

    Nasty Place. So dirty. Kept smelling something bad at my table and found my feet were in Vomit. B

  122. Carlos of USA says:

    They need to update there picks. Almost all the girls in the pics no longer there. Put up pretty picks on WEB, but when leave they leave the pictures up. Better to be honest on current pictures on WEB site. Also, bring your own cockroach spray, very bad.

  123. Cowboy says:

    One of the few (maybe the only) bars open during the day. Girls on day shift are not very attractive but they have nice playful attitudes.
    Night girls are aggressive and hard-core. A good
    place to meet some friendly expats and serious drinkers during the day as the long bar is usually full.

  124. krystal dorman says:

    hey sir john this is raymond dormans daughter just need to know do u know dads email addy by any chance or his website cause im traying to get in contact with him. thanks and kind regards and i see the club is looking good from the pics

  125. Candyman says:

    The “Black lights” along the back wall of the bar need to go! five minutes under there and you can’t see a thing your eyes are hurting too much. Not much atmosphere in there for my liking.

  126. american werewolf in cebu says:

    3 ladies drink, 2 sprites, and barfine including girl totaled out to 3000 pesos