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Vikings Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese


Bang in the middle of mango avenue, main bar avenue of Cebu City – next door to BGs and the imaginarily named “Viking next door” bar. Go to the left next to the vendors and children that will ask you for money. Walk down a flight of steps and into the cellar of sin (or maybe not).


3/5 The layout is possibly the best thing about Vikings. It’s a big space with lots of red sofas & reasonable number of girls and OK dance floor – but usually just a single girl dancing at a time. There’s a couple of pool tables and the ladies will happily play you for a “rum coke” if they win, or something else a little stiffer if they lose! The bar itself is a bit of a disappointment and located a little too far from the majority of the girls – interesting and friendly bar maids might make up for this, but unfortunately they’re not. There’s a nice trans-global soup of Korean, Japanese, American and European Punters, although seems to be favoured by the Koreans and Japanese.


4/5 Cheap enough – ladies drinks around the 170+ mark and a San Miguel Light at 65. Bar fine is 1700. 700 to the bar and rest to the girl (paid in advance). Paying up front seems like a dumb idea, but apparently its policy now.


2/5 Same owner as BGs and Viking next door (a different bar). Bar maids uninterested and boring. Mamasan…what Mamasan? Too many penalties kills may have killed the atmosphere and girl’s enthusiasm.

Girls Looks

3/5 Mostly 4 – 6’s, nothing too spectacular, maybe turn up early and you might find something nice.


2/5 Girls not so friendly – possibly due to stiff fines mentioned above (girls get charged a massive 1700 peso for being absent – enough to cause them significant financial issues for a couple weeks).

Fun Factor

2/5 Could be a great place but doesn’t quite make it. Maybe go there early and take a few drinks with a few of the friendlier girls and move on. Different approach to management might really pick this place up. It’s a little tired now, like some of the long term girl’s there, be careful if you start here with a view to doing a spell of bar hopping – you might lose the incentive and fall asleep instead.


2/5 For sure Vikings is worth a look in, but it’s the little things that really transform a venue into a buzzing bar – Vikings just doesn’t seem to have them. My advice is go there is a mission, strictly 30 mins max then out – upwards and onwards! May have changed now – so could do with a more recent review

80 responses to “Vikings Bar Review: Mango Avenue, Cebu – by Foreigner and The Chinese”

  1. Fredster says:

    Not a bad place. Was there last Wednesday. No pressure to get a girl or buy drinks. You just take your time. The crowds are mixed. The Koreans and Japanese don’t stay long, they are off, once they select the girls. Seems like they leave after 2 beers.

    Girls wise, there is a selection. There are a few lookers. Got 1 for myself, had a great time. Will bring my friends over the next trip.

  2. majeed says:

    i am planning to go cebu for first time, i really need nice sexy and young girl to join me during my stay one week or more
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  3. deembevaitita says:

    I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

  4. garry says:

    warren use them for what they are there for , BUT dont fall in love, find a nice girl in the night club and try court her, falling in love with a girl thats had sex more time then you will ever have with all diff nations

  5. Warren says:

    Great place that I met the most beautiful girl in my life she is definitely different from all other girls and made me fall in love with her

  6. AbsendAdvesia says:

    I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon.I enjoy reading your commentaries.

  7. Sas says:

    what does Barfine means??? do you take the girl to your hotel all night long???

  8. charles says:

    how to find here

  9. government auto auct8on says:

    I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

  10. ozzie says:

    Just got back from Cebu and this is the best bar there. Reasonable drinks prices, lady drinks. Over 60 girls to pick from, most are very good looking. Plenty of Koreans go to this bar but the girls prefer westeners. Mamasan is good and runs it well. Bar staff are very good (Hi Liezel). No pressure from the girls if you just want to sit at the bar and chill with a drink.
    Hi Ilona and Megan, will be back end of next year

  11. Lawerence says:

    Carefully examine your drink slips when the bill is delivered. Very often this bar tries to cheat you by inserting unsigned or fake-signed slips for lady drinks you did not order. It’s happened a number of times where the mamasan decided she needed a drink without asking so watch it.

  12. Philipp Patrick says:

    I would love to know the name of the owner of the PussyCat Bar. Can anyone please give me the name of the owner of the Pussy Cat Bar… Please contact me at Please help me to find the correct owner of the Pussy Cat Bar on Mango Ave…

  13. ella says:

    i miss all the stuffs..esp.kuya dodz and ate nens for short…all the girls are pretty and nice…hope i can go and visit there nxtyer..i miss to mixed some drinks there esp.rhum and coke…

  14. frank says:

    Great place if you are korean or japanese. Being white there is not a good place to be.

  15. Ziddan says:

    Very sexy girl Marla works there. Very good fuck and very naughty. Taught her pleny of rude phrases in English speak to her and ask about Zidan and Max. Promised her would post a review for her so go there and enjoy your selves.

  16. 5girls says:

    u know bianca cristin arian carla and bredget fine these girl verry papular in viking,,mostly in korian giuy verry funny girls,,,,

  17. johncall says:

    stupid place… most people are addict because they are old enough no one will not serious with them…what do u think? most bar girls are just after your money but i a sense they are not seriuos..scam the foreigners

  18. red... says:

    hmmmm…see it for ur self…don’t complain if u have some bad experiences….girls, mamasang, barmaid…they just wanna have fun…but then of course…they’re still working…so why don’t spend some money…enjoy enjoy enjoy….there’s a new bar..its called redl lips…came owner..same price, same policy…but girls are great there..treat them right, and they will give u an excellent service….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. hunter says:

    yes,this bar is nice lots of beautiful girls..
    But what caught my attention is the waitresses,one of them look like Nicole from pussycat dolls..Try and visit it then your the one to decide..
    See it for yourself

  20. guest says:

    hey dodo,

    what kind of maneger you are? you’re not desserve that possition. what i observed you, so just love hang out in bg’s bar to have coffe, play pool or eating noddles and sometimes i see you fall as sleep. is that a good example of the maneger? hey, wake up . . . . where is your brain? ahhh, maybe still sleeping.

    sometimes you give penalty to the girls for non sense. you couldnt see it the girls working hard for that bar. treat them nice dod! just be nice to your girls.

    hope you will give some consideration to them.


  21. Someone says:

    I’m working my way through them all. My favorite so far was one of the bar staff not the dancers.

    20 down, maybe 30 more to go.

  22. Jack says:

    i visited this place and it’s very nice a lot of prety girls and very nice place… why not try crown ktv and spa in talisay….

  23. mailman says:

    A cute one there, give me some pain in my c..c..
    Use condom, guy’s!!

  24. dodong says:

    musta na pinas

  25. kevin says:

    met the most beautiful girl in all of cebu in there. gave her my number and she texted me the next day. we went out for drinks then back to my room, free of course. she stayed all night and was the most boring fuck i ever had of at least 100 girls i have fucked in cebu. glad i didn’t pay for it like some of you other losers with no game. too many koreans in this place. their stench ruins the bar. kill all koreans…

  26. bardut says:

    hi viking mga borikat dha?how was bilat there?mabuti buti pa ba?yes my god naman over ang policy sa viking mukhang pera talaga ang mga tao dyan?penalty here penalty there so crazy.cmon wake up people dili ninyo madala ang kwarta sa menteryo.and also the girls are just come and go because thats a stupid place that can girl get easy money and paster way to survive life,viking managemant dont be so greedy,think about bad karma.soon hehehehe hala the devil were going to ask there part.dili mo mabout about sa rest and thinking pangatngat sa mga borikat kay mga ambisyosa man sad nga maundang sa pamuring and have a good happy life,d ba?ana ra na so be fair? gudlock ans silver ra ba kay gigabaan na basin nya maintimano mo diha?

  27. john says:

    hindi na oso ang AIDS,,,h1n1 na ang kinatatakotan ngayun,pati aids takot magka swine flu…
    OMG Maricar , Kemji , Pinky , Yui , Krysia , sandy – Aids positive

  28. john says:

    hindi na oso ang AIDS,,,h1n1 na ang kinatatakotan ngayun,pati aids takot magka swine flu…
    OMG Maricar , Kemji , Pinky , Yui , Krysia , sandy – Aids positive

  29. mark says:

    beware of the AIDS !!!

  30. Me says:

    Vince is right , I know that Yui , Krysia , RoseMarie as well !!!

  31. Dave says:

    This bar is the best “value for money” in Cebu. You can meet some very good looking girls (7’s & 8’s) & you will not be paying Jaguar prices. Like any bar try & control the amount of drinks you & your girl has. Treat them well & the girls will treat you good as well. Some of the best dancers work here.

  32. a victim says:

    was in viking early this year.and i have to say the bar is crap.girls look good at night but in the morning u can barely sure that shes the girl u barfine lastnight.yes funny but true.

  33. Henric says:

    my friends from denmark and my colleagues in singapore….

    Come and visit viking so you’ll see what i told you…. best bar… if you happen to visit the bar, please tell me if the girl i’ve been talking about is still there….

    I know she’ll take care of you all guys!!! she’s the friendliest girl there!!! 🙂

  34. Henric says:

    as what i’ve heard from most of my friends, it’s the best bar around the corner. lots of pretty girls, good service and good and welcoming staffs especially the bartenders…. I remember when i went there last august, I got attracted to one of the bartender who welcomed me with a warm smile and very bubbly nature.First empression, she was very nice with good communication skills. She was the tallest girl there but i forgot her name….. She really got my attention with her pair of nice long legs…she may not like the sexiest dancer there but for me she’s the loveliest. smart, tall, sexy arse….hehehe. pretty smile and a beautiful eyes!!! hope to see her again when i come back on june. She’s the best girl in the bar for me!!!!

  35. bluegreensea says:

    Viking’s is good. A variety of girls of all types. Can probably find one or two to your liking…or just chill out.

  36. hi to miss bartender says:

    i was been their in viking …then i was looking for a pretty dancer but thiers more pretier she is behind in bar the but so sad i forgot here name but i miss here cute and nice coarly hair
    viking is very nice place especially maumas
    i hope i can still see all of u

  37. faithfully_girl says:

    all the guys to come in the bar!!!why u should say for bad things if u dont like to spend your money ther?if u dont like to spend money your just stay in your room and get some masterbeting…so if u want to have fun to your vacation some share for other and to enjoy the time u r her in cebu…cebuana is very friendly…and picks somegirl who really like u!?and spending a lot of time…and go wer u like to go???like some beach to get a nice moment with her!?and after u going home u have a nice memories her in cebu with a cebuana girl…and f u a fuck off guy!!!whos the girl to spend your time if u like that!?so b nice and spend a time for the one u like.?so u have a good time…dont think how much u spend bcuz money is only her if your gone!!!how u can enjoy ther no have checks no have beer and everything…life so short much better to have fun to your life sometimes…i know sometimes booshett sometimes good…thats life!!!to get some bad inspiritions good inspiritions…all guys he loves to down in the bar be cool and enjoy your time ther…

  38. Herbert Ledley Mitchell says:

    I visited 7 bikini bars the other nite and Vikings was easily the best in terms of fun atmosphere and friendliness of girls and yes – there were 1 or 2 good looking ones. In fact i will go there now on a scouting mission and if possible collect a phone number for a room delivery l8r.

  39. Dancingjoyce says:

    Anybody know where Joyce gone to?

  40. dodong says:

    viking the best,,, i always visited that bar when i had my vacation in the phils.every after 6 months…come n’visit too, you gonna enjoy there…

  41. Smiley says:

    Nice bar .. and all girls were very upset when somebody barfined waitress ..

  42. Ray says:

    Hi i am going to the Phils in February and for the first time visiting Cebu on Business i am in the UK
    Llove to visit a few bars but not to sure what ones to go in and i dont want to visit lots have a drink get to pissed before i find a coold bar with nice girls who are not pushy and with good music.

    Regard’s Ray

  43. wannabe says:

    yea I pulled one last night from here…had to haggle to pay everything later but they gave in.
    1700 plus 500 tip ST or 1000 LT seemed to be the norm….I just chatted near the entrance with a few to avoid all the stupid drinks and stuff…mamasan
    demand some drinks before we went… I told Apple to go change and lets spend that money watching a live band at Sunflower instead…we had a good time and even after telling here ST for 500 she was still here when the sun came up…another adventure tonight!

  44. sweetness 10/16/09 says:

    Hi To all i miss This bar its very memorable moment i enjoy the company of some of my friends.. I enjoy very much that bar. many friendly ladies and its very relaxing. i can quaranty to all that this bars is very wonderful.

  45. b careful says:

    No good memories from this bar, everybody is friend with you until you leave the money there. Before you go to vikings be aware of the prices. If you look dumb, drunk and horny they will fool you for a lot of money!

  46. lyn2 says:

    hi,a lot of customer saying that,the viking,bgs and erick the red bars is greet place.yes, they have a greet place,but did u think that they are nice to thier worker also? some time,its hard to understand thier policy,its unfair.but its greet place and i like that place.enjoy guys

  47. KOREAJAY says:

    i’m curious…i’ve been to angeles, but i’m curious about cebu…do you still give the girl a “tip” after all is done??

  48. Seth Robbers says:

    Went the other night and had a fun time. I got mobbed as soon as I walked in but after picking two or three ladies to drink with the rest went away. All of them gave me their numbers to call them instead of me barfining them. I know they want to get more money for themselves, but I went home alone. I’m going to try another place instead next time.

  49. jeff says:

    to all the girls there!!!
    Jeff and Lyn say hello from aussie,missing you all,keep smiling eve…………..

  50. jeff says:

    its jeff text me!!!(australia -lyn)

  51. blue says:


  52. mark says:

    maybe No hygiene…

  53. mark says:

    Previous I after your bar am called young lady is infected venereal diseases, the condyloma

  54. blue says:

    hindi na oso ang AIDS,,,h1n1 na ang kinatatakotan ngayun,pati aids takot magka swine flu…

  55. mark says:

    beware of No hygiene girls.

  56. mark says:

    beware of the AIDS

  57. mark says:

    No hygiene girls no duty.

  58. mark says:

    nice bar

  59. dodong says:

    regards nalang koni fiona if naa pa sya dinha…okey???be ther n da phil in aug…same w/ big daddy…

  60. dodong says:

    regards nalang koni fionaifnaapasya dinha…okey
    be ther n da phil in aug…same w/ big daddy…

  61. hahaha says:

    your saying good things then why u have to say tha bad things???not all worker in vikings are dengerous…

    we are thesame…u are dangerous alsooooooooo

  62. lyka says:

    to john, when u gonna be back to phil and visit the viking???for sure she’s still there….all mamsung are all good…they treat girls well…

  63. Robert says:

    Hey Girls, and Mama
    Its Big Daddy I cant wait to see you all. I will Be there in August as u know from Rovie. I Love Love all of you cant wait to see u.
    My Love to all My friends There
    BIG Daddy

  64. tomkat2000 says:

    Sorry to hear that this bar has gone downhill since 2003 when I use to hang out here and at the upstairs bar. Back then both places, particularly upstairs, were really going strong and had many lookers.

  65. hanayurikush says:

    i just want to say that some girl there have beutiful faces, very sexy and seductive…. but they are dangerous….take care guys…

  66. dodong says:

    musta na viking? regards nalang ko ni mamasang hapit naku oli…

  67. Cebuexpat says:

    Interesting bar. For me personally not one of my favorite bars but all my friends swear by the place and generally stay the longest being entertained by the numerous girls. Interesting comment about the Koreans because I believe they always get the best attention in this place. I have never had much luck in finding the right girl for me here which is strange because there are plenty of attractive girls; I think their attitude is not always the greatest and that’s why I don’t bar fine. Anyway, my mates love the place and that’s what makes this world of ours rock; we are allowed to have different opinions.

  68. Andrey says:

    Very nice bar!!!! From my point very good service, good prices, some good girls and very iportant they have pool table!!!! ENJOY GAYS.

  69. a full 10 days says:

    Had a great time here with one of the best dancers. She was a little older but worth the time. This bar did not push too much for ladies drinks but sometimes would deliver one without asking.

  70. Timgine says:

    This bar is our favorite its reminds me of my husband, coz we always go there everytime he will come home from States coz he is from there and he is working in Afgha. now. We just go there just to play billiard and eat our favorite(pancit guisado)hehe. We’ve been there a million times and we really like there.Ohhhh I will miss the pancit there when I go to States soon..Thanks for the mamasan who always take care of us everytime we go there oiii I forgot her name sorry….

  71. pie says:

    hi i work here as bartender… it’s nice the best..

  72. george says:

    madam regards nalang ko ni fiona//

  73. Bill A Ausi on April 1 2009 says:

    Not as much fun as in the past. Girls were prettier in the past. Mamasan to pushy.

  74. john says:

    was in viking bar last year had great time mumasan very help full hope shes still then on my next visit ?

  75. Lobster says:

    1700 – 700 to the bar, 1000 girl. Better to give it to her next day, than suffer some lame excuse as to why she has to go home at 4.30 am (if you’ve paid her already). Come on man USE SOME SENSE did you have a BOANG?!!

  76. Bill says:

    How much should i expect to pay for a girl for the night>…..

  77. joe says:

    looks like u check things out maybe you can help me i have small bar in bogo i need help finding entertainers or gro or numberto someone who can help my email is if you can help thank you

  78. american werewolf in cebu says:

    I had a lot of fun here, the girls were very friendly and playful. They called the “Koreans” cockroaches and some would hide when a group came in.
    Very receptive to US and AUS costumers.
    But in the end money talks. Did not barfine here, rather got a number from one of the girls and met up with her the next day.
    Very nice, much more shy outside of bar.
    one ladies drink and dinner at casa verde was much cheaper than the barfine.

  79. blackholesun[soundgarden] says:

    wow nithe

  80. Robert A AKA (Big daddy) says:

    What a great pklace to relax. Everyone is so nice make sure you take care of momason she will Take care of you. Hi girls Rovie,Elizza,loranine,Finne,Sandy,Joy, RoseMarie,Mitch,Little Emiley, Rhoda, And all the rest of my girls!!!!!!!!!!!!! se Ya soooon!!